Vinyl skirts are one of the biggest fashion trends, and everyone seems to love it. Although shining throughout this eclectic autumnal season is not that hard when wearing a vinyl skirt, we know many fashion enthusiasts do love such statement pieces, but often find it equally hard to pair it with something nice and flattering.

How to Wear Vinyl Skirts

Considering the fact that most vinyl or patent leather skirts are mini in their lengths during 2019, those, who dare showing off one, are even fewer. Whether your vinyl skirt is mini, midi, or maxi, flawlessly donning one is easier than what you might expect, especially if you favour minimalist outfits over more flamboyant ones.

Since vinyl skirts are pretty outré on their own, if your wardrobe is filled with black sweatshirts, turtleneck sweaters or more generally speaking Parisian-inspired garments, combining a vinyl skirt is a piece of cake. Alternatively, if “extravaganza” is your middle name, opting for a total vinyl look à la Tom Ford’s runway show is a win-win move, too.

Whatever your “outfit category” is, we summed up the best fashion tips and tricks on how to wear vinyl skirts right, and also selected the 7 coolest vinyl skirts of the moment to tempt you to play with fashion!

The Trend of Vinyl Skirts: Contents

7 Coolest Vinyl Skirts for 2019 – Our Selection
How to Wear a Vinyl Skirt – Our 4 Tips

7 Coolest Vinyl Skirts for 2019 – Our Selection

Ready to dare with the vinyl skirt trend? These 7 vinyl skirts for 2019 are here to inspire you to add a shining vibe to your autumnal looks!

1. Pink Vinyl Skirt, Homage to British Youth

One of this most appreciated runway trends is an ode to British youth, with clear references to the Sixties youth. Translated to fashion, that means vinyl miniskirts aplenty. This pink vinyl skirt available for purchase at Forward perfectly embodies the British youth craze while at the same time treating us to a killer fashion statement we can’t help but love!

Best Vinyl Skirts to Buy: Staud Vinyl Skirt

2. Zip-Front Vinyl Skirt

If vinyl skirts are your thing but so are high-fashion designer items, Rag & Bone has got your back! A-lined and refined with high-quality laminated leather, the brand’s most acclaimed vinyl skirt for 2019 is everything you need to shine through the day! Get yours at Net-a-Porter!

Best Vinyl Skirts to Buy: Rag & Bone Vinyl Skirt

3. Vinyl Moto Skirt

For a more audacious punk-rock appeal, head to Faith Connection, whose vinyl moto skirt is just the perfect answer for anyone who’s willing to pamper herself with a night out-approved fashion statement. Asymmetrical and made with leather, you can find it at Shopbop.

Best Vinyl Skirts to Buy: Faith Connection Vinyl Skirt

4. An Unbalanced Wrap Vinyl Skirt

Haute couture meets a soigné, yet high-street-inspired Parisian look with Gwen, a vinyl skirt that features a glamorous wrap hem, and an edgy, slightly shiny effect. This baby blue vinyl skirt will easily leave anyone speechless. It is available for purchase at Revolve.

Best Vinyl Skirts to Buy: By The Way Vinyl Skirt

5. Elegant Mid-Length Vinyl Skirt

For the ultimate glamorous factor turn to MSGM instead, whose ultra-flared midi vinyl skirt is a well-balanced potpourri of the most anticipated trends. Crafted with high-shine patent leather, it is available for purchase at Farfetch.

Best Vinyl Skirts to Buy: MSGM Vinyl Skirt

6. Button-Up Vinyl Skirt

Made of shiny black patent leather, Proenza Schouler’s vinyl skirt features the fanciest button-up front ever and is incredibly versatile in its nature. Wear it with a pair of fishnet tights for a glam-rock style, or with a turtleneck sweater and a pair of chunky ankle boots for a more Parisian-inspired look. You can get yours at My Theresa!

Best Vinyl Skirts to Buy: Proenza Schouler Vinyl Skirt

7. A-Line Modern Midi Vinyl Skirt

Last but not least, if you fancy extravagant looks, don’t miss Marni’s modern mid-length vinyl skirt, the delicious glossy color of which is one-of-a-kind, indeed. Available at My Theresa, it is made in Italy.

Best Vinyl Skirts to Buy: Marni Vinyl Skirt

How to Wear a Vinyl Skirt – Our 4 Tips

Generally speaking shiny patent leather or vinyl is one of the most statement-making materials, which don’t require much styling to stand out from the crowd. So keeping things toned down and as low-profile as possible is always a great idea when it comes to creating chic looks with vinyl skirts.

Ideas of Wearing a Vinyl Skirt right

Light Your Vinyl Skirt Up

Vinyl skirts are for daytime too, although many restrict them only to the night-out-approved outfits. To light your vinyl skirt up, pair it with graphic-emblazoned sweatshirts, T-shirts or sweaters – you’ll end up looking effortlessly cute and romantic at the same time.

Pair Your Vinyl Skirt with Soft Fabrics

Another useful tip to wear your vinyl skirt during daytime is to pair it with soft, cozy fabrics, which exude anything, but wintery comfort. Opt for a knit jumper to tone down the vinyl skirt’s high-end glamour. Otherwise, if you choose to wear your vinyl skirt in spring or summer, a simple cotton T-shirt or a classic shirt can be great accompaniments to your vinyl skirt.

PVC/ Vinyl Skirt Trend: Ways of Wearing a Vinyl Skirt

Play with Proportions

If your vinyl skirt is high-waisted, balance your silhouette either with a pair of ankle boots and a cropped sweater, or with a pair of solid-colored sneakers/ flat shoes and a more voluminous shirt. A pair of Mary Jane shoes can also be a cute finishing touch to your vinyl skirt outfit if you decide to take your look from day to night.

If You Feel Uncomfortable, Opt For a Midi Vinyl Skirt

If the vinyl fabric combined with the mini length makes you uncomfortable, but you would really like to add a vinyl skirt to your wardrobe, we suggest starting off with a midi vinyl skirt. When compared to a vinyl miniskirt, it seems less risqué for sure, and will look hopelessly romantic even when paired with a whimsical vinyl coat, too.

Vinyl Skirt Fashion Trend and Tips

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