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Regardless of how fun and cute that sounds, peach fuzz isn’t anything as desired as a peach. Yes, hair grows in most parts of our body. And the most of these hair-growing parts are the locations we do not like because they could ruin our look. Now you know you are not alone as we all experience this distressing issue. So, do we have any better choice than to remove peach fuzz?

Vellus Hair/ Peach Fuzz Removal: How to Get Rid of Peach Fuzz Fast

First, they are called the peach fuzz. And sometimes they are regarded to as vellus hair. These are hairs that grow in small and scanty quantity as facial hair, around your navel, or other places that are unwanted. They are called peach fuzz because they look like the fuzz on a peach.

The amount of vellus hair on our skin is a headache we all have to deal with – behind the door. Sorry, it messed your last picture, which went on Instagram before you noticed. Lesson learnt. Now, you are left with a remedy: hide/ get rid of peach fuzz on your face!

In today’s guide, you will learn how to get rid of peach fuzz… and in the end, your unwanted hair worries would be taken care of. Your skin would be hair-free and what will happen to your beauty?


Peach Fuzz Removal: Contents

What Is Peach Fuzz and How Does It Grow?

It is simple: peach fuzz is the hair growing in areas that appear hairless at a distant. Your navel, your face, around your earlobe, your eyelids, and around your nose – peach fuzz grows in areas you do not want it to.

We can associate vellus hair with age. When we are young, most of the hair on our body parts (excluding the head) is thin, fine and soft. Therefore, they can pass as vellus hair. More of vellus hair is found on children and women.

When we get closer, these areas are not as spotless as they seem. Strands of hair are seen, and they are tiny, translucent and not as many as the hair on your scalp, your legs or the armpit.


Peach fuzz is there, and of course, we do not want it to mess up our pictures and general beauty. Men are known to be hairier than women but this does not mean women are spotless and skin-smooth like snail shells. Every human irrespective of gender has hairs that grow in places other than the head.

If you are a girl and your chin is showing signs of becoming like Drake’s, you are not alone. It happens to all of us, but not at the same amount of hair. Some people are just hairier than others… and you need to handle that stubborn peach fuzz fast.

No one is exempted, not your favorite celebrity or your Instagram models. The magic of getting rid of peach fuzz from your face might be electrolysis or some other hair removing techniques (if that sounds strange, do not worry, we will get into details soon).


5 Products That Will Ease Your Peach Fuzz Removal

When we talk about peach fuzz removal methods, some products are just the best. They make what seems to be an easy-to-remove process.

Here are five products that help get rid of peach fuzz easily:

1. Dermaflash 2.0 Facial Exfoliation & Peach Fuzz Removal

Are you tired of peach fuzz? You just said yes, and we know how that feels. As a result, we recommend this kit from Sephora to get you a smooth skin once and for all. It is purposely designed to remove a layer of dead cells but covers peach fuzz removal in entirety. It works for all skin types and provides superior exfoliation, which also removes peach fuzz painlessly.

Best Peach Fuzz Removal Products: Dermaflash 2.0 Facial Exfoliation & Peach Fuzz Removal

2. Sol de Janeiro Brazilian Golden Body Veil

This product is the slow magic. It lightens up the peach fuzz into a golden veil. Your skin begins to shimmer like a Brazilian goddess with the aura of gold. It can be used on hands, arms, legs, back, and anywhere you find vellus hairs. It is easy to use in every aspect, but magical in its transformation. Get your magic kit from Sephora!

Best Peach Fuzz Removal Products: Sol de Janeiro Brazilian Golden Body Veil

3. Michael Todd Beauty Sonicsmooth Sonic Dermaplaning System

The color is lavender. The experience delivers a smooth skin. Use it once a week and painlessly remove vellus hairs and dead cells. Your facial peach fuzz will be handled, and your complexion will appreciate, as it grows more radiant than ever. No doubt, Sonicsmooth is the work of experts, and it’s easily available through Ulta Beauty.

Best Peach Fuzz Removal Products: Michael Todd Beauty Sonicsmooth Sonic Dermaplaning System

4. Sephora Level Setter Razors

This product from Sephora ensures easy facial fuzz removal. When you choose to shave as the method of removing peach fuzz on the face, you need something accurate and easy. And these disposable premium facial razors are stainless steel of high quality. They do their job swiftly like you will ever want them.

Best Peach Fuzz Removal Products: Sephora Level Setter Razors

5. Perricone MD Ultimate Exfoliation & Treatment System

You get three powerful anti-ageing skincare products and a resurfacing tool in this kit available from Dermstore. Feel the smoothness of your skin and see the radiance of it in pictures. Peach fuzz and dead cells are being removed, so you can now wow your Instagram followers without the fear of you committing another mistake.

Best Peach Fuzz Removal Products: Perricone MD Ultimate Exfoliation & Treatment System

What Is the Difference Between Vellus and Terminal Hair?

At a young age, hair grows in some areas of our body like chest, arms, and legs. This is vellus hair. But as one ages, these thin and fine hairs are replaced with thicker, longer hairs. This is called terminal hair. The difference is separated at puberty. The hairs grow from being thin to being thick.

Vellus Hair Removal: Removing Peach Fuzz

Why Does Peach Fuzz Grow on Our Skin?

Peach fuzz is not useless. It is like the skin defender, regulating the body temperature when necessary. Peach fuzz also allows sweat to evaporate easily.

So, peach fuzz is not that useless – but an excessive amount is not all that encouraging to the facial and general beauty.

What Are the Most Effective Peach Fuzz Removal Methods?

Beautiful appearance is a result of the effort you put to have a healthy look and body. And the skin is a part of your body that says much about your beauty. Now, vellus hair here and there – around your nose or around the earlobe – can ruin whatever beauty is there to appreciate.

Peach fuzz removal can be the most effective, time-efficient process. And the most effective methods are not necessarily the hardest to try. They are just what works because they have been propounded by experts.

Nevertheless, peach fuzz is not as strong as the hair on the head. They are almost invisibly thin on any areas you find them, which makes peach fuzz a little harder to get rid of.

The natural way is to remove peach fuzz at the hair’s root. For hair follicles that are large and more visible, this is the best choice.

Using tweezers to grasp and pluck out vellus hair from the root is not a good decision. It is tedious to achieve a clean and smooth skin, and can lead to bleeding.


Dermaplaning is the best choice for your skin care, and a swift and easy removal of vellus hair. It is more of a skin care than peach fuzz removal, but the process will remove vellus hair in the process of getting your skin polished. A win on two grounds! Moreover, the peach fuzz won’t grow back thicker or darker, if you choose this removal method.

Dermaplaning removes a layer of the skin with a scalpel blade – mostly 10-gauge. The top layer of the skin, called the epidermis, is relieved of dead skin cells. It is painless; the skin is treated like softly scrapping of the layer. When you opt for dermaplaning, you allow skincare products to work more effectively.

How to Remove Peach Fuzz/ Vellus Hair


Consult an expert. She will, in a short time, treat your skin to a process that makes peach fuzz vanish. And how is threading performed?

A thread is doubled. The expert will use the thin cotton or polyester thread to remove peach fuzz on an area at a time. As the thread is rolled over an area of the skin, the vellus hairs are cut at the follicle, leaving your skin smooth and free.

Here are some tips for threading effectively:

• To avoid the redness that might occur due to pressure on the skin, do not treat the skin too harsh.

• Prep your skin with exfoliating acid or retinol.

• Heavy creams and perfumed creams are no friend to threading; avoid them.


The removal of peach fuzz with the help of electrolysis is permanent, especially if the hair is thicker. During the process of electrolysis, a thin, fine needle is used to touch the blood supply at the follicle. Then, the heat is used to stop the blood supply to the follicle base. After this, a pair of tweezers is used to remove the hair from the skin. Once the hair is removed and the blood supply has been cauterized, the hair would not grow – ever again!

Ensure you consult an expert therapist if you choose electrolysis as the right option for you. You know the result is permanent, so mistakes have to be prevented entirely.

As expected, electrolysis is costly but it is more suitable and effective for all skin types. Remember, a few medical setbacks can set in, so everything should be handled by an expert therapist.

Hair Removal Creams

Depilatories are chemicals, creams or lotions that help dissolve the hair on the skin. They are easy to apply and effective, but they could cause irritation.

This peach fuzz removal method is not as fast as threading. But for the lovers of easy and slow processes, this is the right option. Interestingly, hair removal creams that are facial sensitive are the most effective products.


You will likely experience irritation with them. And if the method of use is not followed according to the manufacturer’s instructions, they can cause skin burn. Therefore, we advise you to read the important information provided on the body of each cream.

Shaving Your Face

You can get a shaving stick and get the annoying peach fuzz off your face. It is as simple as that. But let us think of the result.

High risk of infection is possible. You do not want to get your skin into serious infection just to look nice. Even though it is a cheap peach fuzz removal method and works for a good percentage of people (and celebrities), we advise you to try other methods for the fear of nicks and rashes.

Using an epilator for face is a safer option of getting rid of peach fuzz easily at home.


Deplaning is more like shaving. Scalpels are used to remove the hair from the skin. Once the hair on the face – or anywhere – is gone, the process produces a polished skin.


This is not the best peach fuzz removal method for sensitive skin or skin that is liable to skin defects. Why? It is aggressive. When waxing is done, it removes the hair from their roots. The waxed skin will be free of hairs for about six weeks.

You spread wax over the area of the skin to be free of peach fuzz. Strips, paper, or cloth is covered over the area of wax. The wax is then removed, and the hairs get off with it. Depending on the method of removing the wax, cloth or paper might not be necessary.

To get the best result during waxing:

• Avoid the use of acid. Use aloe vera instead.

• Do not expose your skin to the sun.

• Waxing is not the right choice if you want to be gentle with your skin.


The process is similar to waxing. Sugar, water, and lemon juice are melted to produce a sugaring gel. The gel should be honey-like and sticky. Like wax, it is applied to remove the peach fuzz from the skin.

How to Get Rid of Peach Fuzz/ Vellus Hair


If your peach fuzz is dark, bleaching would make it less noticeable (just like bleaching arm hair or upper lip hair). It will not remove the hair and prevents any advantage that comes with having hair on your skin. Remember, vellus hairs regulate body temperature.

So, bleaching would make the skin blend with peach fuzz… but the glare of the sun might give you out.

Laser Treatments

Laser therapy is the process of using focused light from lasers. This light can be used to shape diamonds but no, the intensity needed for your skin treatment is not that great. In medicine, it is used for treating pains and cancer, and improving vision.

For peach fuzz removal, the target is the hair pigment… and they are removed gradually. This is not the right method of getting rid of peach fuzz that is thin and light, since the light can’t target the hair pigment. Laser hair removal is expensive – but the right choice when your vellus hair is growing thick and dark, making your chin look like a man’s.

What Peach Fuzz Removal Method Doesn’t Work?

You might come across some other techniques of peach fuzz removal. You have tried them but some of these did not give the result you like. Methods do not select time to work; they just do not work in all situations.


The removal of hair from their follicles with the help of electrolysis will not work when the peach fuzz hair is too fine. It will be difficult to get the electric current into the follicle of each hair.

Laser Treatments

Laser therapy is not the right peach fuzz removal method for light hair. The more pigmented the strands of hair are, the easier it is for the laser to remove them.

How to Skillfully Hide Peach Fuzz?

Times will come when we cannot get down to removing peach fuzz. You do not have to worry. With some tricks and processes, you can hide the vellus hair with ease. Instead of making out time to shave, thread, or wax, you can do something different; something that does not involve removing the peach fuzz.

With some cosmetics, you can hide vellus hairs perfectly.

Choose any foundation that is creamy to blend better than powder counterparts. Apply the makeup with a fingertip (you can use a brush or sponge, but the fingertip is recommended; the heat from the finger helps in blending). To hide the peach fuzz perfectly, use makeup to smoothen it in the direction the hair grows.

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