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Best Gua Sha Tools in 2023

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Looking for some depuffing action? You may want to give gua sha a try. This facial massage is based on a vigorous skin-scraping technique that’s been a part of traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) — like acupuncture — for thousands of years. 

The updated facial version of gua sha is slightly different. Requiring a smooth stone designed specifically for the process, it’s a relaxing massage you can easily do yourself. 

Many of gua sha’s beauty and health benefit claims are under-researched but not all: Research shows that gua sha can stimulate blood flow and dislodge lymphatic fluid. Anecdotally, it’s a pleasant way of dealing with facial muscle tension, and many users notice a marked decrease in puffiness and a more contoured look

If you’re interested in trying gua sha, we’ve selected the best gua sha tools on the market today, from traditional jade stones to stainless steel massage tools. 

Best gua sha tools overview:

How we chose the best gua sha products

To compile this list, we researched manufacturer specifications, including materials, shapes, and more, to create a short list of the top gua sha tools. Then, we combed through detailed product descriptions, ratings, and reviews to find the best gua sha product for each category.

Our picks for the best gua sha tools

Best overall
Mount Lai The Jade Gua Sha Facial Lifting Tool

What we love

  • Traditional approach to gua sha
  • Gentle heart-shaped design
  • Made of real jade

What we don’t love

  • Jade stone may get scratched easily

Since gua sha massage is a practice that originated from TCM, we decided to stay true to the source for our top pick. Mount Lai was founded by Stephanie Zheng, an aesthetician who learned the practice from her grandmother. This stunning stone is a classic, with a curved heart-shaped design that’s perfect for gentle use on the skin. 

It’s made of jade, a vital stone in Chinese culture that symbolizes prosperity and immortality. According to crystal healing beliefs, it promotes balance and tranquility. In practice, it’s a cold stone that’s a little softer than many other materials. It may not have the best longevity should you treat it roughly, but it’s a stone that honors the origins of gua sha as a cultural practice.

Shape: Heart | Material: Jade

Best budget
Daily Concepts Jade Gua Sha Facial Tool

What we love

  • Budget-friendly
  • Smooth, cooling jade
  • Beginner-friendly

What we don’t love

  • Fragile stone

If you’re interested in trying gua sha but don’t necessarily need luxury, this budget-friendly stone from Daily Concepts is a simple, affordable option that does the job. As many reviewers noted, this stone is quite fragile but still offers the same smooth texture and cooling effects as other minerals. Sculpted into the classic heart shape, it’s a solid introduction to the practice.

Shape: Heart | Material: Xiuyan jade

Best splurge
Lanshin Pro Gua Sha Tool

What we love

  • Designed based on TCM principles
  • Hourglass shape with various textures and sides for different areas or concerns
  • Made of an extra durable and luxurious type of jade

What we don’t love

  • Very expensive

Founded by acupuncturist Sandra Lanshin Chiu, this is another brand that approaches gua sha as a TCM practice. Made of real, extra durable nephrite jade, the Pro Gua Sha Tool is our top pick from the brand for its unique yet functional design that’s definitely a splurge.

Each side of this multi-textured hourglass shape is ideal for various parts of the face, neck, and collarbone. The textured “comb” edge is a standout feature, designed specifically to smooth textured or wrinkled areas. Chiu has created fantastic gua sha tutorials that explain her technique in detail.

Shape: Multi-textured hourglass | Material: Nephrite jade

Best stainless steel
Sacheu Beauty Stainless Steel Gua Sha

What we love

  • Hygienic and anti-bacterial
  • Stays colder than other materials
  • Classic yet versatile heart shape

What we don’t love

  • Not traditional

If you don’t necessarily buy into the premise of crystal healing, consider a stainless steel gua sha massager instead. It may not have the traditional factor, but it’s an excellent material. 

Stainless steel doesn’t have the porosity of minerals like quartz, so it’s a hygienic, easy-to-clean choice that’ll last for ages. It retains a cool temperature more effectively than stone and has the classic curved heart shape for a versatile massage.

Shape: Heart | Material: Stainless steel

Best lifting
Shiffa Fasha

What we love

  • Designed for deeper release
  • Anti-aging focus
  • Versatile

What we don’t love

  • Not traditional
  • Pricey

The Shiffa Fasha gua sha stone is made of a beautiful white crystal, focusing on intense lifting and toning. Instead of steep curves, this squared-off stone features straight lines and sharp angles with the goal of deeper release and a fascia massage. 

The straight, smooth edge is ideal for scraping larger parts of the face, while the pointed tip can be rubbed back and forth over the nasolabial folds. It’s not the most traditional gua sha stone, but you might like it if you’re craving a more intense massage. And, it still has curved edges, making it versatile enough for those days when you need a gentler touch.

Shape: Rectangle | Material: Crystal

Best sculpting
FaceGym Multi-Sculpt High-Performance Contouring Tool

What we love

  • Hygienic stainless steel
  • 6 different edges
  • Releases tension and stimulates lymphatic drainage

What we don’t love

  • Not traditional
  • Expensive

FaceGym is all about exercising the oft-forgotten facial muscles, so think of this as your tool for recovery massage. This gua sha product is made of stainless steel, which equates to easier cleaning and better cold temperature retention. 

The six sides allow you to customize your treatment for each part of the face for different results. The textured sides encourage blood flow, while the flat and curved sides help release facial tension and stimulate lymphatic drainage.

Shape: Pout | Material: Stainless steel

Best rose quartz
Herbivore Rose Quartz Gua Sha

What we love

  • Rose quartz associated with self-love
  • Wavy edge for added stimulation
  • Comes in 2 shapes

What we don’t love

  • Delicate

Rose quartz is another famous stone for gua sha. In crystal healing, it’s associated with promoting feelings of self-love and acceptance, so using it can be a wonderful reminder to be kinder to yourself. It also makes for a beautiful and very Instagrammable gua sha stone.

The teardrop shape is a nice alternative to the more common heart shape (which is also offered). One end has a textured, wavy pattern that you might enjoy if you want a little more stimulation. Keep in mind that some reviewers noted it’s very delicate, so you’ll want to treat it carefully to avoid breakage.

Shape: Teardrop, heart | Material: Rose quartz

Best set
OSEA Gua Sha Glow Duo

What we love

  • Face oil adds slip to gua sha massage
  • Lightweight oil for all skin types
  • Square shape ideal for scraping the neck

What we don’t love

  • Made of a jade-resin hybrid rather than pure jade
  • Quite pricey

You never want to do a gua sha massage on bare skin. It’s important to use something for added slip to avoid irritation. OSEA’s set starts you off on the right foot, with a lightweight facial oil that works for all skin types and guarantees smooth gliding. The oil is made with light grape seed and argan to provide the skin with an immediate glow. 

OSEA’s gua sha stone is also interesting, as it has a rectangle shape with a longer divot on one end. This type of indent is often recommended for scraping the center of the neck from the front and back, and it can also work for the jawline.

Shape: Rectangle with divot | Material: Jade, resin

Best bian
Wildling Empress Stone

What we love

  • Bian stone is said to have healing effects
  • Many different edges
  • Tight comb edge for intense stimulation

What we don’t love

  • Expensive

This gorgeous gua sha stone is made of a material called bian. Bian stone is composed from a blend of minerals said to have healing and rejuvenating effects. 

Wildling’s Empress Stone is designed with a unique teardrop shape. It has smooth edges for gentle scraping, a tight comb edge for more intense stimulation, and a pointed tip for an acupressure-style massage. It’s incredibly versatile and can be used for a variety of techniques.

Shape: Teardrop with comb | Material: Bian stone

Best obsidian
Sephora Collection Black Obsidian Face and Body Gua Sha

What we love

  • Can be used on face and body
  • Scalloped edge for added stimulation
  • Budget-friendly

What we don’t love

  • Missing a concave side

If you’re not into the pink and green gua sha tools, black obsidian is undeniably sophisticated. This dark stone is said to have grounding and balancing effects and the obsidian is shaped into a square large enough for both the face and body. 

The wavy edge is ideal for a deeper, slightly textured massage over the neck and back, but there’s still a side with a divot for following the contours of the face. That said, we do miss the large, concave side found on most other gua sha products.

Shape: Square with divots | Material: Obsidian

Scrape away 

Gua sha is all about making your beauty ritual a little more pampering by relaxing the facial muscles and clearing away fluids for reduced puffiness. For our top pick, we felt it was important to select a gua sha stone from a brand that honors TCM origins of the practice — and that’s why we chose the authentic Jade Gua Sha Facial Lifting Tool from Mount Lai. 

How to pick the right gua sha product for you

It’s hard to go wrong with a gua sha tool. Your main selection criteria should be the shape and material, but ultimately, you can let your eyes and heart guide you. 


For gua sha, pick a flat and smooth tool with blunt rounded edges. Whether your stone is shaped like a heart or a square doesn’t matter much. What you want to focus on are the types of edges your tool of choice has.

Almost all gua sha stones, especially heart-shaped ones like our picks from Mount Lai and Daily Concepts, have a convex edge for hollows under the cheeks or jawline and a concave edge for rounded features like the cheeks. The curved sides and lack of textured edges are ideal for a classic, relatively gentle gua sha massage suited for beginners. 

Newer gua sha stones also come with comb-like or wavy edges, which are often recommended for a rapid back-and-forth massage, said to help with wrinkles. If that’s one of your concerns, choose a gua sha tool with one of these edges, like our picks from Lanshin and FaceGym. 


Choosing the right gua sha material depends on what you value in a stone. It’s totally valid to buy the stone you think is prettiest. 

In general, quartz stones are a little more durable than ones made of jade, with the exception of nephrite jade. Stainless steel, like our pick from Sacheu Beauty, is the most durable option, even if it’s not traditional. Stainless steel, unlike minerals or stones, is also nonporous and, therefore, less likely to harbor bacteria.

Many also enjoy combining gua sha with the spiritual practice of crystal healing, which ascribes metaphysical properties to minerals. For example, rose quartz is said to promote self-love, obsidian is grounding, and jade fosters calmness. While it’s not rooted in science, using crystals can still have a positive mental effect, so consider choosing a stone that aligns with your spiritual needs. 


Does it matter what gua sha tool you use? 

As long as your tool is smooth, flat, and free of chipped or sharp edges, it can work for gua sha. In fact, before gua sha became popular internationally, it was often done with household objects, including coins and soup spoons. 

Is rose quartz or jade better for gua sha?

Both minerals are excellent options that look beautiful and feel cooling on the skin. Jade is associated with a calming effect, while rose quartz is said to promote self-love, so pick the one that resonates with you. 

What should be avoided after gua sha?

When it comes to facial gua sha, there’s very little you need to avoid after the treatment. Just make sure to wash your gua sha stone with soap and water after every use since the minerals are usually porous. Traditional gua sha done on the body is more intense and often leaves red marks or bruising on the skin. Practitioners often recommend staying relaxed and hydrated. Avoid exposure to extreme temperatures until any red marks disappear.