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13 Best Led Light Therapy Masks & Tools for At-Home Use

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You can’t do your own laser treatment or microdermabrasion at home, but with one of these LED light therapy devices, you can give yourself an LED facial treatment at home.

LED light therapy is one of the very few beauty treatments that sound gimmicky but actually work! We love results here at Glowsly, and we love them even more when we don’t have to leave the house to achieve them.

If you’d like to enjoy the anti-aging or anti-acne benefits of LEDs, this is the guide for you. We’ve selected the best LED light therapy masks and devices you can use at home, no matter what concern you’d like to address or what your budget looks like.

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Our Picks for the Best Led Light Therapy Masks & Tools

While a salon service can be quite a treat, you can also do your own LED light therapy at home! These are our favorite LED devices for different skin concerns that you can buy and use all by yourself. 

Best Overall
MZ Skin Light Therapy Golden Facial Treatment Device
MZ Skin

This impressive golden device is the best led light therapy mask available online right now. While it might seem a little creepy at first, the good news is that once it’s on, you can frighten all of your enemies. It’s a two-in-one scary mask and skin-beautifying device!

Jokes aside, this is a fantastic LED device from MZ Skin, a brand helmed by British plastic surgeon Dr. Maryam Zamani. It’s expensive but effective, with 5 color options to target a wide range of skin concerns. It’s powered by 150 diodes, making it one of the strongest LED treatments available for at-home use. It does need to be plugged into a power source when used, so you can’t move around with it on.

If you’re dealing with multiple skin issues, it’s a fantastic option that’ll target them all. You can also share it with other members of your household (just sanitize in-between), so everyone benefits.

Because it’s a mask, it covers the entire face in one go, so getting a full treatment is quick and easy. The mask is a little large and heavy, however, so if your face is small, you might need to lie back when you have it on. Buy It from Revolve.

Key Features:

  • Format: Mask
  • LED Colors: Blue, Green, Yellow, Red, and White
  • 150 Diodes


  • Strongest LED mask available at this price point
  • 5 colors to target every possible concern
  • Covers the entire face in one session


  • Expensive
  • Heavy

Best Rechargeable Mask
Dr. Dennis Gross Skincare DRx SpectraLite FaceWare Pro LED Light Therapy Device
Dr. Dennis Gross Skincare

This is another fantastic LED light mask to consider. It’s still expensive, although slightly less so than the mask from MZ Skin. While this LED mask only emits red and blue light, the reality is that these are the only LED colors that are backed by meaningful research, especially when it comes to acne and premature aging (although they can also have an effect on redness and sensitivity). The cool thing with this mask is that you can use the colors individually or together, depending on your needs. 

Compared to other masks, this mask is quite comfortable and lightweight. The eye holes on the SpectraLite FaceWare are a little larger, which makes it easier to protect the eyes with cotton pads. A lot of users just keep their eyes open and go about their day while using it, but we generally don’t recommend doing that with such a strong LED device.

We did notice that the straps that hold the mask in place are a little flimsy and may lose their ability to secure the mask easily over time, so you may have to start using it lying down. 

This device is rechargeable via USB, so it’s also a great option if you don’t have convenient electric sockets around your house. Get it at Nordstrom or Sephora!

Key Features:

  • Format: Mask
  • LED Color: Blue and Red
  • 100 Red Diodes, 62 Blue Diodes


  • Colors target acne and premature aging
  • Red and blue lights can be used together or individually
  • Covers the entire face in one session
  • Very comfortable
  • Rechargeable for ease of use


  • Straps are flimsy
  • Expensive

Best Luxury LED Mask
Angela Caglia CellReturn Premium LED Wireless Mask
Angela Caglia

This mask from Angela Caglia is extremely expensive, but it’s also the strongest on the market. It’s about four times as expensive as our top pick from MZ Skin, but with 690 diodes, it’s also about four times as strong. It’s a large mask that’s a little longer on the bottom than most, so it treats the chin, jawline, and if your face is on the shorter side, it can also treat part of your neck.

The color range that this mask emits is fairly scientifically sound – there are no under-researched options like green or yellow, and instead, it emits deep-penetrating near-infrared light as well as anti-aging red and acne-fighting blue. The pink light is the only one that leaves us a little baffled since pink is not a common shade for LED light therapy. The brand claims it helps with inflammation but sadly doesn’t disclose its wavelength. Since the LED is so strong, it’s extra-important to use eye protection with this mask. 

Notably, this is the only stronger mask we’ve seen that’s entirely wireless. It charges via Bluetooth, making for a very elegant, wireless experience. Pick it up from Saks Fifth Avenue!

Key Features:

  • Format: Mask
  • LED Color: Red, Near-Infrared, Blue, and Pink
  • 690 Diodes


  • One of the strongest masks on the market
  • Has anti-aging, soothing, and anti-acne effects
  • Near-infrared light has deep-reaching effects
  • Entirely wireless with remote charging
  • Long design covers the entire face and parts of the neck


  • Very expensive
  • Eye protection is mandatory

Best Budget LED Mask
Solaris Laboratories NY How To Glow LED Light Therapy Mask
Solaris Laboratories NY

If you’re not ready to shell out upwards of $400 for an LED mask, this is our favorite budget option. It’s an unusual LED Mask design that’s incredibly affordable and comfortable. This mask is composed of a lightweight plastic panel, and it goes on the face like a pair of sunglasses.

This device cycles through red, orange, and blue lights, so you can use it for a variety of concerns. The mask itself is medium-sized, so if you have a larger face, you may find that it doesn’t cover all the areas you’d like to be treated.

Instead of typical LED diodes, the light set-up is based on strips of LED that are not quite as strong as the diodes on the devices we’ve already reviewed. This means there’s less risk of harm to your eyes. It’s still an effective device, especially for acne, although for anti-aging, you can expect significantly milder results.

It’s USB-rechargeable, which means that it’s extremely portable. You can charge it, put it on, and then go about your business. If you prioritize convenience and budget and don’t mind the slightly less dramatic results, it’s a worthwhile purchase. Get it from Revolve!

Key Features:

  • Format: Mask
  • LED Color: Blue, Orange, and Red
  • Number of diodes not disclosed


  • Budget-friendly
  • Portable and easy to use
  • Addresses multiple concerns


  • Weaker results
  • May not cover larger faces

Best Budget Runner-Up
Skin Gym WrinkLit LED Face Mask
Skin Gym

Skin Gym’s LED face mask is quite similar to the design from Solaris Laboratories (in fact, we wouldn’t be surprised if the two devices are produced in the same factory). The biggest difference is aesthetic since the Skin Gym’s face mask is colored a very fetching shade of pink. As with Solaris, this mask is also more of a panel that goes on like a pair of glasses. The strength of the LEDs is weak, but there is still some effect, while the set itself is affordable, super simple to use, and quite comfortable. Find it at Shopbop or Ulta!

Key Features:

  • Format: Mask
  • LED Color: Blue, Yellow, and Red
  • Number of diodes not disclosed


  • Budget-friendly
  • Portable and easy to use
  • Addresses multiple concerns
  • Pink!


  • Weaker results
  • May not cover larger faces

Best Comfortable
The Light Salon Boost Advanced LED Light Therapy Face Mask
The Light Salon

Admittedly, most LED face masks are kind of bulky. This innovative option, however, changes things up with a flexible design that fits comfortably. The Light Salon’s mask is made of silicone, so it’s very light and adheres to the face, almost like a sheet mask. Even those who find other LED masks too claustrophobic might be able to use it without any issues. As for the price, it’s definitely a luxury item, much like the other masks we’ve reviewed so far. 

When it comes to the results and effects, this mask is definitely designed to address signs of aging first, although it may also help with sensitivity. It has a mix of red and near-infrared diodes, which penetrate extra-deep to offer smoother, firmer skin.

Finally, it’s also a great choice if you’re concerned about hurting your eyes since this mask was tested specifically for eye safety! It comes with three power adapters, so you can use it anywhere in the world, although it does have to be plugged in, so you’ll have to stay near a power socket when using it. Order it from Nordstrom!

Key Features:

  • Format: Mask
  • LED Color: Red and Near-Infrared
  • 98 Diodes


  • Most comfortable mask on our list
  • Targets premature aging with both red and near-infrared light
  • Tested and proven eye-safe


  • Expensive
  • Has to be plugged in during use

Best Multi-Use Device
Foreo UFO 2

We’re big fans of Foreo’s Luna face massager and cleansing device, so it’s no surprise that we were also impressed by their LED device. This isn’t just an LED device, though. This portable tool has a combination of functions (controlled via app) that are meant to enhance any sheet mask treatment. In addition to emitting red or blue light, it also has cooling and warming effects and a pulse feature that helps to massage the skin.

It’s meant to be used with a special Foreo sheet mask that fits directly on the device and gives a quick 90-second treatment. However, it’s possible to use it over regular sheet masks as well, and there’s even a manual mode – just be careful with the heat settings, which can damage bare skin and may not work with ingredients that react to heat.

As an LED treatment, it’s not the most powerful option on our list, but the combination of features (especially the massage) makes for a versatile product that feels incredibly luxurious. Shop for it on Revolve or Sephora!

Key Features:

  • Format: Hand-Held Device
  • LED Colors: Red, Blue, Purple, White, Yellow, Orange, Green, Cyan
  • Number of diodes not disclosed


  • Also has massage, cooling, and heating functions
  • Enhances sheet mask treatments
  • Portable


  • Not very strong as an LED treatment

Best Anti-Acne Wand
LightStim for Acne

If the notion of using a full LED face mask is terrifying, you might prefer this LED light wand. It’s fitted with a blend of both blue and red LEDs to target both surface acne and slightly deeper inflammation. This combination of colors means this device may also help with other skin concerns, like sensitivity or wrinkles, but not as dramatically as it’ll address breakouts.

Unlike with a mask, the treatment does take longer since the LED panel is smaller. However, for mildly inflamed, hormonal acne (against which LED lights are fairly effective), this can be totally fine. Still, if you need an all-over-treatment, we suggest shelling out for a larger mask since using this device over a larger area is very time-consuming.

The breakouts tend to be localized to a smaller area of the face (usually around the chin and jawline), so it’s not like you need to use the light all over the face, anyway. If you’re concerned about LED light damaging your eyes, you’ll be happy to know that this device comes with eye-protection goggles. You can purchase it from Sephora. It’s also available in an anti-aging version.

Key Features:

  • Format: Wand
  • LED Color: Red and Blue
  • Charging: USB
  • 36 Diodes


  • Targets both surface and deep acne
  • Not as scary as a mask
  • Perfect for spot-treating localized breakouts
  • Light combination also helps with other skin concerns


  • Not suitable for an all-over treatment

Best Powerful Budget Mask
Newkey Led Face Mask Light Therapy

We’ve already reviewed some affordable LED light masks, but now we’re getting into the ultra-budget, slightly mysterious options available through Amazon. This device is a strong LED mask with 150 diodes. It comes with an adapter that also acts as a remote control and allows you to change the color. It has 6 different color settings, although at this point, you likely have already realized that blue and red are the only ones that really impress us.

It’s kind of like a cheap dupe of the MZ Skin or Dr. Dennis Gross LED masks, with a similar strength but a slightly less elegant design. Newkey isn’t a familiar or transparent brand – it’s not clear where this mask is made, but our guess would be a factory in China.

This mask is quite heavy, and while it looks nice, the actual construction of it isn’t fantastic. The area around the eyes, especially, can dig into the skin, so it’s important to use it with some sort of eye protection. Additionally, it’s not uncommon for it to start malfunctioning after a few months of use, although thankfully, it does have a warranty. If you want to try a strong LED light for a very low cost, you might be willing to make the compromise. In that case, you can order it from Amazon.

Key Features:

  • Format: Mask
  • LED Color: Red, Blue, Green, Yellow, Light Blue, White
  • 150 Diodes


  • Very affordable
  • Strong LED mask with 150 diodes
  • Effective color options


  • Poor construction
  • Heavy and can be slightly uncomfortable

Best Eye Treatment
Skin Inc. Optimizer Voyage Tri-Light Glasses LED Light Treatment for Eyes
Skin Inc.

We’re most familiar with Skin Inc. for their serums, but this brand has also introduced a range of LED light products. Their LED light glasses are especially intriguing, particularly for those worried about eye-centric skin concerns, like crow’s feet or dark circles.

It’s hard to say exactly how effective this approach to LED light is since the area it covers is so small. At the same time, it sits very close to the eyes, where issues can crop up with sensitivity (although blue light is the main culprit).

We do believe that this device could be effective specifically for fine lines around the eyes, as well as potentially for dark circles. While we’re skeptical of claims that LEDs can help with hyperpigmentation, the reality is that darkness under the eyes is usually related to skin thickness. Since LED light can stimulate collagen production, it may help slightly thicken the skin under the eyes, which reduces the visibility of underlying darkness.

This device is a little pricey, but it’s more comfortable than the average mask, so if all of your concerns are localized to the eye area, you may still choose to give it a try. You can get it at Nordstrom.

Key Features:

  • Format: Eye Goggles
  • LED Color: Red, Yellow, and Orange
  • Number of diodes not disclosed


  • Comfortable
  • Targeted treatment for crow’s feet
  • May help with under-eye darkness


  • Covers a small area
  • Some overblown claims

Best Lip Treatment
Conair True Glow Lip LED Treatment

If you’re trying to soften your nasolabial folds or to keep your lips youthfully full, a lip LED mask might be all you need. This unique device is an oval-shaped LED lamp that connects to a silicone mouthpiece. You put the mouthpiece in your mouth to hold the LED device in place over your lips. It emits a red light, which is ideal for stimulating collagen and giving the lips a more youthful look.

It’s very easy to use, with a 3-minute treatment length. You can charge it via USB, so it doesn’t need to be plugged in. While it’s clear that a full-face LED mask offers more benefits, this device isn’t expensive, and it’s quick and easy to use. Just be aware that it requires slightly more diligent cleaning than a regular mask. It’s sold online via Amazon.

Key Features:

  • Format: Lip Mask
  • LED Color: Red
  • Number of diodes not disclosed


  • Gives the lips a more youthful look
  • Targeted results
  • Quick and easy to use
  • Reasonably priced


  • Requires careful cleaning

Best Ultra-Budget Mask
Project E Beauty LED Photon Mask
Project E

This is another slightly mysterious but very affordable mask you may want to try. Its design is incredibly similar to the mask from Newkey, so we wouldn’t be surprised if they’re made in the same factory. The price point is also quite similar, so this is simply another ultra-affordable option.

As with the Newkey mask, this mask from Project E Beauty also has the same flaws: it can feel heavy and uncomfortable on the eyes, and inconsistent construction means that models can stop working after a while. However, it’s still a strong LED mask at a bargain price, so if you prioritize results and affordability over comfort, you’ll be happy with it. Buy it from Amazon!

Key Features:

  • Format: Mask
  • LED Color: Red, Blue, Yellow, Green, Purple, White
  • 150 Diodes


  • Very affordable
  • Strong light output


  • Uncomfortable on eyes
  • Inconsistent construction quality

Best Anti-Aging Wand
Quasar MD PLUS

When it comes to anti-aging, red light is king. If you’d like a device that stimulates specific target areas, like the nasolabial fold or between the eyebrows, this one is our favorite. It’s pricey but powerful, making it the hand-held device that gives the closest results to a full-face mask.

As with other hand-held options, it only covers one part of the face at a time, so it’s great for spot-targeting specific areas, but a full-face treatment can take a long time.

This wand pulses between red and near-infrared light at an intense strength, which dramatically rejuvenates and firms the skin. Because the light is so powerful, it can overwhelm the eyes, but thankfully it comes with goggles for protection. It’s available through Dermstore.

Key Features:

  • Format: Wand
  • LED Color: Red and Near-Infrared
  • Number of diodes not disclosed


  • Perfect for spot-treating specific wrinkles
  • Strong effects
  • Not as scary as a mask
  • Comes with eye goggles


  • Not suitable for an all-over treatment
  • Must be used with eye protection

What to Look for in the Best LED Light Device for You?

As you can see, there are a lot of options for LED light therapy at home. If you’re still not sure which LED light will work best for you, here are some things you can consider.

LED Color Guide

Here’s the quick and dirty low-down on LED colors and their different effects. In general, we prefer LED masks that cycle through the colors (especially blue, red, and near-infrared) since those offer the widest range of benefits.

Blue LED

Blue light is known as the acne-fighter since it has the shortest wavelength. It deals with acne bacteria and inflammation closer to the surface of the skin. There’s a lot of research to back its effectiveness. It may also have some benefits when it comes to skin sensitivity.


Red LED light is most loved for its anti-aging effects. It penetrates fairly deep, helping to stimulate collagen production to help with both wrinkles and sagging. That’s not all, though. Red light can also promote overall skin healing, which may help with damage, pigmentation, or sensitivity. In combination with blue light, red light can boost progress and help with deeper acne. It’s a real do-it-all that everyone can benefit from. 

Near-Infrared (NIR) LED

Finally, there is near-infrared light. Out of all of the colors you can find in LED devices for at-home use, NIR has the longest wavelength, which means it penetrates deepest.

A combination of near-infrared and red LED light treatments has also proven helpful for treating psoriasis.

Orange and Yellow LED

Now we get to the LED colors that don’t have as much (if any) scientific research to back them up. That’s not to say that they’re useless… it’s just to say that we don’t really know. Yellow and orange LED lights have a wavelength that’s just a little shorter than red light, so they’re said to act on the capillaries and reduce redness and irritation.

Green LED

Like orange and yellow light, green LED light also hasn’t been well-studied. It’s said to act on melanocytes and to reduce melasma and dark spots, although the reality is that LED light therapy is rarely a recommended treatment for hyperpigmentation.

Purple LED

Purple LED is usually not a color by itself but a combination of blue and red diodes. This winning combination of wavelengths targets acne quite well and can also have benefits when it comes to irritation and premature aging.

Type of Device

LED devices for at-home use come in a few different formats, including masks, wands, and more targeted half-masks. If you’re not sure which you’d prefer, here are our thoughts on the subjects.


LED face masks ruled our list, and with a good reason. They offer the best balance of effectiveness and ease of use, making them the ideal choice for most users. For LED light therapy to be effective, it has to be quite close to the skin, which LED masks can ensure.

However, for those with claustrophobia, wearing an LED mask can be a horrifying experience. That’s when wands can present a better option.


LED therapy wands are pretty cool. They’re hand-held devices with a panel of LEDs at the top. The panels usually have a diameter of a few inches, so you can hold them against your face to spot-treat specific areas.

For an all-over treatment, you’ll want to hold the LED wand against one spot on your skin for three minutes and then move it over to the next spot. This can be a little tiring and time-consuming since, unlike with a mask, you can’t just lie back and let it work. However, if you’re only dealing with localized skin issues or if you can’t tolerate a mask that covers the entire face, they’re a fantastic alternative. 


Finally, a few enterprising brands have come out with strap-on LED light devices that are only meant for specific parts of the face, like the lips or eyes. We don’t have a lot to say about them – if you only want to treat those specific areas and you’d prefer a hand-free option, they’re a solid choice.

How to Choose the Best LED Light Therapy Tool for You?

At-Home Led Light Therapy FAQ

So, if you have already chosen your LED light tool and want to try it at home, you might still have questions that we tackle below.

How to Do LED Light Therapy at Home?

If you’ve decided to pick up one of these best LED light therapy masks, we do have some advice when it comes to actually using it and getting the most out of the experience. Each of these devices has its own usage instructions, so these are our general suggestions for optimal results.

– If necessary, make sure your mask is fully charged well in advance of the treatment.
– First and foremost, always start with clean skin that’s totally free of makeup. If you’re using your device in the morning, a splash of water might be enough.
– If you like, you can exfoliate your skin to allow the light to penetrate even more easily.
– Next, apply some sort of hydrating serum or lightweight moisturizer to the skin since you don’t want to dry out your skin while doing the LED treatment.
– Set up your LED mask according to the instruction, and plug it in if necessary.
– To protect your eyes, put on a pair of eye goggles or even just cotton pads.
– Next, place the LED mask over your skin.
– For optimal results, leave the mask on for 10-30 minutes.
– Finally, take off the mask, and if necessary, finish off your skincare routine with more serums and moisturizers or sunscreen
– Wipe the mask down from the inside with a soft, dry cloth. If you share the mask with someone in your household, then spritz it with a bit of alcohol to sanitize it, as well.

How Often Should I Use an LED Device?

For best results, LED devices should be used regularly – at least once a week. You can use it as often as once a day if you wish, although 3-4 times a week is enough to see results within 6-8 weeks.

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