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Best Nail Polish Colors to Make Short Nails Look Naturally Longer

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We all want those rather not so attractively short nails to look longer, even while we prefer to be able to hold our babies without scratching them, or even play a game of bowling without breaking a nail in the process. Sometimes we are entirely too envious of those around us with beautifully long and perfectly painted digits, wishing our peeling nails would only cooperate for a little while.

You can technically make those short nails look naturally long, even if it is but an illusion. But hey, who said the life of a working woman, particularly a mother, is an easy one? At the end of the day though, the way your nails look can make or break an outfit or style. It is important to ensure they look healthy and cared for, as well as beautifully long and feminine. Long and slim nails to be precise!

So how exactly does one go about making their short nails look longer and positively fantastic? Since short nail designs do seem to bring in more fun, it is more logical to have them cut in a way that ensures you can get your daily work done, while also enjoying a kick of laughter at your nails’ expense.

Some pretty interesting designs look so much better on short nails versus their longer, more delicate counterparts. The most important part of ensuring those nails look great at any length though is taking very good care of your hands and feet. That means a good in-home mani and pedi on a constant basis.

How to Make Short Nails Look Longer

Smooth skin and well-shaped nails make a world of difference. This means hand creams are a must, as well as oils that moisturize your skin and give them that baby’s bottom feel. Keep scissors and nail files on hand as well for a clean finish.

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Nail Care for Length Illusion

If you want to add length to your nails, try massaging your cuticles back a little, always trying to keep the half-moon in sight. You may even cut a bit of the excess skin off here, but be careful not to harm your cuticles by slicing them.

The shape of your nails will also add to the length it appears to show off. This means that an oval or almond shape is much preferable to a lovely square, no matter how pretty it may look.

You may find it strange, but using acetone on your nails, versus the products without the acetone, is best due to its stretching of the keratin and addition of good bacteria.

Best Nail Polish Colors to Make Short Nails Look Longer

The color of your polish can also dramatically affect the way those nails look, particularly when it comes to making short nails look longer. After adding a nail polish base to protect against that disgusting yellow stain most polishes leave once removed, choose the colors that suit you best but also do what you need them to do.

  • This means picking out nudes or pastels most often, since they offer a more seamless effect that works wonders on the eyes and gives the nails a slimmer and thinner look. Just make sure it is a shade lighter than your skin tone for best results.
  • Just steer clear of a very white color on you. They just do not work so well in the womanly appearance department.
  • You can also opt for darker nail polish colors that can look just as amazing, if not better than the pastels, giving you some character and a more interesting vibe. Dark and solid colors should be your go-to options if you like them. They also serve beautifully in making short nails look longer.
  • Dark blue, rouge and even black nail polishes will help ensure you see the shape of the nail, which, when cut and shaped perfectly, offers an incredible outcome.
  • Reds are a fan favorite, no matter the length of the nail, so do not worry about that one.
  • As for the texture of the nail polish, go with something more on the matte side. It will only help in your endeavors.
  • You can even play a game of gradients, with each finger slightly lighter than the last, going from light to dark all the way across.
  • Finally, a good French manicure is just what the beautician ordered, my friends. It helps those nails of yours look exquisite, while also artificially lengthening with simply a white line over the growth of the nail. You can also simply leave it clear, with a shiny lacquer added to make it look pretty and clean and with added length.
Best Nail Polish Colors to Make Short Nails Look Longer

Tips to Make Short Nails Look Longer

Besides choosing the best nail polish colors for short nails, you should follow certain tips to make your nails longer and nicer.

  • Tip #1: Keeping a few millimeters of space on the sides helps the nails look slimmer, while leaving a millimeter or two at the cuticle adds to the length while also keeping you from getting polish onto your skin.
  • Tip #2: Do not use glitter, ever. You can have a slight shimmer and that will add to your nails, but don’t do glitter pieces if you want your nails to look longer. It will only shorten the nail on you.
  • Tip #3: Use a light polish on the little half circles on your nails to add a lovely contrast with the actual color of your nails and bring out the fun in you.
  • Tip #4: Using patterns such as little dots that start from the edge of the cuticle and head to the center, particularly smack in the center of the nail adds an illusion of length easily.
  • Tip #5: Stripes are your best friend. Play with them, add them all over or only on a finger a hand. Do what you wish with them, but just add those vertical stripes everywhere. Multiple stripes over a nude color create an incredible look while playing perfectly well into the longer illusion.
  • Tip #6: When using the French manicure trick to elongate the nails, ensure that the white stripe is a natural length. When too long or too short, it has the opposite effect, giving your already short nails and even shorter look. Keep it looking healthy and natural.
  • Tip #7: If you want to play it up a bit, go for a reverse French manicure. Particularly with brighter colors, this gives you a young and hip look, while also making your short nails look longer.
Nail Colors to Make Short Nails Look Longer Naturally

Your nails are a great beauty asset and one of the main areas of focus on the fashion runways. Short nails are certainly better for a working woman or mother to sport, but that does not mean you can’t have them look great.

Use the tactics above to make your short nails look naturally long, without doing much work on it. Oils will care for the cuticles, buffs will get rid of ridges, and a clear polish will ensure you look amazingly good every day.

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