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15 Best Pairs of Cat Eye Sunglasses for Women in 2021

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Cat eye sunglasses or glasses in general have been in style for many a decade now. Nearly every year, trend reports include it, the runways flaunt it, and the ladies fall in love all over again. It is no different for this year, where the cat eye ruled the runways once again.

Best Cat Eye Sunglasses for Women

Cat eye sunglasses are flirty, sexy and downright attractive, especially when coupled with other top trends for the year. Throughout the years, many top actresses have sported the look, from Audrey Hepburn to Elizabeth Taylor, and Marilyn Monroe. It is timeless, it is vintage, and it looks superb on most anyone. Cat eye sunglasses are also the top street style picks of the moment, so here we present our favorite pieces for you to embrace the trend, too.

Cat Eye Sunglasses for Women: Contents

15 Best Cat Eye Sunglasses for Women to Buy Now

While you contemplate on the style, which fits you best from among the cat eye sunglasses, here are a few gorgeous pieces you can shop from.

1. Le Specs 53mm Cat Eye Sunglasses

A Le Specs piece, these gorgeous thin cat eye sunglasses look sleek, mischievous and are available in black and three more shades. It is totally retro, with a thick frame and flat lenses, the cat eye narrowed dramatically for added flair. This pair is available from Nordstrom.

Best Cat Eye Sunglasses for Women: Le Specs Synthcat Cat Eye Sunglasses

2. Celine Cat Eye Sunglasses

Providing full UVA and UVB protection, these minimalist cat eye sunglasses are crafted with a tortoiseshell effect in a contemporary design. Made with acetate, it is available in brown and has tinted brown lenses. Made in Italy, it is currently in stock at My Theresa.

Best Cat Eye Sunglasses for Women: Celine Cat Eye Sunglasses

3. Linda Farrow Cat Eye Metallic Sunglasses

This gorgeous piece has a dramatically tinted frame and lenses. It is the dream cat eyes for millennials, giving some old-school glamor a modern appeal. The rose gold acetate creates a slimmer 1950s-inspired frame, while the lenses are tinted gradient beige at UV400. One of the best pairs of cat eye sunglasses, this one can be found at Matches Fashion.

Best Cat Eye Sunglasses for Women: Linda Farrow Winged Cat Eye Sunglasses

4. Saint Laurent Cat Eye Acetate Sunglasses

Thick frames, rounded edges and a sleek black design make these gorgeous cat eye sunglasses a must have for those with angular faces. Available from Net-a-Porter, it provides 100% UV protection and is finished off with tinted lenses. In addition, it is perfectly lightweight.

Best Cat Eye Sunglasses for Women: Saint Laurent Cat Eye Sunglasses

5. Illesteva Marigold Cat Eye Sunglasses

It is sexy, it is sleek and it brings 1960s Elizabeth Taylor and Audrey Hepburn to mind. There is so much to love about this particular pair of cat eye sunglasses that words just don’t cut it. Made in Italy and providing 100% UV protection, this marigold transparent acetate is available from Net-a-Porter.

Best Cat Eye Sunglasses for Women: Illesteva Cat Eye Sunglasses

6. Miu Miu Crystal-Studded Cat Eye Sunglasses

A smaller pair compared to most other cat eye sunglasses on this list, this Miu Miu 53mm sports tiny gilt studs and a retro silhouette, honestly making it one of the more intriguing designs here. Available in a black acetate frame, one can grab a pair of these lovelies from Forward.

Best Cat Eye Sunglasses for Women: Miu Miu Crystal Cat Eye Sunglasses

7. Saint Laurent New Wave 213 Lily Sunglasses

If you are looking for something both retro and futuristic, this white frame/ black lens combination is perfection in and of itself. Made in Italy, the thick-rimmed acetate cat eye sunglasses provide 100% protection against UV rays and can be found at Shopbop.

Best Cat Eye Sunglasses for Women: Saint Laurent New Wave Cat Eye Sunglasses

8. Fendi Cat Eye Logo Sunglasses

Providing a polished look, these smaller but sharp-edged cat eye sunglasses are made in Italy and look handsome with a brown acetate frame with Fendi logos all over. Add a tailored blazer to this look and there is something so very alluring about the final result. The pair is sold through Forward.

Best Cat Eye Sunglasses for Women: Fendi Ffluo Cat Eye Sunglasses

9. MCQ Metallic Cat Eye Sunglasses

With a metallic wire rim, a light blue tint to the lens, and an overall modern look to it, this pair of cat eye sunglasses is entirely refreshing while still maintaining its cat eye appeal. Available from Moda Operandi, it is also one of the most extravagant picks on this list. It is bound to be raking in the compliments for you, though.

Best Cat Eye Sunglasses for Women: MCQ Metallic Cat Eye Sunglasses

10. Miu Miu Lilac Cat Eye Sunglasses

You love the retro chic and also want to go contemporary? This Miu Miu pair combines the future with vintage in a lightweight Italian piece featuring lilac acetate and silver-tone metal. It is all about the elegance here and boy does it look good with a high-neck swimsuit. These cat eye sunglasses come from My Theresa.

Best Cat Eye Sunglasses for Women: Miu Miu Lilac Cat Eye Sunglasses

11. Prada Pink Cat Eye Sunglasses

If you want to stand out with your pink-tinted cat eye sunglasses, this is the pair for you. Thicker frames, a butterfly effect to the dark tinted lenses and tortoiseshell arms scream boho, beauty and nature. Enjoy it from Farfetch!

Best Cat Eye Sunglasses for Women: Prada Pink Cat Eye Sunglasses

12. Chimi Peach Cat Eye Sunglasses

The more retro, the better, when it comes to incredible cat eye sunglasses. From Farfetch, you get PVC peach frames on a dark tinted pair of lenses, with a strong tilt upwards at the temples giving you a sharp secretary effect. It’s a fun piece, without a doubt, and great for the ladies with smaller, softer features.

Best Cat Eye Sunglasses for Women: Chimi Peach Cat Eye Sunglasses

13. Alexander McQueen Angular Cat Eye Sunglasses

Appearing like butterfly wings, especially with the rosy sugar tinted lenses, this ultra-feminine pair is made in Canada and detailed with cutouts at the temple for an interesting vintage punk effect. The brown acetate frame is simply sublime, making this pair of cat eye sunglasses from Moda Operandi a top buy for our ever-expanding summer wardrobe.

Best Cat Eye Sunglasses for Women: McQ Alexander McQueen Angular Cat Eye Sunglasses

14. Loewe Clear Mint Green Cat Eye Sunglasses

Futuristic retro is in town with this one, available from My Theresa, and sporting a chunky clear mint green acetate frame, with gray lenses proving full UV protection. Add a silver dress and you are the Jetsons beauty hitting up the 21st century.

Best Cat Eye Sunglasses for Women: Loewe Oversized Cat Eye Sunglasses

15. Stella McCartney Cat Eye Sunglasses

Pretty in Pink meets Legally Blonde with this incredible pair of arresting Stella McCartney cat eye sunglasses, available from My Theresa. Offering 100% UV protection, this acetate pair is made in Italy and made to flatter just about anyone who wears it.

Best Cat Eye Sunglasses for Women: Stella McCartney Pink Cat Eye Sunglasses

What Are Cat Eye Sunglasses?

Available for both genders, cat eyes or cat eye sunglasses are eyewear styles upswept at the outer edges along the temples. The style gives a lifting effect to the face, with a feline feel to it that beautifully accentuates the cheekbones.

They grew in popularity in the 1950s and ‘60s, and were often associated with the Beehive hairstyle that reigned supreme at the time. This was when the typically round lenses started to take on more elongated shapes, and designers saw fit to experiment with different frames.

The original cat eye sunglasses were thinner and more angular, with Breakfast at Tiffany’s making the Manhattan style a hit.

Who Can Wear Cat Eye Sunglasses?

The answer is that nearly every face shape can look good with cat eye sunglasses against the sun. However, there are different styles that fit each visage. Cat eye sunglasses look the best on bottom-heavy faces, including round and square, but also triangular.

The important thing is to ensure you pick the right sunglasses for your face shape to forgo the crazy cat lady or secretary looks. Instead, you will look as hip and stylish as Hollywood stars these days.

Best Cat Eye Sunglasses for Face Shapes

Cat Eye Sunglasses for Round Faces

Go for sharper edges and oversized specs for the best look, particularly with an upward curve and thicker framing. This draws the attention away from round cheeks and full jawlines, creating a more than appealing final look. Stay away from colored lenses.

Cat Eye Sunglasses for Square Faces

Here, you should probably stick to the narrow, subtle frames, with rounded edges and softer look, effectively reducing the angularity of the jawline. Something that has sharper edges would only accentuate the square effect, instead.

Cat Eye Sunglasses for Heart-Shaped Faces

With the wide forehead and high cheekbones, you should opt for a rounder cat eye pair, skipping over anything that’s overly embellished. Pretty colors, wire rims and such can actually look quite flattering.

Cat Eye Sunglasses for Oblong Faces

With a longer face, narrow cheeks and a narrow chin, oversized cat eye sunglasses are the best for you, with thicker frames. Patterned frames help to even out the longer face shape, as well. Stay away from frameless options.

Cat Eye Sunglasses for Oval Faces

Your structure is balanced, making your face perfect for just about any cat eye sunglasses you can get your hands on. Thick or thin frames do not matter. Half-frames have a great retro touch. You can pull it all off.

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