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Spring/Summer 2022 Makeup Trends

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The spring/summer 2022 makeup trends fill us with so much excitement! Most makeup routines have changed a lot over the last year. Some of us pared back to the bare minimum required to look decent in a Zoom call, while others took the chance to go wild, experiment, and have fun with a new look for a new situation. We also saw a lot of looks that combined both approaches, with minimalist makeup punctuated by a dramatic eye or an unusual lip color.

The harsh wind of winter is fading away and, in its place comes the fresh rain of spring and the new list of makeup trends to adopt. After a winter in either hibernation or perhaps out partying, the first step to emerging in the spring is to figure out exactly which trends you want to embrace (and which you want to avoid).

As we’ve covered so many trends before, now is the time to discuss the beauty and makeup looks you’re about to stun with this season. Some designers went for classic retellings of old trends, while others experimented like mad scientists to discover the newest looks.

If you happen to be in the mood for more classic makeup trends, a striking red lip and winged eyeliner found their way onto the catwalk once more, with Dior heavily favoring the combination. Blumarine continued to veer towards the early aughts style with body glitter and lip gloss, while Collina Strada made everyone a fairy with eyeshadow in bizarre places – think the ears and fingers.

Pushing creativity to the limits was the key theme to makeup throughout the runways, so run to your local Sephora and pick up all the glitter, neon eyeshadow, insane eyeliner, and heavily saturated blush before it runs out. No matter what kind of makeup routine you happen to embrace, the spring 2022 makeup trends will include something that will resonate with your approach to beauty during pandemic times!

Finding Your Shade

#1. Completely Flushed

A wash of blush always adds an air of innocence to a look, and it’s a nice way to feel extra fresh yet colorful. It fits especially well into the spring beauty trends because it’s quick and easy with a subtle but present impact.

Fireside flushes aren’t going to be leaving us anytime soon, even as the weather becomes warmer. Only this time, your flushed cheeks will be created with blush instead of smokey heat. Makeup artists applied heavy pink tones to the models’ cheeks like an ‘80s TV star in a new manner of highlighting the cheekbones. This bright beauty item was used most elaborately at Carolina Herrera and Versace for an added flush.

Spring/Summer 2022 Makeup Trends: Blushed Cheeks
Spring/Summer 2022 Makeup Trends: Blushed Cheeks

#2. Positively Dewy

Dewy skin is not going anywhere, so forget about that mattifying primer and stock up on moisturizer. The glowy look was mostly targeted, with only the high points of the face shining, although here and there, we also saw some dewier complexions.

Dewy skin hasn’t been this highlighted in the media since Tati Westbrook’s apology video in the summer of 2020. Thankfully, the makeup look is served without a side of controversy this time. Sparkling, vibrant, and youthful-looking skin might always be something wanted, but at times less of a shine is required for the ‘dewy’ look. This upcoming season, that is not the case, as brands from Collina Strada to LaQuan Smith and Fendi seemed to have misted their models’ faces right before their walk and applied liberal amounts of highlighter.

Spring/Summer 2022 Makeup Trends: Dewy Skin
Spring/Summer 2022 Makeup Trends: Dewy Skin

#3. Bleached Brows

The first time I’d heard of anyone bleaching their brows was in high school, and at that point, my friend did it completely by accident and was horrified by the result. Now, if the same ‘catastrophe’ was to happen today, I could simply calm her by pointing out the rise of the bleached brow makeup trend.

Bleached brows are another one of those summer makeup trends that we feel had a major comeback. It’s not that we didn’t see bleached brows in previous seasons, but they did feel a lot more prominent this time around. Used most extensively at both DSquared2 and Richard Quinn, the pale brows gave their models’ faces an extra smooth appearance.

Spring/Summer 2022 Makeup Trends: Bleached Eyebrows

Eyes Are the Window to the Soul

#4. Fluorescent Power

The richer the saturation, the more makeup artists seemed to gravitate towards it. With Pat McGrath lending her artistic talent to the Versace show, layers of bright eyeshadow were brushed across the eyelids of many models. Prabal Gurung heavily leaned on blues, pinks, and yellows at the corners of the eye, along with Tanya Taylor, who also favored the same placement. I’d say the makeup artist Mata Mariélle’s prediction to Vogue was correct when she said that colored eyeliner “will definitely carry on into the new year!”

Spring/Summer 2022 Makeup Trends: Neon Eye Makeup
Spring/Summer 2022 Makeup Trends: Neon Eye Makeup

#5. Charcoal Shadowed

From Chanel to Alice + Olivia, coal-rimmed eyes took precedence over all the other 2022 makeup trends. Some fashion obsessives might have taken to social media comparing the look to that of a raccoon or eerily similar to a black eye. However, that was only the minority, and if you’re ready to go for an even more intense version of the smokey eye for a night out, then this will be your new go-to.

Spring/Summer 2022 Makeup Trends: Black Smokey Eye Makeup

#6. Too Much Euphoria?

That’s clearly not a thing. While the popular HBO show just premiered its second season, the eye makeup it’s renowned for has already been coming to light as one of the most popular spring 2022 makeup trends. At Etro, crystals scattered underneath the eyes created a playful take on many of the characters’ looks, while the rose gold foil from Simone Rocha was also reminiscent. Cue the Euphoria high memes! 

Spring/Summer 2022 Makeup Trends: Euphoria-Inspired Festive Eye Makeup
Spring/Summer 2022 Makeup Trends: Euphoria-Inspired Festive Eye Makeup

#7. Keep up with the Coordination 

For some reason, it’s often presented as if coordinating your makeup to your clothes is considered grandma-ish. This might be partially because of this style being so popular in both the ‘50s and ‘60s. However, like all fashion trends, this key makeup look is cycling back into fashion. The trailblazers of this look are LaQuan Smith and Dundas, so it’s time to enjoy the pure sophistication of a monochrome look.

Spring/Summer 2022 Makeup Trends: Coordinating Makeup with Outfits

#8. Just a Little Catty

Along with red lips, cat eyes are the ultimate timeless makeup trend that can’t help but be adored. This season, classic versions of the eyeliner still appeared at Markarian. However, more exciting takes were created both at LaQuan Smith and Dior. At LaQuan Smith’s show, makeup artists Sheika Daley and Jasmin Winnie Stephen created the eyeliner effect with just a touch (or a little more) of glitter, while Dior’s Peter Philips created a double liner cat-eye.

Spring/Summer 2022 Makeup Trends: Cat Eye Makeup
Spring/Summer 2022 Makeup Trends: Cat Eye Makeup
Spring/Summer 2022 Makeup Trends: Cat Eye Makeup
Spring/Summer 2022 Makeup Trends: Cat Eye Makeup

Lip Tips

#9. Glamorous Gloss

No early 2000s ‘it’ girl was complete without her shiny lip gloss. After all, Serena van der Woodsen said it best in the hit show Gossip Girl, “lipstick lasts longer, but gloss is more fun.” And who doesn’t need a bit of fun? At Blumarine, the glossy lips that graced the models’ faces were also accompanied by glitter. But if you’re in the mood to simply kick back and enjoy the extra confidence that comes from lip gloss, then head to Boss X Russel Athletic or Fendi for an added boost of inspiration.

Spring/Summer 2022 Makeup Trends: Lip Gloss

#10. Red Dreams

Red lips are timeless, of course, but somehow, we were still surprised by how ubiquitous they were amongst the otherwise laid-back makeup trends. Admittedly, for some women, a red lip is a very laid-back way of adding drama to an otherwise subdued makeup look. If that kind of low-effort glamour appeals to you, you’ve got lots of runway inspirations!

Any Taylor Swift aficionado is aware that red lips go perfectly with any outfit, whether formal or casual. Even if a mask is covering up your beautiful lips, channeling the makeup at Michael Kors, Saint Laurent, and Coach could never hurt!

Spring/Summer 2022 Makeup Trends: Red Lipstick
Spring/Summer 2022 Makeup Trends: Red Lipstick

#11. Naturally Kissable

In the mood to ditch the heavily saturated makeup trends coming up? You aren’t alone. As often done at Ulla Johnson, the au naturel lip was embraced – leaving the clothes as the only statement piece. Surprisingly, Christian Cowan was also swayed into embracing the less eccentric makeup look, with nude lips playing a key role. Makeup artist Isamaya Ffrench is quoted explaining the look as ‘elevated and gorgeous.’ I couldn’t agree more!

Spring/Summer 2022 Makeup Trends: Nude Lipstick
Spring/Summer 2022 Makeup Trends: Nude Lipstick

#12. Smudged Lipstick

Smudged lips, gradient lips, and ombres all showed up on the runways, proving that you can stray from a traditional lip in any way that you like for summer 2022. Let’s start with the super-smudgy vampy lips at Coach, which looked incredible paired with a simple makeup.

The lips at Malan Breton, Jonathan Simkhai, Isabel Marant, and Francesca Liberatore felt similar yet different, with the color concentrated at the center of the lips and the lip line blurred away with concealer. For a more lip-enlarging effect, there were the traditional ombre lips of some of the models at KNWLS.

Spring/Summer 2022 Makeup Trends: Smudged Lipstick
Spring/Summer 2022 Makeup Trends: Smudged Lipstick

#13. Vampy Dark Lips

While dark makeup always fits in well with autumn collections, it felt extra broody and subversive as part of the spring/summer 2022 makeup trends. Our favorite was the matte burgundy-red lip at Valentino, which was combined with an eye-opening touch of smokey eyes only along the outer half of each eye.

However, it’s probably the vampy lip at Lanvin that generated the most buzz on the blogosphere because of the way it was combined with a very springtime pastel aesthetic and otherwise pared-down makeup. We also saw examples of dark lipstick for spring at Drome, Mark Fast, Duncan, and Supriya Lele.

Spring/Summer 2022 Makeup Trends: Vampy Dark Lipstick
Spring/Summer 2022 Makeup Trends: Vampy Dark Lipstick

Photos via Vogue, Livingly