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Hair Pomade & Hair Paste: What They Are and How to Use Them

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Styling your hair can be tricky when it’s all frizzy, but you can get rid of that with the help of hair pomade or hair paste. These hair styling products allow having that sleek look and nice texture. Plus, you can count on achieving that masterpiece others will envy as you step out in style. For beginners, here is all you need to know about hair pomade, hair paste, and how to use them.

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What Is Hair Pomade?

Hair pomade has been around for a while. It has always been a great product to get textured hair without going through a lot of styling stress. The name is given to hair styling products that do not fall in the range of gels or fibers.

Hair pomade is an oil- or water-based substance used to style the hair to keep it sleek and beautiful without causing damage. Most hair products contain powerful formulas that deliver healthy results and they don’t cost much.

One great thing about hair pomades is that they work for styling hair without drying out like hair spray or hair gel. And because of their greasy or waxy nature, they can last through several washes allowing you to create flexibility in style.

What Is Hair Paste?

Unlike pomades, hair paste is strictly a water-based hair styling product. Hair pastes are generally thicker and much more consistent than pomades. These products give your hair a firm or medium grip and endow you with that beautiful matte finish. Although pastes may not be as dynamic as pomades, they still work for your hair no matter the length or type.

Despite their thickness, you won’t have too much trouble applying them. Heat needs to be added to some, while many other types will simply melt on your palm. Hair paste also adds volume and subtle texture. This, you don’t want to miss out on.

What Is Hair Pomade/ Hair Paste?

Differences Between Hair Pomade, Hair Paste, Hair Clay and Hair Wax

Of course, you can be a bit confused with all these terms flying around. While keeping up with their meanings might mean extra stress, you should know that each of these hair products is unique, and it’s essential that you know the individual function of each.

  • Hair pomade is a term that describes hair care products that give your hair a neat, sleek, and shiny look. After using the product on your hair, you can use a comb to create flexible styles.
  • Hair paste is almost similar to hair pomade, but these products are thicker than pomades. The shine and beautiful finish hair paste gives your hair is more consistent than with pomades. Also, pomades are cleaved into oil-based and water-based, while hair paste is majorly water-based. This makes it more natural to wash out than pomades.
  • Hair clays are quite like their name suggests – clay-based hair styling products. The one with bentonite clay is common, which is a powdery and fine material formed from the weathering of volcanic ash. Hair clays usually appear thick or creamy, and add fullness to your hair. Clay stimulates the hair, adds nutrients, and promotes hair growth.
  • The last on the list is hair wax, which has been awarded the most confusing among its peers. Hair wax is hair pomade with a lighter hold that gives your hair medium shine and requires a comb for styling (just like pomades).
Differences Between Hair Pomade, Hair Paste, Hair Clay and Hair Wax

Benefits of Using Hair Pomade and Hair Paste

We have already listed some of the benefits of using hair pomade and hair paste according to their definitions, but there are still more advantages of using these products.

  • They both represent a healthy way to style your hair: Hair pomades and pastes don’t contain alcohol so your hair won’t lose all its moisture and suffer any form of damage. You can style your hair whatever way you want without getting dry flakes or soreness.
  • Hair pomade and paste are versatile products. Whether your hair is dry or wet, whether your hair type is straight, curly, or coiled, you can still get the full benefits of using a pomade or a paste.
  • You get more style for your hair! Whether with your styling comb or by using styling tools to create smooth hair you can achieve any style by using these hair products.
  • These hair styling products are also great for bedhead hair. You can use a pomade or a hair paste to get that beachy, messy texture you like.
  • Hair pomade and paste are also great at taming frizzy hair and keeping flyaways in place, especially in summer with high humidity.
Benefits of Using Hair Pomade and Hair Paste

How to Use Pomade for Hair

Now that you have read all the great benefits obtainable with hair pomades, you need to know how to use one the right way. Some things are pretty essential to make sure that you get the best result.

  • The first step to using hair pomade is to pick the right type. You might also need to determine what result you aim to achieve. For example, you might want to get a shiny, voluminous look, and firm texture. You can check out our article on the best hair pomades and hair pastes to pick up one for your hair needs.
  • Now, prepare your hair. You should ensure that your hair is smooth and clean before applying the hair pomade. This is because the product works best with fresh and slightly damp hair.
  • To determine the amount of pomade you want to put in your hair, start with a dime size and gradually add more until you achieve the desired feel. Rub the pomade on your hand to make it a little warm and more pliable.
  • Run your finger through your hair and massage it from root to tip to evenly distribute it.
  • Use a comb to style your hair any way you want. Your look can be messy, sleek, or even spiky, if you do it the right way.

How to Use Hair Paste

Applying a hair paste on your hair follows the same procedure as a hair pomade, but here are some extra tips for hair pastes.

  • Use hair paste on wet hair for firmer hold.
  • It will add volume to thinning hair, if applied the right way.
  • If your hair is short, use it while the hair is dry for a little hold.
  • Hair paste is flexible enough to be used on wet and dry hair.
How to Use Pomade for Hair

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