Trends » I Tried TikTok’s Viral Cold Girl Makeup, and I’m Convinced It’s Winter’s Hottest Trend

I Tried TikTok’s Viral Cold Girl Makeup, and I’m Convinced It’s Winter’s Hottest Trend

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I scroll through TikTok far more frequently than I’d like to confess. Thankfully, my love for the social media platform aligns with my job, which requires that I stay up to date on the latest fashion and beauty trends taking the world by storm. My “For You” page reflects my constant quest for viral makeup hacks, new must-have products, and tutorials that garner millions of views.

I recently discovered a makeup trend that creatively mimics the look you get after spending countless hours in the frigid weather — without subjecting yourself to freezing temperatures. It’s appropriately named the Cold Girl Makeup Trend. 

Below, learn more about the beauty trend storming the winter months. Plus, find out how you can recreate the look for yourself.

What’s the Cold Girl Makeup Trend?

When speaking to celebrity makeup artist Susana Niño, she described the Cold Girl look as a trend that imitates the flushed complexion and rosy glow one experiences after being outside in cold weather. Think: après ski.

“It looks good on everyone,” Niño told Glowsly, noting the trend’s versatility, which can be easily modified to complement all skin tones. “It delivers the effortless, natural radiance that everyone desires.”

Why is the Cold Girl look trendy?

Sephora’s beauty director, Helen Phillips Dagdag, shared with us during a quick chat that she believes people are drawn to the Cold Girl look because it has a nostalgic, doll-like appearance that catches the eye. Dagdag reminded me that Hailey Bieber, Emily Ratajkowski, and Kylie Jenner wore the TikTok trend, which made the look surge in popularity since it’s “super achievable and fun.”

Niño added that weather-related beauty trends aren’t uncommon, bringing to mind the sun-kissed makeup look that dominated our timelines last summer. She noted that the Cold Girl trend is becoming more popular in warmer regions that don’t experience severe winter weather.

How to achieve the Cold Girl Makeup Trend

Prepared to try the look, Niño advised that I start by moisturizing my skin to attain a dewy winter sheen. She recommended POND’S Dry Skin Cream, a rich formula easily absorbed by the skin thanks to its extra hydrating properties.

Next, depending on the amount of coverage wanted, she suggested applying concealer or a light foundation like It Cosmetics’ CC+ Nude Glow Foundation. “Use your favorite setting powder to set the makeup for a blurred effect,” Niño said.

The makeup artist pointed out during our conversation that the Cold Girl look is defined by a pink-hued blush, such as Rare Beauty’s Liquid Blush. The blush should be applied to the eyelids, upper cheekbones, and tips of the nose and chin. It should also appear under the eyes, nose, and top and bottom of the lips to pull the look together.

“Think about how you look when you’re cold and which parts of your face get rosy; that’s where you should apply blush,” Niño said.

To get the desired glow, Niño suggested using a highlighter on the inner corner of the eyes and the bridge and tip of the nose. She recommended a shimmery eyeshadow for a frosty appearance on the eyelid before lining and applying gloss to the lips to complete the look.

The results

I Tried TikTok's Viral Cold Girl Makeup, and I'm Convinced It's Winter's Hottest Trend

I realized that this look isn’t far from what I do daily — I love blush! 

I’ll admit that I hesitated to apply so much blush to my face, but I knew I had to trust the process. Niño’s detailed advice on the placement of the blush made it easy to properly achieve the look without overdoing it. 

I chose to use Rare Beauty’s Liquid Blush in the shade Happy — a cool toned pink — because it complemented my skin and gave me a wintery appearance. During our conversation, Dagdag reminded me to commit to the look, which is why I completed it with the cozy Ledra Sweater from Equipment, the Teddy Bucket Hat from Lack of Color, and a Tennis Bracelet from Rellery Jewelry.

I adored how the look turned out. I think I’ll be rocking the Cold Girl Makeup Trend for the rest of the season because it’s playful and easy to achieve.