Trends » Machine Gun Kelly Collabs With Fiancé Megan Fox for Latest UN/DN LAQR Campaign

Machine Gun Kelly Collabs With Fiancé Megan Fox for Latest UN/DN LAQR Campaign

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Machine Gun Kelly’s UN/DN LAQR just launched a new nail polish collection pervaded by vibrance and fervency in partnership with Megan Fox. The (Don’t) Play With Fire collab features two kits: Play With Fire, a six-polish kit for $90, and Big Bang, a three-shade set for $56. 

From a bright royal blue, rich ruby red, and dark emerald green to a soft lilac purple, shattered “glass” effect, and clear top coat, these shades can bring bold and sexy pops of color with a crystal-like effect to your nails. 

“The collection is themed around some of my favorite crystals and gemstones,” Fox told Allure in a recent interview. “I love wearing jewel tones as they play well against my natural coloring.” The featured shades are also reflective of seasonal changes in the winter months. “Winter is a time for all types of ‘hibernation’ or turning inward; we see this with animals as well as plants during this season,” Fox said. “This is a waning (withdrawing) time, not a waxing (growing) time.”

Being selective about the nail polish colors you choose can emit certain moods or make you feel a particular way. Whether you’re looking to exude more confidence or working on reflecting inward for self-improvement, the shades in Fox’s collection can inspire growth and passion. 

For example, Fox shared with Allure that lapis lazuli, the blue shade, and malachite, the green shade, are stones that keep you grounded and protected. “They guard against psychic attacks — you receive these constantly being famous — and they work well to restore confidence,” she said. 

The limited-edition UN/DN LAQR x Megan Fox collaboration evokes intense feelings of sensuality, zeal, and courageousness — precisely what you need to prepare for the upcoming new year.