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61 Pretty Spring Nails to Copy: Spring Nail Designs for 2021

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The transition from winter to spring is a crucial time for fashion with a stark color palette change and outdoor vibes coming at us in full force. We know how difficult it can be to choose what direction you want to go with your nails, so we’ve rounded up 61 different ideas of spring nails for 2021 to make sure your inspiration never runs dry. There are so many spring nail designs to choose from. Which one is your favorite?

1. Pretty Pink Abstract

This is the perfect spring nail art to transition straight from winter to spring. The black and white abstract detailing makes this pink manicure look like a work of art. Add in a black floral outline as the perfect ode to the seasons changing.

2. Oval Wonderland

Oval nail lovers, say hey! The perfect accent to ovals is… more ovals. The linework accentuates and elevates this pretty spring nail art, but keeps it pretty and feminine with the soft blues and pinks. Oval spring nails are totally 2021-approved!


3. Seriously Nude Spring Nails

This spring nail art has a more serious air to it, so if you work in an office environment, this one’s for you! Pair a nude nail and a square nail shape for a very understated office look, then add a few simple line details and pops of yellow, and you’re ready to take on spring with your spring nail designs!

4. Spring Matte(r)s

Matte nail polishes aren’t reserved for winter! As a matter of fact, matte top coats can take spring nail designs to the next level. Show off the softer tip of an almond nail with bits of color and linework to add depth to your spring nail art for a cute manicure.


5. Lemon Love Spring Nails

Yellow is the perfect color for spring nail designs and good vibes! Pair glossy, bright yellow nails with a few lemon art accent nails to welcome spring with open arms.


6. Light & Airy Spring Nails

This spring nail art is so light, airy, and feminine! If you like your spring nails to have a more delicate vibe, try a light (almost off-white) pink manicure with white flowers on rounded nails. Pops of green for the stems will add texture without overpowering the nail for this nail design.


7. Geometric Spring Nail Art

Do you have both a bold, bright side and a soft, feminine side that you want to highlight? This manicure has it all. Bold, geometric shapes give this spring nail art an abstract look, while the soft, pink base coat softens the whole look. The touch of yellow gives us a pop of energy and sunlight vibes!


8. Cotton Candy Spring Nails

Combine that signature sky blue with baby pink and get the formidable cotton candy vibe! Use cotton candy colors with pops of bright yellow to create dreamy abstract scenes over a nude nail.


9. Feminine & Abstract Spring Nails

Abstract art is all the rage on spring nail designs this year. Pair different abstract art designs with each soft pink nail to get a mod style of wearable art.


10. Lemon Splatter Spring Nail Art

Yellow is the perfect spring nail color, and it’s made even better with lemon splatters all over each nail. The lemon designs make the manicure reminiscent of summer approaching, too. This spring nail art is perfect for the bold, wild ones!


11. Melon Split-Decision

Can’t decide whether to go simple or abstract with your spring nails? You’re a fully functioning human being who can have both, so why not?! Pick one hand for a solid, soft melon color, then accent your other hand with abstract oval shapes for a spring nail design with personality.


12. Here Comes the Sun

Celebrate the sunshine with these matte yellow spring nails. Pair this yellow with an almond nail shape and for a delicate and pretty-looking manicure. Choose a few nails to accent with an eggshell white polish and dainty flower line art to finish off this spring nail design.


13. Easter Egg Pastel Spring Nails

This manicure is for all of my Easter lovers out there! Take inspiration from pretty pastel-dyed eggs and put a messy wash of different colors on your nail tips. Splashes of black nail polish give this spring nail design a speckled egg look.


14. Dainty Floral Spring Nails

Florals in the spring? Groundbreaking, we know. These pretty pink nails with dainty flowers are the perfect flourishing garden for all of our green thumbs out there. Get the details of the flowers just right by using nail stickers! Easy, low-maintenance, and totally spring-appropriate.


15. Herbal Spring Nails

Flowers aren’t the only thing that makes spring nail designs pretty. Hand-paint colorful herbs over glossy nude pink nails for a delicate and unique manicure!


16. Abstract Pastels Remix

Remix your pastel spring nail designs by throwing bright and deep colors into the mix. The combination gives you a colorful contrast and lets you make images like this sunset situation.


17. Geometric Black and Yellow Spring Nails

All of my geometry and honey bee lovers should check out this spring nail art. The black, yellow, and white color scheme are layered in shapes and patterns over a bare nail for a creative and unique spring manicure!


18. Pastel Paint Splatter

This spring nail design is perfect for all the artists out there – especially if you deal with paint! Use pastel nail colors to draw rough strokes on the nails, then splatter with black nail polish. Keep your spring nails understated with a matte top coat.


19. Bold Patterned Spring Nails

Forget the traditional spring nail designs – go bold with blue, red, black, and white and rock your favorite patterns! Mix stripes, make sprinkle-shaped designs, squiggles, and blank space for a seriously quirky spring nail art.


20. Pastel Splatter Spring Nails

Keep it edgy, even during the spring. Layer splatters of paint over nude nails for a spring nail design that is cute, but just a little bit punk rock.


21. Peach Profanity Spring Nails

You can be cute and have a bit of a potty mouth, too. We’re okay with that. Pair peach nails with nude nails. Drop an F-bomb, draw a puppy, deck it out in polka dots, or all three! This spring nail art is totally customizable.


22. Green and Yellow Spring Nails

These mossy green and yellow spring nails are so cute and earthy. Get this nail design by painting your nails a bright green, then layer the yellow crackle polish over it. Once your polishes are layered, you’ll have this earth-inspired spring nail design!


23. Baby Blues

The “traditional” baby colors are perfect for spring nail designs! Pair baby pink and baby blue nail polishes with sprinkle detailing, and you have spring nails that scream “cute!”


24. Foiled + Blue Spring Nails

We are all in on unstructured spring nail designs. Do a little something different with each nail: jagged silver foil, baby blue and gems, baby blue and pink streaks. Whatever you want is perfect for your spring nails.


25. Watermelon Nails

This take on watermelon spring nails is so creative! Use a round nail shape to your advantage in this spring nail art, but doing a French manicure with a rounded-out bottom running parallel to your cuticles. Use mossy green, soft yellow, red, and black to create abstract interpretations of watermelon!


26. Dandelion Spring Nails

Give an ode to dandelions with this spring nail design. Meet soft green and yellow nails in the middle to frame dandelions blowing in the wind!


27. Cat-Art Inspired Spring Nails

Show your favorite artist some love by dedicating your spring nail designs to them. This cat art is unique and bold with lots of bright colors. Mimic the imagery on your nails for a one-of-a-kind spring nail art.


28. Abstract Art Spring Nails

Spring is the time for creating, so art-inspired nails are totally appropriate for the season. Use brighter colors like magenta and teal to create different rounded rectangle shapes to mirror the cuticle shape for a bold spring nail art.


29. Sketched Spring Nails

Sketch delicate line art on your nails over sparse spots of color to create a feminine, yet bold spring nail design. Use a matte top coat to really make the colors pop.


30. Cherry + Citrus

These spring nails are all about fruits – cherry and citrus, specifically. This design is all about fun with a white base and pops of cherry red and citrus orange in the drawn-on fruit. If you’re a 2011 Katy Perry fan, then you need these!


31. Rose Grid

This spring nail art is simple, yet elegant. Over matte nails, draw a thin-lined grid out of white nail polish. Accent a few nails with detailed stemmed roses for pretty spring nails!


32. Patterns Galore Spring Nails

These spring nail designs are for all of the pattern lovers out there. You don’t have to choose a favorite with this manicure. Get really creative and show off every pattern you love. From cheetah print to polka dot, to plain white with a bumble bee – every pattern is welcome on these spring nails.


33. Yellow Mountain Spring Nails

This simple spring nail design is for nature lovers. Over matte yellow nails, use line art to draw mountains coming out of your nail tips. Use a light grey-ish white to make shadows against the yellow.


34. Newspaper Spring Nails

Physical newspapers aren’t in their heyday anymore, but they do make for stylish spring nail designs. Transfer the newspaper print onto a few nails, then decorate the rest with a solid nail color. Soft yellow is a spring nail favorite, but choose whichever color you like.


35. ‘70s Circle Nails

These spring nails have a distinctly ‘70s vibe to them! Soft pastel colors and circles floating around like they’re in a lava lamp make for a groovy nail design that is perfect for the spring.


36. Pastel Rainbow French Tips

This twist on an abstract manicure is perfect for spring nails. Use a different neon pastel color for each nail and outline a triangle catty-corner to one edge of your nail for a quirky spring nail design.


37. Floral Watercolor Spring Nails

This gorgeous spring nail art is simple, with an artistic flair. Use watercolors to illustrate flowers, butterflies, and other spring nail designs you want over a bare matte nail.


38. Peaceful Thoughts Spring Nail Art

Use your spring nails to show your peaceful thoughts. Use line art to illustrate you meditating, your plant babies, and your favorite animal! You are the best inspiration for your spring nail designs.


39. Plant-Life Spring Nails

Spring nails are the perfect place to express love for plant-life. Use splashes of yellow to represent the sunlight your plants bathe in, and line art to show the different types of leaves from each plant on bare matte nails.


40. Leaf Nails

Spring means blossom, which means flowers and leaves are cute and appropriate for this nail art. Use nude and orange nail polish as base colors for your nails, and add in little details on top. Try different leaf designs for the perfect spring nail design.


41. Yellow Florals

The best way to show your love for yellow flowers is to dedicate your spring nail designs to them. Use a white base coat and yellow detailed flowers for a bright spring display.


42. Pretty in Pink Spring Nails

This spring nail art is pretty and simple! Pair a light pink base coat with metallic geometric art work on an accent nail for a low-key spring nail design.


43. Almond Play

If you’re unsure of what kind of spring nail art to get, try playing on your nail shape. These almond nails are pretty and feminine, and you can enhance those qualities by adding in complementary almond-like shapes. This spring nail art looks artistic and unstructured, but cohesive.


44. Orange Pathways

If you want a happy path in life, make it orange with these spring nails! Make a curved pathway from nail to nail for a cohesive and creative spring nail design with bright orange colors.


45. Simply Floral

This is the perfect spring nail art for young kids who want to show their love for spring. Keep it colorful with a different shade for each flower, then drop a pearl in the center for extra dimension for this cute nail art.


46. Mossy Green French Manicure

Let your spring nails be a bit more sophisticated with this mossy green French manicure. Accent the thumbnail with a gradient of polka dots for this classy and understated nail art!


47. Polka Dot Lovin’

This spring nail art is cuckoo for polka dots! Colorful and simple polka dots on each nail are perfect on a nude matte nail.


48. Lavender Love Spring Nails

This spring nail art is for the lovers! Hand-draw lavender hearts on matte nails to achieve this sweet manicure. Finish it off with chunky metallic glitter for a little sparkle.


49. Tiny Flower Spring Nail Art

Nothing is cuter than things that are tiny. So, this spring nail design gets all of the cute points with its tiny flowers and polka dots over a nude glossy nail.


50. Matte Sherbet Spring Nails

Give your nude nails a sherbet twist with this spring nail art. Accent a few nails with watercolor-style bright pastels, flowers, and white polka dots for perky spring nail art.


51. Canary Yellow Spring Nails

This spring nail art is easy to achieve for all of the low-maintenance folks out there. Grab a bright canary yellow nail polish and brush it over your nails, leaving one nail to be flower-framed.


52. Matte Spring Line Art

If you like to keep your spring nail art delicate, use line art. It’s the most feminine addition to nails, and it’s simple. Use it over matte nails with small washes of color.


53. Complex Line Art

Take your line art to the next level by using intricate, detailed designs. Put it over washes of deep mossy green, soft yellow, and white for this elevated spring nail art.


54. Geometric Matte Nudes

If you prefer bright but understated spring nail designs, combine mattes and nudes with a white accent. It’s perfect for an artistic cityscape-esque look!


55. Yellow Flower and Line Art

These bright spring nails are so cute and simple. Use a yellow base coat for a bold statement, then add a single floral outline to each nail for texture for this cute nail design.


56. Tropical Spring Nails

It’s not too early to start thinking about the beach with this tropical spring nail art. Create a mosaic of tropical colors mixed in with some bare nail space for a cute and creative spring manicure!


57. Cotton Candy Waves

These dreamy cotton candy nails are perfect for all of the ethereal spring nail design lovers! Use yellow, pink, and white to create an ombre nail before you carefully carve out a wave along the cuticle. So cute!


58. Sherbet Line Art

These sherbet floral spring nails are so cute and light. Over sherbet-colored washes of nail polish, use detailed floral line art to give your nails an elevated look. This spring nail art goes perfectly with long slender nail shapes.


59. White and Yellow Spring Nails

This nail art is like sunshine! Combine white and yellow under dainty floral line art for this cute spring manicure. The matte top coat really makes the line art pop.


60. Pink Butterfly Garden Nails

This butterfly garden in a manicure is giving us major flourishing vibes. For this spring nail art, paint on colorful flowers with butterflies. Surround the flower nail art with light pink nails for a feminine nail design.


61. Lime Abstract Spring Nail Art

Use a soft lime green nail polish with yellow and white to create amorphous shapes. Add black nail polish to accent and create dimension to your spring nails!


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