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13 Best Puffer Jackets for Women in 2021: How to Wear a Puffer Jacket

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High-street puffer jackets are all the rage at the moment, with many fashionistas and it-girls wearing them 24/7. Nothing, in fact, is synonymous with the winter season more than the puffer jacket.

Best Puffer Jackets for Women: How to Wear Down/ Puffer Jackets

Since not knowing how to wear the puffer jacket right is often seen as a deterrent not to buy one, we have compiled a list of the 13 best puffer jackets for women of the moment, without forgetting to add a few useful style tips and tricks for you to don them the fashionable way. Before helping you understand how to wear a puffer jacket like a supermodel, and how to care for it, let’s delve into this ultimate list of the best puffer jackets for women to get now.

Style Guide to Down/ Puffer Jackets for Women: Contents

13 Best Puffer Jackets for Women in 2021

Whether you need a puffer jacket for romantic nights around the campfire or to surprise all your friends with a whimsical outfit during the forthcoming Fashion Week season, here you have the best puffer jackets for women in 2021!

1. Outer Space-Approved Puffer Jacket

When it comes to otherworldly ensembles, Prada is always a guarantee. Available online on Net-a-Porter, Prada’s holographic metallic puffer jacket is big, bold and fierce, and won’t let you go unnoticed, for sure. If one of your New Year resolutions is to dare more with fashion, you might just have found something to check off the list!

Best Down/ Puffer Jackets for Women: Prada Puffer Jacket

2. Miu Miu’s Puffer Way

Speaking of otherworldly items, Miu Miu’s creations are always one-of-a-kind, and already feature signature characteristics many can’t help but adore. Miu Miu’s puffer jacket is no less unique, as it features cropped lines along with a high shine finish and bold color-blocked style. This down jacket got upgraded with a bold logo on the front and would look anything but boring with a contrasting pencil skirt. Also, if you own a pair of combat boots, it is time to use them! Get yours at Farfetch.

Best Down/ Puffer Jackets for Women: Miu Miu Puffer Jacket

3. The North Face Style

The acclaimed North Face line is flying off the shelves, so if you’d like to dress up in one of the futuristic down jackets of the moment, namely the metallic copper puffer jacket, hurry up! It won’t last that long online at Nordstrom!

Best Down/ Puffer Jackets for Women: The North Face Puffer Jacket

4. More Elegant Than Puffer?

Many (me included, I have to admit) often find puffer jackets extremely cool but, at the same time, not that soigné, as their puffed silhouettes are closer to streetwear than to casual wear. Available on Farfetch, See by Chloé’s zip-detail orange down jacket proves us all wrong, and we suggest (yes, me included this time!) keeping an eye on it if you are looking for a good investment to make and wear all this (and next) winter long!

Best Down/ Puffer Jackets for Women: See by Chloe Puffer Jacket

5. Houndstooth Puffer Jacket

From one elegant puffer jacket to another (oh boy, was I wrong!), here’s Lovers + Friends’ printed puffer jacket, the cropped figure and warm filling of which will make anyone look as classy as cozy even during the windiest of storms. You can find it on Revolve!

Best Down/ Puffer Jackets for Women: Lovers + Friends Brynlee Puffer Jacket

6. Puffer Hybrid

If you are determined to find something that is neither too classy, nor too high street-inspired, here you have Moncler’s puffer masterpiece! Its shiny fuchsia color, along with the cute embroidered logo patch on the shoulder, and side zip pockets, could be easily worn any time and on any occasion. Feast your eyes on it at Forward!

Best Down/ Puffer Jackets for Women: Moncler Rimac Puffer Jacket

7. Navy Blue Puffer Jacket

It’s long, shiny black, slightly structured, and unapologetically fierce. Sam’s take on the puffer jacket trend is, of course, audacious, and countless fashion lovers have already declared it as one of this season’s must-have items. You can get one too on Shopbop!

Best Down/ Puffer Jackets for Women: Sam Soho Puffer Jacket

8. Evergreen Down Jacket

We have something for those who love really classic staples, such as the lime green quilted puffer jacket, made by Unravel. If you particularly fancy puffer jackets, which are always utterly cute and perfect to pair with blue jeans and high leather boots, we recommend heading over to My Theresa to get one!

Best Down/ Puffer Jackets for Women: Unravel Puffer Jacket

9. Reversible Puffer Jackets

If Miu Miu’s bold design did not satisfy your inner fashionista’s style hunger, Sandro’s reversible puffer jacket may come in handy! Oversized and slightly anti-fashion-inspired, this black or silver puffer jacket from Sandro Paris is any street-style lover’s dream. You can share Sandro’s love for extravaganza purchasing it on Farfetch.

Best Down/ Puffer Jackets for Women: Sandro Paris Reversible Puffer Jacket

10. Hollywood Style Puffer Jacket

Nothing exemplifies the acclaimed Hollywood’s winter style better than a golden puffer jacket, and Lovers + Friends knows it. Get this glamorous golden cropped puffer jacket from Revolve, and do not forget to combine it with a pair of aviator sunglasses (even if it is cold and cloudy outside, as this jacket shines bright like a diamond on its own, indeed!).

Best Down/ Puffer Jackets for Women: Lovers + Friends Gold Puffer Jacket

11. Just a Minimalist Long Down Jacket

The North Face got us covered this winter with another iconic puffer jacket available on Revolve! Its polished lines and refined black color will make even the minimalist lovers rejoice. You’ll want to wear it with everything.

Best Down/ Puffer Jackets for Women: The North Face Long Puffer Jacket

12. Go Bold or Go Home

Since puffer jackets are often synonymous with ski jackets, we selected two of the trendiest ski puffer jackets of the season as our list’s last two proposals. The first one is Vetement’s most extravagant creation, which you can easily find at Net-a-Porter. Rock any ski slope (as well as street) with one of the puffiest, coziest and coolest puffer jackets around!

Best Down/ Puffer Jackets for Women: Vetements Puffer Jacket

13. Perfectly Pink Shiny Puffer Jacket

Last but not least, our favorite pink puffer jacket is Champion’s glossy jacket in baby pink, the minimalist straight structure of which and the logo strips just add the right amount of interest to the label’s cutest example of high-end streetwear. You can find it online on Farfetch!

Best Down/ Puffer Jackets for Women: Champion Pink Puffer Jacket

What Is a Down Jacket? A Little Bit of History

A puffer or down jacket is a jacket made of geese or ducks feathers, also known as down, which is extremely lightweight, yet protective and warm. Some puffer jackets don’t feature down, but a synthetic insulation, which makes them slightly heavier and less breathable.

Whenever we think about the fashion history, we usually surround ourselves with pictures from the world’s leading fashion shows, instantly thinking about great and legendary designers, such as Yves Saint Lauren, Coco Chanel, and Elsa Schiaparelli. While such names surely made history (and we are very grateful for that), fashion history is also made of single staples, which fiercely changed the Western society for good (just think about blue jeans and miniskirts!).

Puffer jackets, in their unique bold way, changed history, too.

Officially, the puffer or down jacket was created in the Thirties by Eddie Bauer, a.k.a. America’s most fashionable outdoorsman, author, and inventor. Bauer’s invention was due to a mere necessity, as he needed a waterlogged wool coat to wear all day long while setting off for new adventures.

As a result, his very first puffer jacket was made of down feathers and a quilted fabric that made the staple even cozier and warmer, granting it an instant success throughout the Forties.

Ever since then, the puffer jacket has experienced three major revisits, the latest of which is due to acclaimed anti-fashion designer Demna Gvasalia.

How to Style Puffer Jackets for Women

First and foremost, there was Charles James’ version of the puffer jacket, which was slightly haute couture-esque in its constructed lines and oversized figure. Then came Moncler, whose technical puffer jacket became an instant sensation in Milan and made the chicest Milanese youth, the so-called “Paninari,” run amok throughout the Eighties (Moncler’s and Emporio Armani’s puffer jackets are still synonymous with the “rich youth” in Italy even nowadays, and are often regarded as essential items as soon as the first cold surge of winter hits the Italian cities).

Lastly, came Demna Gvasalia, who upgraded the puffer jacket game with deconstructed, exaggerated, and often neon-colored options for both Balenciaga and Vetements, leaving many fashionistas speechless and eager to try out some of his boldest high-street styles.

So, in what ways did the puffer jacket change the society, then?

Besides helping many designers get their juices flowing, which is always something interesting and funny to analyse, puffer jackets became one of the very first technical staples to personify an entire subculture (both in the Eighties and now, in the 2010s), and marked an important shift for the fashion industry, which started producing fashionable clothing for precise weather conditions, too, rather than for specific occasions.

How to Choose the Best Puffer Jacket for You

Now that we know a little bit of history, let’s dive into the mysterious world of down jackets a little more. As stated above, many find it hard to wear their puffer jacket with something appropriate and flattering, as technical staples are arguably the hardest to combine.

Most of the time, however, it’s just a matter of correctly chosen silhouettes. The most important thing when looking for a puffer jacket, especially if you believe it won’t probably make you feel cute and comfortable as you deserve to feel, is to find the one that fits you the most.

How to Style Down Jackets for Women

Down vs. Synthetic Puffer Jackets

Fashion aside, knowing why, where, and when you are going to wear your puffer jacket is always a good idea. As of now, there are mainly two types of puffer jackets – down and synthetic puffer jackets. While the former includes geese feathers, lasts longer, and is extremely warm, the latter is soft and breathable and, most importantly, eco-friendly.

Down jackets retain warmth for more than 10 years and are surely recommended if you live in or often visit places that get freezingly cold during winter. On the other hand, they are made of animal parts, which is something many of you are surely not comfortable with. In addition, down jackets can be hydrophobic, i.e. coated with a DWR coating that makes them water resistant, and regular.

When purchasing down jackets, it’s important to pay attention to the down fill power it features (650, 700, 850, etc.), which relates to the quality of the down used for it. The number indicated on your jacket actually shows the amount of down used for it – the higher the fill power is, the warmer the jacket will be.

As for synthetic puffer jackets, while they are more durable and resistant when it comes to exposing them to rain as well, they usually keep their warmth for 5-7 years. However, they are way more affordable than down jackets.

To sum it up, while down jackets are undeniably under the techwear umbrella and help many northerners keep warm in wintertime, synthetic puffer jackets happily embrace the fashionable ones. If you live in an urban city that is not up in the mountains and would just love to experiment with puffer jackets, we definitely recommend synthetic ones, as they do their job without hurting animals.

How to Wear Puffer Jackets for Women

Puffer Jacket Styles According to Your Body Type

Once you have figured which puffer jacket is best for you depending on where you live, it’s time to find the right size and structure according to your body type and sense of fashion.

The first thing you may want to take into consideration is the size of the shoulders. The modern puffer jackets are extremely oversized, while the vintage ones (or those coming from signature labels such as Moncler) can end up being quite structured.

For this reason, measuring your shoulders before buying one, rather than relying just on the sizes (we all do that, let’s be honest), is mandatory! Once the shoulder lengths match, you can even dare with something more exaggerated, long, or deconstructed, just remember to opt for a model with a belt cinched at the waist if you feel uncomfortable with oversized items.

Another trick is to generally favor cropped puffer jackets over long ones, as with them you can easily optically elongate the silhouette with a high-waisted skirt (or a pair of jeans), and chunky-heeled boots.

Keep in mind that elongated and oversized puffer jackets look best on taller women, while petite women are advised to choose something cropped and more structured. Also if you want to balance your figure, you can always opt for a belted down jacket or use a contrasting belt to put the focus on your waistline and create the perfect hourglass figure.

Last but not least, don’t forget that puffer jackets are a fashion statement, indeed, and tend to catch all the attention. While we always encourage to experiment with fashion, unless you are already into the trend and love bright, eye-catching puffer jackets, we suggest opting for more classic and solid-colored ones if your day-to-day style is more casual-chic.

How to Choose Puffer Jackets for Women

How to Wear a Puffer Jacket the Fashionable Way

Believe it or not, one can style a puffer jacket in plenty of fashionable ways! Both long and cropped puffer jackets should be treated as casual jackets, which look amazing with practically any footwear (heels, included!), and any outfit, from the high-street ones to the classic, elegant looks.

Based on the latest fashion trends, the best ways to wear your puffer jacket are the following:

Casual Chic Down Jackets

Whether long or short, puffer jackets are meant to go with jeans and leggings, from the boyfriend ones to the stylish skinnies. This is the most casual chic way to wear a down jacket, and it just never fails.

Nothing exudes chicness more than a long puffer jacket with quilted patterns! Since this staple is so elegant on its own, you might want to tone its elegance down with a pair of skinny jeans and a soft, wool sweater.

And since such kind of outfit will surely end up being extremely warm, we recommend opting for bold colored knit sweaters, so that when you zip your jacket down, the sweater will stand out immediately adding an overall fun touch to your outfit.

How to Wear Down Jackets for Women

Anti-Fashion Puffers

If you love Vetements’ and Fenty’s anti-fashion styles, we recommend either an oversized puffer jacket to combine with a pair of mom jeans or tracksuit pants, or a cropped puffer jacket to wear with a pair of bell-bottom jeans (which will balance the figure), creeper sneakers and, of course, hoop earrings. You’ll turn heads, indeed!

Puffer Jackets, Paninari’s Way

When in doubt, getting inspired from the Eighties is always a good idea. Try your puffer jacket with a plain simple shirt with all the buttons done up (just save a few at the top), a pair of jeans, and don’t forget your suede loafers! The ghost of any Paninaro approves, for sure!

Make a Statement with Your Puffer

All in all, there’s one big piece of advice we’d like to give you – make a fashion statement with your puffer jacket. Find the craziest, boldest, fiercest and most fun puffer jacket, which perfectly expresses your fashion style and persona, and rock it all day long, all winter long. Combine it with a rather neutral outfit to let it and you stand out from the crowd.

Best Down/ Puffer Jackets for Women: Fashion Tips

How to Wash Your Down Jackets Right

Now that you (almost) own your puffer jacket, let’s dive into the boring (but necessary) stuff: how to care and store a down jacket right.

First and foremost, let’s see how to wash a puffer jacket properly. The most important thing you should keep in mind is that the more often you wash your down jackets, the faster they’ll lose their bloom. Unless you use your puffer jacket 9 times or more a year, try to wash it every six months or so (if you are one of those people who live in it, wash it maximum four times a year).

Since every jacket is different and quite delicate, follow care labels religiously, brushing off dirt if there’s any, and turning it inside out before putting it in the washing machine.

You can either hand-wash your down jacket or machine-wash it. In the former case, soak it in lukewarm water for an hour and use only down-specific detergent to gently wash it. When it comes to machine-washing your down jacket, use a gently cycle at 30°C degrees, and again use only down-specific detergent.

Drying your puffer jacket right is extremely important too, especially when it comes to down jackets (which should never be air dried). As with the washing machine, here care labels feature the only rules you should follow (when it comes to jackets!).

Always lay your down jacket flat on the clothing rack to let it dry for some 24-48 hours – don’t hang it. Carefully check to make sure all the wet clumps of down are completely dry.

Secondly, and most importantly, the number one thing anyone should do to care for a puffer jacket is not to pull feathers. We know, it is tempting to say the least, but if you really feel you have to do something with those little white feathers and can’t resist, try to put them back in, instead of out.

How to Wash Your Down Jackets Right

How to Store Down Jackets

Last but not least, the first step to keeping your down jackets fresh for the longest time possible is storing them right. Here are the mandatory dos and don’ts to follow:

• Do not store your down jacket in its stuff sack (if it had one). It will make the feathers stick together. Only stuff it in its sack if you are about to backpack (in that case, have fun! Backpack traveling is awesome!).

• Do put your puffer jacket in a cool, dry, dark place, where also your other winter coats rest up until next winter.

• Once you have figured where to place them, do seal them up. Fasten all the zips and buttons to maintain the original shape of your down jacket.

• Do get the supplies for your down jacket. Many labels provide sprays and other supplies made to store the jackets in the best condition. It’s definitely an extra cost to add, but your jacket will significantly last longer. If you bought a down jacket made by a label that is not specifically outdoor-oriented, just look out for products from labels specialized in tech sportswear and outdoor wear.

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