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How to Remove Red Nail Polish Stains from Your Fingers

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Before you get to some useful tips on how to work with red nail polish, you might have noticed that red polishes sometimes stain the nails. How to remove red nail polish without leaving behind any residue?

You will need cuticle oil or lip balm, a cotton ball instead of a pad, and the nail polish remover. You can prevent staining your skin by covering the sides of your nails along the skin and on the cuticles with the oil or balm.

Acetone nail polish remover will give the best results as you soak a cotton ball in it, and then tear off little pieces to use on each nail bed. The trick here is to start from the cuticle as you press down on the nail and move to the tip. One swipe should be enough and each hand will likely take up a maximum of two balls.

The results are exactly what you needed. Clean skin around formerly red nails.

As for getting rid of any red nail polish stains from your fingers, there are multiple ways to do this, which are:

  • Create a mixture of lemon juice, baking soda, and olive oil, and scrub it on your nails with a clean toothbrush. Wash your hands afterwards, and apply a nourishing hand cream.
  • Add a few slices of fresh lemon in a bowl of warm water, and soak your nails in it for 1-2 minutes. Afterwards, using some toothpaste and a wet toothbrush, scrub your nails gently, and let the toothpaste sit for 1-2 more minutes. As you wash your hands, apply coconut oil for skin to nourish your nails and hands.
  • Just soaking your nails in a bowl of water with lemon juice squeezed in it will also help you get rid of red nail polish stains from your fingers.
  • The same way a hydrogen peroxide bath will also remove any red stains from your nails. Just soak your hands in the mixture for 10 minutes, and then apply some coconut oil on your clean hands to nourish them.
  • Scrubbing your nails with some peroxide toothpaste is another fantastic hack that works instantly.

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