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15 Best Dip Powder Nail Kits to Use at Home

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Dip powder nails have quickly become popular in the salon industry. It makes sense, the nails will harden with the powder, making it less likely to chip and thus will last far longer than other nail polishes – even gel. With the growing popularity, it would only make sense that nail polish brands would start creating their own DIY dip powder nail kits. To avoid having to try them all, we’ve got them all sorted out in different categories to make life easier for you!

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15 Best Dip Powder Nail Kits

Just remember that getting salon-perfect nails takes practice and a bit of careful studying! Remember to read the directions first, maybe watch a few videos from professionals, and when going to remove the dip powder manicure (after 2-3 weeks!), it’s best to use 100% acetone (though you can hunt up some good plant-based options as well). Without further ado, below are the 15 best dip powder nail kits for you to use at home.

Best Overall
Red Carpet Manicure Color Dip Starter Kit
Red Carpet Manicure

When entering the world of dip powder nails and hunting for an easy-to-use, long-lasting product, Red Carpet’s manicure color dip starter set is the best option for you. It is easily found at most Ulta stores and if not, it ships within 2-3 days. For those of you hunting for the best color range, you may be slightly disappointed because the only color option in this kit is Seductive Star (a creamy red color).

This kit also comes with a brush cleaner, which is often common in dip powder nail kits, but whatever is in this one allows it to work exceptionally quickly to decamp in bristles that have become thick with any of the coats. The finish is beautiful and shiny, the name making you feel like an old Hollywood star. You can also find it on Amazon.

Best Budget
Kiss Salon Dip Professional Dipping System

When trying something new for the first time, it’s always a good idea to start out with something that won’t cost you too much. This is where Kiss’s dip kit comes in because it’s easily one of the most affordable (and best) dip powder kits. It comes with acrylic tips, making it the perfect add-on to any at-home spa day, is completely scentless, and comes with extra brushes just in case you happen to miss place one or two. The color in this kit is a pale pink-white, and with the tips, it might clearly be intended as a French manicure set, but you can paint it over with your signature nail color. Purchase it on Amazon!

Best Splurge
Gelish Soak Off Acrylic Nail Dip Powder

For those of you that are more experienced (or holders of a ‘go big or go home’ attitude), this dip powder nail kit is yours for $125 on Amazon. However, before you silently scream at me for even mentioning this nail kit, do the math. How much does your average manicure at the salon cost? In this kit, you will find three colors (clear, pink, and red) and the fact that these shiny, salon-perfect nails last at least three weeks. Frankly, this nail kit is actually quite reasonable and worth the price when looking at it in the light!

Best Vegan
DipWell Dipping Nail Starter Kit

It can be easy to fall in love with a new beauty product only to discover that it goes against your moral values. Thankfully, dip powder nails don’t have to be that beauty product for you. DipWell’s dip powder kit is vegan (making it healthier for your nails) and is not tested on animals. The set comes with two colors – pink and white – is easier to remove than other dip powder sets, comes with detailed instructions, and can be used with acrylic tips if you’re so inclined. Purchase yours for that girl’s day on Amazon!

Best for French Manicure
Kiara Sky French Nail Dip Powder Starter Set
Kiara Sky

If you, like Demi Lovato, have reached the end of Instagram’s ‘for you’ page (multiple times), then you have most likely come across Kiara Sky’s French dip set before since it was trending on Instagram late last year. And why not? It comes with seal protectant and oil for healthier nails after removing the manicure and a special case for sipping powder and various shades of pinks and whites. While the smell may be slightly strong at times, just do your nails outside or with a fan nearby (just no candles, please). Purchase it on Amazon!

Best for Beginners
Lavender Violets Dipping Powder Starter Kit
Lavender Violets

We should all face it by now – practice makes perfect – and if you are seeking to have a salon-quality manicure at home, it’s best to have a bit of practice before jumping into a large dip nail powder kit. Therefore, this kit would be the perfect option for you. There are various shade sets to purchase, making it easier to find the color that you want, and this kit is formaldehyde-, toluene- and DBP-free (a.k.a. chemicals you may not like). Just remember that the dip powder in this kit is particularly fine, so make sure to dip your nail multiple times. Find your salon manicure on Amazon!

Best Value
Aikker 12 Color Dipping Powder Starter Set

It makes sense why this would be the best dip powder kit for value, considering its large range of colors (twelve, all vibrant and fun! And to think that some kits only come with one…). It also comes with a nail buffer, a brush to remove excess powder, and a nail file as well. The only thing that doesn’t come in this kit would be the base, activator, and top coat, which can easily be purchased separately on Amazon. Pick this kit up on Amazon!

Best Color Variety
Drizzle Acrylic Nail Dip Powder Kit

Variety is the spice of life, or is that too cliché? Whatever your opinion of me using cliché phrases are in this article, it certainly applies to this nail set. You can purchase the (adorably packaged) set of your choice on Amazon. There are eight different set options, and all the non-toxic dip colors in each set range from twelve to twenty. The kits all come with a brush, cuticle pusher, and an uber-shiny top coat. And we all know my love of shiny nails!

Best Glitters
Aikker 12 Glitter Dip Powder Nail Kit

When the mood for a glitter manicure comes in, and you want it to be dip powder, immediately purchase Aikker’s glitter set. It is by far the best dip powder nail kit that revolves around glitter! There are twelve different color options (blues, purples, reds, pinks, a silver, and a gold), clear directions, and a portable dipping tray that will help to maximize the amount of manicures you get out of the kit. The only drawback would be that the base, activator, and top coat are not included and would need to be purchased separately. This kit can be found on Amazon.

Best Neutrals
AzureBeauty Nude Gray Dipping Powder Starter Kit

In the mood for more minimalistic, neutral nails? Honestly, same! Neutral nails are perfect for being sophisticated or when you want to do more elaborate nail art, and this dip powder kit contains all the best neutrals – gray, black, pink, purple, white, and silver! The top coat is excellent for creating extra shine, and if you feel like getting a bit artsy with your nails, this kit can also be layered with regular polish. Purchase your set on Amazon!

Best Summer Colors
Mefa Dipping Nail Powder Set

While we may be nearing spring solstice right now, is it never too early to plan your summer nails. Besides, while these colors (two pinks, white, purple, blue, and a yellow) might be considered a ‘summer’ kit, one could always wear them in the spring too. The colors are all ‘high-pigment,’ meaning they are all very rich and velvety. If you go back and forth between dip manicures and acrylics, this set is also great to have on hand because the powders work for a regular acrylic manicure too. For $17 on Amazon, one really could have a field day!

Best Quick-Dry
GHDIP Dip Powder Nail Kit

Life may have slowed down a bit during lockdown, but it’s starting to pick up again. You may not have the same amount of time to lovingly do your nails like you’ve been doing the past year. If this is the case, quick-drying dip powder would certainly be the best thing for you. While it’s only six shades of classic shades, it dries within an hour, is formaldehyde-, toluene- and DBP-free, plus the top coat leaves your nails beautifully shiny. Purchase it on Amazon!

Best with Tools
Beetles Dipping Powder Starter Kit

When just starting out with a new manicure style, you may be a bit anxious. If this is you, but the beginner kit just doesn’t match your skill level with manicures, then you may be looking for this kit. It comes with extra tools to help get the perfect manicure (file, cuticle pusher, and a brush to wipe away excess), making it AMAZINGLY EASY. The packaging is so cute, as is the manicure, which lasts for weeks! Purchase one on Amazon and make your choice between five different kits, each with six color options.

Best for Travel
Cooserry Dipping Powder Nail Set

If you’re in the mood to escape to another land, then please rely on this dip powder kit! There are eight colors – black, grey, white, purple, and four shades of pink – extra brushes, a nail buffer, cuticle pusher, and a brush to remove excess in the kit. The packaging makes it easy to travel with, so it’s perfect for a vacation. Just be aware that the powder is not super fine, so the layers will need to be thinner to avoid clumpiness. Purchase it on Amazon and bon voyage!

Best Wearable Colors
Rosalind Dip Powder Colors

Sometimes you just happen to be in the mood for the basic nail colors. And who can blame you? Sometimes that neon green only seems to work for Billie Eilish! When this mood strikes, the best dip powder set to purchase would be the Rosalind dip powder colors kit. Sadly, it doesn’t contain a base, activator, or top coat but does have those oh-so-lovely colors that are common (and classic) for nails – purples, pinks, glitters, red, gray, black, and white. The kit also contains a brush and a file to make the application easier. Purchase it on Amazon!

What to Look for in the Best Dip Powder Nail Kit?

Since dip powder nails may be new to some of you (unless, of course, you habitually stalk nail trends, your local salon and Instagram reels for nail art because that’s normal, right?), picking out the best kit for you may feel somewhat stressful, particularly if you’re willing to go all in on the price! This makes sense. No one wants to waste their money or harm the nails on their hands – or anyone else’s. Below are all the things you should look for in picking out the best dip powder nail kit for you!

Color Selection

When picking the dip powder kit out, it’s always good to back and check to see what colors are included in the package. Some of the kits (as you have noticed above) will contain only one color, while others may have around twenty, so make sure it holds the color selection that you want.

What to Look for in the Best Dip Powder Nail Kit?

Good for Beginners

Considering dip nails are a style that has often been performed in salons by nail technicians, it’s important to realize you may need a bit of practice. In this case, when choosing the kit, it would be a good idea to make sure that the packaging includes clear directions and perhaps extra tools, which would help your nails appear more professionally done until you get the hang of the nail treatment.


Dip powder kits can obviously range in price (just compare the $125 to the $11 options mentioned earlier), and while sometimes what you are paying for is quality, this is not always the case. Make sure to read what you are purchasing beforehand, for instance, exactly what the kit contains, just to double-check that it has everything that you may need and want.


When talking of safety, I’m not talking about ‘this item is flammable and keep away from fire’ warnings that you will find on so many nail products (and should follow). At least not completely, because painting your nails in front of the fireplace probably isn’t a good idea.

When I say safety, I specifically mean checking the different chemicals to make sure that you are not allergic to any and being aware if monomers (the things that give nail polishes its distinct smell) make you lightheaded, leading to the fact it’s probably best for you to find a scent-free option – quite a few are listed above!

How to Choose the Best Dip Powder Nail Kits?

Durability and What Is in the Kit

No one wants to constantly need to touch up their nails, meaning that the durability of the dip powder polish you chose is very important. The best dip powder will last a 14-21 days average, however, some will come off within a week! To find out what is in the kit, read the back and reviews.

Some dip powder sets will not come with the base coat, activator, and top coat, which is needed to apply the powder. If the kit also contains a brush saver – that divine little chemical mixture that saves brushes – this is definitely a bonus.

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