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Best Green Eyeshadows

The Glowsly editors independently test and choose the best products. We may receive commissions on purchases made from the affiliate links.

Green eyeshadow can be intimidating to some. Green is a vibrant color, and its various shades and undertones can play very differently against different skin tones. Seeing green eyeshadow is rare in both real life and on social media, but that’s exactly what makes this color so special. Green eyeshadows can add a pop of brightness to a neutral look, incorporate a fresh twist to a smoky eye, or take center stage in a monochromatic look.

If you’d like to add some green to your collection, our selection below of the top 10 green eyeshadows (available right now) can help. Since green eyeshadows come in various hues and shades, our selection is broad. Read through to find your go-to sage for a natural makeup look or a stunning metallic emerald that’ll make you the center of attention. 

Best green eyeshadow overview:

How we chose the best green eyeshadows

With tons of colored eyeshadows on the market, finding the right brand and shade of green can be overwhelming. So we did the legwork for you. Each product listed here has been thoroughly vetted and selected by our editorial team. We don’t recommend any product we wouldn’t choose ourselves.

Our research process placed a high priority on these criteria: 

  • Swatches. Seeing the product put to use is the best way to determine if it’s worthy of your purchase. We reviewed swatches of each eye shadow on various skin tones before awarding it as the best for a given category.
  • Customer reviews. To get a general consensus of how users feel about the product, we scoured through hundreds of customer reviews and ratings to better understand an eyeshadow’s value across a broad range of people.
  • Price. Budgets vary from person to person, so we did our best to offer options at every price point.

Our picks for the best green eyeshadows

Best overall
Urban Decay 24/7 Shadow in Float

What we love

  • Highly pigmented formula
  • Designed to stay put for 12 hours
  • Stunning metallic teal shade

What we don’t love

  • May seem a little bluer than green

This stunning teal eyeshadow from Urban Decay sits somewhere between green and blue. It’s a cool-hued option that’s easiest to pull off on cool skin tones. But when looking at swatches, the shade is also gorgeous on warm skin. Urban Decay describes the formula as “supercharged,” as it’s intensely reflective and pigmented.

One could argue that it’s more blue than green, but when a shade is so pretty, does it really matter? We think it’d pair best with contrasting warm eyeshadows or neutral or cool shades of green for a more monochromatic look.

Type: Creamy powder | Shade: Metallic teal

Best splurge
Charlotte Tilbury Luxury Palette in Green Lights

What we love

  • Earthy green palette is excellent for beginners ready to experiment with green
  • Olive and gold-based shades are great for warm skin
  • Glamorous metallic finish with excellent pigmentation

What we don’t love

  • Using the palette alone won’t work for everyone

This luxurious limited-edition eyeshadow quad is the best green eyeshadow palette for anyone who wants to dip their toes into wearing green shades. This palette’s color story is warm and earthy, with olive green, brown-green, olive gold shades, and one true gold shade. The natural color story will best flatter those with warm undertones. 

All of the shades in the palette have a metallic finish, so they’re ideal for more glamorous looks, though that doesn’t preclude them from fitting daytime looks, too.

Using nothing but this palette for one complete look is a little restrictive, as all-shimmer makeup looks don’t suit everyone or every occasion. The brightest shade is a little too deep to work as a highlight for light skin tones, while the darkest shade isn’t necessarily deep enough to work as a crease shade for darker skin tones. As a result, we suggest using it in combination with eye shades from other palettes. 

The formula is highly pigmented and long-wearing, which we’d expect considering the price and Charlotte Tilbury’s reputation. That said, if you break down the cost by shadow, it’s actually on par with what you’d pay when buying eyeshadows individually.

Type: Pressed powder | Shades: 4 warm olives

Best budget
ColourPop Super Shock Shadow in Mint 4 U

What we love

  • Budget-friendly
  • Smooth, creamy formula
  • Complex mint shade with golden flecks

What we don’t love

  • Probably won’t work as a crease color

We’re utterly enamored with this ultra-shiny metallic mint from ColourPop. ColourPop is known for its fun and colorful makeup at very affordable prices. It’s a fantastic brand if you want to build an extensive eyeshadow collection without overspending. 

This shadow has a hybrid crème powder formula, so it’s soft and smooth to apply. Mint is considered a cool shade of green, but this shadow has some gold flecks that add warmth, which makes it more suited for a broader range of skin tones. 

Since the Mint 4 U color is so light and glowy, it’s an easy choice for brightening the lid. But you’ll probably want to avoid pulling it high into your crease, where the reflective sheen could make the eyes look puffy — especially if you have hooded eyes. 
ColourPop describes this shade as very pigmented but looking at the brand’s color swatches, that’s probably an overstatement. That’s not a dealbreaker, though, since it still offers the eyes a pretty mint sheen. And, you can always build it up for more intensity. The brand’s On Set is a bolder minty option if you prefer something a little darker.

Type: Creme powder | Shade: Metallic Mint

Best value palette
Revlon ColorStay Looks Book Eye Shadow Palette in Player

What we love

  • Budget-friendly palette
  • Includes 3 distinct green shades plus additional colors
  • Great pigmentation

What we don’t love

  • Shades packed too close together
  • May have a bit of fall out

Young, creative, and on a budget? The Player palette is ideal for adding some greens, along with a few other shades, to your collection. The palette might be small, but it packs eight different eyeshadows: three greens with metallic finishes, two blues, and three classically-flattering neutrals. 

This palette sparks the imagination with a combination of easy-to-wear shades like metallic olive, beige, and champagne, as well as bright pops of color like teal and lime. We can think of dozens of ways to use this palette, and it’s definitely comprehensive enough, so there’s no need for supplementary shades. 

With so many shadows and a highly pigmented formula (especially for metallic shades), the palette is a remarkable value for budget makeup shoppers. However, it may have a bit of fallout. And, since the shades sit so close together in the palette, it can be challenging to use without a bit of powder flying over to one of the other pans.

Type: Pressed powder palette | Shades: 8, including lime green, teal, and dark olive

Best for ease of use
Bobbi Brown Long-Wear Cream Shadow Stick in Forest

What we love

  • Long-wearing
  • Easy to apply
  • Can be used as a base for other shades

What we don’t love

  • Expensive

Cream eyeshadows have some dedicated fans, especially those who find powders messy or time-consuming. This particular cream shadow stick from Bobbi Brown is designed for quick and easy application. Thanks to the stick applicator, you can swipe the color directly on your eyelid without a brush and then use your fingers to blend. The formula is designed to stay put for up to 24 hours, with no flaking or smudging.

The brand describes the shade as a deep, shimmering green, but to our eyes, it has a lot of bronze. And this is precisely why we think it’d be a fantastic alternative to bronze for those with olive skin who want to match their undertones more closely. For others, it’s great for pairing with other earthy tones. Since it’s a stick, it’s easy to use as an eyeliner or a base for other shadows. 

However, these cream sticks are more expensive than single-powder eyeshadows. Most reviewers raved about how well this formula stays put without smudging, but a few do find that it can crease (which probably has to do with individual skin chemistry and the other skincare or makeup products being used). If you’re worried about creasing, you can always dust a bit of loose powder over the shadow to lock it into place.

Type: Cream | Shade: Metallic green

Best for warm looks
MAC Single Eyeshadow in What’s the WiFi

What we love

  • Pigmented formula requires minimal layering
  • Excellent for creating artistic or vibrant eye looks
  • long-wear formula lasts 8 hours

What we don’t love

  • Not the best shade for beginners
  • May not suit cool skin tones

Our favorite neon lime green eyeshadow comes courtesy of MAC. In our experience, finding a truly vibrant eyeshadow with a matte finish isn’t easy, but MAC delivers with its diverse range of eyeshadows. The pigmentation on this eyeshadow is impressive — reviewers raved that it applies to opacity with minimal layering. As with all MAC shadows, it’s ophthalmologist-tested and formulated to stay put for up to eight hours. 

This is the best green eyeshadow for anyone who wants to get creative with warmer shades of green. It works well as a pop of color or for artistic single eyeshadow looks. For something more complex, it pairs well with other shades of green or vibrant tones for a color-blocked look. 

Since lime is such an unusual shade, we wouldn’t recommend it for beginners. Starting out with more muted shades of green will be more manageable. This particular shadow flatters warm skin tones most readily, while those with cool skin tones might do better with a vibrant, cool-toned green like MAC’s Mint Condition or ColourPop’s aforementioned metallic Mint 4 U.

Type: Pressed powder | Shade: Lime

Best for earthy looks
Buxom Eyeshadow Bar Single Eyeshadow in No Faux

What we love

  • Unique iridescent shade that shifts depending on lighting
  • Primer-infused for better glide and less kickback
  • Can be arranged into a customized palette

What we don’t love

  • Compact must be purchased separately

Buxom No Faux is a snakeskin shade that slithered right into our hearts. It’s an unusual eyeshadow with a brown base and iridescent green to teal shift. This unique combination makes for a color that looks radically different depending on the lighting. It goes from a warm reddish olive to a cool silvery teal. It blends beautifully with other earthy tones because of the brown base, but it could also work with saturated, neutral greens. The iridescent effect is so unique, though, that we’d highly suggest making this shadow the star of any look.  

The formula is also interesting, with silicones and polymers mixed into the powder. Buxom calls it “primer-infused,” which leads to better adherence and supposedly better longevity (in practice, reviews on wear time are mixed, which suggests it’s on par with many other shadows, offering around 8 hours of wear). What everyone can agree on, though, is that the added primer ingredients make the shadow creamier to prevent powdery kickback and fallout.  

Buxom intends for single shadows to be arranged into palettes of varying sizes so that you can create your own color story using this shade. But if you purchase it alone, you’ll need to buy the compact separately, which will add a couple of extra dollars to the price. 

Type: Pressed powder | Shade: Brown-green shift

Best for dark looks
Anastasia Beverly Hills Eyeshadow Singles in Emerald

What we love

  • Attractive forest green with a metallic finish
  • Buildable and easy-to-blend
  • Dark enough for eyeliner, crease,or smokey looks

What we don’t love

  • Sold in pan without compact

This metallic eyeshadow from Anastasia Beverly Hills is a contender if you’re after a true deep green. It’s one of the deeper shades on our list but has a metallic finish that reflects light and adds luminosity. From our perspective, it looks like a neutral green, which means it can fit into a wide range of looks that suit most skin tones.

Anastasia Beverly Hills boasts that it’s pigmented yet buildable, with a finely-milled texture that blends out easily. All of these factors make it an attractive option for beginners who are still refining their technique. Some reviewers noted that the formula feels a little dry, although that’s mainly in comparison to ultra-creamy formulas like those from Buxom and ColourPop. 

The emerald color is dark enough to work as an eyeliner or crease shadow for light-to-medium skin, while those with deeper skin tones can rock it on the lid. We think it’d be stunning as a smoky, jewel-tone look.

Like some of the other shades on this list, the Anastasia Beverly Hills Eyeshadow Singles are sold as individual pans without a compact.

Type: Powder | Shade: Metallic forest green

Best for neutral looks
Kjaer Weis Eye Shadow in Green Depth

What we love

  • Sophisticated, deep green shade
  • Silky and blendable
  • Sustainable brand

What we don’t love

  • Contains talc
  • Case must be purchased separately

This simple green eyeshadow from sustainable luxury brand Kjaer Weis has a neutral undertone with gold flecks. Even though it’s described as a “true green,” we think it looks more like a deep green-gray — a fantastic option for creating a smoky eye or deepening the crease. Since the color is so neutral, it’ll pair easily with other eyeshadow shades (even greens!).  

The gold flecks are just enough to add the occasional sparkle without turning the finish into shimmer or metallic. We think it’s a sophisticated, mature green that’ll work for any setting. The silky, blendable texture and near-matte finish make it suitable for those with mature skin who find that metallics don’t suit their skin texture. 

Kjaer Weis presents itself as an organic brand, which some shoppers may conflate with clean beauty claims. That’s why it’s worth mentioning that this formula contains talcum, a controversial ingredient (although considered safe by the FDA).

Like a few other brands, these shadows are sold as refills, but compacts can be purchased separately. While we appreciate that this is an eco-friendly choice, the Kjaer Weis compacts are more expensive than the ones sold by Buxom and Anastasia Beverly Hills.

Type: Pressed Powder | Shade: Gold-flecked deep green

Best for unique looks
Clionadh Jewelled Multichrome Eyeshadow in Patina

What we love

  • Unique multi-chrome formula
  • Color shift spans all shades of green
  • Creamy and smooth formula

What we don’t love

  • Compact not included
  • Tricky to use for classic eyeshadow looks

We wanted to showcase something special for the last green shadow on our list. Clionadh is an indie makeup brand known for creating multi-chrome shadows — eyeshadows that shift color depending on how the light hits them. They can be tricky for more “classic” eyeshadow techniques, but the remarkable shift could spark your imagination and push you to try something different. 

Patina is a green eyeshadow that shifts from gold to lime to emerald to turquoize, allowing you to enjoy both warm and cool green shades in a single shadow. The formula has a black base, so even though some of the green shifts are very light, there’s always a hint of underlying depth. We think it’s the perfect option to create fantasy makeup looks. 

The formula includes a few creamy ingredients and powder pigments, so it’s buttery smooth. (Maybe even too buttery — one reviewer noted that the shade could smudge if it’s not applied over an eyeshadow primer.)

Type: Creamy pressed powder | Shade: Multi-chrome

Green and gorgeous 

When we think about green eyeshadow, the first thing that comes to mind is a bright lime or vivid forest green. In reality, green eyeshadows come as diverse of a palette as any other color. Our top pick is Urban Decay’s 24/7 Shadow in Float for its rich pigmentation and gorgeous metallic sheen, but ultimately, choosing eyeshadows is a matter of taste, so you should feel empowered to select the green shade that fits your style. 

How to pick the right green eyeshadow for you

Green eyeshadow is tricky to pull off, but you can make things easier by choosing a shade that’ll flatter your coloring. Here’s how to figure out which shade will suit you best. 

Skin undertone

  • Cool. Cool undertones benefit from equally cool-toned greens like teal, mint, or pine. These shades still stand out against your skin and eyes but won’t clash against any red tones in your complexion. 
  • Warm. Warm greens are the way to go if your skin has warm undertones. In particular, greens that shift toward yellow or gold will blend harmoniously with your skin. If you’re feeling daring, we highly suggest trying lime green. 
  • Neutral. If your skin is neither cool nor warm, you’ll have an easy time with neutral greens like forest green. If you prefer a more natural look, opt for khaki greens that lean toward brown or gray rather than warm olive.   
  • Olive. Olive skin has a slightly greenish tint and can actually lean toward warm, cool, or neutral. You can pull off just about any shade of green with this undertone, although you may want to opt for more saturated hues if you want the green color to really show.

Eye color

  • Brown. Brown eyes are primarily neutral, but they often lean warm. This means you can happily choose any shade of green. Cooler greens will bring out any gold shifts in your eyes, while neutral greens will bring out red undertones. 
  • Blue. To make blue eyes stand out, opt for warmer greens — especially ones with gold flecks or a brownish-red base like our pick from Buxom. Cool greens can also look interesting, but be aware that they may dull your eye color.  
  • Green or hazel. Wearing green eyeshadow with green eyes can provide a unique monochromatic effect, but it likely won’t help to enhance your natural eye color. We suggest choosing greens that are either much darker or much lighter than the green of your eyes. Cool greens will offer a bit more of a contrast than warm or neutral ones. 


Who does green eyeshadow look best on? 

With the right shade and color story, green eyeshadow can look great on anyone. However, those with olive undertones and brown eyes will have the easiest time pulling off all shades of green eyeshadow without worrying about color clashes. 

Is green eyeshadow in style?

As current makeup trends suggest, green eyeshadow is in style as a bright pop of color, especially in graphic looks and lines (think HBO’s Euphoria). For more timeless styles, dark olive and khaki greens will always work for smoky eyes. 

What other colors compliment green eyeshadow?

There are many ways to combine green with other shades. It’s easiest to pair greens with neutral or earthy shades — an olive green will blend seamlessly, while a mint will stand out. 
You can also try monochrome looks with different shades and hues of green or an analog look with blues or yellows. Pairing green with the shades opposite it on the color wheel is tricky to pull off, but using it in a split-complementary color story can look incredible. Check out our color-blocking guide if you’re interested in learning more about color theory.