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What Is Hot Oil Treatment for Hair? Benefits & Uses

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Considering you have ever asked an expert how to treat your hair at least once, you have properly read or heard a thing or two about the hot oil treatment for hair. The mysterious thing is there is no particular oil destined to be used for this age-old process; you might even have suitable hair oils in your precious kitchen.

Hot Oil Treatment for Hair Benefits & Uses

Let’s acquire knowledge on hot oil treatment for hair, from its benefits to uses to the best oils to use to get more beautiful, revitalized locks from the comfort of your own home!

Hot Oil Treatment for Hair Benefits & Uses: Contents

5 Ready-Made Hot Oil Treatments for Hair to Try

There are several ready-made hot oil treatments for hair on the market, but not all of them might be for you. So check out five of the best to try!

1. St. Tropica Organic Coconut Hot Oil Hair Mask with Biotin + Superfoods

Highly certified and uniquely made, this hot hair oil treatment comes with organic coconut infused with vitalizing ingredients to repair all the damages your hair might have gone through. This amazing hair mask has hair superfoods like biotin, green tea, alma and other additions that make it a must-have for you.

Apply some on your hair and massage the scalp to the strand of your hair with it. Additionally, the ingredients have been highly certified to not have undergone any sort of animal testing. Get it from Ulta Beauty!

Best Hot Oil Treatments for Hair: St. Tropica Organic Coconut Hot Oil Hair Mask with Biotin + Superfoods

2. Starskin Coco-Nuts Nourishing Coconut Hot Oil Hair Mask

Rich in coconut oil and some of Mother Nature’s finest ingredients, this nourishing hot oil treatment has what it takes to make your hair healthier than ever. This highly penetrative product will make your hair softer, stronger and will increase in volume. It is currently available for purchase at Beauty Expert.

Best Hot Oil Treatments for Hair: Starskin Coco-Nuts Nourishing Coconut Hot Oil Hair Mask

3. Okay Black Jamaican Castor and Hot Oil for Treatment

This hot oil hair treatment is also an amazing hair growth product for those that want to get longer hair in no time. It restores damaged hair and gives life to it when used just once a week on unwashed hair. Follow with your favorite shampoo and conditioner and feel the amazing results. You can find it online on Amazon.

Best Hot Oil Treatments for Hair: Okay Black Jamaican Castor and Hot Oil for Treatment

4. Queen Helene Jojoba Hot Oil Treatment

One of the best hot oil treatments for hair is signed Queen Helene and it has the power to make you the queen in town. The jojoba oil contained is an incredible conditioning and moisturizing agent for dry hair and scalp, deeply penetrating into damaged hair to restore it. This hot oil is great for hair that has undergone excessive blow drying and over processing. Grab it online at BeautyEncounter!

Best Hot Oil Treatments for Hair: Queen Helene Jojoba Hot Oil Treatment

5. Paul Brown Kukui Nut “Hot” Oil Treatment

For that shine and exuberance that you want for your hair, simply get a bottle of this excellent hot oil treatment for hair. This Hawaiian oil rejuvenates dry and damaged hair by adding lustre and elasticity. Its lightweight non-greasy formula also replaces hair moisture naturally and does so while still protecting your hair color. Pick it up online at BeautyPlus Salon!

Best Hot Oil Treatments for Hair: Paul Brown Kukui Nut "Hot" Oil Treatment

What Is Hot Oil Treatment for Hair All About?

Hot oil treatment is a hair and scalp treatment that implies using natural hot oils to treat damaged hair, protecting and strengthening it with vitamin and nutrients. Hot oils are basically a mixture of some of the finest essential oils into one full package. This awesome hair treatment takes a very short while to practise, and nourishing the hair with enough nutrients, it makes the hair grow stronger and keeps it healthy.

Hot oils have a solution for dry scalp, hair breakage, excessive shedding, and a lot of other issues that might be affecting your hair. In fact, hot oil treatment is great for any type of hair, and you can go from damaged hair to volumes with just a few steps.

Hot Oil Treatment Benefits for Hair

There is a reason for the timeless popularity that hot oil treatment has enjoyed. Women naturally put their hair through a lot of stress just to get that perfect hair they have always dreamed of. From teasing to coloring and curling to applying hair styling products and subjecting the hair to various degrees of temperature, hair styling often puts your hair under a lot of stress depriving it of life.

However, using hot oil hair treatment will help you avoid all the negative effects of these actions, thereby helping your mane to achieve strength and retain moisture for a healthy look. For a full picture of the wonders that hot oil does for your hair, here are the benefits of hot oil hair treatment.

Hot Oil Treatment Benefits for Hair

Helps Moisturize Your Hair

If your hair is dry or brittle, you can try the hot oil treatment – in addition to heat – to bring your hair back to life. This might occur mostly during the cold season when the weather dries out your hair and causes it to break from even the slightest run-through of a comb. Treat your hair with hot oils once in a week to get the lost oil back into the hair follicles and to rejuvenate the strength.

Prevents Styling and Color Damage

Whenever you want to style your hair, you can use hot oils in combination with the styling product. Heat styling is likely to damage the hair, but this can be controlled by combining it with the hot oil treatment for hair. And, not only does the oil keep the hair healthy, but also it adds life to the hair, thereby making it look more vibrant.

Prevents Frizz and Split Ends

Frizzy hair can become a woman’s problem at any time of the year. It does not matter if it is summer or winter, you can get that curled, ruffled mass weighing your hair down. However, a hot oil treatment moisturizes your hair from within and shuts off the hair to stop it from having split ends and any frizz.

Shields Your Hair From Sun Damage

Excessive heat, UV rays, dust, and all sorts of dirt are very unique to summertime; also, all very harmful to your hair. The hot oil treatment for hair creates a protective shield that blocks the sun from causing any damage to your hair, such as discoloration and weakness.

Adds Shine and Strength

One of the perks of using hot oils to treat your hair is that they create a shine that makes your hair glimmer. They also prevent dandruff and dry scalp so that your hair is strengthened from the scalp and follicle to the ends. This will save you some money and the time you need to spend visiting the salon.

How to Apply Hot Oil Treatment for Hair

Blood Circulation Is Improved

Blood is what supplies nutrients to various parts of the body, including your hair, of course. These nutrients are responsible for giving your hair follicles the life and strength they need. Hence, it is vital to have a healthy blood circulation for your hair to be in good shape. The hot oil treatment for hair stimulates blood flow to and from the scalp so that the required nutrients are supplied and, in turn, aids healthy hair.

Best Oils to Use for the Hot Oil Hair Treatment

Hot oil treatment is very effective in adding the required nutrients needed to nourish your hair. Adding heat to the oil that you choose to put in your hair even makes it more effective at keeping your hair moisturized, eliminating the frizz and giving it strength.

When it comes to hot oil treatment for hair, you can choose just about any kind of oil and slather it on your mane. However, there are some hot oils that create a phenomenal experience when you use them, and some of these oils are very good for specific hair types.

So it would be better to check the oil that works for you before using it for your hair. Here are some of the oils that you can use for your hair treatment!

Coconut Oil

This is almost everyone’s favorite when it comes to the hot oil hair treatment. It is naturally the first type of oil every one thinks of due to how versatile it is. Coconut oil not only nourishes your hair but also conditions it making it soft to the touch and incredibly light.

Some of the biggest benefits your hair can get from this oil are moisture retention, treatment of split ends and a shiny look. Another reason why coconut oil for hair is great is that you don’t need to worry about your hair type – it’s an all-rounder and works on just about all the hair types.

Castor Oil

If you have oily or thin hair, then castor oil is the perfect oil for you. It has drying properties to cleanse the hair. It also contains omega-9 fatty acids for treating damaged hair and keeping dandruff or any other scalp infection at bay. Additionally, it adds strength to thin hair so that it doesn’t break so easily.

Argan Oil

Argan oil is usually referred to as “liquid gold”, which is because the oil boasts so many benefits it is quite popular among hair care lovers. The oil is rich in nutrients that are essential for those with finer hair.

Some of the important nutrients that argan oil adds to your hair include omega-3, omega-9 and vitamin E, which are essential in keeping your frizz under control and leaving your hair quite soft and silky. As far as hot oil treatment for hair goes, this oil protects your hair from toxins and gives you a super shiny mane after using it.

How to Make Hot Oil Treatment for Hair at Home

Almond Oil

Here is another hair oil that contains vitamin E for nourishing your hair. The vitamin, which protects the hair from external elements, is quite essential for your hair to grow well and remain healthy.

Almond oil is also really light, and the variety of nutrients infused into it makes it effective in moisturizing your hair and preventing scalp inflammation. What you will love about the oil is how light it feels when you use it. If you want a hair oil that prevents your hair from breaking, then choose almond oil.

Avocado Oil

Avocado oil is another great choice for the hot oil hair treatment. Amino acids, fatty acids and vitamins A, D, E, and B6 are the most prominent nutrients that you will find in avocado oil. This makes it very good for moisturizing your hair, stimulating hair growth and reducing frizz. It is a particularly good choice if what you are looking for is healthy and shiny hair.

Olive Oil

This is quite possibly the most accessible oil to people that want to treat their hair with hot oil. Olive oil is rich in vitamin E, vitamin A, and anti-oxidants that keep your hair from aging signs like greying and thinning.

Most importantly, the oil keeps your hair extremely soft and moisturized, making sure that issues like dandruff are kept at bay. Only a small amount gets you the desired result, but you should avoid using it too much.

What Hair Types Is Hot Oil Treatment Good for?

When it comes to enjoying all the hot oil treatment benefits, there is no type of hair that is left out. Although it is quite beneficial to those that have dry and color-treated hair since it is very effective at improving the moisture and health of the hair, that does not mean it doesn’t work on other hair types.

Since there are various hair types, the kind of oils you use and the interval at which you would apply them will have to be specific for your precise hair type. We have listed the various hair types below along with a guide to help you properly use hot oil treatment to improve the quality and health of your hair.

Hot Oil Treatment for Normal Hair

If your hair is neither dry nor oily, then you fall into this category. You are to perform hot oil treatments for your hair at least once a month. This is to help your hair stay moisturized and healthy. But if you feel like your hair needs more moisture, feel free to apply it weekly or every fortnight. What actually matters is what you believe is best for your hair.

Hot Oil Treatment for Colored Hair

Whether you are a redhead or a blonde, you need to apply hot oils to your hair weekly even if the hair seems healthy. The treatment works more efficiently when you leave the oil overnight or apply it before washing your hair. This will keep your hair protected and free from any damage.

Hot Oil Treatment for Oily Hair

It seems like a cliché to add hot oils to already oily hair, but they are in fact very essential for protecting your hair from damage. Hot oils promote hair growth and keep your locks nourished. Applying it once every fortnight will keep your hair from getting damaged.

Also, ensure that you do not keep your oil on for more than one hour to prevent weighing the hair down. Oils like almond oil can be used to achieve maximum result due to its lightness.

Hot Oil Hair Treatment for Different Hair Types

Hot Oil Treatment for Kinky Coarse Hair

Castor oil is the most suitable hot oil for this kind of hair. It saves the hair from being dry and brittle by moisturizing it from the roots to the tips. You can also add coconut oil to give you a scalp that is free of itching and dandruff. For the best result, you should use the hot oil treatment at least once a week.

Hot Oil Treatment for Fine Hair

If you have fine hair, you are probably hesitant about adding any extra oil to your already oily scalp. Well, using jojoba oil and grape seed oil will only give you the same type of oil your scalp already produces. You can also make use of chamomile oil to bring out the best of your hair type. Pertaining to the routine, apply hot oil treatment for hair once every fortnight.

How to Make Your Hot Oil Treatment for Hair at Home

Hot oil hair treatment can be quite a luxury to possess. Whether it is for fine or oily hair, there are specific ingredients that are unique to make a hot oil treatment for your hair type.

The General Method

Before we start learning how to make hot oil treatments for specific hair types, here are some specific methods that are common to all hair types.


• Sweet almond oil, jojoba oil, coconut oil, avocado oil, or olive oil
• Essential oil(s) (optional)
• Moisturizing conditioner
• Gentle shampoo
• Infused herbs (optional)

Put 3 to 6 spoons of pure oil into the microwave-safe bowl using any of the oils listed above (according to your hair type). The longer the hair, the more oil you need.

Add a drop or two of essential oil into the bowl for a scented treatment. Stir the mixture using a spoon. You can add essential oils with intoxicating scents, e.g. rosemary, lavender, and rose.

Put the bowl on a heated stove and slowly boil the mixture. You can add the herbs while the bowl is on the stove. Once the oil is heated, take a cheesecloth or coffee strainer to strain the chopped herbs. Pour the oil into a container and it is ready for use.

Hot Oil Hair Treatment for Specific Types of Hair

For fine hair…

• 1 part jojoba oil, grape seed oil or chamomile oil

For normal hair…

• Sweet almond oil, argan oil, or extra virgin coconut oil

For dry or coarse hair…

• Avocado oil

For oily hair…

• Jojoba oil or castor oil

What Is Hot Oil Treatment for Hair?

You can add essential oils to the hot oils to help add moisture to your hair and give the hot oil a beautiful fragrance. You can choose between adding essential oils like:

• Chamomile oil (for moisturizing)
• Rosemary oil (for lovely dark hair)
• Sandalwood (for string fragrance)
• Carrot seed oil (for moisturizing)

If you like adding herbs to hot oils, take a teaspoon of any of the following herbs and add it to the mixture of your ingredients: parsley, black tea, chamomile, or rosemary.

Prepare your hot oil treatment for your hair type using the same methods as explained in the general preparation method and enjoy!

How to Apply Hot Oil Hair Treatment

• After washing your hair, apply the hot oil to your damp hair and make sure it is massaged into your scalp.

• Wrap your hair in a towel for 30 minutes. You can also use a shower cap or heat steamer under a low heat setting for about 15 minutes.

• Rinse your hair to remove all the oil and shampoo, and then apply a moisturizing conditioner to the tips. Finally, rinse it out with hot water.

• Then, comb your hair and allow it to air-dry.

Tips for Making the Best Use of Hot Oil Hair Treatment

• Make sure you do not overheat the oil during the process of making it yourself. This can scald the skin of your head and cause injury.

• Give your hair enough time to soak up the hot oil before shampooing or rinsing it with conditioner. Let it stay for at least 15 to 20 minutes.

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