Wellness » I Only Sleep on Silk Pillowcases, Here’s Why

I Only Sleep on Silk Pillowcases, Here’s Why

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Sleeping has several wellness benefits, including restoring and re-energizing the brain and body after a long and busy day. As a writer who spends countless hours sitting at my laptop and draining mental energy, I always find myself excited to lie down and reboot. In all transparency, sleeping is one of my favorite self-care practices — along with moving my body, relaxing in a steamy shower, and completing my skincare routine.

Setting the mood for my beauty sleep

When preparing for bedtime, I make it a point to ensure my nighttime routine feels extra special. I set the mood by dimming the lights, turning on a relaxing playlist, and completing my daily skincare routine (after a warm shower). 

As of late, I’ve become a huge fan of silk bedding and sleep accessories after learning it has many benefits, including helping to maintain healthy skin and protecting hair from breakage. It also helps that the popular fabric is soft and high-end, instantly making me feel more luxurious while getting my much-needed beauty sleep.

The benefits of silk

Photo of floral printed silk

Silk is a natural fiber known for its luster, shine, strength, and durability. To learn more about the benefits of silk and why it’s so popular for sleepwear, I spoke to Ashley Merill, the founder of Lunya, a women’s sleepwear brand that specializes in curating a better-rested world. 

“Luxury is defined as a ‘state of great comfort,’ and silk is the epitome,” Merill said. “It’s one of nature’s most amazing fibers — strong, soft, and beautiful subtle sheen. Sleeping in silk is one of the most comfortable and luxurious ways to repose.”

I was also impressed to learn that silk is naturally thermoregulating, meaning it feels warm when you’re cold and cool when you’re hot, ultimately equalizing body temperature. This explains why I always feel comfortable while catching some zzz’s.

Merill explained that the smooth surface minimizes friction with the skin to reduce wrinkles and creasing. “It can transform a bedroom into something that feels elevated, special, and zen,” she added.

I agree that silk has seriously upgraded my nighttime routine and helped improve the quality of my sleep. I no longer have to worry about my skin drying out after a long night, nor do I have to worry about waking up to frizzy hair.

How I incorporate silk into my bedtime routine

One of the best ways I incorporate silk into my bedtime routine is by wearing a silk bonnet to protect my hair from damage and breakage. I also never go to bed without a silk pillowcase, just in case my bonnet slips off during the night. I turn to my soft and relaxing silk eye mask to create a dark environment that won’t disturb my slumber.

I’ve also recently invested in silk pajamas and bedding to improve my typically dry skin and romanticize my bedtime regimen.

My favorite silk brands

I’ve tried several brands that I love, including the 100% Silk Sleep Mask from Lionheart The Label. I love the mask because it does a fantastic job of blocking unwanted light. It’s also made from 100% mulberry silk, allowing me to wake up refreshed with minimum sleep wrinkles. It helps my skin retain its moisture, so I never feel like my skin is compromised when I slip the mask on at night.

Another brand I’ve come to swear by is Blissy, which specializes in silk masks, robes, and scrunchies. The brand also has handmade pillowcases crafted from high-quality 22-momme 100% pure mulberry silk, which makes it soft and easy to maintain. After learning the importance of keeping my hair and skin protected while I sleep, I never go to bed without a silk pillowcase to ensure my hair stays soft and radiant.

Grace Eleyae’s Silk Twist Turban is just what I need to protect my hair throughout the night. It’s an adjustable turban with a hidden drawstring that makes it perfect for any hairstyle I may be trying to preserve. The soft pink color helps me feel beautiful before I sleep.

Consider making the switch

I suggest adding silk to your beauty sleep to wake up refreshed, rejuvenated, frizz-free, and wrinkle-free. “When you treat your rest like it’s worth something, it pays dividends in every aspect of life,” Merill said. I couldn’t have said it better myself.