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47 Best Lipstick Brands of All Time to Shop from

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If you’re a makeup fan, then you know one of the staple items that you absolutely must have in your arsenal is lipstick. And true makeup lovers know that lipstick brands don’t always have to be expensive. All that matters is that the best lipstick brands offer rich pigment, are ultra-hydrating, and offer a wide array of colors that can work on a variety of skin tones.

Whether you prefer matte, satin, or high-gloss, lipstick can pull together a look, or create a bold effect for an otherwise neutral makeup look. The best lipstick brands offer products that can give you a boost of confidence and help you conquer that work presentation. So, if you’re still scratching your head trying to figure out which lipstick brands should be on your radar, check out this roundup of some of the best ones on the market today.

1. MAC Cosmetics: The Original Inclusive Mainstream Line (Price Range: $12-25)

Unless you’ve been hiding under a rock, you know that MAC Cosmetics was originally one of the first mainstream lipstick brands that made inclusivity a core tenant. Whether it was Lil’ Kim or Iris Apfel, MAC embraces a diverse mantra. This has even extended to makeup collaborations with iconic match-ups like RiRi Hearts MAC.

The brand is best known for its no-shine matte and satin finishes that are hydrating, offer major color payoff, and won’t fade with wear. While you should always prime before applying, you can’t go wrong with MAC lipsticks. From travel-friendly mini lipsticks to matte, lustre, satin, and frost lipsticks, find all the MAC lippies options on MAC Cosmetics or Nordstrom!

Best Lipstick Brands: MAC Cosmetics Lipsticks

2. Wet ‘n Wild: Best Budget-Friendly Option (Price Range: $1.19-5.49)

For most women, we got our start with lipstick from the local drugstore. And that means you’re probably familiar with Wet ‘n Wild. This truly budget-friendly brand has lipsticks that start for as little as $2.99. But don’t assume that because it’s a price-conscious brand that it won’t stand up to pricier lipstick brands. You’ll love the rich colors, long-lasting qualities, and the fact that this brand has successfully created a range of finishes that includes satin, matte, and even liquid lipsticks. Find their lipsticks on Ulta!

Best Lipstick Brands: Wet 'N Wild Lipsticks

3. ColourPop Cosmetics: The “Fast Fashion” of Lipsticks (Price Range: $7-22)

Makeup trends change so frequently, it can be hard for lipstick brands to keep pace. But ColourPop is an upstart indie lipstick brand that has managed to create a cult following thanks to their ability to quickly produce on-trend makeup at an affordable price. The brand offers a full array of makeup, but you’ll appreciate that they specialize in a wide range of lipstick finishes, which includes true matte, gloss, stains, and satin finishes.

While you’ll love the long-wear experience and rich pigments, a common issue with ColourPop’s ultra-matte liquid lipsticks is that it can be extremely drying. Shop for ColourPop lipsticks at ColourPop, Amazon, or Ulta!

Best Lipstick Brands: ColourPop Cosmetics Lipsticks

4. Urban Decay: Hues for Days (Price Range: $19-25)

Urban Decay is another favorite cult brand that got its start in the ’90s. While most people are probably more familiar with their eyeshadow palettes (which sell out very quickly), this is also one of the best lipstick brands with a robust collection of lip colors and finishes that will make even the pickiest makeup lover happy. Pick from high-shine, matte, satin, and metallic finishes.

You’ll like the rich color payoff that you can get in just one swipe, a wide range of colors and hydration thanks to the infusion of butters and oils like jojoba and avocado. However, some lipstick fans may find the matte shades to be too drying, so always prime and hydrate your lips first before applying. Urban Decay lipsticks are available through Nordstrom, Sephora, and Ulta.

Best Lipstick Brands: Urban Decay Lipsticks

5. NARS Cosmetics: The Universal Flatterer (Price Range: $26-39)

Most people know NARS for their iconic and universally flattering blush, Orgasm. But this beauty fave is also well known for lush lipsticks that offer full-color saturation, stick around as you wear them throughout the day, and their wide variety of formulations and colors. Choose from lip crayons to traditional lipstick applicators.

One of the reasons that NARS is one of the best lipstick brands is because they have even created multifunctional lipsticks that can double as cheek and eye colors. Shop for NARS on NARS Cosmetics, Nordstrom, Sephora, or Net-a-Porter!

Best Lipstick Brands: NARS Cosmetics Lipsticks

6. Christian Dior: An Iconic Classic (Price Range: $30-38)

It’s not uncommon for fashion icons to make the transition to beauty. And one brand that has done this seamlessly is Christian Dior. Known just as Dior on the beauty side, this brand has a well-deserved place on this list as one of the best lipstick brands. Whether you prefer sheer glossy finishes, matte hues, or the classic satin finish, Dior has a wide range of shades, applicator styles, and finishes that have helped them earn their reputation as a powerhouse in the beauty world. Dior lipsticks are available online at Nordstrom, Sephora, and Amazon.

Best Lipstick Brands: Dior Lipsticks

People who are Beauty Insiders know not to sleep on Sephora’s private line of beauty and color cosmetics products known as the Sephora Collection. If some of the other lipstick brands we’ve listed are a tad pricey, Sephora has you covered with a massive collection of lipsticks that range from matte to hi-gloss, or satin finish, lip stains, and even liquid lipsticks to name a few. Regardless of which you choose, you’ll love the rich pigmentation, long-lasting color, and moisturizing formulations. Find their big collection of lipsticks on Sephora!

Best Lipstick Brands: Sephora Collection Lipsticks

8. IT Cosmetics: Lipsticks That Are Good for You (Price Range: $20-24)

If there’s one beauty brand that’s changed how makeup is marketed, it’s IT Cosmetics. The brand jumped onto the scene by using “real models,” and a founder who was open about her own skin woes. And this also translates to their lipsticks. Whether you prefer a lipstick that responds to your body’s pH to create a custom flush of pink or one that fills in fine lines, so your lips look lush, you can’t go wrong with this good-for-you lipstick brand. One of the best lipstick brands, IT Cosmetics is available through Amazon and Sephora.

Best Lipstick Brands: IT Cosmetics Lipsticks

9. E.L.F. Cosmetics: Bold Hues for a Reasonable Price (Price Range: $1-8)

You shouldn’t have to spend an arm and a leg just to have access to quality beauty products. And that’s the mission behind one of the most popular (and affordable) lipstick brands, E.L.F. Cosmetics. E.L.F. burst onto the scene, originally offering all of their cosmetics for $1.00. While they have expanded their line over the years, they’re still well-known for their richly pigmented lipsticks, which come in a variety of formulations such as matte, semi-gloss, satin, and liquid lipsticks. You can find their affordable lipsticks online on Ulta.

Best Lipstick Brands: ELF Cosmetics Lipsticks

10. NYX Professional Makeup: Lippies for the Budding MUAs (Price Range: $2-$15)

Accessible doesn’t mean boring. And NYX Cosmetics proves that you can find the latest makeup trends that you can use to create Instagram-worthy images from a drugstore brand. While NYX has a massive portfolio of beauty products across cosmetic categories, their lipsticks and lip creams are part of why they are considered one of the best lipstick brands.

From traditional lipsticks that are in satin and matte finishes to lip creams that range from lush mattes to ultra-matte liquid lipsticks, you’ll be overwhelmed by the vast color range at affordable prices that won’t make you choose between rent and a makeup haul. You’ll also love the long-lasting color, rich pigmentation, and a wide range of finishes. Just make sure to prime as some of NYX’s lipstick shades have been known to stain your lips. Buy their lipsticks from NYX Cosmetics, Ulta, or Amazon!

Best Lipstick Brands: NYX Cosmetics Lipsticks

11. Huda Beauty: The Lippie from an Instagram Beauty Maven (Price Range: $24-33)

If you spend any time on Instagram, you know that beauty is one of the most popular categories. And if you follow the beauty gurus, you’ve probably come across Huda Kattan, a makeup guru who splits her time between the Middle East and the U.S. Huda eventually launched a beauty collection, and her lipsticks are some of her most popular products.

For those looking to recreate Instagram beauty trends, you’ll love Huda Beauty’s matte lipsticks, strobe finishes, and liquid lipsticks as well as her lip contouring kits that promise to give anyone the plump lips that they’ve always wanted. One of the best lipstick brands, you can shop for Huda Beauty lippies at Sephora and Amazon!

Best Lipstick Brands: Huda Beauty Lipsticks

12. Kylie Cosmetics: A Controversy That Sparked a Lipstick Line (Price Range: $16-29)

Remember that one celeb who claimed she was just doing her makeup differently, and that’s why her lips looked fuller? Yes, we’re talking about that member of the KWTK family. Kylie’s lip controversy led to her launching a makeup line, Kylie Cosmetics, which initially focused on lip kits to help everyone perfect the pouty lip trend and made it one of the most popular lipstick brands of the 2010s.

You’ll appreciate that the kits come with a lipstick and lip liner duo so that you’ll always have the perfect lip. Choose between matte and gloss finishes, as well as traditional lipsticks and liquid lipsticks, all available through Amazon and Ulta.

Best Lipstick Brands: Kylie Cosmetics Lipsticks

13. Kat Von D Beauty: The Vegan-Friendly Lipstick Brand (Price Range: $10-26.50)

If you’re vegan, you know that shopping for makeup can be an exercise in frustration because many of the ingredients in makeup are derived from animal byproducts. Thankfully, Kat Von D is one of the best vegan-friendly lipstick brands. But just because it’s vegan doesn’t mean that you have to miss out on formulations or bold hues.

In addition to the wide shade range, you can also choose between cream and traditional liquid lipstick formulas. Plus, with a variety of finishes like gloss, matte, metallic, and lipstick topper hues, there’s definitely something for everyone. Shop for their lip products at Kat Von D, Sephora, or Amazon!

Best Lipstick Brands: Kat Von D Lipsticks

14. Revlon: A Staple Brand for Beginners (Price Range: $8.49-11.99)

If you’re very new to makeup, it can be hard to know where to turn when you’re ready to start trying lipstick. Thankfully, heritage lipstick brands like Revlon are ideal because they’re moderately priced and are easy to find at every day retailers like pharmacies, grocery stores, and big-box retailers.

In recent years, the brand has focused on targeting trends and has amped up their offerings to include timely releases like lip kits, influencer-backed collections, and liquid lipsticks. But regardless of which you choose, you’ll like the rich pigments, long-lasting lipsticks, and the wide range of colors and finishes. Get your Revlon lipsticks from Ulta, or Amazon!

Best Lipstick Brands: Revlon Lipsticks

15. Stila: The Perfect Moisturizing Liquid Lipstick (Price Range: $15-25)

Stila is a brand that already has a strong following because of its cult-fave felt-tip eyeliner. But they’re one of the best lipstick brands because their liquid lipstick doesn’t leave your lips feeling parched. While Stila makes a variety of lipstick options, the liquid lipstick tends to be a fan favorite because of its staying power, rich shade options, and the fact that this lipstick hydrates for healthier, moisturized lips. Find Stila online at Nordstrom, Sephora, Amazon, and Ulta!

Best Lipstick Brands: Stila Lipsticks

16. Anastasia Beverly Hills: Nudes for Days (Price Range: $16-26.50)

These days, there tend to be two camps of lipstick wearers – bold and neutral. And if you’re a neutral fan, then you probably have a collection of nude lipsticks. Anastasia Beverly Hills is another fan favorite of the Instagram Beauty crowd, which is probably best known for its brow and highlight products. But ABH, as it’s known in the beauty community, is also popular for their lipsticks.

While this lipstick brand only really offers a matte finish, you can choose between traditional lipsticks in full or mini size and liquid lipsticks. You’ll love the creamy feel of their formula as well as the rich pigments, and long-lasting wear. Best of all, there are enough shades within their nude range for everyone to find the perfect nude. Buy ABH lipsticks from Sephora, Nordstrom, Ulta, or Amazon!

Best Lipstick Brands: Anastasia Beverly Hills Lipsticks

17. Bite Beauty: An Exclusive Lipstick Brand (Price Range: $14-30)

While most of the lipstick brands we’ve featured offer a variety of cosmetics options beyond lipstick, Bite Beauty is one of the few that only focus on lip products. While Bite Beauty is sold in stores like Sephora, they also have Bite Bars where you can go and create a custom shade. If you aren’t close to a Bite Bar, you’ll appreciate the long-wear, ultra-hydrating, lip colors that can be found at cosmetics stores.

Choose from matte to satin or even glossy finishes, and you can choose between liquid lipsticks, crayons, traditional lipsticks, and even multi sticks, which are ideal for people looking to simplify their overall makeup routine. Bite Beauty lipsticks are available through Bite Beauty, Sephora, and Amazon.

Best Lipstick Brands: Bite Beauty Lipsticks

18. Dose of Colors: The Go-To Matte Lipsticks for Influencers (Price Range: $16-18)

These days, more people are discovering makeup from social media than traditional mediums like advertisements in magazines. One of the lipstick brands that really benefited from Youtube beauty tutorials is Dose of Colors. This on-trend lipstick brand offers a variety of lipstick finishes but is best known for its liquid matte lipstick, which comes in a jaw-dropping 42 shades.

You’ll love the rich pigment, a wide range of colors, hydrating formula, and the fact that their liquid lipstick applies like a cream and dries down to a gentle matte texture. Shop for Dose of Colors on Ulta!

Best Lipstick Brands: Dose of Colors Lipsticks

19. The Lip Bar: A #BOMB Lipstick Brand (Price Range: $13-14)

For those not in the know, #BOMB is the hashtag you’ll find for “black-owned makeup brand.” While there are quite a few BOMB lipstick brands on the market today, one in particular has made waves for making the upward trajectory from starting in the founder’s kitchen to being in Target stores across the U.S. The Lip Bar is best known for prioritizing inclusivity in their marketing and messaging, along with prioritizing moisture with high color saturation.

Especially for people in colder weather, you’ll appreciate that shea butter, coconut oil, avocado oil, and vitamin E are part of their lipstick formula. Darker-skinned beauty mavens will love that The Lip Bar has a wider range of nudes too across their lipsticks, liquid lipsticks, and between their matte and satin finish formulas. You can find their cool lip colors on Amazon.

Best Lipstick Brands: The Lip Bar Lipsticks

20. CTZN Cosmetics: Best Bang for Your Buck Nudes (Price Range: $25)

If you haven’t noticed yet, many of the most popular lipstick brands have invested heavily in an expanded nude collection. And as you know, nude for one person may not be the same for someone else. CTZN is a beauty brand that created a collection of lipsticks that focuses exclusively on nude hues. But to really drive home the point, their collection offers 25 shades that cover the neutral concept for fair and deep skinned beauty lovers.

CTZN makes our list for the best lipstick brands because it is ideal for people looking to stretch their dollar. Their nude hues come in duo lipstick applicators that offer matte and gloss finishes for each shade. Buy your perfect neutral lippie at Citizen Cosmetics!

Best Lipstick Brands: Citizen Cosmetics Lipsticks

21. Sara Happ: TLC for Your Lips (Price Range: $24)

Lips need love, too, and that means that in addition to being kind to your lips, you need a beauty product that hydrates while it provides a rich color payoff. Enter Sara Happ. This lipstick brand first made a name for themselves with their lip scrubs and balms. But the brand has since created a growing range of lip colors that all include jojoba, sweet almond, and macadamia oils so that your smackers will be hydrated and not just colorful.

If you’re looking for some multi-dimensional depth, they also offer topper shades that can add some serious shimmer. Note that except for Sara Happ’s shimmer topper hues, all other lip colors are high-gloss textures. You can find Sara Happ lipsticks at Sara Happ or Nordstrom.

Best Lipstick Brands: Sara Happ Lipsticks

22. Pat McGrath Labs: A Lipstick Blessed by Muva (Price Range: $30-$40)

If you’re into beauty, you should already know who we’re referencing here! But just in case, we’re talking about Pat McGrath Labs – a beauty brand created by one of the most iconic MUAs in the world. While you’ll definitely spend a pretty penny for her lipsticks, it would be money well spent.

With a wide range of colors and textures, it’s easy to see why industry insiders, enthusiasts, and even passing beauty users are all scrambling to get new collections from Pat McGrath Labs when they launch. You’ll love the bold pigments, hydrating formulas, and rich textures that range from matte to shimmer, satin, and even a luxe gloss with a finish that’s truly unique. One of the most luxurious lipstick brands, Pat McGrath launches can be found online at Pat McGrath Labs, Sephora, Net-a-Porter, and Amazon.

Best Lipstick Brands: Pat McGrath Labs Lipsticks

23. Kevyn Aucoin: From the Icon of Contour (Price Range: $21-35)

For some of these lipstick brands, you’ll really need to know your beauty history. Contouring has been around for a very long time, and while Kim Kardashian and her makeup artists can be thanked for making it mainstream, one of the true originators of the concept was the late makeup artist Kevyn Aucoin. His makeup brand is a full source for all kinds of products, but his lip colors are a favorite among fans of rich color saturation and playful beauty.

Every season this lipstick brand releases a new collection of hues and formulations within their liquid lipstick and traditional lipstick offerings. Whichever you choose, you’ll appreciate the rich pigment you get in just one swipe, the hydrating formula, and the long-lasting wear that doesn’t fade as the day progresses. Shop for Kevyn Aucoin lipsticks at Net-a-Porter, Sephora, Nordstrom, or Revolve!

Best Lipstick Brands: Kevyn Aucoin Lipsticks

24. Melt Cosmetics: Low Luster Lips for All (Price Range: $19-25)

People tend to be firmly in a specific camp when it comes to their preferred lipstick finish or texture. So, if you’re the type that is firmly low-luster (also known as satin) or matte, Melt Cosmetics is the brand for you. With a huge shade range across both their liquid lipstick and traditional lipstick offerings, you’ll understand why they’re also on our best lipstick brands list.

You’ll appreciate that the color does all the talking rather than a high gloss texture. You’ll love that their liquid lipstick hues offer a velvety matte, lush finish, while their traditional lipsticks are available in ultra-matte with a truly flat finish and matte for a low luster effect. Get their colors from Sephora!

Best Lipstick Brands: Melt Cosmetics Lipsticks

25. Winky Lux: For Whimsical Lip Lovers (Price Range: $13-18)

Imagine a lipstick that’s as pretty in the packaging as it is on your lips. If you’ve got a concept in your head, you’re probably thinking of Winky Lux. This whimsical brand has the market cornered on clear lip balm stains shaped like lipstick with an actual flower inside the balm. It works with your pH to create a custom flush on your lips.

Winky Lux also has a formidable collection of matte and cream-finish lipsticks that are hydrating, rich in pigment, and very travel-friendly. Best of all, you’ll love that all of their lipsticks are vegan-friendly and cruelty-free. One of the cutest lipstick brands, Winky Lux lippies can be found online at Winky Lux, Sephora, Nordstrom, and Ulta.

Best Lipstick Brands: Winky Lux Lipsticks

26. Lime Crime: The O.G. Indie Matte Lip Brand (Price Range: $10-20)

Long before upstarts like Kylie Cosmetics and ColourPop were invading our Instagram feeds, there was another brand that had the market cornered on the matte lip – Lime Crime. While this is another brand that has since expanded beyond lipstick, for the longest time, they were one of the only go-to lipstick brands for rich matte lipsticks in a wide range of hues.

Nowadays, you can also opt for rich glosses, metallics, “plushies,” and other texture options. You’ll love the wide shade range, lipstick toppers, and hydrating formula for all of Lime Crime’s lipsticks. Find them all online at Nordstrom, Revolve, and Ulta!

Best Lipstick Brands: Lime Crime Lipsticks

27. Origins: Lippies for the Natural Obsessed (Price Range: $20-25)

We don’t blame you if you want to know what’s in your makeup. Long before “clean beauty” was a trending topic, Origins was one of the lipstick brands that made clear ingredient lists a priority in their brand ethos. In particular, many of their lipstick collections are made from crushed petals and floral waxes for a truly hydrating lipstick that smells as good as it looks.

You’ll like the rich shade range in their sheer lipstick balms and full-coverage satin shades. In particular, their satin shades feature bold hues that look amazing on a variety of skin tones, color that lasts all day, and a hydrating formula that keeps your lips looking as good as they feel. Their lipsticks are available through Origins or Ulta.

Best Lipstick Brands: Origins Lipsticks

28. Jane Iredale: For the Barely-There Crowd (Price Range: $26-35)

If you spend too much time on Instagram, it’s easy to assume that everyone has to wear their makeup like it’s been applied with a heavy hand. This isn’t the case. And if you’re into a more natural look, you should check out Jane Iredale. Whether you’re looking for a stain that pulls double duty for lips and cheeks, lip plumper, or a more traditional lipstick, this brand has you covered.

No matter which option you choose, hydration is at the core of each lip product. Makeup minimalists will appreciate the stains, while bolder mavens can still get great color payoff with Jane Iredale’s long-lasting traditional lipstick. You can find their lip products at Nordstrom, Ulta and Dermstore.

Best Lipstick Brands: Jane Iredale Lipsticks

29. Smashbox: Not for the Faint of Heart (Price Range: $19-29)

Bold color is a rallying cry that makeup lovers have been demanding for years. And long before the indie beauty craze took the Internet by storm, Smashbox was there giving the people what they wanted. This iconic beauty brand has long been a fan favorite of MUAs and industry insiders – and for good reason.

For the lipstick obsessed, you’ll appreciate this lipstick brand’s bid product range and textures. Matte and metallic finishes from their liquid lipsticks, cream satin-finish lipsticks, and lipstick palettes in bold hues are all standard options from Smashbox. You’ll love the intense color payoff, hydrating formula, and long wear. Shop for Smashbox at Smashbox, Sephora, Nordstrom, Amazon, or Ulta!

Best Lipstick Brands: Smashbox Lipsticks

30. Charlotte Tilbury: More Options Than You Can Handle (Price Range: $22-54)

If choice is the name of the beauty game, then you can’t go wrong with Charlotte Tilbury. This is one of the lipstick brands that are all about giving the people what they want – choice. The collection focuses on a wide range of textures from matte to satin to high-gloss lipsticks.

Whether you opt for a liquid lipstick or a more traditional application method, you know you’re going to have rich pigments, a long-wear formula, and plenty of hydration to keep your lips soft all day long. Best of all, you can choose between individual lipsticks or lip kits for a perfectly paired lipstick and lip liner duo. Pick up your Charlotte Tilbury lippie at Charlotte Tilbury, Nordstrom, Net-a-Porter, Sephora, or Amazon!

Best Lipstick Brands: Charlotte Tilbury Lipsticks

31. L’Oreal Paris: The International Brand for Budget Beauties (Price Range: $8.95-12.99)

Who says that a drugstore brand can’t be luxe. L’Oreal has been disproving that myth for decades. The French-based brand is a staple at drugstores and median-priced retailers and offers quality cosmetics across skin care, hair care, and of course, color cosmetics and lipsticks. This is one of the best lipstick brands offering a wide range of ultra-hydrating lipstick formulations that range from glosses to matte and satin finishes. Shop for L’Oreal lipsticks on Amazon or Ulta!

Best Lipstick Brands: L'Oreal Paris Lipsticks

32. Maybelline: The Line Trusted by NYFW (Price Range: $8-12)

Maybelline is such a staple in the beauty world that you’ll still find them as a cosmetics brand of note backstage during New York Fashion Week. This is one of the drugstore lipstick brands that have made it a point to create cosmetics that can go head to head with higher-priced lines you might find at Sephora or a specialty retailer.

While the brand creates a full suite of makeup products, they’re also known for a wide range of lipsticks that include crayons, liquid lipsticks, and traditional tube styles that are available in a variety of finishes – gloss, ultra-matte, long-wear, and satin finish. Find Maybelline online on Amazon and Ulta!

Best Lipstick Brands: Maybelline Lipsticks

33. Chanel: The Lipstick Brand for Francophiles (Price Range: $25-45)

Of course, the fashion brand that taught us all how to be effortlessly fashionable would also create a beauty collection that has a solid fan base. Chanel might be known for the timeless black and pink tweed suit, but Chanel lipsticks are equally coveted. While their lipsticks are on the pricier end, Chanel is one of the best lipstick brands because of its hydrating and long-lasting formulation. Choose between gloss, matte, and satin finishes. Get your Chanel lip makeup from Chanel or Nordstrom!

Best Lipstick Brands: Chanel Lipsticks

34. Lancôme: The Classic Luxe Lipstick Brand (Price Range: $25-32)

Heritage lipstick brands have a well-deserved place on our list, and Lancôme is no exception. For decades, this was one of the few consistent lipstick brands that you could find at department stores throughout the country – and for good reason.

This staple luxury brand created a name for themselves with cutting edge technology that pushed the envelope by focusing on premium ingredients for a superior product. For lipsticks, you can expect a hydrating formula that’s meant to last with you throughout the day. Lancôme is best known for its lip lacquers, matte finishes, and rouge lipsticks. Shop for Lancôme lipsticks at Lancôme, Sephora, Nordstrom, or Amazon!

Best Lipstick Brands: Lancome Lipsticks

35. Bobbi Brown: The MUA-Approved Lipstick Brand (Price Range: $27-38)

There’s no shortage of lipstick brands that are founded by iconic makeup artists, and Bobbi Brown is one such brand. As is to be expected, you’re sure to find Bobbi Brown backstage at fashion weeks around the world, and a go-to choice in most makeup artists’ kits.

For this lipstick brand, choose between more modern formulations like liquid lipsticks or traditional lipstick styles that include matte and satin finishes. Whichever you choose, you’ll appreciate the hydrating and long-lasting formula. Get your Bobbi Brown lip colors from Bobbi Brown, Nordstrom or Sephora!

Best Lipstick Brands: Bobbi Brown Lipsticks

36. Laura Mercier: Best for Versatility (Price Range: $26-32)

Ask any makeup maven, and they probably have at least a few items in their makeup collection from Laura Mercier. This groundbreaking brand is always focused on creating cosmetics that address real needs everyday makeup wearers face daily. Within the lipstick category, Laura Mercier makes our best lipstick brands list because of their versatile formulations and easy use. You’ll like their lip crayons, liquid lipsticks, and traditional lipstick applicators. Grab your Laura Mercier lipsticks from Nordstrom, Sephora, or Selfridges!

Best Lipstick Brands: Laura Mercier Lipsticks

37. Clinique: The Perfect Median Lipstick (Price Range: $18.50-19.50)

Most people know Clinique for their diverse skincare categories and of course, Clinique Happy fragrance. But the French brand also has a serious color cosmetics division, complete with countless lipstick options. Whether you prefer a barely-there hint of color, or something bolder, you’ll love the hydrating formula, long-lasting colors, and massive shade range. Shop for Clinique online at Clinique, Nordstrom, Sephora or Ulta!

Best Lipstick Brands: Clinique Lipsticks

38. Estée Lauder: For the Beauty Maven Who Can’t Choose (Price Range: $13.50-44)

Of course, you can’t have Clinique on this list without mentioning their parent company, Estée Lauder. This popular lipstick brand is a paragon in French beauty, with countless subsidiary beauty and lipstick brands within its portfolio.

While Estée Lauder is known as a luxury beauty brand, their lipstick collection is full of a variety of finishes such as gloss, matte, and satin finishes that can help to plump your lips while offering hydration and color that lasts. Get your Estée Lauder makeup from Estée Lauder, Nordstrom, Ulta, Amazon, or Selfridges!

Best Lipstick Brands: Estee Lauder Lipsticks

39. Yves Saint Laurent: A Lipstick as Bold as Fashion (Price Range: $32-40)

Fashion designers continue to grace our best lipstick brands list because beauty and fashion are a natural fit together. And much like other designers, Yves Saint Laurent (YSL) can also count a solid fan base around the world.

You’ll love that YSL has a complete cosmetics collection that features a wide array of lipsticks that include sheer to bold color payoff depending on your preference as well as formulations – gloss, satin, and matte in particular. Grab your luxe lipsticks online at YSL Beauty, Net-a-Porter, Nordstrom, Sephora, or Amazon!

Best Lipstick Brands: Yves Saint Laurent Lipsticks

40. Givenchy: A Luxe Range of Colors (Price Range: $33-40)

Givenchy is another powerhouse fashion brand that made a successful venture into the beauty world. This beauty brand is probably best known for their lipsticks. With a massive portfolio of lipstick options and an equally impressive range of colors, you’ll fall in love with the wide selection of finishes, and a formula that’s equally hydrating and long-lasting. Find the newest Givenchy lip colors at Net-a-Porter, Sephora, Nordstrom, and Amazon!

Best Lipstick Brands: Givenchy Beauty Lipsticks

41. Guerlain: Crushing Beauty for Almost a Century (Price Range: $22-37)

It might seem like France has the market cornered on fan-favorite makeup, and that’s because this country is a leader in skin care and creating color cosmetics that address common skin issues. But in particular with Guerlain, they’re probably best known for their lipsticks. You’ll love their mango butter-infused lipsticks that are sure to keep your lips soft and hydrated no matter the weather. You can shop for Guerlain beauty at Nordstrom, Sephora, or Amazon.

Best Lipstick Brands: Guerlain Lipsticks

42. Marc Jacobs Beauty: A Highly Instagrammable Lipstick Brand (Price Range: $19.50-32)

Imagine a lipstick brand with packaging that’s as pretty as the actual lip colors in their collection. You don’t have to imagine because this distinction belongs to Marc Jacobs Beauty. With innovating lipstick finishes like lip frost and gel textures, you’ll like the wide range of shades, rich pigments, and hydrating formula that gives you bold color payoff in one swipe. Find the brand’s covetable lip products online at Sephora and Net-a-Porter!

Best Lipstick Brands: Marc Jacobs Beauty Lipsticks

43. Tom Ford: A Lipstick as Fashion-Forward as Its Designer (Price Range: $36-60)

Is there such a thing as too many options when it comes to lipstick? Tom Ford is one of our favorite lipstick brands because of its emphasis on choice. Whether you prefer high-shine, ultra-matte, and even metallic-infused lipsticks for a unique beauty look that will have everyone talking, you’ll enjoy bold color, a hydrating formula, and a wide range of hues. Pick up your favorite Tom Ford lip products online at Nordstrom, Net-a-Porter, or Sephora!

Best Lipstick Brands: Tom Ford Lipsticks

44. Too Faced: A Lipstick That Smells as Good as It Looks (Price Range: $21-29)

There’s something wonderful about a collection that manages to marry adorable packaging with a solid product that delights its fans. We’re talking about Too Faced Cosmetics. What makes Too Faced’s lipsticks unique is their release of limited-edition hues and formulations, often with yummy scents to make wearing lipstick that much more fun. Get their delicious lip makeup online at Too Faced Cosmetics, Sephora, Nordstrom, or Amazon!

Best Lipstick Brands: Too Faced Lipsticks

45. Christian Louboutin Beauty: Lipstick Brand That Makes a Statement (Price Range: $85-90)

If you know anything about Christian Louboutin, you know that his iconic shoes are something of a status symbol. All one has to do is see someone walk by with those signature red soles to show that they’ve arrived – at least to the level of fashionista that is. So unsurprisingly, makeup lovers around the world were hyped when the shoe designer launched a makeup collection.

Christian Louboutin makes the best lipstick brands list because the packaging is as amazing as the lipsticks they contain. Find their exclusive lip makeup online at Net-a-Porter, Nordstrom or Sephora!

Best Lipstick Brands: Christian Louboutin Lipsticks

46. Armani Beauty: Italian Luxury for Your Lips (Price Range: $34-38)

Can a luxe beauty brand have too many matte lips? We think the answer is no, and Giorgio Armani, also known as Armani Beauty, has a wide range of matte lip formulations from traditional lipsticks to liquid lacquers. This is why Armani is on our list of best lipstick brands. But you’ll love the massive shade range, moisturizing formula, and a creamy texture that feels amazing on your lips. Grab their lip colors online at Armani Beauty, Nordstrom, Sephora, or Amazon!

Best Lipstick Brands: Armani Beauty Lipsticks

47. CoverGirl: For the Easy-Breezy Lipstick Lover (Price Range: $7.99-10.99)

It can be hard to keep up with lipstick trends if you’re on a budget. But CoverGirl makes it possible for anyone to stay relevant with a wide range of lipsticks that will have you posting your latest #motd on Instagram. This heritage brand that’s easily found in drugstores and Ulta Beauty offers a full suite of color cosmetics. But within their lipstick category, you’ll find mattes, glosses, and satin finish options. Shop for CoverGirl lipsticks online at Ulta, or Amazon!

Best Lipstick Brands: CoverGirl Lipsticks