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How to Use Sea Salt Spray for Hair

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With sea salt spray, you could recreate that same look you get at the beach every summer even without getting to the beach. Our today’s article is all about sea salt spray with tips on using and DIYing your perfect beach wave spray.

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What Is Sea Salt Spray and What Does It Do to Your Hair?

Also known as beach wave spray or surf spray, sea salt spray is a hair product generally made of salt taken from the sea to give your hair those carefree beachy waves. They are widely popular for the ‘just-came-back-form-the-beach’ look that they give to people, which is a mix of tousled, wavy and shinning hair.

Some of the beach wave sprays under this category are not made with sea salt but with Epsom salt. Do not worry, however, as Epsom salt is equally very good for your hair because it prevents it from drying out.

What the sea spray does to your hair is to act as a natural texturizer and add some grit to your hair. This causes your hair to appear wet, messy and gives you beautiful waves. This awesome look happens because the salt opens up the cuticles of your hair and plumps the strand to create hair that has great texture and volume.

Another great thing about sea salt spray is that there are different types available on the market to fit perfectly for your hair type. So, even if you have thinning hair, you will still certainly find one that will rejuvenate and give you luscious-looking waves.

What Is Sea Salt Spray and What Does It Do to Your Hair?

Pros and Cons of Using Beach Wave Spray

You do not need to go to the beach to get those beachy waves for your hair that you love so much. Surf sprays can get you that if you carefully follow the right set of instructions.

Meanwhile, the benefits of using this fantastic hair product are innumerable; but just like everything we know, it also has some cons that will be quite terrible to leave out of this article. The major component of the sea salt spray is salt, and it works differently for various types of hair.

Pros of Sea Salt Sprays

  • It keeps oily hair tamed for maintaining the texture and prolongs intervals between washing. The salt soaks up the excess oil in the hair, just like dry shampoo, thus making it look clean without drying it.
  • If you have fine or flat hair, your hair will appear fuller and thicker while looking quite natural.
  • The salt spray gives straight hair texture and volume that lasts with a carefree beachy wave look.
  • Your straight hair will look longer, curlier and bouncier all day when a beach spray is applied.
  • Enhance your wavy or curly hair with sea salt spray that draws your curls down to create natural beach waves.
  • You can also French braid your dry hair when you want to sleep with sea salt sprayed into it. This will give your hair great loose waves in the morning.

Cons of Sea Salt Sprays

  • Your hair might feel drier than usual if you use the salt spray excessively. This happens because the salt draws out moisture from the hair.
  • Everyday use of sea salt spray causes your hair to become brittle, thereby losing its proteins.
  • Hair loss can occur due to drying effects.
  • It is not advisable if you have keratin treatment, as salt removes that protein from the hair and prevents the treatment from lasting.
  • The likelihood of hair breakage increases due to tangling by the deposits left by the salt spray on your hair.
  • The key to using beach wave spray is to make sure that it is not applied too often and also should be done in little quantity. Increased use can cause your hair to start feeling heavy and sticky.
Pros and Cons of Using Beach Wave Spray

How to Use Sea Salt Spray to Get Beachy Waves

Sea salt sprays are absolutely fabulous, aren’t they? They give you great hair when they are used right and can even become a part of your lifestyle. This is a full guide to help you achieve a great look with that beach hair on your head.

To use sea salt spray to get beach-style waves:

  • Dampen your hair, and then brush out any knots with a wide-toothed comb, making sure that the hair is evenly damp.
  • Use a moisturizing shampoo or a shampoo and a conditioner. The clarifying type removes oil from your hair and makes it difficult to achieve the beachy waves you want so it is better to avoid it.
  • Shake the bottle of the sea salt spray very well and then apply it to your hair. Make sure that it is applied evenly (preferably from the midpoints down to the ends). Avoid putting it on the roots of your hair to make sure that it does not add too much texture.
  • Take small sections of your hair and lightly scrunch the salt spray into your hair, starting from the bottom to the top. You can also twist sections to add definition.
  • Leave your hair to dry naturally and you will have the bouncy beach waves that you have been craving. If you are in a hurry, you can use the cool setting of your hair dryer; just make sure it is not too high, as this will affect the texture rather negatively.

Other Sea Salt Spray Tips to Know

You can also apply the sea salt spray in different ways to restyle flat hair, loosen curls and to create textured bed heads. There are also some things that should be avoided when applying sea salt spray to create beach waves.

  • Do not put too much sea salt spray into your hair roots.
  • Never use a towel to dry your hair during the process.
  • Pick the correct type of sea salt spray that is suitable for your hair type.
  • Do not dry your hair with hot air or it will create frizz.
  • Before you start to shampoo your hair and add other stuff, it is a great idea to prep your hair with hair mousse.
  • Add some texture and tousle gently as you go along the process.
  • Make sure that everything you use is added to your hair uniformly.
  • For a carefree look, do not curl your hair all the way to the tail.
  • Twist your hair into buns and leave it overnight. This will give you beautiful beachy waves with a lovely texture.
How to Use Sea Salt Spray to Get Beachy Waves

How to DIY Sea Salt Spray for Soft Wavy Hair

You can also whip up a bottle of sea salt hair spray by and for yourself. It is so easy, as you already have most of the ingredients in your pantry without knowing it. All you need to do is follow this DIY sea salt spray recipe to make that amazing sea spray for soft wavy and bouncy hair.

What you need:

  • A spray bottle to put your sea salt spray in
  • 1 tablespoon of hair conditioner (leave it out if you have fine hair)
  • 2 tablespoons of sea salt
  • 1 tablespoon of aloe vera
  • 1 tablespoon of argan oil or other carrier oil like sweet almond oil, castor oil, avocado oil, or coconut oil

Follow these steps to make your beach wave spray at home:

  • Get a cup of boiling water and add strong chamomile tea for a darkening effect, should you feel the need. This step is optional.
  • Pour the water into the spray bottle with the sea salt, aloe vera, and conditioner (if in use).
  • Cap the bottle and shake it for about two minutes until all the salt dissolves in the water.
  • Put the carrier oil(s) and all the additional ingredients that you want to add (yes, you can add additional ingredients).
  • Shake the bottle again until you have an even mixture.

That is all. You now have a DIY sea salt spray to get that wavy hair and beachy look.

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