Skincare » I Finally Got My Hands on Native’s Sugar Cookie Body Wash, Here’s What I Thought

I Finally Got My Hands on Native’s Sugar Cookie Body Wash, Here’s What I Thought

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The December 2021 launch of Native’s Sugar Cookie Body Wash was a success. So much so that the body wash, featuring a classic vanilla scent, sold out immediately after its release. Quickly, reviews began to fill the internet as skincare enthusiasts described the body wash as having a buttery, sweet, vanilla-like scent that’ll instantly transport you back to the 2000s.

Unfortunately, I couldn’t get my hands on the sweet-smelling body wash during its launch. However, due to the product’s enormous success, the brand decided to revive the trendy scent for its “Naughty or Nice” Holiday Collection. 

Not willing to let the opportunity of snagging the well-loved body wash pass me again, I copped the Sugar Cookie Body Wash and Body Lotion as soon as they hit the market to see if the scent lived up to its hype. 

Here comes the nostalgia

With the products in hand, I was eager to begin my self-care routine. Anyone who knows me knows how much I value my self-care routine, which revolves primarily around my shower regimen. Yes, I love to start the day off with an invigorating shower.

Before using Native’s Sugar Cookie Body Wash, I chatted with Native’s Chief Fragrance Officer, Natalia Lebedev, to learn more about the inspiration behind the popular collection. I was intrigued to learn that the vanilla-based scent was made to inspire feelings of warmth, safety, and hope.

Lebedev noted that although vanilla notes have been around for many years, the sweet scent became popular in the early 2000s as consumers searched for comfort and satisfaction.

I hopped into a warm shower and rubbed Sugar Cookie body wash on my loofah. Instantaneously, the sweet and delectable scent filled my bathroom. The lather was luscious and sudsy, and the body wash smelled scrumptious.

The fragrance brought back memories of my childhood, admiring my mother’s beauty as she styled her hair and applied a few spritzes of her favorite vanilla perfume before heading out the door for work. 

After my shower, I felt fresh and clean. The body wash, made with simple and effective ingredients, didn’t leave my skin feeling dry or tight. I’m also happy to report the body wash left no sudsy residue, which can sometimes be the case with other products.

Vanilla, spice, and everything nice

Once I dried off, I applied the complementing Sugar Cookie Lotion. It smelled absolutely divine. My skin felt incredibly smooth thanks to the simple formula, which combines squalane to hydrate, aloe juice to soothe, and glycerin to maintain natural moisture.

When I chatted with Lebedev, she revealed that the brand’s sweet vanilla fragrances perform even better when combined with a peach note, a squeeze of pineapple, or warm spices. I kept this in mind for when it came time to choose my fragrance.

For my fragrance of the day, I sprayed on by/Rosie Jane Dulce fragrance, which is also primarily based around nostalgia and boasts notes of sweet vanilla, hinoki wood, and nude musk to add warmth to the Sugar Cookie Lotion aroma. The combination made me smell like a fresh-baked cookie!

Shopping the product

The Sugar Cookie Body Wash and Lotion added joy and nostalgia to my self-care routine. The duo is only available for a limited time, so get yours before the scent disappears next year.