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Activewear Brands I Love for My Workouts

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Staying active is a crucial part of my wellness regimen. Not only does working out help improve my overall physical health, but it also does wonders to help increase my energy levels and enhance sleep quality. I also feel like daily workouts help boost my self-confidence and leave me ready to accomplish my goals.

As a writer, I spend countless hours sitting at my computer screen, which can ultimately take a toll on my body by the end of the day. This is why I make a point to move my body daily, whether stretching, walking on the treadmill, or doing a HIIT workout. 

I recently participated in a virtual Ballet Flow class. The hour-long private session, led by Creative Director Natalia Cordero, uses house music for a full-body conditioning workout that fuses ballet, Pilates, and yoga. Thanks to Codero’s bubbly personality, I found it to be an energetic, delightfully challenging, and enjoyable workout

Besides breaking a sweat in the comfort of my home, I also had the opportunity to dress up in my favorite activewear. Recently, I’ve become a massive fan of shopping for stylish activewear that’s functional and comfortable. In fact, my activewear wardrobe has increased significantly since the pandemic when I made a conscious effort to treat myself after meeting personal milestones.  

In my opinion, there’s something about wearing activewear that makes me feel motivated, confident, and clear on my intention to lead a healthier and more active life. Having the proper workout attire also helps improve my overall exercising experience. 

What I look for in my workout attire

Woman in plank position lifting weights in workout clothes

When shopping for activewear, I’m always careful to prioritize functionality and clothing that helps me perform better. I learned that it’s essential to look for workout attire that provides comfort, proper fit, and wicking ability to ensure I’m reaching my best performance. Much like my workout gear, I also ensure my socks are made with breathable fabrics to stay cool and prevent bacteria buildup, which can result in pesky fungus.

Next, I search for styles and colors that make me feel confident and ready to crush my workout goals. Stylish activewear can provide an unspoken motivation. I love that such a wide variety of patterns and fabrics are available, making it easy to find something that showcases my personal style. I’m also a huge fan of workout clothing that’s versatile enough to wear outside the gym because it constantly reminds me to keep moving forward on my fitness journey.

My favorite activewear brands

When engaging in a low-impact workout, I like to put on my ensemble from Forme, which includes the Core V-Neck Tee and Sculpt+ Legging. The set helps to improve my posture by engaging muscle memory to keep my back straight and hips aligned. This reduces pain and stiffness. 

The Riverline Racerback from Definite Articles offers a sporty fit that supports, sculpts, and flatters my figure while I exercise. The bra is designed with four-way stretch, so it’s comfy for all-day wear. The bright orange color gets me excited to work out every time. Definite Articles’ Trimline ⅞ Legging is also a must for me, thanks to the contoured waist that supports my core. The tights also feature a sleek side pocket that makes it perfect for when I want my music going as I work out. 

I like Yitty’s Headliner Shaping Catsuit for my HIIT workouts because I don’t have to worry about having to adjust my clothing as I exercise. My only wish was that Yitty had pockets for everyday wear because it’s just that cute.

I’ve also come to love YPB by Abercrombie & Fitch, a size-inclusive activewear line with a wide variety of clothing I enjoy working out in. I love the brand’s SculptLUX One-Shoulder Cutout Slim Tank, which has a four-way stretch and is supportive without being restrictive. 

When it comes to working out, my feet are just as important. That’s why I never work out without Paka’s Ankle Socks, a brand tested by marathon runners, mountain bikers, and professional athletes to ensure they have the highest level of function. They’re super soft and plush with a 41% alpaca fiber material that feels similar to cashmere. I love that the socks include a ventilation mesh to avoid clammy feet, too.

Extra essentials

Woman standing in a field holding a folded up yoga mat

My mom and sister convinced me to get a fitness tracker because they swear by theirs. I’ve recently become quite a fan of my fitness tracker from iTOUCH Wearables, making tracking my workouts easier throughout the week. The iTOUCH AIR 3 SMARTWATCH reminds me to move my body when sitting too long, sends notifications to hydrate, and even suggests breathing exercises when appropriate.  

The Mat from Stakt has a foldable design that makes it easy to transition from a HIIT workout to stretching. It’s two times thicker than a traditional yoga mat, making it comfortable on my back, butt, and feet. Besides floor workouts, the mat can be used for step-ups and tricep dips, so no extra equipment is needed. 

You’ll never find me without my Owala FreeSip Insulated Water Bottle because it has a built-in straw for sipping and a swig sprout, making it easy to consume water on the go. Nothing’s worse than sipping warm water after a long and intense workout. I appreciate that it keeps my liquids cold for up to 24 hours.

Invest in activewear

As the old adage goes, “health is wealth.” This is why I highly encourage you to invest in proper activewear that fits well and feels comfortable while serving as a stylish motivator to encourage you to keep up your fitness goals. 

With spring just around the corner, consider shopping for some new activewear that excites you to hit the gym, book a virtual workout session, or go on a walk with friends.