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17 Best Winter Nail Colors for Fizzy Manicures

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Are you planning those winter nails? Don’t let the cold weather get your down, let it inspire your manicure instead! We’ve collected the very best winter nail colors – some shades are icy cool much like the weather, while others are warm and glittery to warm you up in side.

No matter whether you take the chance to go a little dark or subdued with your winter nails or if you prefer to let your nails attract all the attention when the rest of you has to be covered up, be assured that we’ve picked at least one or two winter nail polishes that will suit your taste. So tell us, what are your winter nails going to look like?

1. Deborah Lippmann Nail Color in I Put a Spell on You

One of our favorite winter nail colors, this translucent purple is icy and iridescent, though when the hands move and the light hits the nails, just right a green glimmer can be noticed. You can use this polish over other colors for a cool shine, or simply layer it over bare nails. It has a nail-strengthening formula free of harmful chemicals. You can buy it from Sephora.

Winter Nail Colors: Deborah Lippmann Winter Nail Polish in I Put a Spell on You

2. Smith & Cult Nail Color in Fosse Fingers

Winter nails can certainly display warmer tones, and what’s better than a variation on living coral, the Pantone color of the year? This gorgeous coral nail polish has a healthy 5-free formula. It has a subtle shimmer that echoes the winter frost, although it’s a shade guaranteed to keep you feeling warm and happy inside! It is available at Nordstrom.

Winter Nail Colors: Smith & Cult Winter Nail Polish in Fosse Fingers

3. TenOverTen Nail Polish in Austin 032

If you prefer a cream finish for your winter nail colors, why not try a baby blue? This shade is muted like winter sky on a cold clear day. The formula itself is 7-free and has a smooth, streak-free finish that is very easy to apply. Order it online from Net-a-Porter!

Winter Nail Colors: TenOverTen Winter Nail Polish in Austin 032

4. YSL Nail Color in 112 Blanc Futuriste

This is the very shade that will turn your winter nails into a frosty dream! It’s a sheer white nail polish flecked with ultra-fine silvery shimmer that looks like the thinnest layer of ice once applied to the nails. It can frostify any nail polish, or be worn alone. You can purchase it from Nordstrom.

Winter Nail Colors: YSL Winter Nail Polish in 112 Blanc Futuriste

5. Marc Jacobs Beauty Nail Polish in 112 Le Charm

Take a note from Marc Jacobs for your winter nail colors, and opt for shiny – his favorite shade! This hyper metallic rose shade is a gorgeous manicure choice that is easy to apply without streaks. Two coats is all it takes, and the formula is hearty and resistant to chipping. It is sold at Sephora.

Winter Nail Colors: Marc Jacobs Beauty Winter Nail Polish in 112 Le Charm

6. Christian Louboutin Nail Color in Farida

A lot of us take the chance to go darker with our winter nails, and we must say Farida is a truly unique darker polish shade. It’s a deep copper tone flecked with a fine gold shimmer, so it is actually on the warmer side of things, and it has an irresistible metallic effect. The bottle is absolutely gorgeous, so this winter nail color is guaranteed to stand out in your collection. Pop into Nordstrom to pick it up!

Winter Nail Colors: Christian Louboutin Winter Nail Polish in Farida

7. OPI Classic Nail Polish in This Color’s Making Waves

If teal is your go-to color, opt for a metallic twist on it for your winter nail colors. At this point, the OPI brand is so strongly associated with high-quality nail polish that it’s a very safe choice for updating your collection. Pair it with some of the other colors on this list for some really unique winter manicures! Find it at Ulta Beauty!

Winter Nail Colors: OPI Winter Nail Polish in This Color's Making Waves

8. Smith & Cult Nail Polish in The Message

When you imagine sexy nails, red nail polish is the first thing that comes to mind. Just because we have to cover up against the cold weather doesn’t mean we can’t get sexy with our winter nail colors. This holographic crimson is on the deeper side of things, and flecked with a golden glitter, which has a metallic effect. It is sold online via Net-a-Porter.

Winter Nail Colors: Smith & Cult Winter Nail Polish in The Message

9. Nailc INC. Holler-Graphic Nail Color in Cosmic Queen

You’ll feel minty fresh rocking this winter nail color on your nails. It’s an intensely holographic shade that will transform as you move your hands in the light giving a gorgeous rainbow effect, although at its very core it is a cool blue-green shade. This winter nail polish is nearly all shimmer but it reaches full opacity with just two coats. This shade is available at Sephora.

Winter Nail Colors: Nails Inc Winter Nail Polish in Cosmic Queen

10. Sally Hansen Miracle Gel in Shhhh-immer

If you love the gel effect but can’t get to the salon, then you’ll be thrilled to know this polish gives the effect at home! This sheer option is perfect for getting your winter nails ready. It is a soft pink base loaded with glittery pink and gold flecks – shamelessly feminine and oh-so-beautiful. Pick it up from Ulta Beauty!

Winter Nail Colors: Sally Hansen Winter Nail Polish in Shhhh-immer

11. NCLA What’s Your Sign? Pisces Lacquer

Green is a tricky color, but this is the perfect take on it for winter nail colors. It’s a rich emerald tone loaded with even more green glitter for that metallic effect we’re obsessed with this winter. It’s a five-free formula, and despite the name you can wear it even if you’re not a Pisces. You can find it through Revolve.

Winter Nail Colors: NCLA What's Your Sign? Pisces Lacquer

12. Tom Ford Nail Color in Plum Noir

Tom Ford makes high-quality nail polish that you can be certain will not chip quickly. This particular shade is a rich plum with a gorgeous cream finish. It is smooth and deep but not overly dark – a perfect everyday shade for winter nails. It is sold at Nordstrom.

Winter Nail Colors: Tom Ford Winter Nail Polish in Plum Noir

13. Zoya Nail Lacquer in Tawny

If you’re still attending holiday parties, this rose copper shade is ideal. It’s a warm metallic with a festive shimmer that’ll suit anyone who likes lively winter nail colors. The color is fairly sheer and goes nicely over other shades. This 5-free polish has a phenomenal formula that dries quickly and lasts a while. Buy it from Ulta Beauty!

Winter Nail Colors: Zoya Winter Nail Polish in Tawny

14. Chanel Nail Color in Opulence

Winter nails are perfect for displaying duo-chrome nail polish tones. There is something about the major color shift that is so perfectly special and understated – a sophistication ideal for cooler seasons. At first glance Opulence is a golden copper, but as you move it you’ll notice it shifting more gold to one side and more red to the other. You can order it directly from Chanel.

Winter Nail Colors: Chanel Winter Nail Polish in Opulence

15. Butter London Nail Lacquer in British Khaki

Winter nail colors don’t have to be all shimmer and shine. Winter can also be the time for an austere tone shift. This khaki shade has a reflective cream finish, and a greenish military brown tone. As we prefer, this is a 5-free formula that also contains some nail-strengthening compounds. Get it at Nordstrom!

Winter Nail Colors: Butter London Winter Nail Polish in British Khaki

16. Ella+Mila Nail Polish in Mirror Mirror

Few things are as glamorous as shiny silver nails. This silver polish is flecked with even more silver glitter, and it goes on opaque with a single swipe. It’s a perfect shade for winter nail art, but it is also totally gorgeous on its own. This certified vegan nail polish is available at Ulta Beauty.

Winter Nail Colors: Ella+Mila Winter Nail Polish in Mirror Mirror

17. ILNP Holographic Nail Color in Juliette

We’re finishing this list of winter nail colors with a bang. This rose gold shade is as glamorous as it gets, as it is absolutely packed with multi-colored gold and rose shimmer. A manicure with this color will be a little ray of shine and warmth during cold winter days, guaranteed to put a smile on your face. Order it from Etsy!

Winter Nail Colors: ILNP Winter Nail Polish in Juliette

Photos via Net-a-Porter, Sephora