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How to Wear Metallic Eyeshadow

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Putting on a metallic eyeshadow is not too different from putting on a matte or a satin shade. We have a few tips to help you perfect that application, anyway! Below, we have added some must-know tips about how to rock metallic eyeshadow like a pro.

  • To guarantee that your metallic eyeshadow looks flawless all day long, do yourself a favor and apply a thin layer of an eyeshadow primer before starting to work on your eyes. The primer will also help amp up the color or your eyeshadow, and it’ll prevent everything from smudging to fading to creasing.
  • Going into using metallics, remember that the reflective sheen of the shadow makes it behave differently than a matte. A matte brown eyeshadow will always look darker than a metallic brown eyeshadow because the metallic reflects more light and behaves more like a highlighter. Remember this when putting together your eyeshadow color stories.
  • One of the most classic eyeshadow looks is a very light metallic eyeshadow in the inner corner of the eye and under the brows as a highlight, a slightly more medium-toned metallic shadow on the lid, and then a medium or deep eyeshadow in the outer corner or crease.
  • However, don’t feel constricted! You can play around with all-metallic looks, or mixed texture looks as much as you like.
  • For even more pop, use a white cream base or primer under your eyeshadow. This will brighten up the shade and amp up its intensity.
  • On the other hand, a base of black cream eyeliner under a deeper metallic eyeshadow can have a smoldering smokey effect.
  • For a more intense “foil” effect, apply your metallic eyeshadow with a damp brush instead of a dry one.
  • You can apply your metallic eyeshadow like eyeliner, either along the upper or lower lash line (or both). All you’ll need to create the look is a damp eyeliner brush.
  • Some metallic shades work beautifully on other parts of the face! Champagne, pearl, and gold shadows can double as highlighters, or you can dab a pinky metallic shade over the center of your lips to create a fuller, more glamorous pout.
  • Those with mature skin are often told to stay away from metallics because they can highlight fine lines and other texture issues in the skin. This is sort-of true, especially with very light metallic eyeshadows, but deeper shades can be more forgiving, especially if you’re careful with your placement. If you have mature skin and are just starting to play with eyeshadows, we recommend sticking to mattes and then progressing to metallics as you get more confident.
How to Apply Metallic Eyeshadow

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