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15 Sparkly Sequin Dresses to Buy for 2021: How to Wear Sequins

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The holidays will be here before you know it, and sequin dresses are an absolute must for all of the parties that will follow. These fun glitter dresses are the best way to stand out, and they can easily work for family holiday parties, holiday events, and wild nights out – it all depends on the sparkly dresses you choose and the way you style them! This article will set you up for those sparkly outfits perfect for Christmas, Hanukkah, New Year’s Eve, and just about any other occasion you have in mind.

Sparkly Sequin Dresses & Outfits
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We’ve collected some of the most beautiful sequin dresses you can buy – order them now so you can get them in time for all of the holiday parties! After that, we’ve crafted a definitive guide to wearing sequins from day to night, which includes all of the important styling tips. We even break it down by different types of events, from glamorous evening affairs to daywear to the office, because we really believe that sequin outfits are always appropriate.

Sparkly Sequin Dresses & Outfit Styling Tips: Contents

15 Sparkly Sequin Dresses to Buy

Whether it’s a holiday party or a wild night out with friends, in any of these 15 sequin dresses you are going to be the shining star in the crowd!

1. Green Sequin Dress

This dark green sparkly dress from For Love & Lemons is extremely flattering for every figure, with a mini length that adds some sultriness. Dark green is a classic shade for party sparkly dresses, so it’ll be a staple in your closet for years to come. You can buy it from Shopbop.

Sparkly Sequin Dresses to Buy: For Love & Lemons Sequin Dress

2. Silver Mini Sequin Dress

Now this is one of those glitter dresses that you wear on a night out, because it begs to be out on the dance for. It is short, figure-hugging, and super sparkly, with silver sequins perfect for celebrating New Year’s Eve. It has a front frill detail, which keeps things interesting. Order it online through Revolve!

Sparkly Sequin Dresses to Buy: NBD Arie Sequin Dress

3. Draped Silver Robe Dress

Nothing portrays as much luxury as wearing one of these draped sequin dresses that look both regal and comfy. This gorgeous draped silver dress comes with a tie closure, and it can be wrapped as tightly or as loosely as you want, depending on how much skin you want to show. It is available for purchase at Forward.

Sparkly Sequin Dresses to Buy: Retrofete Sequin Dress

4. Magenta Glitter Dress

This Jonathan Simkhai little dress reflects class and glamour, in a festive red shade that is perfect for any event. The silhouette is a comfortable one, with a tie closure around the waist for a touch of definition, but overall this is a sequin dress you can eat in, dance in, and not offend anyone’s conservative aunt. You can get it from My Theresa.

Sparkly Sequin Dresses to Buy: Jonathan Simkhai Sequin Dress

5. Multicolor Party Sequin Dress

This little number is one of those perfect sparkly outfits for parties, with its short length and high silver shine. However, this sequin dress is not too simple – it is draped without losing the figure, with the draping making a great pair with the exposed side situation. You can buy this dress at Revolve.

Sparkly Sequin Dresses to Buy: X by NBD Chiquitita Sequin Dress

6. Rose Gold Sequin Dress

This gorgeous take on sequin dresses will get you from the office Christmas party to the club without any issue. The long sleeves and high neckline are modest, while the mini length shows a bit of leg. The golden glimmer will garner attention anywhere you go! You can buy this sparkly dress from Revolve.

Sparkly Sequin Dresses to Buy: Free People Sequin Dress

7. Striped Sequin Dress

Sparkly outfits don’t have to mean all-over sequins! The sequin stripes on this dress make for a youthful element and are a great choice if you can’t handle a solid sequin design. The simple silhouette is super flattering, but it does show quite a bit of skin so it’s a better choice for nights out rather than office parties. You can order it directly from Forward.

Sparkly Sequin Dresses to Buy: Haney Elektra Sequin Dress

8. Nineties Cool Girl Sequin Dress

We don’t usually associate the Nineties cool girl aesthetic with sequin dresses, but this dress perfectly combines the two with its loose-fitting silhouette, midi length, and deep open back. It can be styled in hundreds of different ways to suit many occasions, but we’re partial to a pair of combat boots and a big leather jacket. It is available for ordering from Revolve.

Sparkly Sequin Dresses to Buy: NBD Missandei Sequin Dress

9. Tiered and Ruffled Sparkly Dress

Sparkly outfits are meant to be girly, but this is actually the first option on this list that goes all out on femininity. The sequins are applied to this dress in a lacey pattern, which gives a romantic vibe especially with the tiered ruffled skirt and cinched-in waist. While this sequin dress does show a bit of skin, its pattern still makes it a fitting choice for family parties. Pick it up at Farfetch!

Sparkly Sequin Dresses to Buy: Self-Portrait Sequin Dress

10. Tea-Length Sequin Dress

Somehow one of our most elegant sequin dresses is also one of our edgiest and most youthful. This forest green sparkly dress comes with long sleeves, but it has a deep V-neckline and a hem that goes below the knees. The top to bottom paillette embellishments and side slit keep the silhouette unique and the design truly outstanding. You can find it at Forward.

Sparkly Sequin Dresses to Buy: Reve Riche Miesha Sequin Dress

11. Little Back Glitter Dress

Who said glitter dresses couldn’t be LBDs? This gorgeous number combines elegance with fun, as it has a very sleek silhouette and a modest round neck. The top half is primarily a simple, short-sleeve design, with a see-through mesh accent along the neckline where the shiney black sequins start. You can find it at Shopbop.

Sparkly Sequin Dresses to Buy: Jonathan Simkhai Sequin Dress

12. Dancer Sequin Dress

Tight, small, and striped with pink sequins, this dress is one of those perfect clubbing glitter dresses. This dress has an open V-neckline and back and a skater fit, so it hides nothing. Wear it on a night when things are expected to get hot. It is sold online via Farfetch in pink, and a couple of other shades.

Sparkly Sequin Dresses to Buy: MSGM Sequin Dress

13. Flowing Midi Sequin Dress

Not all sparkly dresses have to be minis. This take on sequin outfits is mature and sophisticated, so you can wear it to even the fanciest events. It comes in a deep forest green shade, with a wide V-neckline and an open back, but the length and A-line skirt keep it classy. You can try it on at Nordstrom.

Sparkly Sequin Dresses to Buy: Dress the Population Sophie Sequin Dress

14. Rainbow Sequins Wrap Dress

Wrap sequin dresses are some of our favorites, this one included. You will feel super comfortable in this glitter party dress, even if you wear it to a holiday dinner. It has a loose, elegant fit, with a V-neckline and long sleeves. This dress comes in bright rainbow stripes at Revolve.

Sparkly Sequin Dresses to Buy: Olivia Rubin Meg Sequin Dress

15. Retro Sequin Dress

Yet another one of those party sequin dresses for all of your party needs. This mini dress has some serious shoulder pads, which give a retro vibe that is going to be all the rage this winter season. It remains youthful thanks to a relaxed shift design and short length. You can order it online from Shopbop.

Sparkly Sequin Dresses to Buy: Endless Rose Sequin Dress

How to Wear Sequins from Day to Night

With the holidays coming up, it is guaranteed we are going to see more sequin outfits showing up on the streets, in the offices, at the bars and clubs, and, of course, at holiday parties. Sparkly outfits really do not have to be something only worn in the night time, and they definitely can be worn at events more sophisticated than a night out clubbing. It all it takes is choosing the right item, and then styling it perfectly!

Before we get into the specificities of wearing sequin outfits, here are some general tips that are always important to keep in mind:

• As you can see from our list of the best sequin dresses, a simple design is usually the way to go. Sequins will attract a ton of attention all on their own, so you don’t need a sparkly dress with a lot of complex details or an elaborate silhouette.

• Make sure the dress fits you right! Many sparkly dresses tend to be on the tighter side of things, and it is easy to notice when the dress bunches up weirdly or sags loosely anywhere on the body. If you can, try sequin dresses on before you buy them to ensure a perfect fit. These days there are also a lot of sequin dresses with wrap designs or draped silhouettes where the fit is much more forgiving, so that’s another option.

How to Wear Sequins from Day to Night

• Your sequin dress probably shouldn’t be the shortest dress in your closet. Sequin dresses already have a bit of a reputation, so while they can definitely be short, you still want to be able to sit or bend comfortably in them, without worrying about anything riding up too high.

• As you’ll see from our list, it is usually best to opt for only one color of sequins per dress. A dress that uses sequins in all kinds of different colors is going to be much more difficult to style, and it is much less likely to flatter.

• On the other hand, combining a touch of sequins with a different fabric can actually make for interesting textures and a more sophisticated design, and is an especially good choice if you are not comfortable with the idea of wearing sequins all over.

• When you wear sequined outfits, especially if sequins take up a lot of space, then you want your makeup to work with your look rather than against it. You will likely want to avoid too much shine or glitter in your makeup, and instead opt for more mattes for a flattering contrast.

Sequin Outfits to Try: Elegant Sparkle

Sequin dresses are definitely the toughest to style for more upscale events where the stakes are high, and etiquette is precise. You only have so many options for wearing sparkly outfits at suit and tie events, but they do exist, and there are even more opportunities for using sequins in your accessories for an added touch of magic.

How to Wear Sequin Outfits

• Sequin dresses worn to more upscale events should definitely be on the longer side of things – no minis allowed! The midi dress we recommended earlier could certainly work, since it exudes a lot of glamour.

• If you find any sequin dresses that hit the floor then you’re golden! We’ve seen celebrities like Sandra Bullock, Olivia Wilde, Selena Gomez, Kate Hudson and Saoirse Ronan all get away with wearing glitter dresses on the red carpet because the length was right, even though the designs were simple.

• You can take inspiration from Taylor Swift or Kelly Ripa, with a dress that only has sequin detailing along the top half, rather than solid sequin dresses.

• With sequined dresses it’s recommended to go easy on the jewelry. You should avoid big necklaces, and instead opt for either no sparkle or just a modest pair of earrings and perhaps a delicate bracelet.

• The same logic follows for other accessories like shoes and clutches. When wearing glittery outfits, it is better that you keep shoes, purses, tights and other accessories solid colored and sleek in design.

• Sequins can also come in as an accessory instead of as a dress, but definitely don’t overdo it! For sophisticated affairs you’re much better off sticking to only one sequin accessory per outfit.

• A pair of glitter shoes can really enliven a look, while a sequin clutch or belt can add a more visible dose of sparkle.

Sequins at the Club

The night club is the natural habitat for sequins, as it is mostly dark with just the occasional light landing on sparkly outfits and lighting them up. The loud environment of the club is where you really need the sequins in order to stand out, and it’s also where you can get away with styling them almost any way you’d like – people are less likely to notice gaudiness or errors.

Sequin Outfits Ideas

• This is your chance to wear that itty-bitty strappy sequin dress. No length is too short, and no neckline is too low!

• Since you will likely be dancing, do make sure that your sequin outfit is flexible enough so that you can enjoy moving around in it.

• Clubbing, especially on New Year’s Eve, means going out in the bitter cold and then moving into a sweltering hot club. You definitely want to wear a nice, big jacket or coat that’ll keep you warm but will also work well with your fun sequined dress.

• Heels to the club are not mandatory, but they’re definitely what most of us prefer. Solid colored shoes are best, but you can definitely play around with fun colors like bright yellow (especially with a silver sequin dress) or hot red (for a gold sequined outfit, for example).

• On cold days wearing tights under your sequin dresses is quite important. While most of the time solid colored tights are the best way to go, I think it’s okay to break rules and wear sparkly or patterned pantyhose when you’re out clubbing. That’s the only time when more really can be more.

• You should still avoid over the top jewelry with your sparkly clubbing outfit. It’s not fun to dance when your necklace or earrings can get caught on things, and in reality, your outfit probably shines enough to make you stand out.

Holiday Party Glamour

Christmas dinners, Hanukkah parties, and office holiday celebrations are all great opportunities to break out those sequin outfits. However, for these kinds of events you usually want to straddle a place between the sophisticated evening event looks and the club looks. You need an outfit that will be glamorous, but not overly so, and that will not be too revealing.

How to Wear Sequin Dresses

• Choose sparkly dresses that show a balanced amount of skin. You can wear a mini dress as long as it has a higher neckline or long sleeves.

• If you want to wear a sleeveless dress, then it shouldn’t show too much cleavage, or its length should be a little longer than a mini.

• There are some silhouettes that are really perfect for holiday glitter dresses, like the skater dress, the draped dress, and my personal favorite if you want to be eating a lot of that holiday dinner: the loose wrap dress.

• You can get away with a really itty-bitty sequin dress or romper (maybe one that you plan on wearing to the club after the family gathering) by layering a jacket over it. Solid colored fitted blazers are great for holiday parties, and they’ll make revealing sparkly outfits instantly more modest and elegant.

• The same minimalist styling principles that apply to more upscale events also apply to casual holiday parties: avoid too much jewelry or sparkle, and stick to solidly colored accessories like shoes, purses, and tights.

• Solid colored high heeled shoes, hight heeled boots, and flats are all great shoe options for holiday events.

Daytime Sparkle

You will definitely turn a lot of heads, but if anything that’s all the more reason to wear sequin outfits during the day! There are a ton of unique ways to style sparkly dresses and accessories for the kind of street style that gets noticed.

Tips for Wearing Sequin Outfits

• The key to wearing sequins in the daytime is to play around with layering. Jackets, scarves, shoes, and tights all play a part in creating a unique outfit that doesn’t fight against the sequins.

• There are no rules! You can wear a sequined dress with a pair of running shoes and a ball cap for a sporty-glam look, or you can wear it with a pair of flats and a cardigan for a toned-down look.

• A lot of trends from the Nineties are having a resurgence, and my personal favorite of them is the combat boots with dresses look. Wearing combat boots with a simple glittery mini dress is a sure way to look instantly chic. If it’s cold out, also pop on an army-style jacket for a complete Nineties grunge girl ensemble.

• If you’re feeling brave (and/ or cold), layering long-sleeved tops under sequin dresses can make for a really interesting look. Everything from button-up blouses to turtleneck sweaters can work as long as you’re willing to get creative.

• Sequin outfits don’t always mean dresses! You can build all kinds of outfits with sequin jackets, blouses, rompers or skirts.

• Sequins pair beautifully with denim, whether it means putting a denim jacket over a sequined dress, or wearing jeans with a sequined top.

• Daytime wear is probably the only time you’ll get a chance to play around with color blocking sparkly outfits. Get comfortable with the color wheel, and play around with colors!

• Once again, daytime is also a great chance to play around with sequined accessories. These days you can find both sequined flats and boots, but it might be easier to create an outfit around a sequined belt or purse.

• You might want to avoid high heels in the daytime, as wearing high heels with sparkly outfits might just be a little too fancy.

How to Wear Sparkly Outfits

Office Sparkle

Yes, we do truly believe that sequin outfits can be office appropriate! You do need to have a good eye and a taste for moderation in order to make sparkly dresses work at the office, while sequin separates and accessories will be much easier to play around with.

• If you are set on making sequin dresses part of your office wear, styling that will tone them down a bit is key. Layer a solid colored blazer over your dress, and opt for opaque tights and a pair of neutral shoes.

• Color becomes much more important when we’re talking about sequin outfits for office wear. Silver or black sequins might be too much on a dress you’ll want to wear at the office, but golden or bronze sequins could work really well paired with cream, beige, or mocha colored jackets or accessories. White sequins could also work, especially if you wear them with gray or pink tones in a jacket, tights, or shoes.

• Sparkly separates are a bit easier to manage! A sequined top with longer sleeves could be worn on its own, with a solid colored skirt or trousers, while a sequined sleeveless top can be paired with a blazer or cardigan and appropriately colored bottoms.

• A sequined skirt can totally work at the office! Just wear it with a nice blouse tucked in, and you can even layer a jacket or cardigan.

• We can see a lot of sequined jackets show up in fashion these days. Wearing a sequined jacket over a modest, solidly colored glitter dress or over a button-up blouse can be super chic.

How to Style Sequin Outfits

• For this kinds of sparkly outfits, you definitely want to avoid other sequined elements, and you should also keep it light with the jewelry.

• You can definitely enjoy just a touch of shine. Sequined or glittery accessories can brighten up any outfit. You can rock glitter heels or flats with a monochrome look, or you can add a touch of drama with a sparkly purse or belt.

• Another way of playing with sequins without feeling over the top is finding clothes (especially blouses) that are just lightly embellished with sequins either as a pattern or along the hems or the collar.

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