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Here’s How To Plan a Last-Minute Galentine’s Day Event for Your Besties

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Every year on Galentine’s Day, my close friends and I meet up for brunch and spend quality time catching up on our lives and reflecting on our friendships. Albeit it was last minute, I decided to try something different this year to show my best gal pals love.

This week, I decided to plan a girls’ night for my besties, and I’m pulling out all the stops — from cozy pajama sets to sweet treats while we spill the tea about our everyday life happenings. As I planned the festivities, I was surprised to learn that Siri has a few commands that can take the at-home experience up a notch. Starting with the ability to take pictures, read recipes, and even find local eateries to deliver to you.

Want to plan an at-home spa day for you and your closest friends? It’s easier than you think. I’ve pulled together a list of ways to prepare for a last-minute Galentine’s Day experience for your gals, along with essentials that’ll ensure you have a fabulous night to remember. 

Set the mood with music

Any good get-together relies on a speaker for background music. If you have Apple Music, you can ask Siri to help you find the right playlist by using the following prompt: “Hey, Siri, play a house party playlist,” or whatever your favorite genre is. Think outside the box!

Make Siri your sous chef 

friends cooking - Here’s How To Plan a Last-Minute Galentine’s Day Event for Your Besties

If you decide to cook for your friends, you can efficiently multitask without the mess, thanks to Siri. You can use HomePod, an iPhone, or iPad to set timers, convert measurements, and more.

Before you start cooking, copy and paste your recipe into the Notes app, tell Siri, “Read my note about (your recipe),” and Siri will read the recipe to you. 

If you need to set a timer for the food you just put in the oven, simply say, “Set a timer for XX minutes,” and an alarm will go off when the time is up. If you need to know how many ounces are in a cup, or any other measurement conversions, just ask Siri.

Don’t forget the drinks

A good host always remembers the drinks! The options below will allow you to enjoy your night without jeopardizing the progress you made from Dry January.

Enjoy a sweet treat 

After dinner, your guests will inevitably search for a sweet treat to top off the delicious meal you prepared. I highly suggest providing them with options like ice cream, decadent chocolates, or baked goods. That way, there’s something for everyone! 

Get comfortable

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Want to take your Galentine’s Day to the next level? Plan a pajama party! Consider taking the fun into the wee hours of the night by binging your favorite TV shows, eating snacks, and rocking matching pajama sets and plushy slippers. Get ready for some epic photos. 

Ask Siri to take a picture 

Speaking of photos, commemorate your girls’ night by turning Siri into your personal photographer. Simply say, “Hey Siri, take a picture,” and the Camera app on your iPhone will activate your front-facing camera. 

Glam for the win

No Galentine’s Day sleepover is complete without a glam moment. Pamper your guests by giving each other manicures and doing each other’s hair using the following products:

Make it extra special 

Before the night ends, give your BFFs something extra special that you all can treasure and remember.

Final inspiration 

I hope you can use this as inspiration as you plan your Galentine’s night. If you need more things to consider for your Galentine’s Day extravaganza, we’ve got you covered with activities your friends will love.