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13 Best Eyebrow & Facial Razors for Women: Women Shaving Face?

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There’s always a new skincare trend around the corner – 12-step Korean skin care, snail masks, various sheet masks, etc. – and in recent years, the trend of using facial razors to remove facial hair, a.k.a. face shaving has been picking up. As with many skincare trends, this one reportedly stems from Asia (specifically Japan) before making its way around the globe, especially after Michelle Money from The Bachelor released a video about shaving her face.

Best Eyebrow & Facial Razors for Women

Essentially, facial shaving is a form of dermaplaning, which is a treatment that targets the removal of dead skin and vellus hair (colloquially referred to as peach fuzz) with the use of a sharp blade.

Below, we’ve listed the best facial razors and eyebrow trimmers for women, which are equipped to shape brows and dermaplane. You’ll also find more information on why traditional razors aren’t suited for this job, what the advantages and disadvantages are of face shaving, what the difference between dermaplaning and facial shaving is, and exactly how to go about removing facial hair plus shaping eyebrows.

Eyebrow & Facial Razors for Women: Contents

13 Best Eyebrow Trimmers & Facial Razors for Women

From simple vertical razors to battery-powered ones, find the perfect fit for your hair removing needs in this mix of the best facial razors and eyebrow trimmers.

1. Schick Silk Touch-Up Facial Razor

An Amazon-choice product with over 4,300 ratings, this is a pack of three portable eyebrow and facial razors to help trim and shape the brows and to remove facial hair. It includes a Precision Cover that covers up most of the blade to aid in precise trimming. The blades are also equipped with micro-guards to help protect the skin. The razor can also be used to remove fine hairs, as well as for gentle exfoliation.

The average rating of this product is over four stars. However, a handful of users have reported suffering from cuts and raw skin after. Other users recommend cleansing and moisturizing the face thoroughly after and refraining from using makeup after using the razor. You can find these Schick facial razors on Amazon.

Best Eyebrow Trimmers & Facial Razors for Women: Schick Silk Touch-Up Facial Razor

2. Finishing Touch Flawless Painless Facial Hair Remover

If you’re looking for a step above traditional facial razors, this hypoallergenic battery-operated (1 AA battery, included) hair remover pares hair down with a small spinning head shaver. Remove peach fuzz by gently moving the device in circles over the targeted areas. The German device does warm a tad when in use, which is normal and should be held flat against the skin, not at an angle.

Users have noted that its blade gets dull sooner than expected but can be replaced easily through the brand’s website. It’s also been noted as not giving as clean a shave as desired but, overall, it’s easy to use, good value, and gentler on the skin. It also comes in a variety of colors – black, blush, crystal pink, lavender, sea glass, and white – all with 18K gold plating. Find this best-selling facial hair remover on Amazon and Ulta!

Best Eyebrow Trimmers & Facial Razors for Women: Finishing Touch Flawless Painless Facial Hair Remover

3. Tinkle Eyebrow Razor

With over 2,200 ratings and an 84% positive feedback, this three-pack of eyebrow razors comes highly recommended by reviewers. Easy to use, close shave, safe, and no thick beards make a simple summation of what people have to say about this eyebrow razor. Simply comb the hair into place, so it’s pointed in one direction and then hold the razor at a 45-degree angle to shave. It comes equipped with safety covers as well to prevent cuts.

These facial razors work with a dry shave, but you can also use rosehip oil for a gentler touch. Many have expressed their preference for using this for facial hair trimming over waxing to save time and money. Find these facial razors on Amazon!

Best Eyebrow Trimmers & Facial Razors for Women: Tinkle Eyebrow Razor

4. Panasonic Facial Hair Trimmer for Women

Another battery-operated device, this facial hair trimmer features a hypoallergenic micro-thin round-tipped stainless-steel blade for close hair trimming (as close as 0.1mm) without irritation, a pivoting head to follow the natural contours of the face, and two trimming attachments for eyebrow shaping.

The blade head is bendable up to 10 degrees both ways and, therefore, can be adjusted to suit specific areas. It’s recommended for face, bikini line, as well as underarms. It uses two AAA-size batteries, which aren’t included and can last up to 40 minutes of use.

This facial hair trimmer is an Amazon’s Choice product and has thousands of reviews with a 73% positive rating. Like most battery-operated facial hair trimmers, when the blade on this one dulls, you can’t order a replacement head and instead have to purchase a new device. The blade has a shelf life of around 6 months with regular use.

Users love its easy-to-use-and-hold capability and gentle touch. It works much better on peach fuzz and thinner hairs over coarser ones. Find it on Amazon!

Best Eyebrow Trimmers & Facial Razors for Women: Panasonic Facial Hair Trimmer for Women

5. Philips PrecisionPerfect Compact Precision Trimmer

Designed to remove facial hair and shape eyebrows, this Philips facial hair trimmer comes in a compact design for portability. It requires an AAA battery and comes with a regular trimming head, a trimming comb for your eyebrows, a cleaning brush, and a precision trim attachment for when only a small portion of the blade is needed to be used, like for removing a single hair.

The reviews on this, however, are mixed. Many choose it for accurate, easy, and painless hair removal. However, it’s also noted that the device drains quickly in power, and its material isn’t durable over long-term. You can find this on Amazon.

Best Eyebrow Trimmers & Facial Razors for Women: Philips PrecisionPerfect Compact Precision Trimmer

6. Leuxe Facial Hair Remover

A number one bestseller, this battery-operated facial hair trimmer uses two stainless steel and hypoallergenic circular blades to shave off and remove peach fuzz with ease. Simply glide it over your target areas with minimal risk of nicking, unless pressed deeply. There’s a small LED light on one side to light the area for better visibility. It’s also waterproof, making it easy to clean.

It holds a 4.4 out of 5-star rating gathered from over 1200 reviews. Users find it easy to use and appreciate the light as well. It takes a few swipes to remove all the hair, though, and finding a replacement head is difficult according to some. You can buy this from Amazon!

Best Eyebrow Trimmers & Facial Razors for Women: Leuxe Facial Hair Remover

7. R.E.M Spring Facial Hair Remover

Not the most traditional facial hair trimmer we’re accustomed to seeing in the hair removing market, this patented hair remover is essentially a spring. It’s made of stainless steel and requires users to grab on to each end and bend to wrap around individual hairs and pull them out. Pulling hairs from the roots also keeps them from growing back sooner.

With a 73% positive rating across over 2,400 reviews, reviewers have best described this as a manual epilator. It’s fast and easy, but the process of pulling hair can be painful. It gets all lengths of hair, as the spring can be bent into different angles, but thicker ones take more work. Grab the R.E.M Spring from Amazon!

Best Eyebrow Trimmers & Facial Razors for Women: R.E.M Spring Facial Hair Remover

8. Shiseido Prepare Facial Razors

This three-piece Japanese set of facial razors is an Amazon’s Choice product. It’s a simple razor but effective, as evidenced by its 80% positive rating. It leans towards the sharper end, which makes it an effective tool for dermaplaning as well, according to reviewers. Therefore, it’s recommended by some not to dry shave and use a gentle touch. The blade, however, tends to dull after a few uses, but for low cost, many reviewers are happy with its value. You can find this on Amazon.

Best Eyebrow Trimmers & Facial Razors for Women: Shiseido Prepare Facial Razors

9. Nylea Extra Precision Eyebrow Razor & Trimmer

Another Amazon’s Choice product, this six-pack of facial razors features a safety-first design to avoid unnecessary nicks and cuts. The stainless-steel blade also has micro-guards in place for extra safety. In terms of efficiency, 86% of reviewers have labeled this as easy-to-use, easy-to-hold, and good value. It’s recommended for exfoliating, and the blades hold their sharpness for longer than expected. Get it from Amazon!

Best Eyebrow Trimmers & Facial Razors for Women: Nylea Extra Precision Eyebrow Razor & Trimmer

10. Sephora Collection Level Setter Razors

A colorful three-pack set of stainless-steel facial razors, these hair removal tools feature longer blades than other similar products to allow for wider coverage in one swipe. The handle is also slightly curved for better grip and angling. Sephora recommends applying cream or lotion pre-shaving.

It holds a 3.9 out of 5 stars on the beauty brand’s portal, where reviewers laud its ability to dermaplane and remove facial hair gently. The blades are sharp but dull soon after a few uses. However, the low price keeps people repurchasing. Find it on Sephora!

Best Eyebrow Trimmers & Facial Razors for Women: Sephora Collection Level Setter Razors

11. Kapmore Facial Hair Removal Spring

Available in black and pink, this pack features a set of hair removal tools, including a facial razor, eyebrow tweezers, and a spring-shaped tweezer (similar to the R.E.M Spring). The set is targeted towards removing hair from the chin, upper lip, sideburns, cheeks, and shaping the eyebrows.

Reviewers note that hairs of all lengths and thicknesses are removed, but it is a painful process with the plucking. The spring, however, is not as tight as some of the other brands, according to a few users. Find this set on Amazon!

Best Eyebrow Trimmers & Facial Razors for Women: Kapmore Facial Hair Removal Spring

12. Flamingo Feather Facial Touch-up Razors

These flamingo-resembling facial razors hail from Japan and are designed to target the eyebrows, neck, and face. The blade head itself bends into the handle, which, besides being aesthetically pleasing, is a safety and hygiene measure.

The blade is slightly sharp, nothing that will cut but enough to shave off facial hair and dead skin easily. With an 85% positive rating, users highlighted the easy glide of the blade against the skin. A few have noted that these are a tad large, which makes it hard to work between the eyebrows easily. Find these facial razors on Amazon!

Best Eyebrow Trimmers & Facial Razors for Women: Flamingo Feather Facial Touch-up Razors

13. Miss Gorgeous London Eyebrow Trimmers

A thin, sharp, stainless steel blade sits at the head of this facial razor and eyebrow shaper. According to the product description, the blade is sharp enough to shave off men’s beards too! Caution is necessary when handling this blade then.

Reviewers have given it an 84% positive rating because of its high capability to remove facial hair and exfoliate. The blades are also durable and can keep going for months. However, keep in mind that these are sharp enough to cause stitch-needing cuts! Buy a ten-pack from Amazon!

Best Eyebrow Trimmers & Facial Razors for Women: Miss Gorgeous London Eyebrow Trimmers

What Do You Need Women’s Facial Razors for?

Based on the facial razors listed above, one might wonder why traditional razors aren’t shown and what differences lie between the two. Here’s what sets facial razors apart from conventional ones.

Vertical Blades: Despite the vertical blades, the razor is still held horizontally against the skin. However, the lack of a traditional T-shape in favor of one long line allows for easier maneuverability in following the contours of the face.

Safety: Largely, the blades of facial razors aren’t as sharp, which protects the skin against cuts while still shaving off the fine hairs and gently exfoliating the skin.

Shorter Blades: Many of these facial razors and eyebrow trimmers come equipped with covers that allow the user to shorten the blade. This helps in eyebrow shaping and trimming, especially around the edges and in-between.

Multi-Purpose: With a gentler touch, facial razors can be used to touch up, trim, or shave other sensitive areas of the body as well, such as the bikini line.

Women Shaving Face? Benefits & Disadvantages to Consider

Talk of women shaving their faces has been picking up on the Internet since 2011 when the trend – kao sori – began to spread in Japan, with salons offering treatments and specific products to fill the market gap – facial razors for women. Even Marilyn Monroe and Elizabeth Taylor shaved their faces for a smoother look!

Benefits of Facial Razors for Women

Today, facial shaving has become prevalent enough for a plethora of beauty vloggers to release how-to videos, as well as many “I Tried Shaving My Face” articles permeating beauty content from leading platforms, like Huda Beauty, Refinery29, Elle, and Cosmopolitan, to name a few.

But what is the point of facial shaving and does it have any side effects?

Benefits of Women Shaving Face

Exfoliation: The process helps soften and smoothen the texture of the skin by removing fine hairs and dead skin.

Better Product Application: With the dead skin and unwanted hairs no longer a barrier, makeup products like foundation and concealer will apply much more smoothly and evenly.

Gentler on the Skin: In comparison to other facial hair removing methods like waxing and tweezing, using facial razors is less time-consuming and doesn’t irritate the skin as much, especially as waxing ends to rip the top layer of the skin as well sometimes.

Better Results: Once the dead skin cells are removed, your skincare products (serums, moisturizers, etc.) will do a better job of penetrating the skin.

Brighter Skin: Once the peach fuzz is removed, the skin’s natural tone stands out more clearly.

Prevents Acne: As dead skin build-up can clog pores and hair follicles, its removal can prevent breakouts.

Disadvantages of Face Shaving

Over-Exfoliation: If you’re someone who’s already making use of face scrubs, chemical peels, washcloths, and facial brushes on the regular, adding face shaving to your regimen holds a risk of increasing your skin’s sensitivity and weakening it. Plus, it’ll introduce or increase skin redness, dryness, and inflammation.

Sensitive Skin: For those with hypersensitive skin (rosacea, keratosis pilaris, and the like), shaving the face can do more damage than good.

Women Shaving Face Guide

Acne: Anyone with active breakouts risks further infection, as they might unknowingly spread bacteria even if they shave around the zits.

Ingrown Hairs: As with shaving any other body part, shaving the face also presents the risk of ingrown hair.

Cuts and Nicks: Likewise, shaving the face also presents the risk of wounding yourself, and you might feel awkward, covering facial cuts.

Face Shaving Vs. Dermaplaning

Earlier, we mentioned that facial shaving is a type of dermaplaning. There’s some debate about this, as some consider it to be a different method entirely. However, it’s worth noting that the facial razors listed above are far more equipped to shave hairs and dermaplane to an extent.

What happens is that the razor does provide some exfoliation as it removes dead skin cells during shaving, but booking a dermaplaning session (by a licensed professional!) will be far more effective, as their use of almost surgical scalpels does a better job of removing the maximum amount of dirt and dead skin.

At-home treatments with a facial razor yield results as well, though, so don’t feel as if you have to shell out a few hundred dollars for a professional session.

Women’s Guide on How to Shave Face

Before we head into the steps of shaving your face, let’s dispel one common misconception off the bat – shaving your face doesn’t lead to facial hair growing back thicker or coarser or longer. It’s been long disproven, which allowed for this trend to take off in the first place.

Now, when it comes to shaving your face, here are the steps to follow to avoid skin irritation as well as razor burns and bumps.

Patch Test: If it’s your first time shaving your face, do a patch test on any small area, and note your skin’s reaction over the next few days to avoid any mishaps.

Sanitize the Razor: Dip or wipe down your facial razor with rubbing alcohol as a preventative measure.

Clean the Face: Just as you’ve cleaned the razor, your face should also be clean. Dermatologists recommend using a sulfate-free cleanser.

Open up the Pores: Either shave in the shower or hold a warm, damp towel against your face for a bit to open up your pores for easier shaving.

How to Shave Face & Eyebrows

Prep the Face: For many facial razors, dry shaving works well. However, if your skin is sensitive or you’d prefer working against a coat, rosehip oil is a popular option. Again, if you haven’t used rosehip oil before, do a patch test first!

Technique: Hold the facial razor at a 45-degree angle, pull your skin taut, and move downward in short and steady strokes (avoid distractions). Avoid areas with active acne.

After-Care: Afterward, sanitize your razor, moisturize your face with an alcohol-free lotion or a hyaluronic serum or mask, apply sunblock (at least SPF 30), and avoid any form of makeup for at least a day, as your skin will be vulnerable. Do not exfoliate either or use any strong topicals until the next day.

Depending on your hair growth, shaving every week or other week works.

How to Shave Eyebrows Correctly

For those looking for a way outside of eyebrow threading and tweezing to shape their brows, shaving and trimming achieve the same results, minus the pain of ripping the hairs from the follicles. In addition, you can create an eyebrow slit using a brow razor.

Follow these steps to achieve your desired eyebrow shape:

Open up the Pores: Get a warm shower beforehand or hold a warm towel against the eyebrows to open up the pores and ease the entire process.

Moisturize: Apply a moisturizer around the eyebrows, above the eyelids, and between the eyebrows as a means of protection.

Brush: Use a spoolie or eyebrow comb and brush the hairs up.

Stencil: Draw in your desired eyebrow shape using an eyebrow stencil.

Trim: Using the trimmer (or eyebrow scissors), snip the excess outside the stencil.

Shave: Use the eyebrow razor to shave horizontally between the brows in short strokes.

Wipe off!

Shorten the Blade: Attach the precision cover to the blade.

Shave the Strays: Working along the length of your brow, shave across the top, and then the bottom, getting rid of the stray hairs.

Measure: Check your eyebrows against each other for symmetry.

Wipe off!

• Apply a brow gel.

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