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How to Choose the Best Blue Nail Polish Color for Your Skin Tone

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Blue nail polish allows you to adorn yourself in a primary color that comes in a variety of unconventional shades. From navy blue to soft Easter egg blue, every blue nail color can cause a bit of pause, but with well-moisturized hands and a consideration for your natural skin tone, you’ll be sure to make good color choices.

First, let me say that there are relief options in the universe of blue nail polish colors. Universally flattering shades are the coup de grâce for every skin tone and concern. While everyone may want to reach out for the beloved cobalt blue, navy blue nail color is actually the best dark blue option for everyone. Want a light color blue? Go for pastel blue – it works well on everyone!

Best Blue Nail Polish Colors for Light Skin Tones

Light skin tones can have a trickier time with certain shades of blue, but we’ve got you! You need to avoid blue nail polish colors that can wash you out more than anything. So, long story short, the first thing you want to decide is if you want a light, dark or medium blue. After you know the dynamics and strength of the color you want to use, it’s relatively easy.

Consider your undertones. For light skin with cooler undertones, go for stronger blues, not lighter ones. It doesn’t have to be dark blue, just a strong blue that doesn’t err on the side of cooler, so consider those with a hint of warm sparkle blended in.

Those with light skin and warmer undertones can get away with more shades of blue nail polish, but still be conscious that light skin regardless of undertones can be washed out.

Flattering blue nail colors for light skin tones are pastel, rich evening sky blues and blue greens.

Best Blue Nail Polish Colors for Medium Skin Tones

Medium skin tones usually have either an olive or bronzed undertone to them and that can make choosing your ideal blue nail polish a bit tricky. Your skin tone can handle a pastel blue beautifully, but it won’t be ideal.

Look for shades of blue that have an intensity to them like an undeniably sky-blue shade. The trick is to use a blue that is deeply pigmented no matter what shade it is so that it can stand against the warmth of your skin.

Flattering blues nail colors for medium skin tones include vibrant blue, light sky blue, lilac toned blue, silvery metallic and glittery blues.

Best Blue Nail Polish Colors for Dark Skin Tones

In terms of choosing a blue nail polish to complement your skin tone when you have darker skin, you really have won the lottery. Every shade of blue nails (or any color really) will look amazing complemented by dark skin.

The best thing to do here though is to choose colors that are deeply pigmented and have an intensity to them. Don’t go for a washed-out midnight ocean, sky or cotton candy blue, as your skin can handle the truest version of the color, and there is no need for extra white or gray undertones to the color.

Flattering blue nail polish colors for dark skin tones are deep purple-tinged blues, greenish blue shades (think peacock blue), dark yellow-toned blues, and golden glitter laced blues.

Best Blue Nail Polish Color for Your Skin Tone

How to Pull off Blue Nails

If you really want to know how to pull off blue nails, paint them in a complementary shade and don’t forget to moisturize your hands.

  • Think about your blue nails as a pair of good jeans – they can go with nearly anything if they are in the right shade.
  • You don’t have to wear your nails in a single wash of color either, since an artistic combination of colors with blue as the main color also works and can be easier to coordinate with your outfits. Are you in love with several shades of blue? Mix and match them through a layered design.
  • Avoid wearing blue nail colors to job interviews, and keep them for easy-breezy summer looks, beach and party looks, as well as a nice day-to-day option.
  • Match your blue nails with your outfits utilizing your color blocking skills. For clashing, stand-out looks, combine your blue manicure with colors sitting on the other side of the color spectrum. Otherwise, you can choose analogous colors for your outfits and create harmonious looks with colors that sit next to blue on the color wheel.
How to Pull off Blue Nails

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