Break out your brightest palettes, because the spring/ summer 2020 makeup trends are all about color! Neons and pastels ruled the runways of New York, London, Milan, and Paris, with unblended washes of color that will easily draw attention. Ostentatious spring 2020 beauty trends didn’t stop here, as we also saw a ton of glitz, in the form of glitter, gloss, and crystals.

Spring/ Summer 2020 Makeup Trends

When it comes to complexion, the summer 2020 makeup looks stayed true to the natural and dewy finishes that K-beauty and cool girl brands have popularized over the last few years, so you don’t need to worry if the summer heat gets your skin a little shiny. With that said, totally bare skin wasn’t as big a part of the runways as it had been in previous years, so it’s fine if your 2020 makeup ideas include a full face of foundation or a bit of sculpting with contour.

Have a look through our comprehensive collection of spring 2020 beauty trends, and pick out your favorites, because the season was diverse with a little something for just about anyone.

Spring/ Summer 2020 Beauty Trends: Complexion Makeup

#1. Perfected Skin

In previous years it seems like makeup artists were so over foundation and concealer, but the skin-perfecting product is back for the summer 2020 makeup trends, though still not at Instagram levels. Think more like lightly perfected skin with a thin layer of foundation and maybe just a few drops of well-blended concealer!


At Paco Rabanne, everyone’s skin looked flawless yet radiant, thanks to foundation with a natural finish and a touch of glowy highlighter along the bridge of the nose. Many models sported cheek prosthetics at Balenciaga, but whether they had their features augmented or not, everyone’s skin was covered in a touch of demi-matte foundation to look mannequin-perfect.

We also saw perfected skin at Saint Laurent, Mugler, and many more shows.

Spring/ Summer 2020 Makeup Trends: Perfected Skin

#2. Contour and Highlight

In the same way foundation is having a moment, runway artists were having fun with subtle contouring and highlighting for 2020 makeup looks. Once again, not the extreme stuff we’ve been used to from influencers, but definitely more facial sculpting than we’ve seen in previous years.

The warrior queens at Alexander McQueen wore a lovely iteration on no-makeup makeup with a bit of natural-looking taupe contour that enhanced the already high cheekbones of models, and a touch of highlight in the inner corner of the eyes.


At Chanel, makeup artist Lucia Pica was a bit more heavy-handed, applying a healthy dose of a warm contour high on the cheekbone along with some glowy highlighter. There was also a bit of contouring on models at Burberry, though otherwise, the face wasn’t overly made up at all.

Spring/ Summer 2020 Makeup Trends: Contour & Highlighter

#3. Blushing Pink

Keep it cool with pink blush for your spring 2020 makeup looks. Peach was nowhere to be seen, while neutral rose and cool pinks ruled the runways, giving models a fresh-faced and youthful appearance.

Pink blush was a focal point at Hermes, where it was applied nice and low on the apples of the cheeks, giving a rounded appearance. Pink blush was combined with an ultra-dewy complexion for a very flushed and natural look at Michael Kors.


At Aigner, pink blush matched lavender-pink lips, for a cohesive and monochromatic look.

Spring/ Summer 2020 Makeup Trends: Pink Blush

#4. Dewy Skin

Healthy, hydrated skin is not going anywhere anytime soon, and it’s a particularly fresh way of wearing your foundation during the warm seasons. This is one of those summer 2020 beauty trends that are easy to achieve with a lot of moisturizers and maybe just a dab of petroleum jelly.

Models on the Jil Sander runway looked positively luminescent, with the glow centered especially around the center of their face. It was all about all-over dewiness at Stella McCartney, along with a very natural “no-makeup” look.

At Altuzarra, radiant skin was a nice complement to reflective gold eyeliner stickers. The dewy skin at Lanvin worked remarkably well with the pared-back makeup look, which was soft and natural.


We also saw dewy skin at Khaite, Vivetta, Givenchy, Ermano Scervino, Bevza, and J.W. Anderson.

Spring/ Summer 2020 Makeup Trends: Dewy Skin

#5. Draped Shadow-Blush

Blurring the lines between blush and shadow is an easy way to turn a beauty look into something fantastical. Such a technique feels historical and likely has its roots in Cantonese Opera makeup, and we loved the way different makeup artists utilized it in the various spring 2020 makeup looks.

The first example of this technique that stood out to us was at Alberta Ferretti, where it looked subtle and beautiful, with a warm peach-yellow shade on the lids pulled all the way into the temples, and then blended downwards to come together with the peach blush on the cheeks.

At Pyer Moss, the variation on this look was more intense, with many of the models sporting vivid red eyeshadow in a smokey look that extended past the brows near the temples as well as to the cheeks.

At Sies Marjan, the draping of blush over the eyes, temples, and cheeks of a few of the models came together into a pretty and ethereal look. Finally, we also saw draped blush give a lovely effect at Erdem, Tadashi Shoji, and Jason Wu.

Spring/ Summer 2020 Makeup Trends: Draped Blush and Eyeshadow

Spring/ Summer 2020 Beauty Trends: Eye Makeup

#6. Lilac Eyeshadow

If we only had to pick one stand-out eyeshadow color from the spring 2020 makeup trends, it would have to be lilac – a soft, floral purple that is perfect for the spring season.

At the unique Alice + Olivia presentation, many models wore soft washes of lilac over their lids, in some instances to match with sprigs of lavender that were threaded through their hair.

The main makeup look at Balmain combined a soft wash of lilac over the lids with a brighter pink blended into the crease and under the lower lash line, making for a bright yet soft combination.

One of the main eyeshadow looks at Mark Fast consisted of a blend of purple and lilac shadow applied from lid to brow and then extended sharply past the outer corner of the eyes. Also worth mentioning is the gorgeous albeit dark purple smokey eye at Afffair, even if it didn’t have the delicacy of a lilac.

Spring/ Summer 2020 Makeup Trends: Lilac Eyeshadow

#7. Multi-Pastel Approach

If you’re not down for the drama of a neon, but would still like some color in your life, the multi-pastel approach might be the right one for your summer 2020 makeup looks!

The look at Christian Siriano had more of a pastel watercolor effect, with unblended wash of different pearly pastel shades applied over the lid and even extended over the brow.

At Cividini, washes of pastel blues and purples surrounded the eye, giving a dreamy, delicate look, like an upgraded take on how a seven-year-old might do her eyeshadow. The effect of contrasting lilac and teal at Iceberg had a similar out-of-this-world effect, despite the slight increase of vividness in the eyeshadows.

Spring/ Summer 2020 Makeup Trends: Multi-Pastel Eye Makeup

#8. Neon Eyes

The ‘80s are not having a full comeback, but somehow neons have still found their way into the spring 2020 makeup trends. Go all out with neon shadow, combine it with other kinds of shades, or just use it as an accent – on the runways, all options were presented!

The subtle touch of neon at Helmut Lang can be totally wearable! Models rocked glamorous winged eyeliner in neon shades of pink and green. We would describe the eyeshadow look at Nicole Miller as “neon sunset,” with a tri-color shadow look consisting of gold near the inner corner, bright yellow in the center, and highlighter orange in the outer corner.

Blend it a little bit more, and it could be a cool party look in ‘real life’. There were lots more neon makeup looks to be had on the runways, from the touches of highlighter orange on the lids at Vivetta and Versace, to the more is more approach of neon and big winged eyeliner at Jeremy Scott.

Spring/ Summer 2020 Makeup Trends: Neon Eye Makeup
Spring/ Summer 2020 Makeup Trends: Neon Eye Makeup

#9. Painterly Shadows

It was tough to decide how to categorize all the different and colorful eyeshadow looks makeup artists created for the spring 2020 makeup trends, but painterly seems about right – everywhere we looked we saw visible strokes of the brush (usually with cream shadows, which really reminded us of paintings) or unblended watercolor-esque looks.

Everyone has been talking about the unique approach to shadow at Christian Wijnants. Makeup artist Inge Grognard took a minimal, painterly approach, by criss-crossing a stripe of one bright shade like green or yellow with a stroke of white, right at the outer corner of the eye like the oddest of eyeliner wings.

The eye makeup look at Salvatore Ferragamo also relied on visible strokes, which makeup artist Fara Homidi described as “abstract expressionist.” The final result was a color-blocked look with strokes of different bright shades stacked over the eye.

At Mansur Gavriel, models’ eyes were painted with whatever was depicted on the sweaters they were wearing, meaning sky blue shadow decorated with cloud on one model and a sunny yellow look on another.

Spring/ Summer 2020 Makeup Trends: Painterly Eye Makeup
Spring/ Summer 2020 Makeup Trends: Painterly Eye Makeup

#10. Glossy Lids

Glossy eyelids are a runway staple that isn’t easy to work into a day-to-day makeup look, though it can be very rewarding for the occasional Instagram photo.

A glossy sheen was applied to the eyelids at Annakiki, pretty much all the way up to the crease, which added an interesting texture contrast to metallic gold eyeshadow in the inner corner of the eye.

Diane Kendal used a dab of lip balm at Proenza Schouler to give a glossy twist to earthy smokey eyes, which paired nicely with glowing skin and slicked-back, damp-looking hair. Finally, at Chanel, glossy and bitten-looking lips were combined with glossy eyelids, which reflected prettily under the runway lights.

Spring/ Summer 2020 Makeup Trends: Glossy Lids

#11. Smokey Eye

A soft smokey eye is timelessly seductive, so this particular spring/ summer 2020 beauty trend is one that has been repeating for a few seasons in a row now. We can’t complain since we love the easy evening makeup look.

At Chloé, a smudged smokey eye felt worn but not overly so – the way a woman might look after a long night of dancing and having fun. What we really liked about this particular smokey eye was that it was slightly pointed at the outer corner, which lent it a bit more fierceness.

A smokey eye is a staple on the Tom Ford runway, with most models this season wearing a bronze shade on the lid with a smoked out black or chocolate brown blended into the crease, outer corner, and below the lash line.

The other runways where models rocked smokey eyes included Celine, Guy Laroche, Brandon Maxwell, and Sacai.

Spring/ Summer 2020 Makeup Trends: Smokey Eye Makeup

#12. Gold and Metallic Eyeshadow

If you like to keep things classy, gold eyeshadow is a no-brainer. For the spring 2020 makeup trends, most gold eyeshadow looks were on the intense side, but it doesn’t mean you can’t rock a version of it that’s a little more restrained.

Gold ruled at Valentino, of course, where Pat McGrath found dozens of different ways to use the metallic shade to create dramatic eye makeup looks.

Gold added a luxurious touch at Annakiki, where it was used as a brightening color along the inner corner of the eyes. Then, at Pyer Moss, red shadow may have ruled, but gold also had a remarkable showing, used in a stunning black and gold party makeup look.

If you’d rather take things a little deeper, models at Bibhu Mohapatra wore a stunning eyeshadow look with golden shadow in the center of the eyes and a deeper copper on the outer corner and along the lower lash line.

Spring/ Summer 2020 Makeup Trends: Metallic Gold Eye Makeup

#13. Eyeliner Stickers

An odd little touch we saw on a few of the runways was eyeliner stickers intentionally applied to look like appliqués rather than as eyeliner. Take this as a sign that the spring 2020 beauty trends embrace all kinds of face stickers rather than as the comeback of those awkward glue-on wings from a few years back.

The wing appliqués at Altuzarra were gold-colored and attached slightly differently to the outer corner of each model, sometimes being an obvious stick and, at other times, looking subtle and glamorous.

On a few of the models at Iceberg, patchy neon shadow was complemented by lightning-strike stickers in various colors attached just below the outer corner of the eye as well as next to the inner corner. Finally, at Marco de Vincenzo, MAC artists used glitter-covered sticker strips to glam up the eyes on many of the models.

Spring/ Summer 2020 Makeup Trends: Eyeliner Stickers

#14. Unusual Use of Glitter

All of the beauty editors are talking about the Euphoria inspiration on the runways, but ahh… I haven’t seen the show, so I’ll reserve my judgement as to whether that’s the true source of all the messy glitter eye looks that featured so heavily in the spring 2020 makeup trends. Either way, I loved their grunge glam vibe.

Grunge glam is definitely the right description to the makeup look at Fendi, where heavy and smudgy underliner was topped with an upside-down triangle shape of glitter looking a little bit like tears.

Glitter was pulled all the way up from lids to temples at House of Holland, in shades like purple or lime green, but for an added messy effect, a touch of analogous eyeshadow was smudged along the edges of the glitter.

A few of the models at Off-White, including Gigi Hadid, sported a little dusting of glitter and larger sequins right across the bridge of their nose and directly between the eyes – a truly unusual and memorable look. We also saw glitter used in exciting ways at Marc Jacobs, Balmain, Schiaparelli, and Lutz Huelle.

Spring/ Summer 2020 Makeup Trends: Glitter Eye Makeup

#15. Black Winged Liner

Should black winged liner ever go out of fashion, hundreds of thousands of women will surely riot. That won’t happen this year, fortunately, since black winged liner was one of the spring/ summer 2020 makeup trends.

It was all about contrast at Blumarine, where winged eyeliner only over the upper lash line stood out against skin that was made up to look otherwise as natural as possible.

To be pretty, winged liner doesn’t have to be dramatic, as we saw on the Lanvin runway where a tiny wing added effortless glamour to every look. On the more dramatic side of things, we have the winged liner at Dolce & Gabbana, which is a staple at this point.

Even more dramatic than that, though, was the eye makeup look at Jeremy Scott, which consisted of a touch of neon that we’ve already mentioned, along with massive, Cleopatra-esque wings that connected both the underliner and the liner on the upper lash line.

We saw more winged liner at Veronica Beard, and Dennis Basso.

Spring/ Summer 2020 Makeup Trends: Black Winged Eyeliner

#16. Colorful Graphic Liner

If you follow online makeup trends, you may have noticed a lot of people stretching their skills with colorful, graphic eyeliner looks. It seems as though makeup artists got clued in, because there were so many graphic liner makeup looks on the runway, making it one of the coolest spring 2020 makeup trends.

Can eyeliner be messy yet graphic at the same time? That’s the only way we think we can describe the simple yet impactful look at Peter Pilotto where smudgy neon liner was applied over the lash line as well as under the brows, leaving a lot of negative space yet striking us with color.

There was a ton of variety in the colorful makeup at Chromat, but a negative-space wing drawn with white and blue eyeliner was one of the most memorable looks.

Finally, at Matty Bovan, gray eyeliner was applied on a steep angle, one line below the eye and another above it, which, along with a healthy dose of white in the inner corner of the eye, ended up being very striking when viewed from a distance, making the eye look large and tilted.

Spring/ Summer 2020 Makeup Trends: Colorful Graphic Eyeliner
Spring/ Summer 2020 Makeup Trends: Colorful Graphic Eyeliner

#17. Eyes in the Clouds

One of the more artistic summer 2020 makeup trends was cloud eyeliner – our name for the trend, since runway makeup artists had all kinds of abstract shapes in mind when crafting these unique eye makeup looks.

First, at Rosie Assoulin, eyeliner pencils in a variety of shades as well as white and black were the tool used to draw cloud or wing-like shapes over the eye, starting at the inner corner and then curving over the crease and extending out towards the outer corner.

At Anna Sui, a similar rounded cloud or wing shape felt playful, drawn as it was in white eyeliners over very colorful eyeshadow. Finally, on the Cynthia Rowley runway, white doodles around the eyes could have been interpreted as either clouds or flowers, and they worked nicely with the flower child vibe of the collection.

Spring/ Summer 2020 Makeup Trends: Cloud Eye Makeup

#18. Black Graphic Liner

In addition to colorful graphic liner, you can also stick to black, with graphic liner 2020 makeup ideas that can be done with any old eyeliner pen.

At first glance, the look at Moschino was a classic combo of black liner and red lips, but for a lot of the models the wing, which connected both the upper and lower lash lines, was actually just an empty outline that was a cool, graphic spin on a traditional retro look.

Feathers were the inspiration at Simone Rocha, which led to a few models wearing graphic liner in black all over their lid that was artfully applied to look like a black bird’s feathers.

We also saw graphic liner at Ralph & Russo, with intense lines under the eyes seemingly mimicking lashes, perhaps as a nod to the ‘60s.

Spring/ Summer 2020 Makeup Trends: Black Graphic Eyeliner

#19. Thick Black Liner

This is one of the summer 2020 makeup trends that offer no room for subtlety. Go all out with thick black eyeliner, either layered heavily over the top lashes or smudged all over the eye messily.

At Halpern, most models rocked extra-thick liner applied all over the lid, but with a rounded end on the outer corner instead of a wing. While we don’t think the rounded edge will ever make it to the mainstream, the smattering of black glitter over the liner, which gave a galactic vibe to the look, could easily become a popular choice for makeup lovers.

The thick, messy eyeliner all around the eye at Ashish would have been a grungy look on its own, but combined with organically-colored hair, it felt wild and natural instead. The liner was also on the messier side at Molly Goddard, where a line was applied thickly about a millimeter above the actual lash line.

Spring/ Summer 2020 Makeup Trends: Thick Black Eyeliner

#20. Mismatched Top and Bottom Liner

It’s always exciting when repeating runway makeup looks get really specific, like the two-tone eyeliner spring 2020 makeup trend. This specific trend consisted of one shade of liner (or shadow applied like liner) on the top lash line, and another applied on the bottom lash line.

Above the eyes, models at Antonio Marras sported a thick line of blue, while on the bottom, the underliner was red with an extended wing.

There was a variety of two-tone liner looks at Oscar de la Renta, with the top actually achieved with eyeshadow applied in a sharp cat eye shape and the bottom liner usually more concentrated near the inner corner part of the lower lash line. We saw shade combinations like orange and yellow, yellow and blue, and pink and blue, so this could probably also be classified under the neon spring 2020 makeup trends.

Spring/ Summer 2020 Makeup Trends: Mismatched Top and Bottom Eyeliner

#21. Bleached Brows

There is something about bleached eyebrows that makes every makeup look just a little more otherworldly and maybe even a touch intimidating. All credit goes to Pat McGrath for the statement-making touch of bleach, which she utilized expertly to make bleached brows one of the spring/ summer 2020 beauty trends.

She was certainly back at it again at Prada, where she created an odd makeup look with black smudges of shadow just below the bleached brows. Bleached brows contributed to the creepy alien look that has been cultivated on the Rick Owens runway for a few seasons in a row now, along with clever use of bald caps and various SPFX makeup tricks.

Quite a few of the models at Sies Marjan sported bleached brows, along with the ethereal draped blush we’ve mentioned earlier.

Spring/ Summer 2020 Makeup Trends: Bleached Eyebrows

#22. Ludicrous Falsies

When false eyelashes are used on the runway, they’re rarely a subtle touch. For the spring 2020 beauty trends, false eyelashes weren’t just dramatic – they were creative, unusual, and sometimes even bizarre.

The most notable lashes were on the Gucci runway, where a few models rocked massive falsies on the lower lash line, top lash line, and directly below the brow, which had an off-kilter effect that we think will stay in people’s minds for a long while.

We saw colorful lashes on the Marco de Vincenzo runway in a variety of shades, with fan lashes in blue or combinations of orange and red catching our eye the most. Makeup artists played with unique lashes on many other runways, including Marc Jacobs, Valentino, and Olivier Theyskens.

Spring/ Summer 2020 Makeup Trends: Ludicrous False Eyelashes

Spring/ Summer 2020 Beauty Trends: Lip Makeup

#23. Glossy Lips

Luscious glow is back, baby – moving away from matte lips has been a slow process over the last couple of years, but lip gloss is officially back in fashion thanks to the spring 2020 beauty trends!

For once, the main look at Gucci was tame (aside from the few models wearing massive lashes), with spotless, fresh skin and lush lips only enhanced with a swipe of gloss.

The look at Off-White was similarly tame (with a few glittery exceptions) – we even dare say totally bare, with a touch of gloss and a bit of mascara acting as the only visible makeup.

At Chanel, models rocked a “bitten lip” look, with a rosy tone concentrated in the center of the lips and faded outwards, which was topped with a touch of gloss that lent the whole thing an extra fresh vibe.

Spring/ Summer 2020 Makeup Trends: Glossy Lips

#24. Red Lips

Can red lips really count as one of the spring 2020 makeup trends, when red is such a timeless lip color that it hasn’t looked outdated in nearly a century? It doesn’t really matter too much, since the way makeup artists utilized this chic shade on the runways felt as modern as can with only one exception.

Let’s start with the exception, which is the Dolce & Gabbana runway where red lips and winged liner are as essential to the brand as the D&G logo. Combined with victory rolls, and red spring 2020 nails, the look was very ‘40s-inspired with some rockabilly touches.

Now, at Prada, most models wore a nude makeup look, but a few rocked red lips combined with the kind of black eyeshadow that can only work on the runway, meaning, an opaque arch of black just over the crease. We also saw models wearing red lips on the Sies Marjan, and Moschino runways.

Spring/ Summer 2020 Makeup Trends: Red Lipstick

#25. Wine Lips

If you’re in the mood for something a little darker, you’ll be happy to know that the official dark lippie tone from the spring 2020 beauty trends is a wine red – no more ‘90s-inspired brownish or maroon tones.

A few of the models at Jil Sander had their nude, dewy look made a touch more dramatic with a swipe of purposely smudgy wine red lipstick with a neutral undertone. On a few of the models at Koché, makeup artist Terry Barber decided to amp up the drama of black-rimmed eyes by punching up the mouth with a healthy layer of wine red lipstick with a matte finish.

The deepest lips of all were at Max Mara, where makeup artist Tom Pecheux used an extremely deep bordeaux red that, on some models, seemed to borderline on black.

Spring/ Summer 2020 Makeup Trends: Wine Lipstick

#26. Unusual Lips

There was more to the spring 2020 makeup looks than just traditional lipstick colors – on quite a few of the runways, makeup artists found different ways of applying lipstick in shades that are way outside the norm of rose, red, and berry tones.

Gold lips added a touch of other-worldly luxury to the Dries Van Noten runway, and we think it was the kind of unusual look that might translate nicely to party makeup looks.

The lipstick at Molly Goddard combined Korean bitten-lip style lipstick application with gothy vibes and a ‘20s pout, since it was applied along the center of the lips and then lightly faded out.

If futuristic neon is more your speed, you will love the lips at Chromat, which were painted a vivid electric blue. A few models at Emilia Wickstead sported pastel green or lavender lips, which were just as unique but less in-your-face.

Spring/ Summer 2020 Makeup Trends: Unusual Lipstick Colors

Spring/ Summer 2020 Beauty Trends: Other

#27. Three-Dimensional Appliqués

One of the most fun things about runway makeup is the way artists use unconventional materials to augment faces in exciting ways.

The main look at Giambattista Valli was totally fresh-faced, so adding florals to a few of the models was a lovely touch, especially for the spring 2020 beauty trends. The flower petals were glued onto the face in a variety of ways, including in mask-like and eye-framing shapes. There was no lack of variety, with petals taken from roses, daffodils, and more.

The line between jewelry and makeup was blurred at AREA, where glamorous appliqués shaped like crowns and tears studded with Swarovski crystals were attached to frame the eyes of quite a few of the models, often in colors matching their jewelry.

We saw smaller three-dimensional appliqués added to zhuzh up the looks at Valentino, and Marco de Vincenzo, and string creations at Anteprima.

Spring/ Summer 2020 Makeup Trends: 3D Face Appliques

#28. Crystals

We think stick-on crystals deserve some recognition separate from facial appliqués, thanks to their delicacy and glam factor. On the runway, the crystal 2020 makeup trends were pretty intense, but we think it can translate to real life with subtler dottings of crystals near the eyes.

There was no subtlety at Schiaparelli, with a rainbow cascade of crystals surrounding the eyes of one of the models, and clear crystals looking like raindrops dotting the entire face of another.

The range of avant-garde looks on the Marc Jacobs runway was vast, and included red crystals arranged in an arch over a crease heavily painted with green eyeshadow, as well as crystals dotted around the un-made up eyes of model Yana Dobroliubova, made extra striking by her lack of brows.

We also saw some crystals used to amp up red eye makeup at Pyer Moss, and a variation on the theme with pearl appliqués at Dries Van Noten.

Spring/ Summer 2020 Makeup Trends: Face Crystals

#29. Face Paint

Makeup artists had the chance to get really creative with their spring 2020 makeup ideas, by creating both subtle and major face paint looks.

Hyper-realistic feathers were drawn over the forehead of quite a few of the models at Simone Rocha, while at Manish Arora, it was pure fantasy with David Bowie-esque face paint (as well as an extreme look by German drag performer Hungry).

At Rixo, the face paint was cute and more reminiscent of a child’s face paint, with little drawings of flowers decorating the cheeks.

Spring/ Summer 2020 Makeup Trends: Face Paint

Photos via Vogue, Livingly