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17 Best Colored Mascaras for Every Eye Color

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Colored mascara is back in a big way. Unlike blending a bright colorful eyeshadow look or building up the courage to use a non-black or brown eyeliner, coating your lashes in colored mascara is a quick step that will take even your most natural eye looks up a notch.

There are not many 1980s beauty trends we want to return but colored mascara is one that can add a bold pop of color or a subtle dimension to Instagram-worthy eye looks, neutral office wear or can be worn alone on no-makeup makeup days. Below, we introduce the best colored mascaras available on the market, as well as tips for pulling off the trend skilfully.

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17 Best Colored Mascaras to Shop

Here are our favorite colorful mascaras, from bold blues to subtle greens and red top coats!

Best Overall
Maybelline Great Lash Mascara in Royal Blue

One of the original blue mascaras, Great Lash was created in 1971. The small wand helps separate lashes and creates a subtle yet natural look. This washable formula is long-lasting and never causes clumps, making it comparable to other high-end brands. This color is a subtler blue that is a great gateway product into the world of colored mascaras. Get this Maybelline mascara online on Amazon!

Best Lash-Separating
Chanel Le Volume De Chanel Mascara in Blue Night

The Chanel mascara defines and separates lashes with a rich color and pigment. The secret to this mascara is the wand, which evenly applies product, giving your lashes a natural-looking boost. Blue Night is an intensely dark blue, perfect for anyone who wants to experiment with color but doesn’t want anything too drastically different from their usual black product. This color will especially pop on those with light colored lashes. Get it from Nordstrom!

Best for Lash Growth
Givenchy Encre à Cils Top Coat Mascara in Red Night No. 5

If you don’t think you can go all the way with colored lashes, this mascara top coat in Red Night is the answer. The pigment is much more burgundy and brown-toned than it appears in the bottle and can be used over black mascara, just at the tips or at the outer corners to add dimension and a touch of shine.

Givenchy’s team have created a mascara that can be bent 90 degrees with a unique design that allows the brush to penetrate deep into the lashes, avoiding that clumpy finish. The vitamin and essential oil-filled formula will also help nourish fragile eyelashes and assist in their natural growth. Pick it up online at Net-a-Porter!

Best Two-in-One
Urban Decay Double Team Special Effect Colored Mascara in Vice
Urban Decay

Each mascara from Urban Decay’s Double Team line boasts two different colors and finishes. Vice is a gorgeous eggplant color that will especially enhance green or hazel eyes. One side of this mascara has a cream shade and the other – a coordinating shimmer shade. These metallic shades are very modern, so less disco queen and more intergalactic beauty. This adds an extra dimension that will enhance your going-out look.

The dual-ended mascara provides enough pop to light up the eyes but is still dark and inky enough that it will boldly frame your lashes. Aside from the bold brightening look, the formula will leave your lashes soft, fluttery and will hold a curl all day long. This will also look amazing as a way to enhance your brows. You can find it in four more color options at Urban Decay.

Best Hydrating
By Terry Mascara Terrybly in Green Galaxy 9
By Terry

This innovative serum mascara is a volume and length booster. The effects are much longer-lasting than just wearing the mascara. The formula is enriched with moisturizing hyaluronic acid and repairing collagen. Not only will this mascara give you thicker and visibly separated green lashes but also it will transform them over time. So pick it up at Net-a-Porter!

Best Fiber
Dior Diorshow Mascara in Blue 258

This Dior classic was revamped in 2015 with a new enriched formula that contains microfibers for a lash extension look. The air lock wiper prevents the formula from drying out. This blue looks dark in the tube but is actually a bright royal blue that will make a dramatic impact, even when wearing no other makeup.

For those who don’t feel brave enough to wear a fully blue set of lashes, wear this mascara on your bottom lashes instead of eyeliner – it will really make the eyes pop. It is available for purchase at Sephora.

Best Splurge
Christian Louboutin Les Yeux Noirs Lash Amplifying Lacquer in Rouge Louboutin
Christian Louboutin

Christian Louboutin made his beauty debut in 2014, and his collection continues to grow. This amplifying colored mascara is a fiery red color, all brought to you in heavy gold art deco packaging. This bold color is the perfect mix between wearable and daring. Although it looks crimson in the packaging, on the lashes it will mellow out to an oxblood (unless worn over white primer for a bright pop of red).

The brand suggests applying like you would a black mascara, or just on the tips of your lashes for a subtle glint of color. This mascara is multi-use and can be used alone or as a top coat over black mascara. When used right it can give the optional illusion of a bright red eyeshadow along the crease. It can be found online at Nordstrom or Net-a-Porter.

Best Buildable
NARS Audacious Mascara in Park City

This colored mascara’s unique brush hooks on to every lash with the purple toned glossy color. This wand has 200 moulded bristles, which will give you instant definition and amplification. The mascara is formulated with humectants and conditioners that will keep your lashes in place all day, without clumps or fading.

This colored mascara performs at its best when applied first with a super fine coat and then built up further once the initial coat has dried. This deep purple color is a gorgeous alternative to black and is opaque enough to be worn alone. Pick it up at Net-a-Porter!

Best Color Range
YSL Vinyl Couture Mascara in I’m the Madness

This fuchsia mascara is a bold punky choice for the colored mascara trend. This traditional wand has short, dense bristles that can pick up even the shortest hairs. This pink mascara will not only coat your lashes in a bold pink color but will also hold a curl all day without any smudging or flaking.

Models in the YSL campaigns were seen wearing this bold pink on the bottom lashes and a royal blue on the top lashes, alongside a neutral warm toned eye. This mascara not only looks and applies amazingly but also smells like mandarin, jasmine and vanilla. You can get this pink shade or 7 other colors of this mascara at Amazon.

Best Volumizing
Marc Jacobs Beauty O!Mega Lash Volumizing Mascara in Think Ink 50
Marc Jacobs Beauty

Marc Jacobs’ mascara gives both volume and length. Their double wand is an innovative design stitching two different mascara wands together, meaning you get curl, volume and separation. Because the formula is so lightweight this mascara is easy to apply and does not clump.

Think Ink is a dark navy inky blue, not too far away from black but it will give your eyes an extra dimension. This color is perfect for making blue and grey eyes pop, without distracting from the eye look. Get it online at Net-a-Porter!

Best Pigmented
Make Up For Ever ‘Smoky Lash’ Mascara in Plum
Make Up For Ever

The Smoky Lash line brings this ultra-pigmented volumizing mascara with a dense brush, which will coat the lashes in purple pigment. This mascara is a very bold yet very wearable purple that will enhance hazel, brown or green eyes. Because the mascara is a smoky plum hue rather than a bright neon color, this will look amazing incorporated in a cool grey eye look or with a smoky eye. It is available for purchase at Sephora.

Best Tube
Dior Diorshow Pump n Volume Mascara in Coral Pump

Dior’s colored mascara has a uniquely squeezable tube and a fully loaded brush. By pumping the tube you’ll coat the brush for the most intense pigment. These mascara colors are bold and coat even the blackish of lashes opaquely. Add these to the tips of black mascara-coated lashes for dimension or wear alone for a bold pop of color. This mascara is perfect for someone who relies on neutral eye looks but wants an easy way to inject color into their routine. Find it online at Nordstrom!

Best Long-Lasting
YSL The Shock Volumizing Mascara in Rouge Burgundy

YSL’s more volumizing mascara promises a bold color with just one coat. The hourglass-shaped brush allows this long-wearing mascara to give you bold lashes that won’t smudge. Burgundy mascara is a great alternative to brown mascara, especially for those people with lighter lashes. It’s a very subtle change that many people will not immediately notice but they will notice someone is eye-catchingly different. One of the best colored mascaras, this one is sold through Sephora.

Best Drugstore
L’Oreal Paris Voluminous Original Mascara in Cobalt Blue
L’Oreal Paris

This royal blue mascara is sure to make a statement. L’Oreal’s clump-free formula adds lots of volume and length to lashes, not to mention has impressive ingredients like Panthenol and Ceramide-R. Because the blue shade is so bold this colored mascara will really pop on dark eyes and dark skin tones. Pick it up at Amazon!

Best Non-Clumping
NYX Worth The Hype Colored Mascara in Purple
NYX Professional Makeup

NYX offers one of the most affordable colored mascaras on the market. This particular shade is a vibrant purple that will fully coat even the darkest of lashes. This mascara doesn’t clump and holds a curl. It is a buildable formula, so wait for each coat to dry before applying more for extra length, volume and color. It also comes in two more colors at Ulta.

Best Tubing
Blinc Mascara in Green

Blinc’s mascara has a waterproof formula and a deep pigment without any flaking or smudging. Moreover, it can be easily removed without any special makeup remover, but just warm water. This bold emerald green mascara is perfect for the tentative mascara wearer who doesn’t want a navy blue or plum. You can find it online at Sephora.

Best Natural
100% Pure Fruit Pigmented Ultra Lengthening Mascara in Blackberry
100% Pure

Blackberry is a deep glossy purple that accentuates blue eyes. This organic mascara is a great option if you have sensitive eyes that are often irritated. The brush has an indent in the middle, which helps the wand grip on your lashes, getting amazing separation and a clean definition. This natural formula never weighs down your lashes and has a dramatic finish that really pulls an eye look together. You can buy it at Dermstore.

How to Choose the Best Colored Mascara for Your Eye Color

Whilst foregoing a typical black or brown mascara can be intimidating, trying a colored mascara can actually be very complementary. Here is our guide to what mascara colors to choose for your eye color.

  • Brown eyes look great with mascara colors that offset their warm tones, so colors like blues and purples will brighten brown eyes. If you have light brown eyes, then go for lighter shades, like turquoise. If you have dark brown eyes, you can really rock royal blue and navy.
  • People with blue eyes can really go bold in their choice of colored mascara. A gorgeous bright purple or hot pink will frame blue eyes beautifully. Subtle browns, golds and bright oranges are also great mascara alternatives for blue eyes.
  • Green eyes can be really enhanced with green mascara. Pay around with different tones of green, as these will add different dimensions to your orbs. If you want to intensify your eye color, try purple or lilac, as it is opposite to green on the color wheel.
  • Hazel eyes can be brightened with burgundy and gold mascara colors. Those with hazel eyes will really benefit from metallic, deep green and sandy brown mascara colors too.
  • Up grey-toned eyes with cool undertones like blues or light greens. Midnight or navy hues are a great black alternative for icy eyes.
How to Wear Colored Mascara

Choosing the Best Colored Mascara for Your Skin Tone

  • If your skin tone is on the fairer side, purple mascaras will make the whites of your eye look brighter, giving you a wide awake look. Pair purple lashes with a bright red lip for a bold evening look.
  • If your skin has an olive or golden tone, balance it out with blue-toned mascara, especially on the bottom lashes.
  • When your skin is very bronzed or darker, you have more freedom to play around with bold and jewel-toned mascara colors. Experiment with bold pops like neon yellows, bright greens or hot pinks. Dark skin looks amazing wearing no eye makeup except a bright mascara color, for a maximum impact.

How to Wear Colored Mascara

Recently rainbow eyes have come back into fashion but now it’s all about the eyelashes. High-end brands and drugstore companies are releasing high-pigmented mascaras in colors such as blue, green, pink and yellow. Colored mascara is great for anyone who feels they lack the eyeshadow applying skills to create an intense rainbow eye look but still want to try out this trend.

To master the minimum-effort, maximum-impact trend for yourself, follow these expert makeup tips.

Colored Mascara Makeup Tips & Ideas
  • Blue mascara is a great trick for everyone who has tired, dull eyes. Keep the rest of your makeup subtle so the punchy blue pigments really shine through. If you are worried about the blue looking too much, then try using it over black for a subtler effect, or using a navy or midnight color.
  • A rich red or a cherry-colored mascara is one of the boldest statements. These shades can really make green eyes pop but make them appear bigger and brighter.
  • Green mascara is the best gateway into using colored mascara, especially if you have brown eyes. Make sure you curl your lashes before using green, as the color can shorten them easily.
  • Purple is a great option because it is such a versatile shade, from subtle eggplants to neon violets. Purple is a flattering color on all eye shades.
  • Make sure you apply concealer under the eyes when wearing colored mascara so that no other color interferes with your look and spoils it.
  • Try to keep the rest of your makeup as minimal and fresh as possible since colored mascara is already a bold statement, and combining it with a bold lip, for instance, will create an unwanted, clashing effect. Skip the eyeshadow and finish off your look with a thin tight-lined eyeliner for a more dramatic effect.
  • You can inject subtle touches of color to your look by applying colored mascara just on the tips of your eyelashes. Another good idea is sweeping it either on your top or bottom lashes only.
How to Choose Colored Mascara for Every Eye Color

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