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Bath Salt Benefits and Uses: How to Use Bath Salts?

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The idea of bath salts was first used as far back as the time of Hippocrates. He encouraged fellow healers of his time to use salt water in treatment. Nowadays, many users apply bath salts in bathing as a form of treatment for the skin, relaxation of the body and to exfoliate the skin.

Put history aside for a while. Bath salts, especially Epsom salts, are added as an exfoliant. In this article, you’ll find all the bath salt benefits and uses, as well as a step-by-step guide on how to use bath salts and soaks properly.

In this article:

What Are Bath Salts & Soaks?

Bath soaks and bath salts are water-soluble pulverized mineral-based bath products used in bathing to relieve stress and pain. From history, as found in the recordings in China, 2700 BC, Hippocrates first introduced the idea to use salt water in healing. He suggested immersing patients in sea water.

The Greek followed suit in the use of seawater, and by 1753, Charles Russell had published ‘The use of Seawater.’ Nowadays, the use of bath salt is common. The purpose has only taken a slight difference form healing the skin.

The ingredients of a bath salt include magnesium sulfate (Epsom salt), sodium chloride, sodium hexametaphosphate, sodium sesquicarbonate, Borax, and sodium citrate. If a product contains glycerin – which most bath salts do – it means it can act as emollients, humectants, or as a lubricant.

To make the bath salts and soaks attractive and appealing to taste, fragrance with nice smells and colors for a better appearance are added to the ingredients. They form bubbles with water due to the presence of effervescent agents in their ingredient.

Bath salts are soluble in water and will produce effervescence bubbles. Most are designed to have similar effects with hot spring or minerals bath: to clean the skin, aid the penetration of skincare products, and make bathing a pleasure. They are available on the market in boxes and bags.

You should be careful with the bath salts and soaks you choose. Fake products, which are similar in appearance and color to the real baths salts, are paraded as bath salts. You should seek recommendations, just as we have given above.

What Are the Bath Salt Benefits You’ll Get?

Why should you care about using bath salts? If you want to know why you need such commitment as bathing with salt regularly, these are the benefits:

To Clean, Detoxify and Exfoliate the Skin

Bath salts clean the skin of impurities, grime and dirt. If you ever want clean skin after a tired and hard day, add some bath salt into the water, watch it form bubbles and wash your skin off. The salt will open up the skin pores and allow dirt to be removed.

Also, some bath salts – Epsom salts – help to remove the dead skin cells, so newer, fresher skin is revealed. Another example of bath salts, phosphate, acts like detergents, softens calloused skin, and makes exfoliation easier. So you slough off dead skin and enjoy a gorgeous look.

Higher Penetration of Skincare Products

After the bath using the salt, your skin relaxes, and the pores become open. This will increase the amount of the time for a skincare product that you applied to get into your skin and work more effectively.


How have you been treating skin issues? The remedy can be a regular and simple bath soak. Bath salts can treat issues such as arthritis, skin issues like eczema, psoriasis, back acne, other pains like muscle soreness, body aches, and muscle soreness. It can also be used on the scalp – washing with it regularly will prevent dandruff and fungal growth.

To Tone the Face

We said bath salt is used as an exfoliant to remove dead skin cells. If you want to tone your skin texture, you can use the bath salt on your face. Cleaner pores, exfoliated skin, and nourished with ingredients, the skin of the face – and the body entirely – will become brighter and showing a beautiful tone.

What Are the Bath Salt Benefits You'll Get?

Multi-Purpose Benefits of Hydration, Balancing Skin Oil and Nourishment

Wear the bath salt like a mask and you will keep the skin hydrated, cure irritations and balanced the level of oils in your skin. Why? Bath salts have anti-inflammatory properties.


Taking a bubble bath or a bath with a bath bomb is refreshing enough, while adding a bath salt that will exfoliate and make your skin newer is more than enough. A negative ion is created when the bath salt is dissolved in warm water, which combines with the skin positive ion to relieve stress. The skin falls into a deep state of being de-stressed. You become calmer and energized again. Your muscles feel a new life spring into them.

And for smelling feet, this product can change that in a simple soak. Put some bath salt in a cup of water and wash the feet. It works like a foot massage.

Other Uses of Bath Salts

  • Bathing in salt water can lower the rate of blood circulation and consequently lower blood pressure.
  • Some bath mixed with lemon can help to produce healthier, whiter nails.
  • Together with some baking soda, bath salts can be used in teeth whitening.

How to Use Bath Salts & Soaks

Here is how to make the most out of the bath salts and soaks and have a satisfactory experience.

  • Choose wisely. A good bath salt is the first right step. If you get this wrong, the rest of the process will be a waste of time. Check our list of the best bath salts and pick the one that fits your skin status.
  • Use the product before going to work or early in the morning. Citrus bath salt is energetic and is recommended if you are heading out in the morning for work, or for evening events.
  • Remember, colors like blue and purple lift your mood.
  • The size of the grain size matters. Fine grains dissolve more quickly and are better as scrub than larger ones.
  • Soak your bath salts in the tub that is filled with warm water, depending on your choice.
  • Gently rub on your body, your knees and your feet. A washcloth can be used in this process.
  • Rinse the body and those areas mentioned above thoroughly, and then take your bath.
  • Apply moisturizing body lotions afterwards.

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