Nails » Soft Girl Spring, Lip Gloss Nails, and Other Nail Trends To Try This Season

Soft Girl Spring, Lip Gloss Nails, and Other Nail Trends To Try This Season

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Seasonal nail trends are a fun and exciting way to welcome the new season. With a quick scroll through social media, you may have noticed an increase in creators showing off some inspirational trends for the spring. Some feature unique designs to experiment with, while others stick to the sweet pastels and soft shades we’ve come to love for the warmer time of year.

We spoke to our favorite nail artist content creators to find out the current spring nail trends. Our experts agreed that experimenting with different styles and shades can help you find the perfect match for your personality. Without further ado, meet our experts and see some trends to remember (or screenshot) for your next manicure appointment.

Meet the content creators:

Soft Girl Spring

Pink nails
Yellow nails

According to Reynolds, the “Soft Girl Spring” trend is so new that it’s open to being defined. The idea is to create a look using pastel colors, sheer finishes, and minimal art embellishments like chrome or sparkle. The trend, which involves simple nail art that can easily be achieved at home, is perfect for the spring because it touches on the classic and minimal nail trends we’ve seen in recent years. 

In need of weekend plans? Schedule an at-home spa day. During this self-care time, grab your prettiest pastel polishes and prepare to be a trendsetter by trying the “Soft Girl Spring” nail look. If you’re feeling adventurous, add a layer of glitter polish for extra sparkle!

Lip Gloss Nails

Pink nails
Pink nails

“Lip Gloss Nails” are glossy sheer nails that sometimes feature a subtle shimmer. Yaritza explained that the trend reflects the juicy lip glosses we all loved in the 2000s. 

While fall and winter nail trends lean towards darker hues, spring ushers in a hard transition to lighter shades. That’s why VanAusdal and Dee agree that “Lip Gloss Nails” are the perfect trend for spring. They offer a fresh start after the hectic holiday season full of glitz and glam. 

Reynolds noted that achieving the look requires no special techniques or skills, making it the perfect mani to try at home. To achieve the trend, apply a pale pink or nude polish as your base color. Add a second coat after the first one has dried. Use a detailer brush to ensure your application appears clean and neat. Lastly, apply a top coat with a high-shine finish to get the perfect glossy mani.

Spring floral designs

Purple nail polish
Colorful nail polish

With spring being the blooming season, there’s no question that florals are prevalent during this time of year. Floral nail designs are a great way to incorporate the beauty of flowers into your everyday look and can range from subtle and simple to bold and intricate. Whether you prefer dainty daisies or vibrant roses, there’s a floral nail design for everyone. 

‘70s swirls

Green 70s swirls nail polish
Purple 70s swirls nail polish

Want a funky new nail design? Try the ‘70s swirl nail designs that are gaining popularity on social media. Because of the nostalgia involved, the groovy trend is experiencing a huge comeback, along with the rise of thrift shopping for stylish and sustainable fashions. 

Dee revealed that she believes the popularity of the ‘70s swirls design is also influenced by the virtually limitless color combinations available for experimentation.

Futuristic chrome

Chrome nail polish

“Chrome nails are trending because of the famous people rocking the looks are trending,” Dee said. She credited Zola Ganzorigt, better known by her Instagram handle @NailsByZola, for the resurgence of the chrome nail trend because of her high-profile clientele who keep the trend at the top of our minds. 

Chrome nails saw its height last year, with many celebrities, including Dua Lipa, Zendaya, Rihanna, Kate Hudson, and Halle Bailey, putting their twists on the trend. The trend continues to surge this spring with brighter colors and unique designs.

Recreating high-shine chrome nails at home can be a bit messy to the loose chrome powder used to create the mirror-like look. To achieve the same eye-catching ability without the mess, try press-on nails. Tella Nails’ Candy chrome press-on is a fun way to add color to the trend. If you’re looking for a more subtle inclusion of chrome, try Lottie London’s new Lottie X Kimkim Stay Press’d, which features a groovy chrome design.

A floral finish

As you can see, there are plenty of fun nail trends to try at your next nail appointment. Use the new season to step outside your comfort zone and unlock your creativity by testing out one of these eye-catching designs for yourself.