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Best Purple Eyeshadows of 2022

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Finding the perfect shade of purple eyeshadow can feel like a challenge if you don’t know where to start. Deep or glittery purple shades may be intimidating for makeup newbies, or frostier purples might look subtle on fair skin but ashen and futuristic on medium-to-deep skin. 

Since purple is an intense color, we worked hard to find perfectly pigmented and blendable purple eyeshadow palettes and singles to add to your collection. We’ve also included some tips to help you find the best purple hue for your skin tone. These are the 10 best purple eyeshadow palettes and singles in a variety of shades, finishes, and undertones.

Best purple eyeshadow overview:

Our picks for the best purple eyeshadow

Best overall
Morphe 35XO Natural Flirt Artistry Palette

What we love

  • Large 35-pan palette
  • Wide range of purple hues to complement a variety of skin tones
  • Affordable price point for what you get

What we don’t love

  • Can be intimidating for makeup beginners
  • Basic packaging

To be crowned “Best Overall,” a product needs to have universal appeal, offer exceptional value, and look fantastic. The 35XO Natural Flirt Artistry Palette from Morphe fits the bill. With 35 large pans of pressed, blendable powder eyeshadows, and a wide range of complementing colors, including several purplish shades, there’s no limit to the looks you can create.

We like that you can create a full-eye look with this palette since there’s a mix of matte and shimmer shades. It also includes neutral tones for everything from cut creases to smoky eyes.

This eyeshadow palette is incredibly affordable for the 35 different shades you get, coming out to just less than a dollar per pan. And best of all, since it offers a wide variety of purple hues, you can find the perfect match no matter your skin tone.

Format: Palette | Formula: Pressed powder

Best single
MAC Cosmetics Eye Shadow in Stars ‘N’ Rockets

What we love

  • Fully self-contained single shadow pan
  • Warm purple hue offers skin tone versatility
  • Rich pigment is easy to blend

What we don’t love

  • Expensive for a single shadow

If you’re looking to expand your makeup collection with a single-pan shadow that’s self-contained and travel-friendly, you can’t go wrong with MAC Cosmetics. This OG brand proves time and time again that it can compete with any new and flashy makeup brand thanks to its quality and versatility.

The Stars ‘N’ Rockets eyeshadow is a warm lilac hue with pink undertones that looks fantastic on many different skin tones. Our favorite part about it is that the light iridescent shift means it can double as a highlight tone.

Format: Single pan | Formula: Pressed powder

Best neon
NARS Single Eyeshadow in Sultan

What we love

  • Richly pigmented and easy to blend
  • Promises bold color in a single stroke
  • Minimal fallout

What we don’t love

  • Expensive for a single-pan product

If you’re ready for a bolder color, Sultan from NARS is the perfect purple eyeshadow to add to your collection. It’s a matte, electric lilac hue with a warm tint that can be worn alone over the lid or combined into many colorful looks. 

To make it pop even more, prep your lids first with a white primer. And you can even leverage buildable pigmentation when you layer it or blend it with other colors.

Format: Single pan | Formula: Pressed powder

Best duo-chrome
Anastasia Beverly Hills Eyeshadow Singles in Gemstone

What we love

  • Warm-toned purple complements many skin tones
  • Finely milled and easy to blend
  • Richly pigmented with buildable potential

What we don’t love

  • Doesn’t come in a permanent container

One of the most universally flattering purple shades is lilac. In general, this warmer-hued purple works for fair and deeper skin tones. But if you want something with a duo-chrome finish, Gemstone from Anastasia Beverly Hills will complement many skin shades. Duo-chrome means that the shade may shift slightly depending on how the light hits the pigment or on the color of your skin.

This finely milled powder is easy to blend, and while you get plenty of color in one swipe, you can build the intensity if you prefer. The only drawback with this product is that it comes as a single pan that isn’t housed in a permanent container. So, you’ll either need to purchase the recommended empty palette from Anastasia Beverly Hills or have a magnetic palette on hand.

Format: Single pan | Formula: Pressed powder

Best stick
Laura Mercier Caviar Stick Eye Shadow in Plum

What we love

  • Easy application method ideal for makeup novices
  • Shimmer finish
  • 12-hr. wear

What we don’t love

  • Expensive for a small stick

Whether you’re a makeup novice or simply looking to upgrade your smoky eye from the tried and true blacks and browns, this Laura Mercier Caviar Stick Eyeshadow in Plum is a reliable option. It offers a metallic finish and is formulated as a non-creasing cream stick, making it incredibly user-friendly. 

More importantly, you can apply it without a brush, so it’s ideal for travel and when you’re on the go. This eyeshadow stick is also perfect for a smudged outer corner and can be used as eyeliner.

Format: Eyeshadow stick | Formula: Cream metallic

Best aubergine
Make Up For Ever Artist Color Shadow Refill in D-830 Black Rose

What we love

  • Deep eggplant with red pigment
  • Richly pigmented with bold shimmer
  • Large pan size

What we don’t love

  • Shadow pan only (doesn’t come with palette or container)

If you aren’t intimidated by intense color, then Black Rose (D-830) from Make Up For Ever is a must. This rich aubergine (eggplant) hue comes in a large pan of blendable pressed powder. 

It contains red flecks to create a warm undertone, making it a natural option for smoky eyes. This brand is also pro-friendly, so you can count on getting a bold color payoff in just one swipe.

Format: Single pan | Formula: Pressed powder

Best liquid
Sephora Collection Charged Up Liquid Eyeshadow in Shocking

What we love

  • Easy to use with built-in applicator
  • Crease-free, transfer-proof formula with metallic finish
  • Richly pigmented

What we don’t love

  • May look slightly frosty on darker skin tones

If you’re not a makeup pro but still like the idea of wearing eyeshadow, consider a liquid shadow. And don’t let the idea of a liquid intimidate you. These shadows dry down quickly to a crease-proof finish that won’t transfer, which is ideal for anyone with oily skin.

While this wallet-friendly lavender pick from the Sephora Collection may look a tad frosty on darker skin tones, there’s still plenty to love with its bold color payoff after just a single swipe. Deeper skin tones can even appreciate using this liquid eyeshadow to accentuate the center of the lid or all over for a retro effect.

Format: Liquid shadow | Formula: Liquid

Best drugstore
Wet n Wild Color Icon Eyeshadow Single in Mesmerized

What we love

  • Affordable even for modest budgets
  • Fully-packaged single shadow
  • Pearlescent finish

What we don’t love

  • Applicator not included

Many makeup mavens have been able to discover a wide shade range at a young age, thanks to Wet ‘n Wild’s affordable products. But don’t let the brand’s wallet-friendly price fool you. Along with a massive product portfolio, Wet ‘n Wild is a staple for mainstay for entry-level and seasoned makeup fans because its affordable pricing and high-level product quality make for unbeatable value.

If you’re ready to expand your eyeshadow collection with another eggplant hue without overspending, the Icon Eyeshadow Single in Mesmerized is a top choice. You’ll get a blendable pressed powder formula and a shimmer finish for depth that costs less than your daily Starbucks order. Wear this shade alone or incorporate it into a cut crease or smoky eye.

Format: Single pan| Formula: Pressed powder

Best splurge
Pat McGrath Labs Blitz Astral Quad in Ritualistic Rose

What we love

  • Gorgeous packaging
  • Richly pigmented and finely milled powder
  • Quad palette

What we don’t love

  • Very expensive
  • Brushes not included

If you’re even just slightly up on your makeup artistry, you probably know who Pat McGrath is. Affectionately referred to as “Muva,” she’s a celebrity makeup artist turned beauty boss who continues to delight makeup lovers everywhere with her products.

While the Blitz Astral Quad palette is most definitely a splurge, you’ll be getting your money’s worth because of the finely milled, richly pigmented colors. This four-pan palette gives you everything you need to create simple washes of color, unexpected smoky eyes, cut creases, or any other #eotd that Instagrammers and TikTokers create.

Format: Palette| Formula: Pressed powder

Best frosty
Buxom Cosmetics Eyeshadow Bar Single in La-La-Lavish

What we love

  • Primer-infused formula
  • Richly pigmented for bold color payoff
  • Larger pan size

What we don’t love

  • Doesn’t come with a container

At first glance, this lavender hue from Buxom Cosmetics looks a bit silver. But in reality, it’s a pretty lavender with a wide range of potential. You’ll get shade-shifting support from purple to silver to blue, making it perfect as an eyeshadow or even a highlight shade. 

The formula is incredibly soft and goes on very opaque with just a single swipe. You can pop it into an existing palette or buy a compact separately.

Format: Single pan| Formula: Pressed powder

The right shade of purple exists

Purple is one of those shades that might seem intimidating in the pan but can look really stunning on the eyelids. While warm lilac hues offer the most versatility in terms of skin tone compatibility, deep eggplant shades are also solid options for bolder eye looks.

Makeup novices might prefer to use eyeshadow sticks or crayons as they’re usually the easiest to master. Meanwhile, liquid shadows are perfect for those with oily skin or anyone who’s concerned with pigments fading or transferring with wear.

If you need a good starter option, consider our best overall pick, the Morphe 35XO Natural Flirt Artistry Palette. This 35-pan palette offers a wide range of purple hues that work for every skin tone and complement neutrals to create a wide variety of eye looks. 

How to pick the right purple eyeshadow for you

Picking the right purple eyeshadow doesn’t have to be intimidating. You can always shift from light to dark hues, and you don’t necessarily have to wear it as a total wash of color. Below are some factors to consider when selecting the best shade for you.

Color Family

  • Lavender. Light lavender shades are a popular option for fair or medium skin tones because of the cool blue undertones. While deeper tones can also wear this hue, it may sometimes look frosty.
  • Lilac/orchid. Even though some makeup brands use the terms lavender, orchid, and lilac interchangeably, they’re not the same. Lilac (sometimes also dubbed orchid) tends to have warmer pink or even red undertones. It’s a light purple hue that’s universally flattering regardless of your skin tone or undertone. 
  • Eggplant/aubergine. Eggplant or aubergine is a bold, deep purple that often looks best on medium-to-deep skin because of the reddish undertones. However, it’s possible to find eggplant hues with cool undertones, which are better options for fair skin. 


  • Powder. Whether pressed or loose, powder is the most common option you’ll come across when shopping for eyeshadow. You’ll want to ensure you get rich pigmentation and minimal fallout. 
  • Gels/creams. Usually formulated as a stick (but sometimes also sold in pots), this can be a simple way to incorporate eyeshadow into your routine — especially if you’re a makeup novice. 
  • Liquid. Liquid eyeshadows apply wet and then dry down after a few minutes. Liquid shadows are your best bet if you’re concerned about creasing, fading, or transfer. They’re also a solid option for those with oily skin. 


  • Matte. The name says it all. A matte shadow is going to absorb rather than reflect light. 
  • Shimmer/metallic. These can be fun shadows that catch the light and offer dimension. They work well alone but can also pair with matte shades. 
  • Duo-chrome. Duo-chrome means that a shade may shift depending on the lighting or even how it presents on different skin tones. 


Who should wear purple eyeshadow? 

Anyone can wear purple eyeshadow. When in doubt, start with lilac or orchid shades, as this specific segment of the purple color family tends to be the most flattering for all skin tones. 

Is purple eyeshadow popular?

Yes, purple is a popular eyeshadow color. Whether it’s deep eggplant or light lavender, you’ll find that if a brand sells eyeshadow, it’ll likely devote one or two individual shades to this color family. 

What complements purple eyeshadow?

The better question is, do you want to stick to strict color theory rules, or are you adventurous? If you adhere to color theory, purple and green are complementary tones. So, outside of neutral pairings like browns, golds, and silver, opt for a green in a similar hue range, like aubergine with forest green or lavender with seafoam. But these days, you can pair purple eyeshadow with any color you want — just don’t forget to blend to avoid harsh lines.