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25 Shades of Blonde Hair Color: Blonde Hair Dictionary

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Blonde hair colors have the power to instantly brighten up the entire complexion, taking a couple of years off your face, which is why almost every woman has had the desire to go blonde at least once in her life. There exists a wide range of blonde hair shades, perfect for every skin tone and personal preference.

With all the different blonde hair shades to choose from, we have decided to give you a bit of an intro to each, helping you decide which one best defines the person that you are. Below, we go deeper into the different shades of blonde hair, from the lightest to the darkest to the coolest hues.

Platinum Blonde Hair

Platinum hair colors are the lightest of all the blonde shades, and as mentioned earlier, look best on fair skin tones, as well as lighter mediums with a yellowish tint. It looks fabulous with any eye color though, brown and blue looking equally as striking behind it. All-over platinum hair is a major trend these days as well, and can look quite lovely on most who fit the bill.

Blonde Hair Shades and Ideas: Platinum Blonde Hair Color

Light Ash Blonde Hair

A whiter shade of blonde with an ashy tone, light ash blonde is a cool form of a platinum blonde and looks best with light colored skin tones and light colored eyes. Blondes can add this with balayage, or it can be all-over coloring for those on the brunette side.

Blonde Hair Shades and Ideas: Light Ash Blonde Hair Color

Natural Blonde Hair

A very natural appearing hue, natural blonde is the blonde we are born with for the most part. It has multiple dimensions to it, and blends in beautifully. It can look great on most skin tones. Light skin would have a lighter natural blonde, while darker skin would have a slightly more shadowed hue. Looks great with any eye color.

Blonde Hair Shades and Ideas: Natural Blonde Hair Color

Strawberry Blonde Hair

A lovely warm coloring with reddish hues, strawberry blonde is like a sunset in your hair. It looks best on light skin tones and lighter blue eyes, or even greys. It looks amazing if your hair is light anyhow and you add in the balayage.

Blonde Hair Shades and Ideas: Strawberry Blonde Hair Color

Buttery Blonde Hair

A warm blonde hue, butter blonde is simply ravishing with its splashes of honey in there. It is nice and sunny, with a pearly edge to it and works best on lighter or medium skin tones, with any eye color, particularly browns. It has a certain beachy effect overall.

Blonde Hair Shades and Ideas: Buttery Blonde Hair Color

Beige Blonde Hair

Beige blonde includes a darker base and a cooler highlight, looking its best on a medium skin tone that can easily bring about a natural effect. You want to keep it warmer though but not too much, as an orange tone can really wash you out here. Dark hair and dark eyes work well with turning you into a beige blonde.

Blonde Hair Shades and Ideas: Beige Blonde Hair Color

Silver Blonde Hair

An aging color with an ashy shade, silver blonde is best on light skin tones and blue or green eye colors. It can be perfect for covering up greys with more greys. Adding a warm honey to it helps keep it nice and young though. This is the heavy metal twist to blonde hair really, with sterling silver hair color a top choice for certain celebrities.

Blonde Hair Shades and Ideas: Silver Blonde Hair Color

Creamy Blonde Hair

Medium to dark skin tones benefit quite well from a creamy blonde hair color that is on the cooler, whiter side. A cream and butter balayage is one of those combinations that can really bring out the best in your features. Dark eyes go well with a creamy blonde. This is the most in-demand blonde hair color this year though and should be blending well into the coming one as well.

Blonde Hair Shades and Ideas: Creamy Blonde Hair Color

Dirty Blonde Hair

One of the commonly known blonde hair shades that we associate with a brunette cross is the dirty blonde, medium-toned and looking almost dirty. It looks great with brown eyes and medium skin tones, with highlights and balayage giving the final effect. This is also the perfect beachy blonde effect, looking rather amazing with windswept locks.

Blonde Hair Shades and Ideas: Dirty Blonde Hair Color

Honey Blonde Hair

There is something really warm and lovely about a honey blonde hair color, a hue that looks best with medium skin and dark eyes. Darker roots also look great with a honey highlight. It is just the perfect shade for the summer and can also bring some warmth to your appearance during the cooler days of the year. The yellowish brown of the highlights here allow for natural color elevation.

Blonde Hair Shades and Ideas: Honey Blonde Hair Color

Bronze Creamy Blonde Hair

We already mentioned how well creamy blonde goes with darker skin tones, but the bronzed version is best with the medium, with the eye colors preferably a blue, grey or light brown. Bronze creamy blonde is with a light brown base and honey highlighting, making it quite lovely and the epitome of Hollywood goddess. A gorgeous balayage in ombre also works especially well with the bronzed creamy look.

Blonde Hair Shades and Ideas: Bronze Creamy Blonde Hair Color

Golden Blonde Hair

There is molten gold and then there is cascading golden blonde locks of hair. Golden blonde is multidimensional and looks perfectly natural, with a mix of butter, gold and honey. It goes perfectly with fair complexions and pale blue or hazel eye colors, while the hair itself appears sun-kissed, achieved best with a lovely form of balayage coloring.

Blonde Hair Shades and Ideas: Golden Blonde Hair Color

Ash Blonde Hair

There was a light ash color, and now we add the simple ash blonde to the list of the blonde hair shades. Ash blonde is a cooler shade of silvery blonde with a darker shadow to it, looking so much better on darker skin, eyes and natural hair color. It can be warmed up with highlights or left as is, depending on the skin tone you wish to match it to. Naturally greying hair looks great with an ash blonde coloring.

Blonde Hair Shades and Ideas: Ash Blonde Hair Color

Sandy Blonde Hair

Best described as a richly warm hair color, sandy blondes generally have fair skin and blue, hazel or even violet hued eyes. A dark blonde base with a cool beige balayage turns out to be a rather lovely sandy blonde finish, gently fading into lighter tones. Sunny highlights to the sandy base are perfectly illuminating for the visage as a whole.

Blonde Hair Shades and Ideas: Sandy Blonde Hair Color

Auburn Blonde Hair

A strawberry blonde with a tangerine twist is how Auburn blonde is generally described. It is beautiful and dramatic, looks amazing with curling hair, and can be worn with any skin tone. Lighter skin and lighter eye colors are the best though for this specific hue. Blue, green or hazel eyes are recommended. It is a bit more of an autumn shade and looks positively delicious.

Blonde Hair Shades and Ideas: Auburn Blonde Hair Color

Copper Blonde Hair

Light and luminous, copper blonde is a warm color with amber undertones. Copper blonde is one of the loveliest blonde shades one can find and looks incredible with dark skin and darker eyes. It does not look brassy in the least and plays a rather natural role on the originally dark locks of the darker skinned.

Blonde Hair Shades and Ideas: Copper Blonde Hair Color

Brownish Blonde (Bronde) Hair

Blonde with brown brings us a warm and natural hair color, one, which appears rich and absolutely beautiful with a cooler buttery balayage. Bronde looks incredibly good with light and medium skin tones, as well as eye colors that border on light brown, blue or with gold flecks. It is a similar hue to dirty blonde, but with a darker overall look.

Blonde Hair Shades and Ideas: Brownish Blonde (Bronde) Hair Color

Caramel Blonde Hair

Who does not love caramel? Seriously! Hair color in a caramel shade is just as warm and delectable, looking especially lovely on any complexion, particularly darker skin tones. It is a very natural hue for your hair, particularly those born with darker browns. A dark golden base is used with pale highlights around the face for the optimal look. It finishes off with a lovely glow to the skin.

Blonde Hair Shades and Ideas: Caramel Blonde Hair Color

Chocolate Blonde Hair

A darker shade of caramel, we are looking at an even more delicious blonde here. Chocolate blonde looks particularly stunning with golden highlights, spreading out from a dark base. Darker skin tones and darker eyes benefit from this blonde coloring best, though it can be made lighter or darker to suit any complexion. Just be careful not to mix with white, platinum or orange locks.

Blonde Hair Shades and Ideas: Chocolate Blonde Hair Color

Chestnut Blonde Hair

Dark hair and golden highlights make for a lovely chestnut hue, particularly if there is caramel also involved in there somewhere. Chestnut blonde is nice and warm, suiting darker complexions best, as well as darker eyes, though it can look especially alluring when paired with medium skin tones and darker blue orbs. Chestnut blondes manage to show off a rosy, summer glow.

Blonde Hair Shades and Ideas: Chestnut Blonde Hair Color

Rose Gold Blonde Hair

Rose gold blonde has been a top choice of blonde for this year really, where pink and blonde combine for a color that is gentle, feminine and quite perfect for the summer months. It looks amazing on most complexions and is especially doll-like with deep blue eyes and fair skin. Rose gold hair looks lovely with waves cascading down the back, catching the light and bouncing off colors beautifully.

Blonde Hair Shades and Ideas: Rose Gold Blonde Hair Color

Black Blonde Hair

Two polar opposites can be worn together to achieve the black blonde style, a look that is quite dramatic and somehow works beautifully because of the major contrast on any complexion and eye color.

The best way to wear it is in an ombre, but not everyone will be brave enough to rock this look with ease. An especially sexy look begins with black roots to about mid-way, where it melts in a stark contrast in a very light blonde color, preferably platinum.

Blonde Hair Shades and Ideas: Black Blonde Hair Color

Reddish Blonde Hair

If you have ever really looked at Rachel McAdams’ hair color, you will realize that it is a perfect reddish blonde, not quite a strawberry blonde though. It has a warm ginger tint to it and screams wealth and beauty.

Fair skin, light colored eyes and bright red lipstick bring out the best in this reddish blonde hue. A red and blonde melt in ombre is also a great way to show off your new color.

Blonde Hair Shades and Ideas: Reddish Blonde Hair Color

Peach Blonde Hair

One of the top blonde hair colors you can go with for the summer months is the peach blonde, an entirely too pretty and lovingly feminine hue, which uses an orange base with a pink dye. The more on the yellow side, the lovelier it is really. It looks amazing on fair skin and any color of eyes.

Peach hair dye is harder to find, so you might need to have your colorist play with a few colors to come up with the hue that is right for you.

Blonde Hair Shades and Ideas: Peach Blonde Hair Color

Grey Blonde Hair

A more subdued blonde to consider, this light but cool coloring uses a darker base and really makes the facial features of those wearing it pop. Grey blonde works really well with lighter skin tones and covers up greys beautifully. It is especially lovely as a pearly white with dark, possibly even black, undertones.

Grey blonde can also be seen as an icy blonde coloring, while an ombre that starts with slightly darker grey roots and ends in a white blonde is a lovely way to finish.

Blonde Hair Shades and Ideas: Grey Blonde Hair Color

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