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15 Best Body Lotions for Dry Skin

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Everyone needs lotion. No matter your skin tone or type, keeping your skin hydrated is essential. Your skin is the body’s largest organ and the first line of defense for protecting your body against external invaders. With a task that important, our skin needs to be in tip-top shape. That said, some of us have significantly drier skin than others. And that means you need to find a lotion, ointment, oil, or butter that can do the heavy lifting required. 

If you’re ready to leave flaky, ashy, dry, tight, and itchy skin in the past, we’ve highlighted some of the most hydrating body moisturizers you can find. 

Best body lotion for dry skin overview:

How we chose the best body lotions for dry skin

To compile this list, we researched manufacturer specifications, including main ingredients, lotion type, size, and more, to create a short list of the top body lotion for dry skin. Then, we combed through detailed product descriptions, ratings, and reviews to find the best body lotion for dry skin for each category.

Our picks for the best body lotion for dry skin

Best overall
CeraVe Moisturizing Cream

What we love

  • Endorsed by the National Eczema Association and American Diabetes Association
  • MVE Delivery Technology ensures moisture deeply penetrates the skin’s layers
  • Extra hydrating with 3 ceramides and hyaluronic acid

What we don’t love

  • May be pricey for some

When you have severe dryness, you need a lotion that’s up to the task of keeping your skin hydrated. But at the same time, you don’t want something that’s greasy or leaves a film on your skin. CeraVe’s Moisturizing Cream fits the bill as our best overall pick because it leverages the power of essential ceramides, hyaluronic acid, and a proprietary MVE Delivery Technology.

The MVE technology ensures that those moisturizing ingredients deeply penetrate the layers of your skin, further bolstering its natural barrier. It’s developed by dermatologists and carries the National Eczema Association seal. More importantly, this cream is fragrance-free, and with consistent use, it can improve the look and feel of your skin.

Main ingredients: Hyaluronic acid, ceramides | Size: 16 oz

Best budget
Palmer’s Coconut Hydrate Body Balm

What we love

  • Made from ethically and sustainably sourced extra virgin coconut oil
  • Vegan formula
  • Trusted brand

What we don’t love

  • Doesn’t absorb quickly into the skin

You can’t go wrong with a classic. And if you’re familiar with cocoa butter, you know that the OG brand of note is Palmer’s. While you can get any of the brand’s moisturizers in lotion form, we’re highlighting the traditional solid or balm version. The Coconut Hydrate Body Balm is an affordable solution that leverages the power of sustainably and ethically sourced coconut oil.

This vegan pick is free from parabens, phthalates, and dyes and can be layered with the companion lotion or oil from Palmer’s coconut collection. You’ll get 48 hours of moisture from this product that can be used from head to toe. Plus, it’ll boost your skin’s natural radiance, and according to reviews, the balm can be used as an intensive repair treatment for your feet. 

Although Palmer’s moisturizers offer many benefits, they don’t always absorb quickly into your skin. So, use care when getting dressed to avoid any residue.

Main ingredients: Extra virgin coconut oil | Size: 3.5 oz

Best blend
Vaseline Clinical Care Extremely Dry Skin Rescue Lotion

What we love

  • Intense hydration because petroleum jelly acts as an occlusive
  • Absorbs quickly into the skin
  • Unscented, making it safe for sensitive skin

What we don’t love

  • Petrolatum-derived ingredients aren’t ideal for everyone
  • Too thick for those without extremely dry skin, eczema, or psoriasis

This is another one of those products that fast-tracks your morning routine. Many people with dry skin are aware of the hack of combining petroleum jelly with your preferred lotion before applying it to your skin. Yes, that trick works, but it most definitely leaves your skin feeling greasy, depending on your lotion-to-petroleum jelly ratio. 

For the curious, you combine the two because petroleum jelly is what’s known as an occlusive — or a product that locks in moisture. So, while the lotion provides hydration, depending on the quality of your lotion, the moisture might not last all day. The petroleum jelly, however, serves as an added barrier to prevent that moisture from evaporating.  

In order to simplify this process, Vaseline now offers products where the brand’s classic petroleum jelly ointment is already infused into the lotion. The Clinical Care Extremely Dry Skin Rescue Lotion is ideal for combating dryness, winter skin, and sensitive skin. It’s dermatologist-tested and is made with pro-lipids and glycerin, a critical humectant. Better still, it’s unscented and absorbs into the skin faster than if you were to create the concoction on your own.

Main ingredients: Petroleum jelly, pro-lipids, glycerin | Size: 13.5 oz

Best splurge
NakedPoppy Radiance Body Oil

What we love

  • Lightweight yet hydrating
  • Vegan formula made from organic and non-GMO ingredients
  • Naturally scented with bergamot and lavender

What we don’t love

  • Expensive

If you have dry skin and you’re feeling a bit indulgent, NakedPoppy’s Radiance Body Oil is a great place to start. This vegan, clean, and cruelty-free body oil leverages natural, plant-based, and nutrient-dense oils to nourish and hydrate your skin with a refreshing citrus scent. 

Squalene works alongside sesame seed and jojoba oil for intense hydration. Meanwhile, bergamot and lavender oils make for a relaxing, light scent. And even though it’s an oil, the concoction melts easily into the skin, leaving it feeling soft and supple rather than greasy. All ingredients are either organic or non-GMO.

Main ingredients: Squalene, jojoba oil, sesame seed oil | Size: 3.8 fl oz

Best with SPF
Eucerin Daily Hydration Lotion Broad Spectrum SPF 15

What we love

  • Broad spectrum SPF
  • 24-hour moisture
  • Fragrance-free

What we don’t love

  • SPF 15 is lower than recommended SPF 30 or higher guidelines
  • A little expensive

We often don’t find many dry skin lotions that also incorporate SPF. Why? Dry skin tends to need heavier moisturizers that don’t always blend well with most SPF formulas. More importantly, using SPF-infused lotions can lull you into a false sense of security that you’re fully protected all day from the sun. In reality, sun safety guidelines note that we should reapply every two hours when we’re outside. 

You should target SPF 30 or higher if you plan to head outdoors. However, we did find Eucerin’s Daily Hydration Lotion Broad Spectrum SPF 15 to be a valid option. While it’s not enough sun protection on its own, the brand promises 24 hours of moisture retention and broad-spectrum protection from UVA and UVB rays. Plus, it’s fragrance-free. 

Reviews are somewhat mixed, though, given that the most common negative complaints centered on a greasy formula and poor bottle design.

Main ingredients: Avobenzone 2.7%, homosalate 9.0%, octisalate 4.5%, glycerin | Size: 16.9 fl oz

Best multitasker
Sky Organics Organic Castor Oil

What we love

  • Multitasking product for hair, skin, and nails
  • USDA organic certified
  • Vegan and cruelty free

What we don’t love

  • Larger size is a pricier option for castor oil
  • Heavier oil doesn’t absorb quickly into the skin

Castor oil is the unsung hero of the beauty community. This naturally occurring oil derived from castor seeds can work everywhere. It’s ideal as a skin and hair moisturizer and can even be used topically on your brows or lashes to boost growth. Many people also use this product to moisturize their scalp, stimulating hair growth. 

While Sky Organics markets its Organic Castor Oil as a hair treatment, you can use it on the skin, too. Better yet, castor oil is also antimicrobial and antifungal. This means you can use it on cuts and scrapes to aid in wound healing. 

However, castor oil is a heavier oil. So, it might be better as an overnight treatment since it’ll take much longer to absorb into your skin.

Main ingredients: Castor oil | Size: 16 fl oz

Best drugstore
Aveeno Restorative Skin Therapy Oat Repairing Cream

What we love

  • Contains prebiotic oat concentrate to soothe irritated and dry skin
  • No fragrance
  • Clinically proven to improve moisture retention

What we don’t love

  • Some reviews noted it leaves a film

If you have severely dry skin, you’ve probably been introduced to colloidal oatmeal at some point. And if you’re old school, you’ve likely taken a bath with it, too. Thankfully, you don’t have to rely on oat baths anymore — unless you like them, of course. Aveeno’s Restorative Skin Therapy Oat Repairing Cream is specially made with distressed, sensitive, and dry skin in mind. 

This heavier lotion combines prebiotic oat, provitamin B5, and aloe to improve moisture retention and soothe irritated, dry skin. You’ll like that this pick is formulated without fragrances, dyes, parabens, or phthalates and has a rich, creamy texture that emulsifies nicely into your skin.

Main ingredients: Prebiotic oat, provitamin B5, aloe | Size: 12 oz

Best occlusive
CeraVe Healing Ointment

What we love

  • Elevated version of petroleum jelly
  • Non-greasy feeling
  • Contains hyaluronic acid and ceramides

What we don’t love

  • Petrolatum may not appeal to some

Remember that aforementioned term occlusive? If you prefer to use an occlusive on its own (rather than having it pre-blended into your lotion), we’re bringing back CeraVe for its elevated twist on a petrolatum-based ointment. 

The brand’s Healing Ointment is a more mature version of traditional petroleum jelly because the formula also incorporates the same ceramides and hyaluronic acid present in the Moisturizing Cream (our best overall pick). Similar to the cream, this product promises to help lock in moisture and is ideal for dry and chapped skin. 

Unlike traditional petroleum jelly, the inclusion of ceramides and hyaluronic acid puts this into a slightly different category. While it still serves as an occlusive, it can also be a stand-alone moisturizer. By contrast, a traditional occlusive like classic Vaseline petroleum jelly isn’t a moisturizer. However, many people feel strongly against petroleum-based products, so this may be a hard sell for some.

Main ingredients: Petrolatum, hyaluronic acid, ceramides | Size: 3 oz

Best vegan
The Body Shop Shea Body Butter

What we love

  • Made from sustainably sourced ingredients
  • 96 hours of hydration
  • Non-sticky, non-greasy formula

What we don’t love

  • Earthy scent may not appeal to everyone

To be fair, we’ve highlighted a wide range of vegan-friendly options in our guide. But if you want a certified vegan lotion or cream that’s easy to source, you can’t go wrong with The Body Shop’s Shea Body Butter. Officially, the brand offers a few other scents that are also ideal for dry skin, so you do have alternatives if you don’t love this particular option.

The Shea Body Butter is designed to give you 96 hours of moisture. Shea is derived from shea nuts and is incredibly hydrating. You can feel good about your choice as this pick is sustainably sourced using Community Fair Trade shea butter from Ghana and babassu oil from Brazil. Along with hydrating your skin, this product promises to boost your natural glow and leave your skin feeling softer and smoother.

Main ingredients: Shea butter, organic babassu oil | Size: 6.4 oz

Best scent
Bath & Body Works Warm Vanilla Sugar Ultimate Hydration Body Cream

What we love

  • Up to 24 hours of hydration
  • Wide scent range
  • Dermatologist-tested

What we don’t love

  • Some reviews noted the scent formulations may have changed in recent years

If you’re an older millennial or Gen Xer, enjoy a walk down memory lane with our inclusion of Bath & Body Works. But the brand’s Ultimate Hydration Body Cream deserves a spot on this list. We’ve pulled the classic Warm Vanilla Sugar smell, but as you know, the scent options are endless at Bath & Body Works. 

More importantly, for dry skin, these creams are rich with a thick texture that absorbs quickly into your skin and stays around to keep you feeling soft and hydrated throughout the day. Key skin-friendly ingredients include shea and cocoa butter, hyaluronic acid, vitamin E, and aloe. You’ll get up to 24 hours of hydration with a dermatologist-tested formula free from parabens or artificial dyes. And the bottle is even made from 82% recycled plastic.

Main ingredients: Shea butter, cocoa butter, hyaluronic acid, aloe, vitamin E | Size: 8 oz

Best for hands
Aveda Hand Relief Moisturizing Creme

What we love

  • Vegan and cruelty free formula
  • Free from questionable ingredients
  • Rich formula soothes and moisturizes skin

What we don’t love

  • Expensive
  • Ingredients don’t specify fragrance source and instead lists “parfum”

Anything can be a hand cream, in theory. But if you frequently wash your hands, you know that dry skin on your hands can be a liability. Aveda’s Hand Relief Moisturizing Creme is a must-have, packed with hydrating ingredients that soften and smooth your skin. 

This cruelty-free and vegan pick doesn’t have questionable ingredients like lanolin, paraffin, formaldehyde, petrolatum, mineral oil, synthetic fragrance, and parabens. Instead, it leverages natural plant infusions like andiroba oil, sunflower seed oil, aloe, and meadowfoam seed oil.

Main ingredients: Andiroba oil | Size: 4.2 oz

Best intensive hydration
Nivea Creme

What we love

  • Whole body solution
  • Provitamin B5-infused formula
  • Can also be used to target rough areas

What we don’t love

  • Greasier formula
  • Takes longer to absorb into skin

Sometimes you need a heavier cream that can protect your skin while also hydrating it. Nivea’s Creme is the perfect solution for those rough areas. This heavy-duty cream is ultra-moisturizing and can be used from head to toe. Along with providing intense hydration, it’s dermatologically tested and approved. 

Key ingredients include provitamin B5, which aids in repairing the look and texture of rough, dry skin. It’s especially ideal for tackling those troublesome areas like the knees, elbows, and heels. However, heavier cream also translates to a bit of a greasy texture. While it’s great for hydrating the driest of skin, it can take longer to fully absorb.

Main ingredients: Provitamin B5 | Size: 8.4 oz

Best face cream
Pixi Beauty Rose Flash Balm

What we love

  • 3-in-1 formula
  • Boosts the skin’s radiance
  • Can multitask as a facial mask

What we don’t love

  • Expensive

Sometimes, you don’t want to use the same lotion from your body on your face. But if you have dry skin, you absolutely can’t use a weak lotion that’ll fade in an hour or two. Enter Pixi Beauty’s Rose Flash Balm. 

This cream formula is lightweight yet incredibly hydrating. It’s paraben-free and also works to improve your skin’s radiance. It can even serve as a primer, ensuring that your skin is adequately hydrated before you begin any makeup routine. For deeper moisture, combine it with a few drops of your favorite facial oil. 

You’ll enjoy the intoxicating scent of rose, thanks to the infusion of rose water and rose extract. The rose water works to balance your skin’s pH and is also rich in antioxidants. Meanwhile, the rose extract controls redness. Finally, olive leaf extract aids in smoothing your skin’s texture.

Main ingredients: Rose water, rose extract, olive leaf extract | Size: 1.52 oz

Best for irritation
Gold Bond Medicated Extra Strength Body Lotion

What we love

  • Can be used for skin chafing
  • Menthol soothes irritation
  • Contains vitamin E and aloe

What we don’t love

  • Not intended for long-term use
  • Smells medicinal

The problem with having dry skin is that, left untreated, it can quickly become irritated and, in extreme cases, infected. Before accidentally giving yourself dermatitis, it’s time to bring in the big guns. Gold Bond is a classic skincare line that’s specifically designed to tackle dry or troubled skin types. 

The Medicated Extra Strength Body Lotion features a triple-action formula rich in aloe and vitamin E to moisturize, cool, and soothe dry or itchy skin. It also contains 0.5% menthol, which gives you that cooling effect. Note that this can be used to soothe sunburns, skin chafing, insect bites, and minor cuts, burns, and scrapes. However, it’s not meant to be used for extended periods.

Main ingredients: Menthol 0.5%, aloe, vitamin E | Size: 14 oz

Best for eczema
O’Keeffe’s Eczema Relief Body Cream

What we love

  • Approved by the National Eczema Association
  • Colloidal oatmeal to protect skin barrier
  • No strong fragrance

What we don’t love

  • Contains allantoin

Similar to Gold Bond, O’Keeffe is another one of those classic brands that specifically targets severe skin woes. But while Gold Bond tends to target general consumers, O’Keeffe’s sweet spot is usually for people who work in industries like construction or healthcare that are more likely to have dry skin. 

O’Keeffe’s Eczema Relief Body Cream is a must-have if you can’t take another day of dry, itchy, and generally irritated skin. You’ll see that this pick carries the National Eczema Association’s seal, meaning if you have sensitive skin, it’s a safe option. This lotion is also fragrance-free and contains 2% colloidal oatmeal to help your skin retain moisture.

Main ingredients: Colloidal oatmeal 2%, shea butter | Size: 8 oz

Put an end to itchy, dry skin

In many cases, year-round dry skin can be traced to genetics. But that doesn’t mean you should have to suffer from irritated, itchy, and flaky skin. While you’ll typically need a heavier lotion or cream than someone with a normal skin type, you can find a proper solution. We recommend starting your search with our best overall selection, CeraVe’s Moisturizing Cream. 

How to pick the right body lotion for dry skin

If you have dry skin, hydration with staying power should be your priority. And if dryness also comes with a side of irritated skin, then you’ll want to look for gentle formulas free of harsh ingredients like dyes and synthetically derived fragrances. Here are some factors to consider.

Skin concerns

Dry skin can mean many different things. For example, some people are born with dry skin and can benefit from moisture retention. Others may only experience dryness in the winter since colder weather tends to draw moisture from your skin. Someone with dry skin year-round will need a heavy-duty moisturizer, whereas seasonal dryness means you need to swap moisturizers as the seasons change. 

But as we mentioned above, some people will also have dry skin as a side effect of sensitivity. Those with eczema, psoriasis, and even contact dermatitis can’t just rely on a heavier texture. Instead, they’ll also need to pay attention to the ingredients to avoid items that might further aggravate the skin, such as synthetic fragrances or chemical additives.


When you have dry skin, moisture retention is the target focus. This means you want to look for ingredients that help your skin hold onto moisture. Options like ceramides, peptides, hyaluronic acid, and glycerin are all effective at protecting your skin’s natural barrier and retaining moisture. 

If you want to improve the texture of your skin, opt for solutions like colloidal oatmeal, shea butter, and coconut oil. These ingredients not only hydrate but work to heal your skin and boost cellular turnover, resulting in smoother skin. 


As you likely noted from our recommendations, there are many options when picking a lotion for dry skin. While you can opt for a traditional lotion, balms, ointments, creams, and oils are equally effective at moisturizing your skin. In most cases, oils will either be stored in a pump or squeeze bottle. For naturally derived oils, you’ll find that the bottles are usually amber glass or made from darker plastics to prevent premature oxidation from sun exposure. 

Lotions are usually packaged in squeeze or pump bottles. While balms and ointments are typically sold in jars, creams come in squeeze and pump bottles (and sometimes jars). Just remember that balms are usually solid at room temperature, so you’ll want to ensure that the product melts quickly when you rub it between your hands. 


What lotions do dermatologists recommend for dry skin? 

Individual recommendations are going to depend on your specific skin needs. However, several of the picks in our roundup bear the National Eczema Association seal or are dermatologist-tested. If you want to feel more confident in your lotion pick, opt for any of those selections, like our best overall choice, CeraVe Moisturizing Cream. 

Should I use body lotion every day if I have dry skin?

Use body lotion once or twice a day if you have dry skin. In truth, you should moisturize immediately after bathing or showering while your skin is still damp to maximize absorption. 

Why do I have dry skin even when I moisturize?

Many people are surprised to find that the environment can leach moisture from your skin. You won’t lose moisture if there’s more moisture in the air than in your skin. But you can lose moisture if there’s more moisture in your skin than in the air. This is why finding lotions that protect your skin’s natural barrier and block moisture loss are critical for those with dry skin.