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What Is Concealer? Concealer vs. Foundation

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Have you ever wondered what concealer is used for and how to differs from your basic foundation? If you have overlooked the importance of wearing concealer so far, now is the time to rethink your makeup routine! Below, we give you the full low-down on concealers, with explanations of what they are, why they are so magical, and how they differ from foundation.

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What Is Concealer?

Concealer is a makeup product not dissimilar from foundation that is usually (though not always) colored to match the skin tone. Concealers are meant to be applied to the skin sparingly, on the parts of the face that need more coverage.

Concealers come in different textures for different purposes, and some colored concealers exist as well, in order to color correct. Concealers are usually thick and high coverage, especially when compared to foundations.

Why Use Concealer?

Concealers can seriously perfect the skin, and amp up the foundation game. Naturally, not everyone needs to wear concealer – especially if they have very clear skin, or happen to use a foundation with a high coverage.

However, concealers have a few benefits. Since concealers are only meant to be applied to specific parts of the face, and since they are so diverse in both texture and color, they are a great way of really personalizing one’s makeup.

The different parts of our face have skin that looks and behaves differently, so using different textures and colors will lead to an overall better makeup look. For example, around the eyes our skin is normally dry and more prone to wrinkling. It makes sense to use a creamier concealer around the eyes, rather than the same foundation one would use all over the face.

Concealers should definitely be considered by those who have special coverage needs for under the eyes, as well as those who suffer from severe or uniquely localized acne, sensitivity, redness, or discoloration. Concealers can also be used to temporarily hide tattoos or scars. You can also use concealers to diffuse wrinkles, or to brighten the skin (they can also work for highlighting!).

Concealer vs. Foundation: What’s the Difference?

People will occasionally ask what the difference is between concealers and foundations, and I usually like to start with “marketing”. There are no clear-cut differences across the board, although there are unspoken guidelines (that are not always followed).

Generally, concealers provide heavier coverage than foundations. They have a thicker texture, and might also provide some color correcting or brightening effects, depending on where they are meant to be used. Unlike foundations, which are usually applied all over the face, concealers are only applied to the areas of the face that require more coverage or color correction.

Foundations and concealers can be used together, but one can also be used instead of the other. Some foundations provide such a high coverage that it’s hard to distinguish between them and a concealer.

Those who prefer high coverage all over the face might choose to use a concealer as if it were a foundation, while others might not need foundation at all, and will only use a bit of concealer where necessary.

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