Wellness » Michael Evans Behling Says a Steamy Shower Is Key to a Successful Wellness Routine

Michael Evans Behling Says a Steamy Shower Is Key to a Successful Wellness Routine

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Wellness is up to interpretation; whether it’s spending extra time on your skincare routine, attending a yoga session, or lighting a candle to relax before bedtime, we all try to make time for ourselves by incorporating small habits into our routines. Wellness My Way digs deeper into the truth behind wellness rituals that aid in maintaining a healthy balance between work and self-care.

Michael Evans Behling believes he never would’ve become an actor if he hadn’t received an athletic scholarship to run track at Indiana State University. It ultimately prepared him for his role as Jordan Baker, a young adult hoping to live up to his family’s rich NFL legacy in the CW’s hit drama series “All American.”

Growing up in Indiana, Behling participated in a variety of sports. When he wasn’t showcasing his speed at track meets, the self-proclaimed “country boy” enjoyed a wide range of outdoor activities, including tending to livestock, mowing the grass, hiking, and caring for multiple dogs on 10 acres of sprawling land.

These activities developed his affinity for the great outdoors, which he often uses as the perfect balance between working in Hollywood and caring for himself. Behling prioritizes wellness and considers self-care imperative to focusing on his priorities and excelling in his career.

With the holiday season officially over and the new year well underway, Behling sat down with Glowsly to discuss how he maintains a healthy balance between work and self-care. 

Michael Evans Behling Says a Steamy Shower Is Key to a Successful Wellness Routine

Glowsly: What does wellness mean to you?

Behling: To me, wellness is an all-encompassing thing. To practice wellness, in my opinion, you need to have a healthy mind, body, and spirit. [Many] people think wellness is all about eating healthy and working out. But I think eating the junk food you want and doing fun [activities] with friends is just as important. It’s all about balance. I love to go out and hit the town with friends, but I also love staying in and working out, taking a long, hot shower, meditating, and [getting] in bed early.

What’s your favorite form of self-care? 

One of my favorite self-care routines is taking a long, steamy shower [with my essential] Irish Spring Body Wash … It smells good [and] keeps me fresh and [feeling] soft for 24 hours. I take pride in how I look, smell, and feel, and Irish Spring always gets it right. Applying cologne is another self-care practice I enjoy. It’s easy, yet it feels like I’m pampering myself. I like Armani’s Acqua di Gio — it’s a nice fresh scent.

What does your morning routine look like?

The first thing I do when I wake up is hydrate, brush my teeth, and head out for a run while listening to my favorite podcast or playlist. This allows me to get my mind right and endorphins pumping so I can tackle the day head-first. If running isn’t in the cards for me that day, I try to meditate for at least 10 minutes. No matter what, mental clarity is my biggest priority in the morning, and having a routine helps.

What does your nighttime routine look like?

I first unwind with a book or some Netflix show. After that, I like to meditate and reflect on my day and what I want to accomplish. I then do my nighttime skincare routine, rinse off in the shower, and try to get to bed early.

How do you use wellness to find balance when your schedule is hectic?

I use wellness to find balance by doing chill [activities], like meditating or [doing] my grooming routine, or doing fun things, like hanging with friends or playing video games. Practicing all aspects of wellness is important because it allows you to let your energy out in different ways and maintain a well-balanced lifestyle.

Michael Evans Behling Says a Steamy Shower Is Key to a Successful Wellness Routine

When faced with a mental roadblock, what helps you the most?

Whenever I have a mental roadblock, I like to do some running or meditating. Running and working out are probably the most helpful because it clears my mind and gets my creativity flowing.

For many, the journey to wellness isn’t a straight line. How do you handle unexpected obstacles or distractions?

I don’t think it’s a good idea to think of wellness as an ‘end goal’; it’s more of a facet of life, in my opinion. Just like you can’t be happy every moment of every day, you can’t practice wellness every moment of every day. If you consciously try to have better habits, you’ll notice yourself incorporating wellness more than you think.

Do you notice any differences in your mood or overall energy when you take the time to reflect on life?

Yes, that’s why I meditate every day. When I sit down and dedicate time to just zoning out and giving my brain some peace, I feel more focused and positive.

What advice do you have for others trying to prioritize their wellness?

My best advice is to start small. There’s no need to go from zero to 100 suddenly. Start with a walk in the morning or drinking more water. Little changes during the day can add up to something big in the long run. At the end of it all, you are your biggest cheerleader. Ultimately, remember to practice self-care before you care for others.

Michael Evans Behling Says a Steamy Shower Is Key to a Successful Wellness Routine

The effort pays off

Sometimes creating a wellness routine that fits into your everyday regimen can feel overwhelming. However, based on our conversation with Behling, it’s clear that achieving your wellness goals requires effort and carving out time in your schedule. 

You are your biggest cheerleader, much like Behling suggested. So take the time to eat something healthy, and enjoy a little pizza too. Life is all about balance and appreciating every moment you have on this planet.