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What Is Brazilian Blowout? Brazilian Hair Straightening Guide

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Have you seen the Brazilian blowout gram lately, with the beautiful hair trend trailing every Instagram page and making you all ‘doe-eyed’? Well if the hair is the straight, glossy and shiny mass of beauty, then it might just be the notorious hair straightening treatment – Brazilian blowout.

Brazilian Blowout: Brazilian Hair Straightening

There are probably a few treatments that would get you the same result as Brazilian blowout. But before you decide to go ahead with your decision to have your stylist fix your hair up with it, check out what Brazilian hair straightening is, how it works and the benefits your hair can get from such a fantastic treatment.

Brazilian Blowout Guide: Contents

What Is Brazilian Blowout and How Does It Work?

Brazilian blowout is a permanent hair straightening process that involves the use of a protein-rich solution to coat the hair strands and straighten them without causing any damage no matter how minimal. The process became popular very fast especially since it’s great for those with thick and frizzy hair. All you need is a stylist who can handle it perfectly, and you are on your way to getting that dream straight hair for a few months.

Brazilian blowout first came from Brazil, as the name implies, and since then it has had many people trying out the wonders it does to the hair. You can get your frizz diminished, seal your cuticles and grant your heir external armor that will be impenetrable to external damage.

What Is Brazilian Blowout/ Brazilian Hair Straightening?

For the Brazilian blowout treatment to work, liquid keratin and preservative amino acid are applied to the hair, and then flat iron is used to straighten every strand to perfection. The amino acid is the one that attaches itself to your hair, smoothing every crease and leaving your hair smoother, frizz-free and shinier than it has ever been.

Brazilian Blowout vs. Keratin Treatment vs. Japanese Hair Straightening

You might have read through several articles that describe Brazilian blowout as keratin treatment, but these two are not the same. While they may have some type of similar effect on your hair, certain things make them different.

Brazilian blowout is a semi-permanent treatment that eliminates frizz and can be adjusted for those who have fine to medium-texture hair with some slight waves. You can use the procedure when you have tried keratin or Japanese hair straightening before. With Brazilian blowout, you can achieve several hair styling results.

For the keratin treatment, however, you have a procedure that results in a reduction of your hair’s volume with the aim of making your hair easier to manage. You cannot use the treatment for fine hair like the Brazilian blowout. But keratin treatment is also used to straighten curly or wavy hair making it sleeker and frizz-free.

Unlike these two, the Japanese hair straightening treatment lasts longer, creates more volume for your hair and requires several precautions before and after the procedure. With the Japanese hair treatment, a chemical is used to break down the hair protein structure, the hair is flat-ironed, and then a neutralizer is added to create pin-straight hair.

You can’t apply any treatment after doing a Japanese hair straightening procedure, but you can do it to your hair some weeks after using Brazilian blowout or keratin treatment. Also, while the Japanese treatment lasts for about 6 months, you get three to four months on the other two.

Brazilian Blowout Aftercare/ Brazilian Hair Straightening

Additionally, you can also see their differences when it comes to maintenance. 72 hours after the Japanese straightening treatment you can’t use a clip or tie your hair, and any bit of moisture might ruin the whole process. The same applies to the keratin treatment, but with Brazilian blowout, you don’t need to follow all these rules. You can do anything to your hair and still get to keep it as straight as it was when you left the salon.

Pros & Cons of Brazilian Blowout

There are several benefits that you will add to your hair when you use Brazilian blowout the right way. And there are also some disadvantages attached to the process. Here are some of the pros and cons of using the Brazilian hair straightening treatment for your hair.


• Brazilian blowout takes off frizz! If your hair has refused to stop being frizzy no matter what you use, then Brazilian blowout is just for you. With the protein solution used, your hair will lose all its creases and will get that coveted straight and glossy look. Although it is not permanent, it will undoubtedly improve the texture of your hair.

• It’s a less permanent option, but still lasts a while. Brazilian blowout does not last too long when compared with other permanent methods. And while you are keeping your hair all straight and beautiful, you can still grow your hair without having it show all around the hair line. You get to keep the beautiful form and awesome look for about three to four months.

• Brazilian blowout is also time-effective. For a hair treatment that has so many benefits, the Brazilian hair straightening treatment doesn’t take up all of your time. You get to have months’ worth of benefit all completed in just under an hour. With your busy schedule not having any opening soon, you can get to the salon in between breaks and get shiny, straight hair.

• Brazilian blowout also protects your hair. When the protein solution is added to your hair, it acts as a shield and keeps your hair from being damaged. So you can be safe from any chemical reaction or external pollution that is keen on keeping your strands looking dull.

Pros & Cons of Brazilian Blowout/ Brazilian Hair Straightening


• Brazilian blowout is not very cost-efficient – you can get a fix-up for about $300 and even at higher prices in several salons, depending on your location.

• If your hair type is not fit for the treatment, the formal aldehyde present on the protein solution can cause extensive damage to your hair. So make sure you consult a professional stylist before going forward with the treatment.

• You will need to go to the salon for regular touch-ups for your hair to appear at its best, and this can be very time-consuming.

What Hair Types Is Brazilian Blowout Recommended for?

With Brazilian blowout on a full-out rave, it might seem like the it-thing, and you can’t just wait to get to the salon and have your hair straightened using this new trend. One thing you have to know though is that not all hair types are suitable for the Brazilian blowout.

Brazilian blowout can be used on just about any hair types, but if you have fine or thin hair, you should consult a professional stylist before you go on with the process. This is because the chemical in the mix might cause too much stress for your hair leading to more hair damage.

But even this has a solution: by reducing the amount of chemical use, the stress level on your hair can be controlled, thus still letting you have the desired result. Apart from this, color-treated hair, highlighted hair, and hair that has been chemically treated can all go for the Brazilian hair straightening option without any worries.

What Is the Process of Brazilian Blowout?

The permanent hair straightening process of Brazilian blowout is pretty straightforward. It won’t take as long as some of the other traditional hair straightening treatments. Below is a step-by-step explanation of how the whole Brazilian blowout process is carried out.

Brazilian Blowout Process/ Brazilian Hair Straightening

• First, the hair is washed with shampoo, and then the amino acid-protein solution is added.

• A blow-dryer is used to seal the protein solution.

• The stylist then uses a flat-iron to seal in the solution into the hair strands completely.

• Your hair is then again rinsed to remove the product. A deep conditioning hair mask is applied, after which your hair is again blow-dried.

• Flat-ironing is repeated if you agree to it.

How Long Does Brazilian Blowout Last?

The number of weeks you enjoy Brazilian blowout for is entirely dependent on you. With regular care, the treatment should last for about 3 months, but you can cut the lifespan short if you wash your hair frequently with shampoo.

This is because shampoo acts as a washing agent and helps to break down the protein component that is used for making the hair straight. To know if the result has started fading, you will see your hair return to its former curly pattern, mostly around the hair line first. Then you know it’s time to get back to your stylist for another Brazilian straightening session.

To avoid this, there are several ways to make your Brazilian blowout actually last up till or more than the specified three months, which we discuss below.

Brazilian Blowout Aftercare Tips

Now that you have gotten those beautiful strands of full straight hair waving all over your face and dazzling with that glossy shine, it’s time to talk about how to keep your hair looking that way. A few Brazilian blowout aftercare tips will help you make sure that your hair stays without frizz or any untamed locks for quite a long time.

Brazilian blowout is quite a unique hair treatment, since you can return to your primary activities after completing the process. Unlike some other permanent hair straightening methods, you can clip your hair, take a swim and even go back to your ponytail.

Brazilian Blowout Cost/ Brazilian Hair Straightening

However, there are a few things you need to watch out for to get the best out of the hair, and here they are:

Wash Your Hair Less Often

With Brazilian blowout treatment, you need to wash your hair less often. You must also watch out for shampoos and conditioners that contain sulfate, which is because it has adverse effects on your treatment and removes the protective layer it creates.

If you want to get a hair care product to use during the time you have the straight locks of Brazilian blowout on your head, get a sulfate-free and sodium chloride-free shampoo and conditioner. Your preferred choice should be to get a product that contains natural and organic ingredients.

Using dry shampoo and dry conditioner to make your hair look clean without actually washing it is also a fantastic idea to keep your Brazilian blowout looking nice for a longer period of time.

Color Your Hair Before the Treatment

Any hair dye you wish to apply to your hair should be done before or after the Brazilian hair straightening treatment. The reason is that there is a protective protein layer on your hair after going for a Brazilian blowout, and this will cause uneven texture if you use any color-inducing treatment after it.

Protect Your Hair When Swimming

Chlorinated water can be harsh on your Brazilian blowout. So whether you are going to the beach or you just want to take a dip in the pool, try to get a UV-blocking hair serum before proceeding to the water. After swimming, you can get a Brazilian blowout smoothing serum to help you keep your straight locks as dazzling as it can be.

Condition Your Hair

With a deep conditioning masque, you can get amazing results with your Brazilian blowout. Conditioners are very popular for the moisturizing effect and nourishing features they have. They replenish the hair nutrients and provide you with healthy straight and smooth hair.

How to Get Brazilian Blowout/ Brazilian Hair Straightening

After getting your Brazilian hair straightening treatment from the salon, you can buy a deep conditioning masque and use it twice a month on your hair. Also make sure you allow your hair air-dry naturally without using a blow dryer, and you can leave the product on your hair for the whole night to get great results. This way, you would be able to have your hair infused with vital nutrients and keep any frizziness at bay.

Brazilian Blowout Cost

Brazilian blowout cost depends on the length of the hair. For short to medium hair, you might be required to pay $200 or something around this range. While those that have shoulder-length hair with a thick texture will move closer to paying $500. But no matter the price, you will undoubtedly see that it’s worth the price after the treatment.

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