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25 Chicest Designer Wallets & Coin Purses to Hold Your Money Fancily

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Designer wallets are not a bad idea when you consider just how important the things they hold are, as well as how often you use them. We often think of designer purses as a reasonable luxury, but it’s also okay to drop a bit of coin on wallets for women.

Designer Wallets & Coin Purses to Hold Your Money Fancily
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There are some exceptional designer coin purses, card holders, and women’s wallets that have come out in recent years, so we’ve profiled 25 of the very best. They come in a variety of styles, designs, and sizes, so we’ll help you choose the one that will be best for you. Should you decide to look elsewhere, however, we’ve also included a guide to help you recognize the real designer wallets from the fakes.

Designer Wallets & Coin Purses for Women: Contents

25 Best Designer Wallets & Coin Purses to Add to Your Collection

Whether you can afford just a designer purse or are looking for the perfect wallet to match your designer bag, here you have 25 options to choose from!

1. Saint Laurent Quilted Chevron Wallet

This designer wallet exudes luxury in an understated manner that fits an iconic house like Saint Laurent. It is made of textured black leather with a quilted chevron design that is streamlined and chic. It is made like a pocket with a flap over it that closes with a snap. The gold YSL hardware sits on the front of the flap. It’s a smaller wallet that will hold a bit of cash with some card slots, but it’s not ideal for coins. Order it from Net-a-Porter!

Best Designer Wallets & Coin Purses: Saint Laurent Leather Wallet

2. Miu Miu Matelassé Designer Wallet

This vivid women’s wallet is a Miu Miu design, which explains the eye-catching shade. It is made of orange lambskin folded and stitched in a matelassé style. The fold-over wallet opens completely, to reveal multiple card slots, a little coin pocket, and ample room for bills. Because of the color, you are not likely to lose it in the depths of a dark purse, and it will surely put you into a cheerful mood every time you pull it out. Get it from Farfetch!

Best Designer Wallets & Coin Purses: Miu Miu Metalasse Leather Wallet

3. Givenchy GV3 Bifold Wallet

If you’re looking for a designer wallet that is extra sleek and elegant, this Givenchy design is a great choice. It’s a small, bifold wallet made of shiny goatskin leather and decorated with square Givenchy hardware in gold both on the inside and at the buckle that keeps it closed. The leather has subtle diamond quilting that adds an interesting touch. Despite its size, it’s well organized and can hold coins, cash, and cards with ease. It is available at Forward.

Best Designer Wallets & Coin Purses: Givenchy GV3 Leather Wallet

4. Chanel Flap Wallet

If you’re sick of black but still have a preference for mature and upscale designer wallets, this design is the best choice. It is made of burgundy lambskin, in an all-over quilted diamond design that represents luxury. The wallet is made of three panels that fold over and stay closed with a snap, and even includes a little designer coin purse pocket. Buy it directly from Chanel!

Best Designer Wallets & Coin Purses: Chanel Small Flap Leather Wallet

5. Chloé C Continental Wallet

Made out of rich russet leather, this large wallet will hold everything you could possibly need. It’s a great choice if you carry a lot of cards and coins, because this sturdy wallet from Chloé can definitely handle it. The rich color is great if most of your accessories are also earth-toned, while the luxury is apparent thanks to the gold C hardware on the front. Find it though Net-a-Porter!

Best Designer Wallets & Coin Purses: Chloe C Continental Leather Wallet

6. Marni Card Holder

Whether you’re a true minimalist or enjoy having different designer wallets for different purposes, this little card holder may come in use. Each compartment is made of differently colored leather, with burgundy as the predominant color complemented by brown and white. This leads to a color-blocked effect for which Marni is known. It will slide into even the tiniest of the mini designer purses, and has enough room for 4 cards and maybe even a few folded bills. You can pick it up from Nordstrom.

Best Designer Wallets & Coin Purses: Marni Law Leather Card Holder

7. Bottega Veneta Intrecciato French Wallet

Intrecciato has become a Bottega Veneta staple, and we absolutely adore it on this wallet. It is made of hot pink leather that is instantly noticeable, and has a square and squat shape that holds cards, and cash, but there is not compartment for coins. Keep it closed with a gorgeous gold buckle. Purchase it from Farfetch!

Best Designer Wallets & Coin Purses: Bottega Veneta French Leather Wallet

8. Loewe Tan and Burgundy Leather Wallet

This designer wallet has autumn vibes, with a textured tan exterior and smooth burgundy interior. It is a large wallet with a clever, solid shape that can hold everything but still look streamlined when folded. The strap closure is decorated with the anagram Loewe logo. It is sold on Net-a-Porter.

Best Designer Wallets & Coin Purses: Loewe Leather Wallet

9. Burberry Jessie Tartan Canvas Wallet

This women’s wallet is a must for Burberry fiends. It is made of canvas printed with the label’s signature tartan, but the inner part is made of hearty leather. Hardware logo is silver-toned, as is a chain that allows you to carry it cross-shoulder. You can use it as though it was a larger wallet, or treat it like a mini designer purse. Grab it from Forward!

Best Designer Wallets & Coin Purses: Burberry Jessie Card Holder

10. Off-White Quite “WALLET”

I love a cheeky Off-White design, and this simple wallet is definitely up there. This black leather wallet is crafted in Italy, so you know it’s of the highest quality. Both its front and inner part are emblazoned with “WALLET” in a white print, with the inner part even including an art gallery-style description. It’s a large designer wallet that can carry all the essentials. Order it online from My Theresa!

Best Designer Wallets & Coin Purses: Off-White Quote Leather Wallet

11. Dolce & Gabbana Baby Pink Card Holder

Dolce & Gabbana stayed true to their signatures with this blinged-out, shamelessly girlish card holder. It is made of smooth, baby pink leather, and is embellished with a romantic iteration of the gold D&G hardware covered in pearls. This little card holder has two card slots on each side, and a center compartment for folded bills. It’s tiny, so it’ll easily fit in the tiniest clutch. It is available via Moda Operandi.

Best Designer Wallets & Coin Purses: Dolce & Gabbana Leather Card Holder

12. MM6 Maison Margiela Orange Wallet

We’re breaking from the trend here with a vegan leather made of a shiny polyurethane and polyester blend. It’s neon orange, which makes it even brighter and more attention-grabbing. This larger designer wallet has a sizeable zippered compartment in addition to lots of space for cash and receipts. Made by MM6 Maison Margiela, it is decorated with the label name in mirrored black writing near the side. Buy it from Farfetch!

Best Designer Wallets & Coin Purses: MM6 Maison Margiela Leather Wallet

13. Balenciaga Ville Folded Card Holder

It may look like a tiny wallet, but this is actually a card holder with the added protection of a fold-over flap. It is made of textured light blue leather,and will be ideal for someone with an already colorful wardrobe, although it’ll also make for a fun pop of color if you stick to blacks, whites, or grays. The Balenciaga branding is pretty subtle, showing up in small silver print rather than hardware. Get it from Net-a-Porter!

Best Designer Wallets & Coin Purses: Balenciaga Ville Leather Wallet

14. Gucci Ophidia Zip-Around Wallet

Gucci fans, pay attention – this designer wallet is a must have! Made of textured white leather, this is a sizable wallet with a zip-around design. In the center it has a blue and red striped fabric embellishment and the GG logo hardware both in the center and dangling off of the zipper. It is best to buy it directly from Gucci.

Best Designer Wallets & Coin Purses: Gucci Ophidia Leather Wallet

15. Boy Chanel Wallet

Don’t let the name fool you, this design is actually based off of Chanel’s boy bag, an iconic women’s designer purse. This large designer wallet has the signature quilted lambskin design along with the gold interlocking CC hardware. It opens up to reveal multiple zipped compartments as well as card slots. Get it straight from the source, Chanel!

Best Designer Wallets & Coin Purses: Boy Chanel Zipped Leather Wallet

16. Fendi Logo Studded Wallet

The playful spirit of Fendi definitely shows through in this wallet. It is made of smooth gray leather, which makes the multi-colored, studded Fendi logo extra fun. It has an all-over zipper, and once opened you’ll see a ton of room for all of your cash, coins, cards, and even a folded checkbook. Pick it up from Farfetch!

Best Designer Wallets & Coin Purses: Fendi Logo Studded Leather Wallet

17. Thom Browne Round Coin Purse

If you like to compartmentalize, designer coin purses can definitely be useful. This round coin purse is simple and chic. It is made of textured leather in all black, which is contrasted by a red, white and black stripe over the center. The gold zipper has a keyring attached to it, so you can even attach it to your purse or keys. Find it at Nordstrom!

Best Designer Wallets & Coin Purses: Thom Browne Round Coin Purse

18. Marc Jacobs White on Black Wallet

This squat Marc Jacobs wallet has some serious ‘90s vibes. The black leather it’s made of is ultra-textured and seriously contrasted by white stitching as well as the white Marc Jacobs print on the front. The squat design is medium-sized, so it’ll hold all of the necessities, but won’t leave room for superfluous gift cards or receipts. It is sold through My Theresa.

Best Designer Wallets & Coin Purses: Marc Jacobs Mini Compact Leather Wallet

19. Valentino Rockstud Wallet

Valentino’s Rockstuds are far-reaching, going beyond pumps to decorate designer wallets as well. The delicate blush tone of the leather is contrasted by the square studs, which give this wallet an edge. It is complete, medium-sized wallet with a square shape. Buy it from Net-a-Porter!

Best Designer Wallets & Coin Purses: Valentino Garavani The Rockstud Leather Wallet

20. Victoria Beckham Zip-Around Wallet

Deep green is one of the best jewel tones, and it is positively gorgeous in this leather wallet. The elegant design fits the Victoria Beckham brand, with gold detailing and a tan interior. Made in Italy, the wallet was put together with a non-raised quilted design that adds structure and texture. It is spacious and will work wonderfully for day-to-day. It is available at Moda Operandi.

Best Designer Wallets & Coin Purses: Victoria Beckham Quilted Leather Wallet

21. Prada Zipped Burgundy Card Holder

This rich burgundy accessory combines designer coin purses with card holders. It has outer card slots, and a zipped inner compartment that will work for both cash and coins. It is made from supple Saffiano leather, which is a Prada signature, and is also embellished with the brand’s gold logo hardware. Order it from Farfetch!

Best Designer Wallets & Coin Purses: Prada Red Saffiano Leather Card Holder

22. Marc Jacobs Snapshot Card Holder

Color-blocked card holders are a designer favorite, with this cheerful creation from Marc Jacobs being especially fun. It’ll definitely add a little bit of color to your day, with panels of bright yellow, purple, and pink all made of Saffiano leather. It has two card slots in the front, two in the back, and an inner compartment for cash or receipts. Purchase it from Shopbop!

Best Designer Wallets & Coin Purses: Marc Jacobs Snapshot Leather Card Holder

23. Stella McCartney Perforated Blush Wallet

If you love designer wallets but are trying to stay away from leather then this Stella McCartney creation is a great choice. The designer is known for her vegan and eco-friendly creations in elegant styles. It has an all-around zipper, which is perfect for protecting the spacious interior. This blush wallet sports the brand name in perforated lettering, along with gold zippers. Find it online through Net-a-Porter!

Best Designer Wallets & Coin Purses: Stella McCartney Perforated Leather Wallet

24. Coach Signature Trifold Wallet

Lovers of the Coach brand will definitely appreciate this signature women’s wallet. It is a slim, small wallet with room for plenty of cards and cash, but you’ll need a separate coin purse. The design includes a black top flap, burgundy base, and logo-printed canvas decor, with a tan interior. The hardware is robust and colored an antique gold tone. You can get it at Nordstrom.

Best Designer Wallets & Coin Purses: Coach Trifold Leather Wallet

25. Michael Kors Cream Envelop Wallet

This cream-colored designer wallet is very conceptual, with a design made to look like an envelope. It’s a trifold design that can support plenty of cards and bills, but there is no coin purse slot. This gorgeous, solid wallet is made with textured leather, and is decorated with the Michael Kors logo right on the front in silver hardware. Buy it from Shopbop!

Best Designer Wallets & Coin Purses: Michael Kors Trifold Leather Wallet

How to Spot a Fake Designer Wallet

There are some very clear standards when it comes to authenticating designer purses. It can be a little tougher with designer wallets for women, since the labels themselves don’t always put in the same signature details into their creations. There are still some tips and tricks that should help you determine if the designer wallets you’re looking at are genuine or not.

• First and foremost, look for the signs of good construction to determine whether you’re really dealing with a designer wallet. The seams should be straight, and there should be no frayed thread anywhere.

• In the same vein, you wouldn’t see any glue on a designer wallet. If you see a bit of glue spilling out from the sides, that is a sure sign that you’re looking at a fake.

• If possible, try and determine what year and season the designer wallet that you are considering came out, and look for photos of it online. You can compare the photos to the wallet you want to buy, and check for any inconsistencies.

• Have a close look at the logos and hardware on your wallet. If there is any metal hardware, it should all be solid without any bits worn away.

How to Spot a Fake Designer Wallet

• Designers may make small changes to their logos from item to item. These changes tend to be well documented, so if you’re looking at a vintage wallet, compare all places where the logo and label name show up to historical logos. If you’re looking at a newer item, the most recent iteration of the logo will suffice.

• Some designer wallets for women will come in a dust bag. It’s not a sure sign of authenticity, but it certainly helps.

• If you’re truly unsure and are looking at a high price tag, consider asking an authenticator for the opinion. There are professional services, as well as free authentication threads on forums like PurseBlog.

What to Consider When Investing in a Designer Wallet

Besides being able to authenticate designer wallets and coin purses, there are certain aspects you should consider when shopping for one.


There are two things you have to keep in mind when choosing the ideal size for your designer wallet. The first is the number of things you would like to carry in your wallet from day-to-day, and the second is the size of the handbag in which you will keep your wallet.

• If you have one of those small and trendy designer purses you are restricted to a smaller wallet, which also means you should learn to carry fewer items with you.

• Card holders are even smaller than most designer wallets, and they fit into the tiniest bags and clutches. They only hold a few cards and sometimes a bill or two, so they are not useful for day-to-day. However, they can be great for special events and nights out.

• You can also rely on two small types of designer wallets. Card holders are slim and easy to carry, but they can’t hold coins, so having separate designer coin purses is a must.

• You also want to consider how likely it is that your wallet will be pickpocketed. You can avoid putting all your eggs in one basket by carrying a few small wallets.

How to Choose Designer Wallets & Coin Purses

• If you like having all of your essentials in one place, you can choose either a medium wallet or a large one. They will both hold cards, cash, and coins. The difference is that a medium wallet will only have one cash compartment and a smaller amount of card slots, while in a large wallet you can separate large bills from small ones or save receipts in addition to carrying a ton of different cards.

• For sanity’s sake, we think it’s best to opt for a medium-sized wallet. On a day-to-day basis, most of us only need a few cards and some cash, and a place to store change.

• However, if you deal with a lot of cash on a daily basis because of a job, or if you travel a lot, a large wallet can be the most useful since it can also keep different bills or currencies separate.


In addition to size, women’s wallets can also come in a few different shapes. Pick a shape that will work for your aesthetic.

• On the ultra-slim front, we have foldable wallets and card holders. They won’t hold anything too bulky, but they are easy to slide in a side compartment or into a clutch.

• Square wallets are having a comeback right now. They look small, but they actually have a wide shape that is great for holding coins. They are not the most elegant, but they are very cute and will fit well into a smaller bag that has some depth.

• Accordion wallets are an awesome choice if the amount of stuff you need varies from day-to-day. When there’s not much in them, they’ll be pretty slim, but they will expand should you fill them up.

• Some large designer wallets come with a detachable chain, which can allow you to carry them like a purse. This is great if you occasionally need to run quick errands or if you want something that’ll be easy to carry when you step out of the office. They’re also great for going out dancing!

• The type of closure on your wallet might make it more or less secure. If you are clumsy, you will likely want a more secure wallet with zipper closure, while if that’s not a concern then a clasp wallet or buckle wallet will also be fine.

How to Choose Designer Wallets & Coin Purses for Women


• Leather is the most common material for designer wallets for women, and for a good reason. It is elegant, timeless, and durable. When in doubt, opt for leather.

• Fabric wallets can be a good choice if you want something lighter and less formal. They are not as durable, but they also tend to be more affordable.

• Brands like Stella McCartney offer faux leather alternatives that tend to be quite eco-friendly while still looking like leather.

• If you prefer something with a bit of a futuristic vibe, both patent leather and plastic will work since they are shiny and space age-y. However, they are also going to be a little less durable.

How Much It Stands out

If you’re already buying prestigious designer wallets, of course, you’d prefer people to notice… or maybe not? There are many great reasons to buy designer items, and standing out isn’t always one of them. The most important thing is that you choose a wallet that will make you happy to look at.

• A wallet can be a fun, occasional pop of color if you otherwise stick to neutral tones.

• You can also choose a designer wallet that will match your purse or that will work with your typical color palette.

• If most of your leather accessories are usually earth-toned then a tan or chocolate brown wallet will probably be the best choice, while if you stick to black then having a colorful wallet will work just as well as a black one.

• Since wallets are not as big a statement as designer purses, you can also feel comfortable going a little wild with a wallet that is more unique or conceptual.

Maintaining Your Designer Wallet

While designer wallets are less likely to experience spills or wear and tear damage, they may still require some maintenance.

How to Maintain Designer Wallets & Coin Purses

• If you tend to keep a lot of loose bits and bobs in your purse, consider putting your wallet in a separate compartment. Otherwise, it can end up dirtied by spilled makeup or torn because of an errant nail file.

• A leather wallet especially can be cleaned the same way as any other leather good. Try to keep it away from water, and instead wipe it with a dry cloth to remove any debris.

• If your wallet does get truly dirty, a damp but not wet cloth should do the trick.

• If you tend to cycle through different designer wallets, keep your unused wallets in a safe, dry place where dust build-up is not likely to reach it. You can keep them in a dedicated cotton bag, or just in safe drawer space.

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