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53 Pretty Flower Nail Designs for Every Season & Mood

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Flower nail designs come in as many patterns and styles as there are individuals and flowers. We’ve collected 53 on-trend flower nail art ideas that you can easily wear all year long for an extra dash of style or maybe a little pick-me-up for those who spend the day working at a keyboard.

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You’ll see some repeating trends, including the “milky nails” look that’s been with us for a while and translucent nails with just a touch of color. Both are the perfect canvass for your perfect flower nails. Whether you are an artistic DIY type or you know a talented manicurist, there’s something here to inspire every season and every mood.

1. Denim Delights Flower Nails

We love the combo of the royal blue floral nail designs against a demure pink background. It’s a sweet, playful look for sassy short nails.


2. Spicy Flower Nail Art

If you only want to jazz up your French manicure a little bit, try a pale nail color with a spicy contrasting floral nail design. It adds a surprising pop to an otherwise conservative nail look.


3. Multi-Color Flower Nails for All Seasons

This subtle collection of gradient blues, oranges, yellows, and whites is a perfect transitional flower nail design. Whether it’s spring into summer or fall into winter, the adorable flowers or cheeky checkerboard designs will brighten up your mood.


4. Subtle Sunflower Nails

These beautiful sunflowers peeking out from the corners of your nails are the perfect floral nail art accent to a mauve nail that’s professional but still lots of fun. Combine them with monochrome white nails and some dotted designs for an extra creative look.


5. Splashy Sunflower Nail Art

We are all about this bold, bright sunflower nail design that makes us think of summertime fun and frolic. This flower nail design is guaranteed to cheer you up, whether you’re heading off on vacation or just hanging out at home.


6. Classic Cornflower Nails

This lovely, detailed work of flower nails looks like our gran’s dainty bone china tea-cups. These are perfect for a cozy afternoon drinking tea and reading Jane Austen with a beloved furry friend in your lap.


7. Barely-There Pastel Flowers

If you love the idea of flower nail designs but don’t want anything too flashy, these subtle flower nails are perfect for you. The tiny little buds against a white background make a sophisticated statement.


8. Chic Cherry Blossom Nails

One of the prettiest flower nail designs we’ve seen is this beautiful Japanese-inspired cherry blossom look that sets flecks of gold and fuchsia off on a winter white background. If you don’t think you have the skills to pull off this delicate and intricate design, text a copy to the nail artist at your local salon for inspiration.


9. Sunny Summer Garden Nail Art

An opaque white nail is the perfect palette for this late summer spray of blue and purple blossoms. Because each flower nail design is different, you can build your own unique floral bouquet.


10. Tiny Flower Blossoms

These sweet, tiny blossoms make up the perfect design for first-time at-home floral nail artists. The design is simple, and the finished look is polished and professional.


11. Multicolor Flower Nails

Why not experiment with the multicolor nail trend and create a sunny floral nail art design that’s girly and fun? The tiny sprays of white against the orange and mauve background make another DIY project for beginning nail artisans.


12. Dreamy Transitional Floral Bouquet

Intricate details and delicate colors make up this beautiful floral nail art design. It’s the perfect design for a single statement-making highlight nail.


13. Sweet, Simple, Springy Floral Bouquet

If you want to step up your flower nail art game, try painting a different color flower on each nail. The result is subtle bursts of color to cheer you up on the darkest days.


14. Brightest Floral Autumn Nails

Autumn is the perfect time to go all out and all orange. Create a beautiful floral nail art design on just one highlight nail to get a show-stopping seasonal design.


15. When Life Gives You Lemons, Paint Them

Imagine a summer afternoon in a tropical garden with lemons, oranges, and all kinds of sweet smells wafting your way. Capture that feeling in flower nail art with tiny citrus springs blossoms on each nail.


16. Festive Holiday Floral Brights

This abstract flower nail design reminds me of blinking Christmas lights and is pretty easy to do. Spice up your holidays with this bright, cheerful look!


17. Fields of Daisies

There’s no little girl or young tween who wouldn’t love a field of daisies painted on her nails. This cheery floral nail art design is ideal for anyone who wants a breezy summer vibe.


18. Sunny Summer Herb Garden

The nail artist who created this summery look calls it “Herbarium,” and we are here for it. Dainty, herbs, pansies in shades of purple and blue pop against an opaque white nail. It’s a bright, fresh, summery look perfect for any spring or summer special occasions.


19. Summer Bounty/ Autumn Harvest

This look is meant to create a cornucopia of color on your nails with a flower nail design of flowery fruit and veg. Use a darker background color for colder months or try a bright white or yellow for a warm-weather look.


20. Fall Flower Fantasia

This color combo of dark red blossoms against a dark sky-blue background is so on-trend for fall, winter, and well into spring. If you love flower nail designs that keep up with fashion, this look is a great choice.


21. Abstract Autumn Holiday Flower Nails

Get out the Halloween colors and design a pretty abstract seasonal nail art design manicure. Add bright flowers, gothic branches, and an outline of a witch’s pointy hat for a subtle festive look.


22. Pumpkin Patch Perfection

These flower nails are orange and gold designs accented with cool-toned branch details. It’s a perfect nail for a day in front of the laptop or social distance apple picking.


23. Simple Springtime Bouquets

Have some fun with floral nail art sticker sets and leave a trail of blossoms and branches across your nails. The opaque white nail is a perfect canvass for your original flower nail designs.


24. Subtle Floral Classic

Trends come and go, but a single flower nail design on a pale pink nail never goes out of style. Perfect for those who want something fun but not flashy, these little yellow flower nails are pure joy.  


25. Tiny Blossom Nails

For beginning floral nail artists, this tiny yellow flower is a good place to start. It is simple but adds a special twinkle to any manicure.


26. Flower Nails for All Seasons

Floral nail art doesn’t have to be tied to a certain season or a special holiday. We think the elegant branches and gentle silver highlights are a chic look all year long.


27. Bluebell Garden Nail Art

The tiny blue flowers brighten up and highlight this colorful springtime manicure. If blue’s not your thing, match the flower nail design to any nail color you like.


28. Springtime Flower Explosion

Sometimes one simple flower won’t do. Sometimes you need an explosion of flowers all over your nails. This flower art nail design has a simple daisy at the base of the nail and an abstract array of petals floating all around. Let your imagination run wild!


29. A Field of Daisies

This playful flower nail design combines white flowers surrounded by a field of tiny polka dots. It’s striking enough to be your highlight nail but still simple enough for your entire manicure.


30. Ombre Daisy Delights

This nail art design will take some extra time, but it’s worth it. First, create an ombre base color in pinks or subtle mauves. Then paint a sunny daisy peeking up from the nail bed. This floral art design would work well with a French manicure, too.


31. Darling Daisy Nails

The daisy nail art trend is everywhere, but we love this full nail flower art design because it makes a subtle, stylish statement without being too over the top. This is a look you could easily wear all year long.


32. Say It with Flowers

If you like to make a style statement with your flower nails, this is a great choice. Pretty little flowers pop up all over different colored pastel tips for a bright floral look.


33. Orchid Romance

Take your nail art design game to the next level with sparkling tips and lovely orchid floral art accents. The result is dreamy, romantic flower nails perfect for weddings and special occasions.


34. Springtime Garden Delights

Pressed flower art decals on an opaque nail combine for a trendy springtime look. Try different background colors to create unique seasonal looks.


35. Influencer Flower Power

Flower nail designs are not just for expert artists with super long nails. If you want or need to keep your nails short, one simple flower on each nail is a cute on-trend option.


36. Color-Block Flower Festival

Brighten up the dark days of winter with this colorful floral nail design. Primary colors of pink, blue, orange, and green playfully skip across your manicure. You could do an entire nail or just brighten up a small section. Either way, the result is an explosion of floral color.


37. Colorful Garden Bouquet

If you can’t decide between one large flower nail art design or a spray of tiny blossoms, there’s no reason you can create both. Here, one large blossom decorates the highlight nail alongside a floral nail accented with smaller flowers. The end result is an eye-catching floral display.


38. Tiny Flower Garden

Another manicure you can easily DIY with minimal tools and experience is these tiny floral art blossoms sprinkled across barely-there nails. There’s no right or wrong way to create flower nail designs. Let your imagination go wild and have fun!


39. Swinging ’60s Op-Art Nails

We love this neon-bright combo of geometric shapes and tiny flower buds that make up this whimsical floral nail art design. Channel your favorite mod icon like Mary Quant, Twiggy, or Jane Birkin and give this one a try.


40. Table for One Tiny Flower Nail Art

Perk up a basic manicure with tiny floral dots of color placed randomly on each nail. If you need to keep your nails short and simple, this floral art look lets you have fun without being too over the top.


41. Big Blooming Nail Blossoms

For a quick touch of floral charm, go old school with this simple flower manicure. Add one colorful blossom to each nail for a charming look that’s playful and bright.


42. Floral French Tips

I am head over heels in love with this flower nail design. It’s a French manicure with a fun floral twist. Tiny blossoms in gentle pastel colors decorate the tips of each nail for an original, calming and beautiful look.


43. Delightful Winter Blossoms

The winter white nail is a beautiful backdrop for the elegant little branches just peeking out from the nail tips. It’s one of the most relaxing flower nails designs we’ve seen – it reminds us of a quiet walk on Christmas Day.


44. A Single Red Rose

One blossom is worth a thousand words in this simple flower nail design that’s just a single rose against a white nail. It’s a small flower nail that makes a big statement.


45. Earliest Spring Blooms

Paint a single bloom against a pale pink nail for a floral nail design that heralds the coming of spring or the end of summer. These gentle blossoms are ideal for anyone who wants a soft romantic look that’s suitable for any occasion.


46. Springtime Floral Explosion

This stylish and fun nail art idea dresses up longer nails with a pretty bouquet of flower nail designs. Part of the charm is the random flower placement, so relax and have fun!


47. Pretty Flower Drama

These bright-colored flower nails with delicate dark highlights remind us of cozy autumn sweaters, mittens, and scarves. Change the nail color with the seasons for year-round signature floral nail art style.


48. Sweet Fields of Flowers

Another take on the popular fields of flowers theme and a favorite flower art design! We like the mix of branches and blossoms that add a sunny, romantic touch.


49. Watercolor Solo Poppies

If I had to choose one flower nail art design to do right now, it would be this single watercolor poppy on a pale opaque nail. It’s just the right amount of art, romance, and style.


50. Bejeweled Flower Branches

Add a touch of glamor to your flower nails by adding tiny jewels to elegant floral branches for an elegant but subtle look. You could do an entire manicure, or as in this photo, highlight a few flower nails with a barely-there manicure for a nice contrast.


51. O Christmas Nails, O Christmas Nails

Nothing says holidays like red and green flowers on a white background. For a festive look that’s classic but not kitschy, try adding red flowers and a tiny green fir tree to your manicure. Add a spray of tiny dots for a complete flower nail art winter scene.


52. Fall Foliage Festival

The muted pinks, blues, and greens of this flower nail art design just say fall to us in the very best way. Nail wraps like the design shown here are an easy one-stop way to get your nails ready for fall, but if you are a flower nail design master or have a great manicurist, you could create your own autumnal nail art masterpiece.


53. Abstract Flower Nail Delight

This bright flower nail design combines some of the latest trends, including half-moon wraps and clear, translucent nail. The muted red, yellow, and orange tones could take you from early spring to late fall without any problems at all.


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