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Tips for the Perfect Nude Manicure

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As you manage to find the perfect nude nail polish suited to your skin tone, you can get to work creating the perfect neutral manicure. No salon visit necessary! We will share some tips for getting stellar nude nails fast!

High Quality Nails Equal High Quality Manicures

Nude nails are notorious for exposing all the little flaws and kinks of your nails. A flawless nail will be accentuated with the delicate nude nail color, while an uneven nail will be emphasized.

The key is to buff your nails, so they are shiny and even in tone and consistency. Neaten cuticles for a better canvas to work with. Trim nails and file them for a coherent and polished appearance. Only then will your nails be ready to embrace the nude!

Examine Your Nail Bed in Natural Light

In order to discern the best nude nail color for your nails, take a look at their color under natural light, sans polish. Typically the cuticle and nail will be a shade of beige, pink, or tan.

Finding a polish that matches the shade of your nail bed is a foolproof way of ensuring a beautiful and elegant nude manicure. This may seem like trite advice but it is only worth repeating because it works!

Foundation Test

To get a true-to-life nude nail color, bring your foundation to the salon or drugstore to color match. This is a great strategy for achieving a mannequin-like nude manicure. Matching your nail polish to your foundation will also help you perfectly complement your skin tone and undertone.

Remove Oil

Dehydrate your nails with polish remover or rubbing alcohol beforehand to remove excess oil from the nail beds. This will ensure longer-lasting wear. Apply a base coat to ensure that your nude manicure lasts as long as possible.

Apply Like a Pro

For even coverage, how you apply the nude nail polish counts. For smooth and consistent coverage, run the polish brush from side to side along the cuticle. Then brush the polish up to the tip in three to four broad strokes.

This method creates an even finish. Apply the first coat with rapid strokes and use a light helping of product.

You can deepen the color with subsequent coats. The first coat is designed to cover the nail and get an even polish appearance. Before you apply a second coat, ensure that your first coat is 100% dry.

Otherwise you will drag the polish and create a clumpy appearance. We guarantee that you will have to remove the polish and start over again so all we can preach is this: apply with patience!

Finish It off

The finish of your nude manicure is a deciding factor in how your nail look will turn out. For an elegant French manicure, look go sheer with a lighter coat. Choose a lacquer that has a glossy finish. This will create a dainty and pearlescent effect.

For a more striking nail look, go with opaque shades that have foolproof chip resistance. This lacquer look is urbane and hip, with an unapologetically sensual feel.

A beauty trend as of late that we love is the ultra-opaque nude nail look. This looks particularly provocative on longer, angled nails. The result is a stand-out glaze of deep pigment that contrasts daringly against the skin. We love beiges and taupes for nailing the nude opaque claw look.

A sheer finish provides a best-of-both-worlds effect where some of your natural pigment can peek through. This is an effective nude nail look for day and night and can be versatile for both work and play.

Blend in or Stand out?

When it comes to choosing a nude nail color for your at-home manicure, ask yourself if you want the color to blend in with your skin tone or stand out against it. A shade that matches your nail bed will create an elegant and cohesive look, while a pigment a few shades darker or lighter will create a compelling contrasting effect.

For summer, we recommend a nude nail polish that has an undertone of tan or gold. This is perfect for pairing with a glistening summer tan.

Top Coat

To ensure that your nude nail polish look is radiant rather than dull, invest in a top coat! A top coat helps maintain the longevity of your nude manicure and adds a lustrous layer of glass-like shine to your nail look.

For a twist on the classic nude manicure, top your nails with a clear shimmer or glitter nail polish. This lends your manicure a playful and whimsical mood.

We hope the above tips have inspired you to begin your own nude nail journey. Remember, nude doesn’t mean dull!

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