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Best Blushes for Every Skin Tone

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Blush is back, baby, and it’s better than ever! There’s nothing like a dash of a berry or peach to bring life to the face. Blush has had a well-earned resurgence over the last few years, and not just as a blended hint of color over the cheeks. We’ve seen it used on the tip of the nose for a playful look, right under the eyes for a rosy glow, or blended into the forehead and chin for a sunkissed touch. 

Today, blush comes in every texture and color. From reflective creams that give the face a “lit-from-within” glow to powders that couldn’t be easier to swipe on and blend, the options are endless. We’ve selected the best blushes for every skin tone and skin type to get you glowing. 

Best blushes overview:

How we chose the best blushes

To compile this list, we researched the best-selling blush ranges from the world’s top makeup brands and retailers to create a short list of the top blushes. Then, we combed through detailed product descriptions, swatches, ratings, and reviews to find the best blushes for each skin tone. 

Our picks for the best blushes

Best overall
NARS Orgasm Blush

What we love

  • Universally flattering peachy-pink shade
  • Blendable and buildable for easy application
  • Can be built up for more drama

What we don’t love

  • Name might be off-putting
  • Pricey

What’s there to say about NARS Orgasm that hasn’t been said before? This peachy, gold-flecked blush is as iconic as a makeup product can be, so we’d be remiss not to include it on our list.

We chose Orgasm as our top pick because it’s nearly universally flattering. It suits most skin tones since the shade leans warm, but not too much. Plus, the gold fleck adds a subtle, radiating glow. 

The pigmentation is also delicate — it doesn’t go on too heavy, and it’s easy to blend out to sheer. This allows your natural skin tone to peek through. You can also build up the color with additional layers, although at that point, it might look too light on darker skin tones.  
If a powder isn’t to your liking, this iconic blush is also available in liquid and cream stick formats. Sadly, there’s nothing we can do about the name that might make your grandmother blush.

Format: Pressed powder | Shade: Gold-flecked peachy pink

Best value
Milani Baked Blush in Luminoso

What we love

  • Excellent value
  • Pigmented but soft and blendable
  • Glowy peach shade flatters warm skin

What we don’t love

  • Can kick up a bit of powder
  • Too light for darker skin tones

Milani’s baked blush is a unique product that offers tremendous value, thanks to its low price and high pigmentation. The formula is soft and smooth with a hint of dimethicone that adds a silky, creamy feel. That said, it’s still a powder blush, and some reviewers noted that it could kick up a cloud of powder when you use it. 

The entire range is pigmented, so the added creaminess is useful for easy blending. We’d still recommend using it sparingly and building it up, though, as opposed to the reverse.

The most hyped shade in the line is Luminoso, a pale, warm peach with a reflective satin finish but zero glitter. The name “Luminoso” is on point — it’ll look multi-dimensional and dewy on lighter skin tones, while those with a medium-deep skin tone could even use it as a highlighter. It’s a great summer shade that’s effortlessly flattering on warm undertones.  

Those with darker skin tones might want to choose Belissimo Bronze as an alternative to Luminoso, another gorgeous shade with a deeper, more coppery hue.

Format: Baked Powder | Shade: Luminous light peach

Best cream
Glossier Cloud Paint in Storm

What we love

  • Smooth texture for easy blending
  • Sheer, natural pigmentation
  • Universally flattering deep rose shade

What we don’t love

  • Tube can squeeze out too much product at once
  • Cream blushes can be tricky if you’re used to powder

Glossier’s cream blush formula went from being a cult favorite to a universal obsession. It’s a gel-cream formula with no shimmer, giving the skin a hint of a dewy glow. 

It’s slippery enough to blend over the skin easily, and the pigmentation is forgiving. You can use less product for a soft, sheer look or more product if you want your blush to be more obvious. We love that it comes in a little tube because it feels cleaner than having to stick your fingers into a compact. That said, some reviewers complained that the tube squeezes out too much product if you’re not careful. This issue gave birth to the “pinprick trick,” where buyers poke a pin into the aluminum covering the tube rather than peeling it off completely.  

If you haven’t used a cream blush before, you may find it tricky to introduce it into your routine. We recommend applying it after foundation but before powder. If you can skip the powder altogether, even better. 

The Storm shade looks dark when it first comes out of the tube, but it sheers easily into a neutral-warm rose. It looks beautiful on most undertones, and unlike many “universally flattering” shades, it effortlessly suits those with darker skin. For lighter skin, it works best when applied sparingly or blended thoroughly. If you’re a fan of changing your look based on the season, you may like it as a winter shade.

Format: Gel-cream | Shade: Deep rose

Best for warm skin
MAC Powder Blush in Coppertone

What we love

  • Sophisticated shade for warm undertones
  • Versatile pigmentation
  • Blendable and easy to work with

What we don’t love

  • May be too dark for light skin

So far, our list has showcased both dramatic and demure blushes, so, from MAC, we want to highlight a more restrained and sophisticated option. Despite the metallic-sounding name, Coppertone isn’t shimmery. MAC describes it as matte, but we find that it looks natural and satiny rather than completely dry on the skin.  

The tone is a deep apricot brown that gives a warm flush to the skin, like a more mature version of Milani’s Luminoso. We think it’ll work best on warm skin tones — especially warm olives since it doesn’t contain too much red pigment. If your skin is warm but light, it could work as a bronzer but may be too dark as a blush. 

The formula isn’t creamy, but it still feels smooth and blends easily. It has medium pigmentation, which is ideal for blending it out or building it up as you wish.

Format: Pressed powder | Shade: Matte

Best for fair cool skin
Tarte Amazonian Clay 12-Hour Blush in Dollface

What we love

  • Playful true pink shade
  • Very pigmented for a blush
  • Great option for cool skin tones

What we don’t love

  • Requires some blending
  • A little pricey

You owe yourself a compact of this blush if you like a Barbie-inspired aesthetic. Dollface from Tarte is a great example of what we mean when we say “true pink.” It even comes with a matching pink compact. 

The shade leans slightly cool, which is most readily flattering on fair and medium skin with neutral or cool undertones. Since it’s pigmented, it goes on strong in one swipe, but you can blend it out for a more natural look.    

This blush has a reputation for nearly having an endless supply, so while it’s not cheap, you probably won’t need to replace it for a good year or two — even with regular wear.

Format: Pressed powder | Shade: Pink

Best for deep cool skin
Pat McGrath Labs Skin Fetish: Divine Blush in Lovestruck

What we love

  • Saturated dark berry shade
  • Blends easily
  • Stunning, luxury packaging

What we don’t love

  • Color and pigmentation might be too intense for some

Feeling brave yet vivacious? If so, you’ll love this dramatic shade from Pat McGrath Labs. We think this deep berry pink will look stunning on cool-toned medium and dark skin tones. You can blend it for a subtle look or build it up for the same Barbie doll effect that Tarte’s Dollface has on light skin.  

This shade can look intimidating in the pan, and it’ll be hard to pull off if your skin is particularly warm or light. We suggest dipping your brush gently into the compact since the pigmentation is on the higher end of medium.

This blush range seems pricey, but a compact comes with more product than you’d get from most other brands. Another perk? It has a luxurious feel — we love the shiny and sturdy packaging and the raised floral design stamped on each blush.

Format: Pressed powder | Shade: Deep berry

Best stick
Makeup by Mario Soft Pop Blush Stick in Pale Petal

What we love

  • Quick and easy to apply with just 1 hand
  • Quality built-in brush
  • Looks very dewy and natural

What we don’t love

  • Packaging may feel flimsy

Dot, blend, done. If you like quick, natural-looking makeup, we think this blush stick is worth a try. It comes in a roll-up stick format with a firm yet soft brush attached to the bottom — perfect for blending the blush in a stippling motion. 

The formula is a firm cream that goes on dewy but not shimmery for an effortless look. If you use a light hand when applying, it’ll go on the skin sheer, which is perfect for a more natural look.  

We decided to highlight the shade Pale Petal to stay with the natural theme. It’s a soft, cool pink that’ll appear most natural on lighter skin tones. We think it could work with every undertone since it’s not too pigmented. But if you like a more dramatic look, try the brighter or more vivid shades in the line.  

Some reviewers noted that the packaging doesn’t feel sturdy, so be careful when handling or storing it.

Format: Cream stick | Shade: Soft rose

Best splurge
Hourglass Ambient Lighting Blush in Diffused Heat

What we love

  • Warm, glowy coral
  • Suitable for a wide range of skin tones
  • Pigmented yet easy to apply

What we don’t love

  • Extremely pricey
  • Not great for olive undertones

Luminous, pigmented, and beautifully packaged — what’s not to love about this Hourglass blush? The finish is glowy but not glittery since this blush is infused with the brand’s Diffused Light Ambient Lighting Powder (AKA a highlighter-meets-finishing powder). If you’re still into the strobed makeup look, you’ll love it. 

The color itself is a bright coral that leans warm and contains red at its base. It’ll work on warm and cool skin tones, but it’s not ideal for those with olive undertones. It’s surprisingly saturated, but you won’t be at risk of picking up too much product on your brush since it combines blush and highlight. If you like the sound of this shade and formula, but prefer something lighter, opt for Dim Infusion instead. 

Note that this blush is extremely pricey — the most expensive option on our list — and a compact only comes with 0.15 oz of product.

Format: Pressed powder | Shade: Glowy coral

Best 2-in-1
Charlotte Tilbury Cheek to Chic in Pillow Talk

What we love

  • Blush and highlighter in 1
  • Great warm shade for a sunkissed look
  • Versatile pigmentation

What we don’t love

  • Not travel-friendly
  • Expensive

Sometimes you want to go all-out, and other times, you want to take it easy. That’s when Charlotte Tilbury’s 2-in-1 Cheek to Chic blushes can be useful. They’re pressed into the compact in two circles — one shade in the inner circle and another in the outer.

The shades are designed to blend harmoniously, but you can wear them separately or layer them for a multi-dimensional look. They come in a pretty gold compact that feels luxurious, although some reviewers complained that it didn’t always hold up during travel. 

For our list, we’re showcasing Pillow Talk shades. The inner ring is a golden highlight, and the outer ring is a medium peachy brown shade. Using the shades separately provides a defined, multi-dimensional look, and blending them offers a versatile medium pigmentation. It’ll give light and medium skin a sunkissed glow and will appear as a highlight on deeper skin tones. 

There’s also an intense version (Pillow Talk Intense) that’s deeper and more pigmented, so it’ll register better on darker skin.

Format: Pressed powder | Shade: Glowy brown-peach

Best palette
Anastasia Beverly Hills Blush Trios in Pool Party

What we love

  • Unique range of shades in a single palette
  • Soft, finely-milled formula
  • Excellent color story for neutral undertones

What we don’t love

  • Level of pigmentation differs from shade to shade

Buying a palette of blushes is a great way to expand your collection quickly, especially if you like switching things up day to day. We decided to showcase this specific palette because it’s so well-curated.  

The Pool Party palette contains three shades: Kash; a soft, muted coral, Pageant; a cool, pigmented pink, and Blank; a warm, rosy taupe. It’s a unique mix of warm and cool shades, none of which are too extreme.

These blushes will work best if your skin is medium or tan with neutral undertones. That said, none of the colors are super intense, so we think any makeup lover could challenge themselves to try this collection. 

The formula itself is finely-milled and soft. Pageant is the more pigmented of the bunch and may require a lighter hand, while Kash and Blank are more buildable and user-friendly. While Pool Party stood out to us, the entire collection is well-designed, with a trio for every skin tone and undertone.

Format: Pressed powder | Shade: 3-in-1: coral, pink, and taupe

At last blush 

Blush preferences depend on the individual — more so than other makeup categories. We selected as wide a range as we could, which included different formats, finishes, undertones, and levels of pigmentation. Our top pick is NARS Orgasm because it’s a universal crowd-pleaser, but don’t be afraid to try something different. 

How to pick the right blush for you

When choosing the best blush for you, it’s helpful to understand color theory and your skin tone. 

Skin tone 

  • Neutral. Neutral skin looks perfectly beige or brown without leaning strongly towards yellow, red, or blue. Neutral shades like rose or berry are an easy match, but you can also stray in other directions without worrying about a color clash. 
  • Warm. Warm skin has gold or yellow undertones, so the most flattering shade will also lean in that direction. Look for orange-like blushes like peach or brick red. 
  • Cool. Cool skin has pinkish undertones, especially if you’re pale. Those with darker cool skin can look more purple or blue. Neutral and cool blushes like true pink or mauve will be easiest to pull off, but you can also wear slightly warm shades like a rosy peach. 
  • Olive. Olive skin is tricky since it has a slight green tint that often clashes with the red tones inherent to most blushes. Bronze and golden blushes are the best options since they contain very little red. If you want a flushed look, select colors that sit far away from red on the color wheel. We suggest a muted orange or terracotta for warm olive skin (which contains a lot of yellow) or mauve for cool olive skin (which runs more beige-green than yellow).

Skin depth

  • Fair. Avoid blushes that’ll look too dark or heavy if you have pale skin. It’s easiest to choose blushes that are as light as your skin, but sheer, blendable formulas and medium shades with a reflective shimmer will also work. 
  • Medium. Those with medium skin will have the easiest time finding blushes that’ll show up nicely without looking too dark. Most blush depths and strengths will work with your skin, so it’s all about understanding your undertone.  
  • Dark. Having dark skin doesn’t mean you have to choose dark blushes, although you certainly can. What’s vital is avoiding blushes that are particularly light or muted because they contain white pigment. You can wear very saturated colors, like bright, vivid hues rather than tints or shades, or lighter shades that are sheer rather than white-based (think Hourglass as opposed to Tarte’s light but pigmented Dollface). 


What type of blush is best for all skin types?

Makeup today is formulated to work on a wide range of skin types, so you don’t have to stick to a particular kind of blush just because you have oily or dry skin. You can’t go wrong with any of the finely-milled powders or long-wearing creams on our list. 

How do I find my blush for my skin tone?

To start, you’ll want to understand your skin’s undertones. We discuss in detail above how to find the best blush for each skin tone, but it comes down to choosing a shade that leans in the same direction as your undertone: Choose a warm blush for warm skin, cool blush for cool skin, and so on. 

What’s the most natural-looking blush?

Cream blushes tend to appear most natural since they usually run dewy and sheer. On our list, Glossier’s Cloud Paint will look the most natural on deeper skin tones, while Makeup by Mario’s Stick Blush will work best for fair skin. But remember that it also depends on your skin’s undertone and how you apply your blush