Skin Care » LED Light Therapy 101: Do LED Light Facials Really Work?

LED Light Therapy 101: Do LED Light Facials Really Work?

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A long while ago, in the ‘70s, NASA scientists used LED light to grow plants in the space shuttle. Later developed into LED light therapy, we are glad it is now used in places other than in space. It has made it to medicine, and yeah to skin care.

LED Light Therapy 101: LED Light Facials

The introduction of LED light therapy into spa has encouraged a lot. You or any of your friends could have a gorgeous looking face, skin and body with the help of this light.

What would have happened? If it weren’t incorporated at spas for everyone to benefit, then, we would be looking for other ways, which might be less effective. If it weren’t made to a simple LED light facial device for home use, then, perhaps, wrinkles and plumping skin would be harder to deal with.

If you are new to LED light facials, and this sounds alien, it isn’t. We have it as our today’s topic. The guide to its use is ready; we invite you to understand what LED light therapy involves, and how it works. And if it works, what are the benefits of LED light facials?

LED Light Therapy 101: Contents

What Is LED Light Therapy?

LED light therapy is an advanced skin treatment, during which infrared lights are emitted on the face in different spectrums to treat certain skin conditions, like rosacea, acne, pigmentation, wrinkles and inflammation.

LED is the acronym for Light Emitting Diode. The diode has electrons, which are in motion in a semiconductor, generating lights. For LED, it is an encased computer chip, which gives out therapeutic wavelengths of light energy.

It looks like a laser in that it was previously used for treating wounds and scars that appear after surgery, but LED light therapy is different from a laser treatment. And nowadays it is used in skin treatment, which we are here to discuss.

Human skin reacts to light. When the skin is exposed to the LED light for some time, provided the light energy produced is in the perfect wavelength, the inner layer of the skin (dermis) will convert the energy to Adenosine Triphosphate (ATP). ATP is the energy the skin needs to many of its activities and growth.

What Is LED Light Therapy?

The job of the dermis includes building collagen and elastin. These two are important to beautiful skin. Collagen is the structural protein, which is necessary for skin growth. It is located in the connective tissues of the skin (ligaments and tendons).

Stimulated collagen will reduce acne scars and wrinkles, and it brings fullness to the skin: talk of a plumped look. Elastin, on the other hand, is fibrous elastic tissues, which help the skin to regain texture or heal after an injury.

Building collagen and elastin is possible due to the presence of fibroblast cells in the dermis. Therefore, LED light therapy, the converted light energy, ATP, will energize the fibroblast cell in the dermis, and the cells will go on a free run of producing more collagen and elastin. You will experience a change in complexion from dull to bright.

How Do Led Light Facials Work?

To start with, you have to lie in a room for some time. And that is not too ridiculous if you consider the results you will achieve. Usually, you will lie on a bed and the LED combo light will be moved over you.

You will wear protective goggles or stickers for your eyes. Many ladies usually will go for goggles over stickers. And some wear the two – stickers over goggles – depending on you and your reaction to LED light. The LED light has a scale and that is left for your facialist to decide.

Usually, you spend up to 20 minutes under this rolling light. The first few minutes will be intense, and as you stay longer the body will become relaxed. Because the light’s panel is close to your face, it will be intense. And it is close enough that if you move your head slightly up, you collide into the panels.

It might take five minutes before you feel relaxed. And at this point of feeling relaxed, some ladies would fall asleep. We can’t be hard on them – who else likes lying doing nothing for 20 minutes and not falling asleep? To enjoy the LED light therapy, you could add some spa music though.

After the first few intense minutes, the other 15 minutes will feel comfortable. Afterwards, the facialist will use a high-frequency tool for you to clean off any sign of bacteria. This same tool will help prevent blemishes that might show up. And with that, you are done.

Your skin will produce more collagen and elastin. And blood will circulate round even faster.

Types of LED Light Therapies According to Colors

Before you go further, you should know that LED lights are classified according to colors. And the result varies – slightly – depending on colors.

LED Light Therapy Benefits

White LED Light: This is the most powerful and goes deeper into the skin than any other type of light. It makes the skin firmer and tightened, with a smooth surface you will love to see. And it reduces inflammation.

Blue LED Light: This is helpful to skin that has acne. The high energy in form of oxygen is generated during its exposure. This energy attacks the bacteria in the skin and in the process helps in treating acne.

Green LED Light: This is the best LED light therapy for removing pigmentation, sunspots and dark circles, also calming irritated skin. It also treats acne scars and rosacea.

Red LED Light: This is the one, which helps the skin to produce more of collagen. And like we said, collagen is proteins that give you supple and softer skin. Therefore, using this will bring forth the beauty of your skin. Also, it helps to increase blood flow to face capillaries and the skin generally. With time you will have a younger and fresher look. The red LED light therapy helps in treating scarring and rosacea. Because it goes deep and because it increases blood flow, it reaches the second layer of the skin and stimulates the healing ability of the skin.

Amber LED Light: It acts like the red light we talked about. It stimulates collagen and elastin. And yeah, it gives your skin a younger look. The yellow LED light eliminates fine lines and wrinkles, reduces skin inflammation and redness, giving it a radiant look.

LED Light Therapy Benefits for Your Skin

Why should you care about LED light therapy? Because your skin will not remain the same again and will experience changes that will change your beauty to better. To understand this better, here are all the reasons you should indulge in LED light facials.

So generally, these are the benefits of LED light therapy:

• Firmer and tightened skin.

• Treating acne, rosacea, psoriasis, wrinkles and fine lines, hyperpigmentation and scarring.

• It could reverse the loss of hair in some conditions.

• Improves the skin healing ability such as in helping in to heal wound after surgery.

• Some research has proved it treats mental health issues and depression.

• Through the stimulation of collagen and elastin, the skin becomes more beautiful, and blood circulates faster than before.

• You get a younger, fresher look.

• Some research says that red LED light therapy improves hormonal production.

• The above and the fact that it improves the metabolism rate and mitochondria function in the body make it an option for losing weight.

• During the increase in metabolism, the body processes more sugar, and this could help relieve stress.

Are There Side Effects to LED Light Facials?

If you have heard of LED light therapy, then, you might have had the fear of some side effects. Whatever you must have heard, it might be true or false. This is the truth.

You could experience side effects. Listen to the second of part of the truth; its side effects are not serious or rampant. Some might not even experience it, and that could be you. So if you are scared, read this and understand.

How LED Light Therapy Works

If you are experiencing photosensitivity reactions, be cautious to use LED light facials. To know if you fall in this group, do a skin sensitivity test and understand your skin reactions to certain conditions before you try to do this.

It is possible for some skin types to develop redness and irritation or itchiness. If it is just redness, it will disappear after a while – say an hour. Redness that persists for more than an hour into days needs medical attention, so, consult a doctor.

Avoid LED light therapy when you are under medication. If you must use LED light facials, seek a doctor’s advice about it. Some medications, like antibiotics make you more sensitive to light.

Furthermore, pregnant women should avoid LED light therapy. No proven research to back this up, just to be on the safer side.

Note: Really there is nothing much to fear about, nothing has been scientifically proven. These are just tips. Be safe just as you want to be beautiful, especially if you are considering, the most beneficial form of LED light therapy – the red light.

If you have doubt at any point, consult a doctor. In short, LED light therapy is safe, if you will take these minor precautions and use appropriately either at home or in a salon.

So in general, these are the short-term effects you could experience:

• Headaches

• Irritability

• Eye strain

And the likely long-term side effects of LED light therapy include:

• For those who have bipolar disorder, it could lead to mania.

• If you opt for infrared light instead of LED light, you will experience overheating tissues.

• Poor ability to repair DNA.

• The high wavelength can damage the cornea.

• Or better effects for some than others.

In truth, LED light therapy is beneficial. Take the red light for instance; it is used to treat some conditions such as high blood pressure and skin aging. Many have enjoyed the many benefits, and you should too.

LED Light Therapy vs. Laser Treatments

Laser. LED. You might think they serve the same purpose – they just have a slight difference. They don’t. You are wrong.

LED Light Therapy At Home: LED Light Facial Devices

LASER means Light Amplification by Stimulated Emission of Radiation. Laser is created as result of excited, energized electrons. They gain energy from electric current. When they are back to their normal state, they release lights called photons, which follow in the same direction.

If you are under a laser light, you will notice the light is a little denser then LED. The laser will focus only on a small section of your body at a time.

Laser treatments help the skin to develop a younger and fresher look. How? It heats the inner layer of skin to cause inflammation, and the skin in response grows younger. At the time it could remove the blood vessels and a new one will replace them.

Usually, to use laser, you will need the application of anaesthesia. After the process, you will need some time to recover and give your skin a break. Any slight mistake and you might end up with scaring or infection.

For LED light therapy, it is simpler and safer. Although it does not go as deep as a laser, you will not experience inflammation or overheating in your skin. The light isn’t concentrated and dense. The area LED light could focus at a time is wider than that of the laser.

For it is safer, you can use LED light facials daily. And unlike laser treatments, which are not recommended for daily use, you won’t even need doctor’s supervision or attention. Many LED light facials are designed for daily home use and can be self-administered.

LED Light Therapy At Home: 5 Devices That Work

You can have LED light therapy at home. If you decide to have the therapy at a spa, the first limitation could cost. But if you can afford it, you will enjoy all the benefits. Otherwise, you could do it at home, and you will cut the cost in half. Let’s talk about this.

• You will need an affordable, easy-to-use LED light facial device. It must be convenient for use and should work without supervision. We will give five options to pick from below.

• Some LED light facials produce all the light types and are still mobile friendly.

• Read the instructions on the device and use as prescribed.

• Perform the therapy daily for a period of time to have the best results.

LED light therapy produces a good result if you get the best tools and use them appropriately. If you doubt the effect, then, you either have done it wrong or haven’t tried before judging. Below are five tools you could use to have the finest skin.

1. Lightstim for Wrinkles

This LED light facial tool is a quality product that totally treats fine lines and wrinkles. Your entire face will become clear of wrinkles. After that, it will bring out youthful appearance and, of course, it helps preserve the new look. Get it from Sephora!

LED Light Therapy At Home Devices: Lightstim for Wrinkles

2. Nuface Trinity Wrinkle Reducer Attachment

This is a red LED light phototherapy attachment that is designed to tackle fine lines and wrinkles. Just one more try with this product and you will have the course to smile. Pick it from Sephora to give it a try!

LED Light Therapy At Home Devices: Nuface Trinity Wrinkle Reducer Attachment

3. Lightstim for Acne

Something is special about LED light therapy with blue and red wavelengths of therapeutic light energy. An LED light facial like this one would treat and control mild to moderate acne. It will bring out the skin’s healthy appearance. The best LED light facial tool for treating acne, it can be found online at Sephora, too.

LED Light Therapy At Home Devices: Lightstim for Acne

4. Dr. Dennis Gross Skincare SpectraLite EyeCare Pro LED Device

Worry not about wrinkles or aging. FDA-certified, this product is a good anti-aging device. It gives a professional LED light therapy that tackles fine lines and wrinkles. This LED light tool is available through Sephora.

LED Light Therapy At Home Devices: Dr. Dennis Gross Skincare SpectraLite EyeCare Pro LED Device

5. Tudia 2-in-1 Blue & Red LED Light Therapy Acne Mask

Don’t be deceived by its tiny size. The effect is huge. This simple LED light facial works on the areas you apply for one-of-a-kind transformation. The design is beautiful and modern, making a choice for an easy self-application. Get it from AHA Life!

LED Light Therapy At Home Devices: Tudia 2-in-1 Blue & Red LED Light Therapy Acne Mask

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