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Eyebrow Bleaching Tips: Best Ways to Lighten Eyebrows at Home

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Before we discuss all the best ways of bleaching eyebrows, imagine your face without brows. What do you think? Eyebrows make a statement in being feminine, and it is a little odd to remove them totally, even in history till now. But when you lighten eyebrows you get something appreciative and attractive.

Eyebrow Bleaching Tips: Best Ways to Lighten Eyebrows at Home

Eyebrow bleaching is now a trendy facial beauty technique, just like microblading eyebrows when you get the opposite effect. With gorgeous, stylishly, lightened or bleached eyebrows, you will look different. The face stands out. And the eye is termed ‘seductive’.

Eyebrow bleaching is not magic. It is a process of getting the eyes – and the face – to transform its beauty. This process has gone through many phases of history and fashion, with celebrities bringing a variety of steps and styles that are still fresh in memory.

In today’s post, we will talk about eyebrow bleaching, and what the trend is all about. Of course, you will get to understand how to lighten eyebrows, transforming your facial beauty. Good news: you can get those gorgeous bleached eyebrows at home, all done by yourself, and this, we are going to show you.

Best Ways of Bleaching Eyebrows At Home: Contents

What Is the Trend of Bleached Eyebrows All About?

Bleached brows give a woman an editorial, alien-chic look, making her instantly stand out from the public. Your bleached brows shouldn’t be necessarily too light when compared to your hair color. Marilyn Monroe, for instance, used to lighten her brows not to entirely match her dyed blonde hair, but to complement it better than her natural darker brows.

In ancient Egypt, bleached eyebrows were not related to beauty. Herodotus wrote that Egyptians shaved their eyebrows when a cat died in their house.

In the 15th century, women plucked eyebrows, hairlines, and eyelashes to make the forehead appear bigger. Downward, during the reign of Queen Elizabeth I to that of Charles I, the queen kept her brows free of hairs.

During this period, women rubbed walnut oil to inhibit the hair growth of the brows. And later, as if they found a better alternative, they attached fake brows to the face to look better.

Bleached Eyebrows Trend & Tips

Most recent modern eyebrow bleaching trend we could remember is that found on New York Fashion Week’s fall 2014 runway, which taught us to get our brows lighter. Also, for Matty Bovan’s show, Hailey Baldwin documented her eyebrow-bleaching journey, and we watched.

First as a runway trend, then a celebrity thing, every lady can join in, and the trend continues. Of course, it isn’t a celebrity thing. We are going to teach you how to appear gorgeous with bleached eyebrows.

Pros & Cons of Bleaching Eyebrows

Well, bleaching eyebrows is not all that righteous, as you would expect, not everything in this world exists flawlessly. Here are the cons for you to gauge the pros.


Eyebrows Are Delicate

If you look at the hairs on the brows closely, you will notice they are softer than the hair of the head. If you are not careful with hairs on the brows, it is possible to break this piece of hair at their root, damaging your brows in the process.

Makes It Harder to Understand Emotional Feelings

The face has a way of responding to emotional feelings. Think of frown, squint and blushing. The eyebrow is part of the facial feature that helps to express some of this emotional response. Studies say, it becomes harder to understand some emotions through facial expression in people without brows.

Endangers the Eyes

Eyes are sensitive. During the process of bleaching eyebrows, you will use chemicals, bleaching powders, which are dangerous to the eyes. Even if you choose a specialist to help with the process, it is still the same point: you are getting chemicals close to your eyes. It isn’t safe. It becomes riskier when you are doing the process yourself.

Skin Reaction

We have different skin types, so the skin would react differently to the bleaching process. In some cases, the skin develops rash or irritations.

Not For All Hair Tones

Some hair tones do not go well with bleached eyebrows. If you are new to this, your hair tone could be a limiting factor in choosing to bleach your brows.

Short Time Benefit

Once you bleach eyebrows, expect them to grow in a short while, say in 4-6 months. Once the hairs start growing, they are noticed at the root, and the face appears different. You have to repeat the process to return to your former look.

Permanent Stains

And if not permanent, it could linger for long. We said the reaction to bleaching is different with skin types, and applying bleach on the skin around the brows is a possibility for some reactions. The areas could appear stained. It is not encouraging to see the area near the brows develop a color just because you decide to look different.

Bleaching Eyebrows At Home



If you have a mismatch of hair colors on your eyebrows, bleaching all the hairs to become even is a good idea. The eyebrows will turn light and the same.


The face will turn different when you lighten the eyebrows. It will seem as though you get a new face. Especially if your hair color matches the lightened brows, you have made the perfect facial makeover.

Youthful Look

Yes, people will think you return to being eighteen. Don’t mind the exaggeration, but research supports it that people with lightened brows look younger than they are truly. So rock lightened eyebrows and enjoy the youthful, beautiful look. Besides, you can easily cover grey hairs while bleaching your eyebrows.

Simple Process and Cheap

The tools to perform the process are affordable, plus, you don’t need a special skill. And you can do the whole bleaching process at home, just by reading a guide like this. You won’t need much – the kit is enough to start with.

A Short Time of Execution

From start to finish, from getting your brows lightened to a beautiful face, you will spend 5-20 minutes.

How to Lighten Eyebrows at Home

Bleaching eyebrows at home is a piece of cake, and there are a few ways to do this – either using eyebrow bleach or without the bleaching cream!

Lightening Eyebrows Using Eyebrow Bleach

• First, choose a quality bleaching powder, buying from reputable brands.

• Use a hair tie or headband to hold your hair behind. The point is, your face has to be free, either you use a rubber band or a towel or pack your hair into a ponytail.

Remove makeup from your face to have a successful bleaching experience.

• If you just finished showering, wait for some time. Warm showers could cause irritations on your skin when you bleach your eyebrows.

• Mix the bleaching powder and the developer in a glass bowl. Ensure you follow the product’s manual.

• Before you apply the mixture on to your face, test the mixture on your hair. Apply some on your jawline to understand how it feels and to test the reaction. If you are satisfied, then, you can proceed.

• Apply the eyebrow bleach with the product’s applicator (the bleaching powder should have one). Use a cotton swab instead, if you don’t have one.

• Gently, cover the area you want to bleach. Comb the area gently.

• If you are new to bleaching creams, leave it on for two to three minutes. For other experienced users, you’ll understand better how the product will react to your brows. Depending on how light you want the brows to look, less than 6 minutes is probably appropriate.

• Use a wet, warm washcloth to remove the bleach from your face. Use it gently and be careful not to irritate the skin.

• Look at your face in the mirror. Usually, if you have covered the area well, the cream would have bleached the area perfectly. But if you need to reapply to get a better result, do it at this stage.

• When you are satisfied, wash your face.

How to Lighten Eyebrows at Home

Bleaching Eyebrows with Hydrogen Peroxide

We know, the use of bleach will make some ladies reluctant. Here are alternatives to getting your eyebrows lightened without bleach. You could use 3% hydrogen peroxide or chamomile tea for the same result as eyebrow bleach.

• Get the hydrogen peroxide and dip a cotton swab in it.

• Of course, your face should be clean and makeup-free before you apply it.

• Apply the cotton swab that has been soaked in hydrogen peroxide on the areas you want to bleach. Be careful and gentle not to get chemicals into your eyes.

• Hydrogen peroxide works gradually, so you would repeat the process many times and every day till you notice the changes you desired.

Lightening Eyebrows with Chamomile Tea

• Prepare some chamomile tea by pouring a cup of boiling water over a chamomile tea bag, and allow steeping for an hour. Add the same amount of lemon juice, and mix thoroughly.

• This prepared tea could be used in place of bleach in the same process as specified above: use a cotton swab, apply on the areas you want to bleach, and wash.

Lightening Eyebrows with Lemon Juice & Honey

• Combine honey with lemon juice to get a natural bleaching paste.

• Apply the paste to your eyebrows and wait for some 20 minutes to enjoy the natural bleaching effects of lemon juice.

Extra Eyebrow Bleaching Tips to Keep In Mind

Are you sceptic about bleaching eyebrows? We understand your situation; we did mention chemicals, and they are not friendly to the eyes. If you are reluctant to join the trend, these are the extra tips that will help.

Eyebrow Bleaching Methods

• Before you apply eyebrow bleach, take some cotton swab filled with Vaseline and apply it at the edges around your brows. This will set the boundaries for the chemicals; they won’t get into your skin.

• If you just finished using tweezers to shape your brows, applying Vaseline will help prevent skin irritation.

• Read the instructions on the bleach case before you mix with developers.

• Just as your brow shape should follow the shape of the face, the tone of your bleached eyebrows should be similar to that of the hair on the head. Brown to light brown. Orange to dark orange.

• The longer the time you leave the bleaching cream on your brows, the lighter the brows would become.

• To make the brows look neutral after applying the cream, you could apply some dyeing and toning shampoo, then, rinse and pat dry.

• Bleaching will react faster on very sparse or fine brow hairs, therefore, it is wise to experiment. Apply the eyebrow bleach, wait for 2-5 minutes and check the result, then, add the bleach again. After you understand how the bleach reacts, you can use it on your brows.

• For ladies with dark brows, don’t fret if your brows look a little brassy or orange. Use a toning shampoo or use dyes to make them less bright.

• Alternatively, you could leave the orangey brows for 4-5 days to tone down. Or simply apply a darker brow gel.

• In every situation of applying anything on your brows, be careful not to get your eyes injured.

• If you are still new to bleaching eyebrows, you might want to make them lighter in the first use. Let the bleach spend less time on your brows.

• If your brows are really dark, then you might want to consider a professional’s help to get the best shade.

• Remove eyebrow bleach completely before you feel you have completed the process.

How to Fake the Bleached Eyebrow Look With Makeup

Lightening eyebrows isn’t a beauty procedure like removing peach fuzz from your face, bleaching arm hair or upper lip hair in order to get smoother skin without any unwanted hair. This is just for a drastic makeover, which sometimes isn’t really worth it. Instead you could fake the bleached eyebrow look with makeup. This is how to do it:

Makeup Tips to Fake Bleached Eyebrows

• Depending on the color of your eyebrows and how light your hair is, choose an eyebrow pencil to apply on your brows to make them lighter.

• If you have darker brows, which you will like to turn bright, eyebrow pencils are not a good choice.

• When choosing the type of pencil, ensure the pencil is lighter than your brows. As an example, choose light brown, if your hair color is a deep brown.

• Now use the pencil to lighten your brows till they become completely covered and brighter.

• Now use some eyebrow gel over the colored brows. The gel should be of the same color as the pencil you used to fill in your brows.

• Think of this gel as mascara, and apply it as you would use mascara. Otherwise, think of ways to blend the gel and the already colored brows: wiggle the wand up at one edge of your brows, then down as you continue through the length.

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