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How to Clean Makeup Sponges

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Your makeup sponges shouldn’t look and feel great only when new but also every time you use them to apply makeup. Proper cleaning and sanitizing will not only make your makeup application seamless and pleasant but also will prevent bacteria build-up and skin issues. In this article, we’ll show you how to clean makeup sponges and powder puffs easily, using the most trusted techniques.

Cleaning Your Makeup Sponges

Clean your makeup sponges with cleanser and water. All methods will require you to soak your sponge in a type of soapy water.

After some research, one of the absolute best methods of cleaning makeup sponges is to microwave them. Bear with me, there are good reasons for tossing your beloved makeup sponge into the microwave, as it is a specific way to clean it without causing damage. Microwaving your best makeup sponge will clean it and disinfect it simultaneously.

So what method is best to go about this task?

  • Mix a mild soap with warm water in a microwave-safe bowl or cup. Mix enough to fully submerge the makeup sponge once it has soaked up some of the water and expanded.
  • Submerge the makeup sponge in the dish.
  • Place the dish in the microwave and let it run for one minute.
  • Remove the dish carefully. Your water should now be full of makeup residue while the makeup sponge has a new life.
  • Let the water cool and squeeze out the excess water from the sponge. Let it air-dry and then put it away for the next application.

Not sure you want to microwave your makeup sponge? Just follow steps one and two, then squeeze the sponge continuously to flush out some of the makeup.

You can also soak the makeup sponge and rub it with soap. Afterwards, continue to let it absorb and squeeze out the excess water beneath a running tap.

You can even throw your makeup sponge in a mesh or lingerie bag and throw it in the laundry with your clothes!

How to Clean Powder Puffs or Makeup Brushes

  • Clean your powder puff and makeup brushes by first tapping it on a paper towel or over a washcloth to get rid of the excess powder that would otherwise clump up when it was wet.
  • Fill a bowl with warm soapy water.
  • Submerge your powder puff or the bristles of your makeup brush into the warm soapy water and swish it a bit to get it throughout the tool. Rub your tool with your fingers or on the side of the bowl to help remove any makeup or debris. Do this until the water running out of it is clear.
  • Rinse your powder puff or makeup brush off with clean warm water.
  • Let your tools air-dry.

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