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11 Best Ampoules for Skin for a Glowing Look

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Korean skincare ampoules sound to be high-end skincare products, but there exist great ones for every budget and skin type. We’ve selected the best ampoules for skin you can find, with clear explanations of what makes them so unique and useful. Each one offers its own unique benefits, so you can choose the skincare ampoule that will be best for your skin!

1. Estée Lauder Advanced Night Repair Intensive Recovery Ampoules

These little skin ampoules come in a jelly capsule, so you’ll never have any doubt over how much you should use! They are made to moisturize and rejuvenate the skin, with a blend of squalane along with some phenomenally antioxidant botanical oil. It is a richer formula that is a little on the oily side, so I’d recommend it for normal and dry skin that needs some TLC. Use it towards the end of your skincare routine, like you would a facial oil. Buy it at Sephora!

Best Skin Ampoules: Estée Lauder Advanced Night Repair Intensive Recovery Ampoules

2. Amorepacific Time Response Intensive Skin Renewal Ampoule

This Korean brand has a great reputation for making high-powered skincare, and these skin ampoules certainly contribute. They come in 4 tiny glass bottles, with each one holding a week’s worth of product. This is truly an indulgence for a few times a year when you have a special event coming up.

These ampoules are based on a green tea formula that includes the water extract, concentrated polyphenols, and EGCG to fight inflammation, firm up the skin, eliminate redness, and prevent signs of premature aging. It is an exceptional anti-aging formula that will suit all skin types. They are available at Nordstrom.

Best Skin Ampoules: Amorepacific Time Response Intensive Skin Renewal Ampoule

3. CosRx Propolis Light Ampoule

Honey propolis is the star of this ampoule. It has a wide range of skin benefits, the most important of which are the abilities to soothe, hydrate, and protect from free-radical damage. It also might be mildly antibacterial, which means it can work for those with acne-prone skin. There is something particularly elegant about the glass packaging it comes in, which will look beautiful sitting on your skincare shelf. You can use it no matter your skin type. Get it at Ulta!

Best Skin Ampoules: CosRx Propolis Light Ampoule

4. Sisley Paris Sisleÿa-Elixir Intensive Four Week Program

This is another take on skin ampoules that separates the product into tiny bottles to reinforce the idea that it’s a one-month supply. It is meant to recharge the skin the way an intense workout program would, with soothing white willow extract, plumping algae, and fortifying malt. It feels gloriously luxurious as it goes on the skin, and it certainly would have nice effects, but we’ll let you decide if it’s worth the price tag. Find it at Nordstrom!

Best Skin Ampoules: Sisley Paris Sisleÿa-Elixir Intensive Four Week Program

5. Dr. Barbara Sturm Hyaluronic Ampoules

I’ve spoken at length about my love for hyaluronic acid, so naturally, I can appreciate these clear-colored skin ampoules. They don’t contain any old hyaluronic acid, however. Instead, they are made with a blend of both normal and lightweight spheres of the humectant, to ensure that it penetrates into multiple levels of the skin and gives very thorough hydration.

There is also fermented purslane extract in the blend, which provides the skin with antioxidant protection and helps to strengthen it. This is a hydrating and anti-aging set of skin ampoules that would be best for dry, dehydrated or sensitive skin. Order it from Net-a-Porter!

Best Skin Ampoules: Dr. Barbara Sturm Hyaluronic Ampoules

6. TonyMoly Vital Vita 12 Firming Ampoule

This powerful ampoule is chockfull of antioxidants that slow down premature aging beautifully by preventing environmental damage. It is super hydrating, with lots of niacinamide. What really pushes it over the edge into the amazing territory is retinol, a compound related to vitamin A that radically transforms the skin by promoting cell renewal. The result is smooth, plump skin. It doesn’t get much better than this, so pick it up at Ulta!

Best Skin Ampoules: TonyMoly Vital Vita 12 Firming Ampoule

7. Cremorlab O2 Couture Hydra Bounce Ampoule

This hydrating ampoule is more similar to a serum than other options on this list. It is made with a variety of humectants, as well as some trademarked extract complexes that give the skin a boost of antioxidant protection. It will soothe the skin with a significant amount of centella asiatica extract, and fortify it with some probiotic extracts. It is sold through Net-a-Porter.

Best Skin Ampoules: Cremorlab O2 Couture Hydra Bounce Ampoule

8. Osmotics Cosmeceuticals Blue Copper 5 Intensive Ampoule Seven-Night Treatment Series

This is probably the only skin ampoule on this list that could substitute for your moisturizer. It is deeply nourishing and is able to occlude the skin to prevent moisture loss without feeling heavy or greasy. It comes in 7 ampoule tubes, with each one holding enough product for one night’s use. After a week, your skin should feel stronger and plumper. It contains powerful anti-aging peptides and a range of skin-restoring vitamins. You can buy it at Nordstrom.

Best Skin Ampoules: Osmotics Cosmeceuticals Blue Copper 5 Intensive Ampoule Seven-Night Treatment Series

9. My Skin Mentor Dr. G Red Blemish Soothing Ampoule

This ampoule fights redness and sensitivity with a skin-rejuvenating probiotic ferment complex. Though probiotics are not for everyone, if they work for you they can be the best thing ever. They fortify the skin’s microbiome to strengthen and reinforce it, thereby reducing redness and irritation. This formula also contains niacinamide and a lot of hydrating humectants. It’d be best for dehydrated and sensitive skin, though it could work for everyone. Order it online from Dermstore!

Best Skin Ampoules: My Skin Mentor Dr. G Red Blemish Soothing Ampoule

10. PureHeals Centella 90 Ampoule

This ultra-soothing ampoule is a great choice if your skin gets red and irritated, whether it’s due to acne or sensitivity. It is made with 90% centella asiatica, a wonderful anti-inflammatory, followed by other beneficial ingredients like niacinamide and aloe vera. It has a very light, gel consistency that sinks in quickly. It will be a lovely addition to your routine regardless of skin type. Find it at Ulta!

Best Skin Ampoules: PureHeals Centella 90 Ampoule

11. Tosowoong Propolis Sparkle Ampoule

This propolis ampoule is a favorite amongst Asian beauty bloggers and Internet skincare addicts. It is made with 80% propolis and has an incredibly hydrating effect as a result. It is rare to see an ampoule come in such large packaging, and it means this product will last you for ages. Order it from YesStyle!

Best Skin Ampoules: Tosowoong Propolis Sparkle Ampoule

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