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10 Best Hair Straighteners and Flat Irons 2023

The Glowsly editors independently test and choose the best products. We may receive commissions on purchases made from the affiliate links.

Investing in a high-quality hair straightener is worth it, especially when it comes to your hair’s health. Whether you have naturally curly hair, wavy hair, thick hair, or fine hair, the best hair straighteners and flat irons can help you achieve your desired look with ease. The latest technology ensures that your hair is protected from heat damage, while the different temperature settings allow you to adjust the heat according to your hair type. 

With features such as ceramic and titanium plates, infrared heating, and rapid heating, these hair straighteners are capable of delivering salon-quality results in the comfort of your own home. Say goodbye to bad hair days and hello to gorgeous, silky-smooth locks with our list of the 10 best hair straighteners and flat irons of 2023.

Best flat iron overview:

How we chose the best hair straighteners and flat irons

To compile this list, we researched manufacturer specifications, including temperature capacity, materials, and more, to create a short list of the top hair straighteners. Then, we combed through detailed product descriptions, ratings, and reviews to find the best hair straighteners for each category.

Our picks for the best flat irons

Best overall
Bio Ionic 10X Styling Iron

What we love

  • 9-foot swivel cord
  • Vibrating plates improve performance
  • Leaves hair soft and silky

What we don’t love

  • On the pricier end

This premium flat iron from Bio Ionic is versatile, fast, and provides sleek results — everything we want from our top overall pick. It certainly is not a budget styling tool, with a price point of $300. However, the benefits make it well worth it. The straightener has the capacity to heat up to 450 degrees Fahrenheit for resistant hair but also has lower heat settings. There’s even a digital display to keep you informed of the precise temperature. 

It’s built with sonic vibrating plates that are infused with a proprietary natural volcanic rock mineral complex. And this is no gimmick — the combo has real utility. The vibration improves the plate’s contact with your hair, ensuring smoother, shinier styling in under 10 minutes.

Designed with Bio Ionic’s trademarked Moisturizing Heat technology, the plates aim to lock moisture into the hair and enhance shine. If you want to try curling with a flat iron, you can expect defined curls without dents, thanks to the rounded barrel.

Max temperature: 450 degrees Fahrenheit | Auto shut-off: 60 minutes

Best budget
Remington 1″ Flat Iron with Anti-Static Technology

What we love

  • Affordable
  • High, even heat
  • Perfect for precision styling

What we don’t love

  • Not ideal for thick or long hair

We don’t all need an expensive hair straightener or fancy special features. This straightforward flat iron from Remington is a winner because it achieves results without a high cost. It’s designed with Anti-Static Technology to leave hair smooth and silky. 

The 1-inch plates are perfect for precision work or for creating smaller, more defined waves and curls. However, if you have a lot of hair, you may prefer one of Remington’s wider flat irons. 

This flat iron has all the basic features we’re looking for, like auto shut-off, robust heating capacity, and even a 6-foot swivel cord for easy maneuvering. There’s also an LCD display, so you’ll know the exact temperature it’s set to.

Max temperature: 450 degrees Fahrenheit | Auto shut-off: 60 minutes

Best splurge
Dyson Corrale

What we love

  • Flexing plates for faster styling with less heat damage
  • Excellent for curling
  • Cordless use for easy maneuvering

What we don’t love

  • Expensive
  • Heavy

For those in the market for a splurge, this option from Dyson boasts a few unique features that separate it from other flat irons: Its flexing manganese copper alloy plates gather hair for easy, one-pass styling. The barrel is large and curved, so it’s also ideal for curling, and the cordless use means you don’t have to worry about tangles as you twist it. 

The temperature goes up to 410 degrees Fahrenheit but because of the flexing plates, Dyson claims you can achieve excellent results with less heat and 50% less hair breakage. This could be useful if your hair is delicate or resistant to styling.   

It’s designed for cordless use with a 30-minute runtime, which isn’t always enough to straighten a full head of hair. It takes 70 minutes to fully charge the styling tool. However, if your hair is long or the battery is low (but not empty), you can also use it while it’s plugged in. Because of the built-in battery, though, it’s heavier than most other straighteners.  

We love the distinct features of this straightener, but the price is extremely high — it retails for over $400. It may be hard to justify unless you plan to straighten your hair on a daily or weekly basis.

Max temperature: 410 degrees Fahrenheit | Auto shut-off: 10 minutes

Best for damaged hair
T3 Lucea 1” Professional Straightening & Styling Iron

What we love

  • 9 heat settings
  • Gentle and consistent heat
  • Custom ceramic plates

What we don’t love

  • May underwhelm those with strong or coarse hair

Our top pick for fine or damaged hair comes from T3. The Lucea T3 has nine heat settings, ranging from a gentle 260 degrees Fahrenheit all the way up to 410. It also has Rapid Heat IQ technology, which keeps the heat consistent and precise as you use it for one-pass styling. The plates are made from CeraGloss, T3’s custom ceramic blend that contributes to shinier, smoother results.

We also love the versatility of this hair straightener. With its dual voltage compatibility, this flat iron is travel-friendly, making it your perfect companion wherever you go. Those with strong or coarse hair may be a little underwhelmed by this flat iron, but if your hair is a fine to medium texture, this flat iron is a solid pick.

Max temperature: 410 degrees Fahrenheit | Auto shut-off: 60 minutes

Best for coarse hair
BaBylissPRO Nano Titanium 1″ Ultra-Thin Straightener

What we love

  • Excellent for coarse hair
  • Powerful heat conductivity
  • Fast, efficient styling

What we don’t love

  • No auto shut-off

Ceramic plates don’t quite cut it when you have coarse hair. This powerful straightener from BaByliss has titanium plates to straighten hair that may be more resistant to heat styling. It has 50 heat settings, up to 450 degrees Fahrenheit for quick, effective straightening, and the titanium offers immense conductivity, which can amplify results.

That said, you’ll want to be careful before sharing it with your fine-haired friends since the extreme heat can damage delicate hair types. Despite the intensity, it’s easy to handle with a lightweight design and a 360-degree, 9-foot swivel cord. 

The slim, lightweight design provides excellent maneuverability and control, making it comfortable to use for extended periods. We think the 1-inch width is ideal for most styles, but it also comes in a smaller size for better control or a larger size for faster styling. 

Max temperature: 450 degrees Fahrenheit | Auto shut-off: None

Best for fast styling
GHD Max Styler 2-Inch Wide Plate Flat Iron

What we love

  • Extra-wide plates for faster styling
  • Heats up quickly
  • Consistent, even heat output

What we don’t love

  • Only 1 heat setting
  • Too wide for curling

You can’t go wrong with GHD styling tools, but the Max Styler stands out for anyone with lots of hair or who doesn’t like wasting time. This extra-large flat iron cuts down styling time for thick hair, thanks to the wide plates that deal with much more hair in one go. 

It reaches the maximum temperature in 30 seconds, which also speeds up the straightening process. However, it only has one temperature setting. At 365 degrees Fahrenheit, it’s a good level for many users, but it may not work for those who prefer to style on very low or very high heat. That said, the heat output is consistent and contributes to smooth and shiny hair. In fact, the brand boasts that the styler offers “80% more shine and up to two times less frizz.”

With all the great attributes of the flat iron, you should always keep in mind what your end goal is. If you tend to use your flat iron for curling, you’ll be better off with a more traditionally sized tool. Twisting your hair around this wide straightener for curls can be cumbersome.

Max temperature: 365 degrees Fahrenheit | Auto shut-off: 30 minutes

Best affordable titanium
Conair 1-inch Rainbow Titanium Flat Iron

What we love

  • Reasonably priced
  • Conducts heat well
  • 6 heat settings

What we don’t love

  • Shorter cord

Also known as the InfinitiPRO, this hair straightener from Conair is famous for its memorable rainbow plates and reasonable price. It’s a reliable flat iron for anyone on a budget whose hair is hard to straighten. 

The plates can heat up to 450 degrees Fahrenheit, and the titanium material makes them very conductive (they can deliver a lot of heat to the hair). It only takes 30 seconds to reach maximum heat. This results in fast, easy straightening, even for hair that’s resistant to styling. 

Conair added an ionic generator to this straightener to prevent frizz and damage, but we’d still urge you to practice caution when using it. It has six heat settings, so as long as you start at a lower temperature, you should be able to find your hair’s sweet spot. As with any hair straightener, a heat protectant is always a good idea for an added shield against heat.

The 6-foot cord on this straightener is a little short, which can be troublesome if you don’t have a good electric plug setup.

Max temperature: 450 degrees Fahrenheit | Auto shut-off: 60 minutes

Best all-in-one
CHI Tourmaline Ceramic 3-in-1 Hairstyling Iron

What we love

  • Precise straightening
  • Doubles as a curling wand
  • 3 heat settings: smooth, curl, and smooth and curl combo

What we don’t love

  • Exposed hot barrel
  • Narrow plates

CHI creates exciting tools that take an old favorite and give it a unique twist. This is an all-in-one flat iron and curling wand that functions in a few distinct ways. 

As a straightener, the ceramic plates get up to 425 degrees. Reviewers praised it for heating up quickly and straightening efficiently. You also get a 9-foot swivel cord, so you have some room to move around. It has a digital display that allows for precise temperature control. But, the plates are narrower than normal, which can be inconvenient if your hair is long. 

For curling, you can use it as you would a curling wand by twisting the hair around or following the typical twist-and-pull method of curling with a flat iron. This is handy if you’ve always wanted a 2-in-1 but struggled to master curling with a straightener.  

Just watch out not to burn yourself while using it. The outside of the barrel won’t heat up when set to Smooth mode, but the ceramic plates may still conduct some of that heat. Consider using it with a heat-protective styling glove to avoid accidents.

Max temperature: 425 degrees Fahrenheit | Auto shut-off: 60 minutes

Best for dry hair
L’Oreal Professionnel Steampod Hair Straightener + Curling Iron

What we love

  • Steam infuses hair with moisture
  • Prevents damage
  • Leaves hair looking smooth and healthy

What we don’t love

  • A little finicky to use
  • Heavy

An alternative to straightening your hair is steaming it. The Steampod from L’Oreal is the most innovative hair straightening tool we’ve seen in recent years, as it infuses the hair with steam as it styles. We’re usually skeptical when anyone tries to reinvent the wheel, so what’s even most surprising is that it actually works. 

This tool enhances the typical hair straightening plates with a steam element. Tiny holes along the side of one plate emit blasts of steam that hits your hair right before the plates pass over it. The steam hydrates the hair to reduce breakage and damage, enhance smoothness, and speed up styling time, complete with three heat settings.With Steampod technology, you get 2x faster and smoother results, plus 91% less breakage overall.

Reviewers consistently raved that their hair felt smooth and healthy after they used it. We think it’s worth a try if your hair is dry and you find that most traditional straighteners damage your hair. 

Using it is a little more demanding than the average straightener. You’ll have to make sure the tank is filled with distilled water, and you can only move the plates in one direction, as shown by the arrows outside the plate. It’s also heavier than most other straighteners because of the added steamer.

Max temperature: 410 degrees Fahrenheit | Auto shut-off: 30 minutes

Best for on-the-go
GHD Unplugged Styler—Cordless Flat Iron

What we love

  • Portable and travel-friendly
  • Excellent for touch-ups
  • Can create lovely curls

What we don’t love

  • Short battery life

This portable and travel-friendly hair straightener from GHD offers the ease of cordless use. Compared to competitors, this flat iron is 30% smaller and has a 47% lighter frame, making it especially apt for travel. However, you’ll also want to keep in mind that this hair straightener is best for fine and medium hair — the temperature stays at a consistent 365 degrees Farenheit.

The barrel is curved, which allows for curling without getting all tangled up in a cord. The tool can be charged via USB-C in about two hours, but it can’t be used while plugged in.

A full battery only lasts for 20 minutes of styling, which is ideal for quick touch-ups. It shines as a tool on the go or for styling short hair, but if your hair is long, it probably won’t suffice for daily use since the barrel is short.

Max temperature: 365 degrees Fahrenheit | Auto shut-off: 3 minutes

Final thoughts

An ideal flat iron should help you straighten your hair easily without pulling or causing much damage. That’s why the Bio Ionic 10x won the top spot on our list — it’s a fast and effective hair straightener that should work for most styles and hair types. But with so many flat irons in different shapes, sizes, and materials, don’t be afraid to try whichever straightener catches your eye. 

How to pick the right flat iron for you

Your hair condition, length, and desired style should all influence which hair straightener you ultimately select. Here are some factors to keep in mind to help you decide. 

Hair condition

  • Delicate. When you have fragile or damaged hair, you’ll want to choose a straightener with a low heat setting option and special features described as “moisturizing” or “protecting.” The Bio Ionic 10x and T3 Lucea are both excellent options. 
  • Coarse. If your hair is coarse and resistant to styling, the best flat iron for you will run pretty hot, with a max temperature above 400 degrees. Straighteners with titanium plates, like our picks from BaByliss and Conair may also offer better conductivity for easier styling. 
  • Long. Straightening long hair can take ages, but a flat iron with wide plates like the Max Styler from GHD can speed things up. You might want to avoid cordless straighteners since their batteries often won’t last as long as you need. 
  • Short. You’ll want a small, easy-to-maneuver straightener like the Dyson Corrale or GHD Unplugged, which will prevent the risk of accidentally burning yourself as you try to handle shorter sections of hair. 


  • Straightening. Any of the straighteners on our list will do an excellent job of helping you achieve pin-straight locks. 
  • Curls. If you’d like to create curls with your straightener, look for a tool with a rounded barrel to prevent accidentally denting the hair as you twist and pull it through the iron. Tools like the CHI 3-in-1 iron make it even easier, thanks to the round barrel that heats up. 
  • Waves. You may want a slightly larger straightener like the GHD Max Styler to create loose waves. For tight ringlets, flat irons with smaller widths will work well. 


What’s the best brand for hair straighteners and flat irons? 

With so many fantastic brands out there, it’s hard to select just one. You can’t go wrong with most flat irons from Bio Ionic, which holds our top place, but GHD and BaByliss also offer a wide range of straighteners. 

What’s the top hair straightener?

Based on our research, the top hair straightener is the Bio Ionic 10x Styling Iron. It’s versatile to suit all hair types and has a few unique features that boost its speed and gentle smoothing. 

Which hair straighteners and flat irons do professionals use?

Professionals tend to gravitate towards mid and high-end hair straighteners that’ll hold up to heavy use in the salon on a wide range of hair types. BaByliss, which positions itself as a salon brand, is very popular with professional stylists. You also will find that CHI stylers and products are often used in hair salons.