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Dip powder or SNS nails are now the trendy nails. You want to make your nails look beautiful, girly and adorable? SNS nails are the best manicure trends to make your hands special! Still have no idea what we are talking about? Here’s everything you need to know about SNS nails or dip powder nails.

Powder Nail Dipping: SNS Nails/ Dip Powder Nails Guide

We will talk about the best SNS nail colors, how you can get powder nails done at home, the pros and cons of SNS nails, and – yes – you will not waste your time with the process for everything gets simplified here in this post. Sit tight, cross your legs and ride with us.

Also, are you new and unfamiliar with dip powder nails? Powder nail dipping is more than just nail beautification, it is beauty itself! It is safe, easy, and helpful.

Guide to SNS Nail Dipping Powder: Contents


What Are SNS Nails/ Dip Powder Nails?

Short for Signature Nail System, dip powder or SNS nails represent a nail dipping system, which means the nail is dipped into powder. The results are always beautiful, and the nails are decorated in a natural color.

Actually, to achieve the right result, follow the right guide. And no, you don’t have to harm your nails or fingers.

SNS dip powder nails were created by a salon owner, who has more than 30 years of experience in the beauty industry. His aim was to improve his customers’ beauty. And looking at SNS nails on their user’s hand, he did achieve his aim.

Many users have expressed their amazement on how this technique is completed faster than the powder glaze system, and yet it does not give out an odour. In this method, the nail is strengthened with powder and adhesives.


Not like your traditional acrylic nail method of beautification, dipping nail powder is used so the finger, after the process, is worth the choice – easier and with no experience required to sculpt. And the dip powder manicure is also harmless, as it does not give any toxic smell.

To be honest, dip powder nails are not that new. The popularity is credited to SNS nails being the latest trend. If we look closely, the idea of using SNS nails can be traced as far back as the 1980s.

Further, dip powder nails take a slight difference from acyclic nails, which is why SNS nails are trendier. Well, they deserve it. Look at the fingers of someone with SNS nails and see for yourself. A little thanks, of course, goes to a social media platform for the wide popularity – hey, Instagram!

What Are SNS Nails/ Dip Powder Nails?

How Does Nail Dipping Powder Work?

We know you like to know how SNS nails work, especially, if you are new to the decoration of fingernails with polish and have noticed how Instagram is making it look worthy.

The process can be done at home. Dip powder manicure lasts for up to six weeks if you manage it like we are going to teach you later on.

This how you do it in steps:

• First you apply a base coat to protect your nails.


• You dip your fingers in the SNS nail powder a couple of times to get the opacity level you like. Your dip powder manicure will dry just instantly, and best of all you’ll avoid the possible skin damage of UV lamps.

• Seal the color with a clear top coat to shine brightly as it was designed to be. As you finish, the powdery layers will transform into a glossy texture, which in and of itself sounds cool and innovative, just like lip powder.

• The final result will make you contribute to Instagram, showing your handiwork majestically.

We know you want to know what you are into. Well, the nail powder is safe and natural (more about this later). But that does not mean you shouldn’t choose it with caution. Read the ingredients list on the nail powder before making your purchase.

15 Best Dip Powder SNS Nail Colors & Kits to Try

Now that you have an idea about dip powder nails, here are a few SNS nail colors and kits to try. They will give you the best and chic appearance. When you rock your nails at a party or on an online social media channel, you will be glad you made your choice from here.

1. SNS Nails Gel Thinner Refill

Available on Amazon, this is a special product you should try. You get eight unique SNS nail colors. The gel is specially formulated with SNS dipping powder. Once you get it on your fingers, dip powder sticks like beautiful glue, like a boat that found a beautiful and safe harbor. In addition, you get vitamins, and of course, it requires no UV light.

Best Dip Powder SNS Nail Colors & Kits: SNS Nails Gel Thinner Refill

2. Red Carpet Manicure Color Dip Pink Nail Powder

Do you want to change the way you apply nail color? You want the color to last long, as long as 21 days? This is the best SNS nail color choice you should pick on the market. It doesn’t really matter if you are a professional in the use of nail treatment or not. This dip powder manicure is easy to apply, and it comes in 7 colors at Ulta Beauty.

Best Dip Powder SNS Nail Colors & Kits: Red Carpet Manicure Color Dip Pink Nail Powder

3. SNS Nails Pink & White Kit

For the lovers of French manicures, this is the best SNS nail color kit you should try. Let’s say you want to give the best touch to your client’s fingers as a technician. Or if you want the best and demand it personally, then try this SNS nail kit, and the result will keep you wanting more. You can get this kit from Amazon.

Best Dip Powder SNS Nail Colors & Kits: SNS Nails Pink & White Kit

4. Young Nails SlickPour

This SNS nail color is our choice because of how easy it is to use. Like a powder coat application, it is simple to apply on your fingers and super easy to remove it too. Try one of the 9 colors available next time, and you will want it often. Get your favorite SNS nail color from Ulta Beauty!

Best Dip Powder SNS Nail Colors & Kits: Young Nails SlickPour

5. SNS Nails Dipping Powder 211

Something odourless is here for you. You can have a manicure that does not require UV light, and the choice is this nail dipping powder. It gives a natural feel, lasts long and adds vitamin and calcium to your nail bed. You can get this SNS color from Amazon.

Best Dip Powder SNS Nail Colors & Kits: SNS Nails Dipping Powder 211

6. Revel Nail Dip Powder D121 (Moody)

You are up for a shiny, brilliant look right on your fingers. You nails will look natural and beautiful. This Revel nail powder is a choice worthy of all the benefits, such as flexibility and lightweight texture, and an addition of vitamins. You know what? For the next generation of nail enhancement, this is the tool. This SNS nail color is also available on Amazon.

Best Dip Powder SNS Nail Colors & Kits: Revel Nail Dip Powder D121 (Moody)

7. Revel Nail Dip Powder D48 (Margo)

Revel nail dip powder is the manicure tool you have been looking for. Why? It answers all the questions you have been asking. You want SNS nail powders that feel and look natural. You don’t want to damage your nail bed before you achieve the beautiful look you want. And we are glad to tell you, the search is over! This pretty pastel pink SNS nail color can be found online on Amazon.

Best Dip Powder SNS Nail Colors & Kits: Revel Nail Dip Powder D48 (Margo)

8. SNS Nails Dipping Powder 85

With this glitter SNS nail color, you don’t have to worry about odour, or UV light treatment. Swiftly, like slicing butter, apply it to your nails and in the process, you are blessing your nails with some calcium and vitamins. Make your fingers shine by choosing this glitter color, available on Amazon!

Best Dip Powder SNS Nail Colors & Kits: SNS Nails Dipping Powder 85

9. Revel Nail Dip Powder D85 (Fascinated)

There are some dip nail powders that are light for you to use. They will keep shiny forever, as long as you keep them on your nails. The name of one is Revel nail dip powder in number D85. It is odour-free and non-porous. You keep your nail bed protected by making this choice. Get yours from Amazon now!

Best Dip Powder SNS Nail Colors & Kits: Revel Nail Dip Powder D85 (Fascinated)

10. Revel Nail Dip Powder D23 (Ginger)

This SNS nail color is water-resistant, and non-toxic, as it keeps you safe in the course of making your fingers beautiful. Also, it keeps the nail bed healthy. What of the natural and beautiful look? You have it all in one nail powder. Get this lovely shade from Amazon!

Best Dip Powder SNS Nail Colors & Kits: Revel Nail Dip Powder D23 (Ginger)

11. Revel Nail Dip Powder D29 (Hayley)

This is a non-yellowing dip powder nail color. If you have your fingers beautified with it, you don’t have to worry about maintenance. It is made to resist crack and chip. With that, it can last long and still remain beautiful. This moody brown SNS nail color can be picked up from Amazon.

Best Dip Powder SNS Nail Colors & Kits: Revel Nail Dip Powder D29 (Hayley)

12. Revel Nail Dip Powder D45 (Lyndsey)

Like an immortal beauty, this SNS nail color keeps shining for as long as it lives on your fingers. Making your fingers look and feel natural is just a few of its benefits. It is non-porous, comfortable and crack-resistant. You want something that is easy to maintain, and now you have it. Beautifying your nails shouldn’t be inconvenient. With Revel, it won’t. Pick up this shade from Amazon now!

Best Dip Powder SNS Nail Colors & Kits: Revel Nail Dip Powder D45 (Lyndsey)

13. Revel Nail Dip Powder D31 (Ingrid)

This is like a safety guard. It isn’t porous. It isn’t thick or heavy. Neither is it irritating for an odour. This awesome dip nail powder can turn your fingernails over to that of a princess. You only have to make a choice, an affordable one actually. This deep blue SNS nail color is available on Amazon, too.

Best Dip Powder SNS Nail Colors & Kits: Revel Nail Dip Powder D31 (Ingrid)

14. SNS Nails Dipping Powder 56

Nothing is more frustrating than a nail powder that takes a decade to come off. Don’t worry, we have found an option for you. It comes off in just ten minutes. And you don’t have to think or worry about Toluene or Formaldehyde. This subtle SNS nail color is the choice to make, and it can be picked up from Amazon.

Best Dip Powder SNS Nail Colors & Kits: SNS Nails Dipping Powder 56

15. SNS Nails Dipping Powder 267

No risk of cancer by being free from UV light. Like a diamond, this rose gold SNS nail color won’t stop shining. If you want to apply it yourself, it is more like eating cookies on a lazy night – easy, breezy and with a beautiful result! Get this millennial-approved dip powder nail color from Amazon now!

Best Dip Powder SNS Nail Colors & Kits: SNS Nails Dipping Powder 267

SNS Nails Pros and Cons

We mentioned earlier that SNS nails are safe. That isn’t just everything. More than being safe, shat are the pros and cons of SNS nails? Nothing is perfect. But the SNS nail benefits should outweigh the cons.

Here are its pros:

• No light required in drying.

• Only little filing will be done on your real nails.

• Dip powder nail color dries fast, in two minutes.

• It gives your nails vitamins A, D, B5, E, and calcium present in the nail powders (you aren’t only adding beauty to your nails, but also vitamins.).

• The SNS nails are thin and light, making them comfortable on your natural nail. They are as thin as your real nails.

• Dip powder nails have a natural look.

• Dip powder nails last longer, anywhere between four and six weeks.

And these are the cons:

• You need to pay more for them, unlike your acrylic nails.

• It takes longer to be fixed.

• The SNS nail colors in the nail polish bottle might be different from what you will achieve. Your nail dummy is the only source that can define the final colors you will achieve.

Differences Between Gel, Shellac, Acrylic, and Powder Nails

As far as the ingredients used go, dip powder nails are not that different from acyclic nails. In fact, just like gel manicures, they both feature an acrylic base. What makes them slightly different is that the acrylic grains used for the dip powder nail colors are finer, which leads to brighter, bolder colors.

Special glue called cyanoacrylate bonds the dip powders so that when applied on the nails, no light curing is required. On the other hand, gel manicure, and acrylic nails use a special liquid in the application process, undergoing a chemical reaction once the nails are cured with a UV lamp.

Moreover, SNS nails last longer than acrylic nails, and as long as they stay on the nails, they are completely harmless. While acrylic nails last anywhere between three weeks, SNS dip powder nails last four to six weeks.

Shellac, acrylic, gel, and powder nails are flawlessly different. Some get it right, you recognize one from the other, but for our new members in the use of nail polish, let’s talk about this.

SNS Nails Pros and Cons: How Does Powder Nail Dipping Work?

Gel Nails

The gel is a hardened coat that has been exposed to UV light for few minutes. Gel nails are not anything like paint overlay. Gels are added as layers to your natural nails with the aid of a brush. This is done in three steps:

• Basecoat
• Polish color
• Top coat

Using gel manicure, you can decide to go for a nail tip or an overlay for long nails. They are your choice to handle, and you can reshape them because they are long and big enough to handle.

Unlike acrylic nails, gel nails are easier and faster to achieve. Also, they last longer. A little filing is required, and shaping helps to reduce the length. They are non-toxic nails and safe (even if you are pregnant). Looking for a natural and gorgeous nail finish? Go for gel nails!

Shellac Nails

Shellac manicure is a mixture of nail polish and gel. It comes in various colors, as many as 100. Traditional, fake nails can be the worst choice and ruin your nails, but for shellac, you get strength and stability for your nails.

The method of application is like regular nail polish. Swiftly, you can add the polish, and it won’t elongate your nails. This is your best choice if you don’t want a nail tip. The colors are just gorgeous for the final look that comes on your nails.

However, it’s hard to file or shape during refills without cracking, unlike the other nail techniques mentioned. But you can get shellac in different shapes (square, oval, almond, coffin) – just so you know your choice.

Acrylic Nails

Acrylic manicure contains liquid monomer and powder polymer. During the process of applying acrylic manicure, an artificial nail is attached to the top of your natural nails using liquid acrylic and powder.

One thing makes it special – you can shape and reshape it to your taste. Yet, acrylic becomes hard as it is exposed to air. Your nails are protected by the added layer, and the beauty is unique.

SNS Dip Powder Nails

This is the trendiest. Here, a gel base is applied to your natural nails just by dipping your nails into powders. These nail powders are of various colors. It is odourless, and no curing is required.

SNS nails are healthy and natural. Your nail beds are left unhurt. Your natural nails are left free for nothing is glued to the top. And, if you want, they can last up to eight weeks.

Are Dip Powder Nails Safe?

SNS nails are nothing you should fret about. Why?

The reason is clear and simple. They are natural and non-toxic. When applying the nail polish on your nails, it is either by dipping your nails in the powder or painting the color on your nails. To be a little safer, it is best if you have it painted on your nails base, using pigment or sealant coats.

SNS Nails Pros & Cons: Are Dip Powder Nails Safe?

The reasons, according to some nail technicians, are dehydration and the layer of the nails might get broken using dip powder nails by dipping fingers in the container. That is worth a little caution, and we recommend painting it – just don’t dip it in. Nothing serious is at stake though.

It is important to know that the damage to the nails by dip powder we mentioned is not that serious or permanent. The effects are short term, and in a short while, a new layer of nails will grow. So you can as well dip it in the powder if that is how you want it.

To keep your nails neat, use paper wraps at the edges. Not only because your nails will not be rough, but also it will last up to two weeks.

If you are familiar with nail polishes like acrylics, you would have experienced or heard of dust inhalations due to the use of UV light. With dip powder nails, you stay clear of UV light. It means you are a little safer from dust inhalation.

UV light exposure is related to the risk of cancer. Kill two birds with one stone by using dip powder nails and staying away from UV light, unlike other types of nails.

Also, dip powder manicure is powdery and will not stick to your skin in case of contact with your skin. Something you can clean or dust off.

In any case, it’s always a good idea to use a regular nail polish on a daily basis, and to keep the SNS nail dip powder colors for special occasions.

How to Get SNS Dip Powder Nails at Home

Dip powder nails give a mesmerizing look. The hand you want to show off to your friends and the world will look so good that you will keep smiling at your nails, as you hold the wheel while driving.

But a process applies that makes the nails shine. You don’t want to make the nails look like something from your favorite horror movie.

How To Get SNS Dip Powder Nails At Home

In summary, this is how the process of getting SNS nails looks like:

• Groom it – prepare your fingers for what is coming.

• Coat it – add the powder and make your fingers ready to look stunning.

• Finish it – some extra touch to make things perfect.

Before applying your dip powder manicure, you need to know the materials and things to keep at hand.

• Nail polish remover
• Paper towel
• Nail file
• Alcohol or antiseptic spray or something to sanitize your nails
• Dip nail powder
• Water

Now that you are ready, we can go into details and the stages. Shall we?

Step 1: The Grooming Stage

• Remove the nail polish or any dirt from your nails. Use a nail polish remover, preferably a non-acetone one. Your manicure will last longer on a clean nail surface.

• Use a nail file to make the nail top, the cuticle, and the groove area smooth. A 180-grit file or bock will do the job.

• After filing, be sure to remove the nail dust using a nail brush.

• Next is a little sanitization with alcohol. Pick a paper towel, damp it in the alcohol and clean the top of your fingernails with it. This removes any bacteria and prepares your nail for the next step of the SNS manicure process.

• For those who want their nails to be longer, choose a nail tip that is not longer than one-third of the nail bed. The tip should cover the whole length of your nails and extend by just one-third of the whole length.

• Or use a nail file to reduce the length if it is too long.

• Use a tip resin to cover the walls of the tips.

• Gently, hold the tips firmly to the root of your nails at an angle of 45 degrees. This should last for up to 20 seconds before you let go.

• Use a nail file to remove and perfect excess tips.

Step 2: The Coating Stage

• Paint on the bonder of the nails. Ensure it doesn’t swell up towards the cuticles.

• Leave for one minute.

• Add the resin with a brush. Note: the belly of the brush should be used to avoid adding resin in strokes like a brush applicator.

• For users who are doing fills, and your last dip manicure is up to two weeks, brush the resin to your desired depth.

• For users doing a dip powder manicure to their natural nails, and your last manicure is up to three weeks, just one coat is OK.

• Use a stick to mix the powder in the container.

• Dip and roll your fingernails in the nail powder.

• Use the other hand to tap the finger so as to dust off excess powder. Or simply use a nail brush to remove the excess.

• Use more resin and more powder depending on your choice.

Step 3: The Finishing Stage

• Apply the dip nail powder in strokes.

• Trim the excess edges with a nail file.

• Add a finish using a top coat. As you apply the top coat, keep your fingers fixed.

• Let it dry.

• Rub some cuticle oil on the skin surrounding the nails.

• Let it dry.

• And wash your hands.

And this is to say you are done with the whole SNS dip powder nail application process. You are left with maintaining your new nails.

How to Do a Dip Powder Nails Refill

Generally, it’s not recommended to do a dip powder refill, but it’s rather a good idea to completely remove the old color and reapply it. An old dip nail powder could mess up with the new powder if you tend to be careless about it. To escape that thin line of carelessness and stay on the safe side and to achieve beautiful results, here are the steps you should follow.

Powder Nail Dipping: SNS Nails Costs

• Sanitize your hands. If you are a technician and are preparing a customer’s hands, sanitize yours and the client’s hands.

• File off the old layer of nail powder. A nail file or a drill is the ideal.

• Ensure the SNS nail color is almost removed before you stop filing or drilling.

• Apply the bond on the filed nail.

• Then apply a base on it.

• Choose an SNS nail color of your choice and dip your finger in it.

• Shake excess powder off by tapping the nail.

• Apply a base over the whole nail again.

• Quickly, before it dries up, dip the nail in the color powder.

• Apply a base coat again.

• Then, this time, dip your fingers in a clear powder.

• Seal your dip powder nails applying a seal protect coat with the use of a brush.

• Air dry for two minutes.

• File, shape and trim the edges.

• Use the drill to smoothen the surface.

• Buff the nails and sanitize by wiping them with alcohol.

• Apply the seal protect again.

• Use the towel to smoothen the seal protect.

• Apply the top quickly and let it dry.

• Apply the top coat the second time and let it dry completely.

You are done. Keep it shinning like a princess. The beauty of the final result will depend on your choice of color and how well you apply it, especially, if you file off the initial layer properly.

How to Remove SNS Dip Powder Nails Safely

OK, the dip powder manicure has been on your fingers for weeks, and it’s time to get it off. In a short while of reading this, you will know how to remove the dip powder nails safely at home.

Two SNS nail color removal methods can be used. Choose the most convenient one and make your nails return to their natural look. The methods are:

• Soaking

• Filing with Aluminum foil

How to Remove SNS Nails by Soaking in Acetone

You will need:

• Paper towel
• Warm water
• Bowls (at least two if you are removing nail powder from both hands)
• Pure acetone

How To Remove SNS Dip Powder Nails Safely

These are the steps:

1. File the top of the nail to remove some of the nail powder. File thoroughly to allow acetone soak the entire nail and make it easier to remove.

2. Warm some water in a bowl. The water should not be too hot. Warming the water for a minute or two should be enough to remove the dip powder manicure.

3. Fold paper towels and soak them entirely in acetone.

4. Place the paper towel in the warm water dish.

5. Soak your fingers in the dish for 10-15 minutes, and then withdraw them.

6. Clean off the residue of powder on the nails with paper towels.


To ensure you do this right, consider these tips:

• When filing the nails in the first step, place the file across your nails and file sideward.

• The water should be a little hot, not that it should be boiling.

• When soaking your hands, you will want to cover the top of your hands with a towel to reduce the smell of the acetone spreading over the room. Consider opening the windows to allow more fresh air in.

Removing Dip Powder Nails Using Aluminum File

To be honest, the two styles will give a similar result if executed as described. Here, we don’t know which one is the best, because they give the same result. Depending on your choice, you can alternatively try this method and well, your nails will look gorgeous after the nail powder is gone.

Things you will need:

• Nail file
• Cotton balls
• Bowls
• Pure acetone
• Foils

This is how you go about it:

1. Remove some of the layers of dip nail powder with a nail file. Carefully file the top of the nail.

2. Pour some acetone in a bowl.

3. Remove some cotton balls and soak in an acetone.

4. Carefully, like you handle a one-month-old baby, spread and wrap the top of your nails with the soaked cotton.

5. Hold the cotton firm by wrapping foils on your nails down your finger’s length.

6. Keep your fingers wrapped for 10-15 minutes.

7. Hold still during the period.

8. Loose the foils and the cotton.

9. Clean off the residue of nail powder with a nail file.


You are done. Your fingers are back to their natural, shiny look. But to avoid any mistake, consider the tips below.

• Make the nail powder get off easily by filing as much as you can in the first step.

• The cotton balls should not be so wet while wrapping it, to an extent you are soaked yourself.

• Hold the foils a little tight so that they come off with the cotton. The cotton balls will, in the process, clean off some residue off your fingers as they come off.
You are up. The fingers are ready for a fresh, natural look.

How to Maintain SNS Dip Powder Manicure

Maybe you have seen some SNS nails look so dazzling the first day or the first week, only to turn out like claws caught between rat’s teeth the next day or week. Likewise, SNS dip powder nails can get messy if proper care is not given.

The SNS color is attractive. To keep it attractive for the duration it lasts on your fingers, you need to know a few things. And these things are not hard to perform.

• When at the finishing stage, use cool air to dry. If you are using a fan or a blow dryer, dry the finish with cool air rather than warm air.

• Use mild soap, instead of nail sanitizer.

• At an interval of few days, add another layer of top coat to refresh the look.

How to Maintain SNS Dip Powder Manicure

SNS Dip Powder Nails Costs at the Salon

SNS nail colors are just so beautiful that you want to get them. What will it cost to style your fingers in the popular dip powder manicure? You should know that the prices might vary from country to country and from city to city. What we have here is the average cost of dip powder nails done at an average salon.

While the costs of getting SNS nails at a salon may go from 10$ to 80$, depending on its popularity, most clients pay anywhere between 20$-25$ to get their dip powder nails done.

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