The runways delivered a marvelous selection of spring 2020 hair trends, so every fashion aficionado will find at least a few that they will surely want to adopt. While there were many different hairstyles for spring/ summer 2020, we think they are easy to sort into two main categories.

Spring/ Summer 2020 Hair Trends: 2020 Hairstyles

The first category is clean and sleek hairstyles that will be favored by the fashionistas who like a pristine and flawlessly put-together look. Those sleek looks included buns, braids, and just simple pulled-back hair. The second category is the exact opposite: wild and messy hair trends that relied on natural texture and volume for a lot of drama.

Beyond this, we saw a few staple runway hair looks, including simple waves and center parts, as well as some avant-garde sculptural looks that were each unique in their own right. Let’s get into all of the 2020 hair trends, before we talk a bit about the main hair colors for the season!

Spring/ Summer 2020 Hair Trends

And now for the main event! The 2020 hairstyle trends are here offering diversity and creativity to every head of hair.


#1. The Simple Blowout

A wavy blowout is a timeless hairstyle that always looks good, and is absolutely perfect for day-to-day. This is why this staple gets the honor of being the first style listed on our list of the spring/ summer 2020 hairstyles!

At Kith, hair was gently blow-dried so it retained a bit of a wave, while models with curly hair simply had their curls boosted by a very gentle styling. Most models with long locks had their hair styled into a slightly voluminous blowout at Iceberg, often with a chic center part.

Spring/ Summer 2020 Hair Trends: Simple Blowout

#2. Center Part

We thought we’d see the back of the center parts by now, but the ‘70s fashion obsession meant that this was going to be one of the spring 2020 hair trends.

This was exactly the case on the heavily ‘70s-inspired Alberta Ferretti runway, where models sported a look reminiscent of the early part of that decade, with softly waved hair styled in a simple center part. A similar styling choice was made at Saint Laurent.


The hair was styled to be straight and simple at Burberry, with a crisp center part. We also saw center parts on the runways of J.W. Anderson, Etro, and Helmut Lang.

Spring/ Summer 2020 Hair Trends: Center Parted Hair

#3. Side-Swept Hair

The drama of side-swept hair means that it will never go out of style, while a bit of extra volume in combination with it gives outrageous sexiness. It’s a timeless styling choice that was heavily represented in the spring 2020 hair trends.

We saw stunning side-swept hair at Balmain, where hair was styled into natural-looking waves and then brushed back and to the side in a dramatic way. At the Marques’Almeida show, hair was swept to the side so dramatically that for many models, it even covered half of their face!

Spring/ Summer 2020 Hair Trends: Side-Swept Hair

#4. Side Part

Is there anything more prim and proper than hair parted to the side? Hairstylists portrayed a sophisticated, responsible woman by adding side parts to a variety of spring 2020 hairstyles.

There were a few different spring 2020 hairstyles at the Salvatore Ferragamo show, but one of them was a messy side-parted look that relied on models’ natural hair texture for volume.

At Jason Wu, we were totally enamored with the way elegantly side-parted hair pulled into a ponytail was combined with ethereal diffused blush and eyeshadow combo. Beyond these, hair was parted to the side at Hermes, Prada, and Etro.

Spring/ Summer 2020 Hair Trends: Side Parted Hair

#5. Rustic Braids

The spring/ summer 2020 hair trends prove that there is no wrong way to rock some braids, but we think rustic braids were our favorite!


For the boho-chic portion of the spring Alice + Olivia collection, models had their hair styled in loose natural waves, with a few braids added in for texture. What really brought this look to the next level was the sprigs of lavender that were slipped into the braids, surely making everything smell heavenly!

Braids were a bit more uniform at Christian Dior, but very unique. The thick, rustic double braids started right at the part and then fell down to frame the face completely, a technique, which required a certain level of Dutch braiding skill since eventually all of the hair was incorporated into the look.

Spring/ Summer 2020 Hair Trends: Boho Rustic Braids

#6. Semi Updos with Natural Texture

We’re used to updos and semi-updos being combined with heavily heat-styled hair that has that just-perfect curly or straight texture, so there was something particularly refreshing about keeping hair at a natural texture and twisting parts of it up into whatever the hairstylist had in mind.

These spring 2020 hairstyles may make getting ready in the morning just a tad quicker. On the Anna Sui runway, hairstylist Garren left hair texture mostly looking natural, so some models had curly hair, while others had straight or wavy hair. He pulled some of the hair up into messy twisted top knots, and left the rest of it hanging loose down the back.

We’re using the phrase “natural texture” loosely when talking about Miu Miu, where almost all models’ hair was styled into the same type of natural-looking curl, and then the top was volumized and slightly pinned back.

Finally, at Chromat, some of the models with naturally tightly curled hair had it pulled up into high and voluminous bubble ponytails and top knots.

Spring/ Summer 2020 Hair Trends: Semi-Updos with Natural Texture

#7. Messy Updos & Top Knots

Existing in close proximity to the natural-texture hairstyles were messy updos, which gave a devil-may-care feel to many of the runways.

The updos at Fendi were really varied, including high buns, double duns, semi-updos, and top knots. However, what all of the hairstyles had in common was just a bit of messiness and lots of loose strands.

The messy updo on the Rebecca Minkoff runway was a haphazard bun with pastel streaks that sat at the base of the head, with lots of crimped strands framing the face prettily.

Spring/ Summer 2020 Hair Trends: Messy Updos & Top Knots

#8. Rich Girl Volume

In most instances where models rocked volumized hair as part of the spring 2020 hair trends, the looks were usually a little wild and dramatic. However, there were a few instances of what we would call “rich girl volume” – big hair that felt a little retro and preppy.

The first example would be the hair at Veronica Beard, which was styled to be extra crisp and clean, but with a teased crown for a bit of a ‘60s vibe. The look at Tory Burch was a little more ‘80s-inspired, with the volume actually coming from the bottom, while the top part of the hair was pinned away cleanly.

Finally, at Dolce & Gabbana, it was more of a rich trophy wife look, with rockabilly-inspired voluminous rolls twisted atop the head.

Spring/ Summer 2020 Hair Trends: Retro Voluminous Hairstyles

#9. Wet Loose Hair

Damp hair is a runway classic, though, of course, it is never actual dampness – hair gel and mousse were a must on a variety of runways, where damp hair was one of the big 2020 hair trends.

On the LaQuan Smith runway, the hair was brushed back with the top heavily gelled but was allowed to fall loose below the ear, which made for a striking contrast. A few of the models at Salvatore Ferragamo sported a similar look.

We also saw wet hair at Eckhaus Latta, were male and female models alike rocked a damped, brushed-back look. We also saw damp loose hair at Boss, and Prabal Gurung.

Spring/ Summer 2020 Hair Trends: Wet Loose Hairstyles

#10. Strands Across the Forehead

Don’t be afraid of wind mussing your hair too much, because one of the spring 2020 hair trends was loose strands of hair laid over the forehead – the kind of look we usually try to avoid during inclement weather.

At Versace, models’ hair was designed to look as though they just got out of a rainstorm. The hair was brushed back and styled to look wet, with smaller strands plastered to the forehead in a haphazard yet intentional way.

Models at Giambattista Valli also had strands of hair across their forehead, but this time the little styling element was combined with tightly pulled-back hair.

Spring/ Summer 2020 Hair Trends: Hair Across the Forehead

#11. Pulled Back Tight

If you’re a no-nonsense type, you will likely appreciate that tightly pulled-back hair was quite ubiquitous on the runways. In some cases, leather cords were used as one of the top spring 2020 hair accessories to boost the wild look.

Things looked tight at Christopher Kane, where, in addition to being pulled back very neatly, a lot of gel was also used to give a damp and extra sleek effect. The look was similar at David Koma, with copious amounts of hair gel for that perfectly sleek and tight look.

At Hermes, the hair was first parted sharply to the side before being styled into extremely neat and tight low ponytails. We also saw examples of tightly pulled-back hair on the runways of Chalayan, and Carolina Herrera.

Spring/ Summer 2020 Hair Trends: Pulled-Back Tight Ponytails

#12. Damp Updos

While damp loose hair definitely won the runways this season, there were some damp updos as well, because why not make the most out of the gel you buy in order to try the summer 2020 hairstyle trends?

We can’t get the slightly sleek look at Chloé out of our head! The hair was brushed and pulled back into a low updo that actually made it look as though the models had short hair that still retained a bit of volume, and then gel was added for a bit of damp shine.

It was all about a damp, messy look at Missoni, with hair kept at its natural texture pulled back and styled into a damp look.

Spring/ Summer 2020 Hair Trends: Damp Updos

#13. Messy Braids

The messily chic hair trends for summer 2020 continue, with messy braids being extra intriguing, imbuing the runways with a crazed warrior vibe.

The look at Ashish was messy and floral, so models looked like real wildflower children. The hair was styled into random, twisted braids sticking out of the head in odd ways, and then decorated with flowers as well as other bits and bobs. The look at Yohji Yamamoto was similar but even more extreme, with braids even falling over the face.

Lastly, there’s the beauty look on the Alexander McQueen runway, which definitely felt battle-ready. The hair was styled into ultra-tiny braids in combination with loose strands framing the face.

Spring/ Summer 2020 Hair Trends: Messy Updos

#14. Sleek Chignons and Buns

No season is complete without models on at least a few runways sporting timeless and pristine buns worthy of a ballerina!

On the Victoria Beckham runway, models sported clean, low-slung buns along with hair parted to the side and brushed back cleanly. This look was a nice complement to the professional collection presented.

For Moschino, hairstylist Julien d’Ys had some fun. While the sleek chignon with center-parted hair might sound pretty simple, he added an exciting touch by dotting the hair with bits of paint.

We also saw some stunningly elegant buns and chignons on the runways of Osman, and Oscar de la Renta.

Spring/ Summer 2020 Hair Trends: Sleek Chignons & Buns

#15. Sculptural Avant-Garde Hair

Fantasy hair always takes our breath away, even if it’s one of those 2020 hair trends that won’t find its way off of the runway.

Most models at Moschino had their hair styled in a very sleek center part covered in color, but one model stood out in a skeleton look that extended up to her multi-tiered and painted hair.

Hair was turned into an avant-garde piece of art at Marni. Clay was used to mold long braids into arch-like shapes over the head. Flowers were then slid into the hair, turning the look into an environmental statement.

The entire Thom Browne runway was a fantasy come to life, and the hair did not disappoint. The models wore Mary Antoinette-esque wigs that rose far up above their heads and were then covered with extra-long veils.

Spring/ Summer 2020 Hair Trends: Sculptural Avant-Garde Hairstyles

#16. Gorgeous Cornrows

Many editors noticed the respect with which stylists treated the hair of POC models, especially on runways of black designers. As a result, protective styles like cornrows are important spring 2020 hairstyles.

At Pyer Moss, everyone was raving about the stunning long cornrows, which were given extra embellishment in the form of gold beads. There were a few models who kept their cornrows throughout the Fashion Week at different shows, like Kyla Ramsey and Melanie Perez, who both walked for Chanel, Valentino, and Nina Ricci.

Spring/ Summer 2020 Hair Trends: Cornrows

#17. Big Curls

For another season in a row, the runways celebrated curls, especially of the natural variety. If you have curly hair, then wear it with pride since it was one of the summer 2020 hair trends.

Many of the models walking the Pyer Moss runway had really impressive and voluminous curly hair, which they wore in classy afros. At Chromat, models rocked big curls in a variety of different ways, including loose, in very curly ponytails, curly tops with buzzed sides, and, of course, a few big afros as well.

Finally, at No Sesso, the volumized curls were more of the big ‘80s hair variety.

Spring/ Summer 2020 Hair Trends: Big Curls

#18. Tight Braids

Prim and proper braids join the legions of sleek and elegant spring/ summer 2020 hairstyle trends.

To start, there was the romantic look at Erdem, which consisted of hair pulled over the tops of the ears into a tight and pristine low braid, with a crisp center part adding a more severe counterpoint.

We saw tight, party-girl braids at Christian Siriano. The “party” vibe came from the way the hair was first pulled into a tight ponytail before getting braided off – the kind of look that would be great to dance in.

There were plenty of other runways where designers crafted tight braids, including Bevza, Ulla Johnson, and Self-Portrait.

Spring/ Summer 2020 Hair Trends: Tight Braids
Spring/ Summer 2020 Hair Trends: Tight Braids

#19. Wednesday Addams Braids

Is there anything cuter than a pair of double braids? Channel your inner Wednesday Addams with this awesome spring hairstyle.

We saw a very classic version of the look at Max Mara, with a crisp middle part, and tight double braids that started just behind the ears. At Bora Aksu, double braids were a little on the mussed side, with a bit of teasing done to the hair for added volume before it was tied off into braids.

Spring/ Summer 2020 Hair Trends: Double Braids

#20. Straight Bangs

In some instances, models that had striking haircuts did not have it dramatically altered by the hairstyles, and since quite a few models had straight-across bangs, it became one of the 2020 hair trends. If you’ve seriously considered rocking bangs, now might be a good time!

One great inspiration is the model Steinberg, who walked for Chanel, Paco Rabanne, and Louis Vuitton with her bangs dramatically framing her features. There were also a few models with straight-across bangs at other shows, including Calvin Luo, and Celine.

Spring/ Summer 2020 Hair Trends: Straight Bangs

#21. Choppy Bangs

If you’d like to adopt one of the more unorthodox hair trends, we think choppy bangs could be a fun choice.

There were a few different spring 2020 hairstyles at Gucci, but one that stood out to us as extra unique was choppy bangs on quite a few of the models, including Varya B, who opened the show.

At Armani, the hair was twisted and braided in such a way that it sat right on top of the head, with the ends sitting over the forehead in a way that mimicked choppy bangs. If you’re nervous about opting for a cut, this can be a great way to trial the look!

In addition to the double braids, a couple of the models at Bora Aksu also sported choppy or curly bangs.

Spring/ Summer 2020 Hair Trends: Choppy Bangs

#22. Pixie Cut

Seeing different haircuts is one of our favorite parts of the spring/ summer 2020 hair trends. This season proved that pixie haircuts are not going anywhere, so you can keep the back of your neck cool by chopping off those heavy layers.

A variety of haircuts were represented on the Balenciaga runway, but models with both choppy pixie cuts and more austere, side-swept short hair really fit in with the futuristic businessperson vibe of the collection.

On the Jason Wu runway, a few of the models wore short hair, including Adut Akech with very closely cropped hair, while the rest had their tresses tied back.

Spring/ Summer 2020 Hair Trends: Pixie Haircuts

#23. The Bob

Going shorter for the hot seasons doesn’t have to mean buzzing everything off! There were a lot of chic bobs bouncing all over the runway, making this another excellent choice for 2020 hairstyles.

Quite a few supermodels had their hair newly shorn into a bob, including Kaia Gerber along with others for Givenchy, Isabel Marant, Saint Laurent, and Bella Hadid, who walked for Alberta Ferretti, and Burberry.

Cara Taylor sported an elegant, medium-length bob this season that could be great inspiration for anyone not keen to go too short.

Spring/ Summer 2020 Hair Trends: Bob Haircuts

Spring 2020 Hair Color Trends

No matter what you’re into, we’re sure you’ll find yourself liking at least a few of the spring 2020 hair color trends!

#1. Near Black

Dark, almost black-but-not-quite hair was celebrated in the spring 2020 hair colors, partially because the runways featured a lot of healthy diversity instead of the ubiquity of blonde models that was standard in previous years. From the stunning Adut Akech’s close-cropped curls to the gorgeous long locks of newcomer Dahely Nunez, nearly black hair was everywhere, including Givenchy, Alexander McQueen, and many many more.

Spring/ Summer 2020 Hair Color Trends: Black Hair

#2. Bleach Blonde

Bleach blonde was one of statement-making summer 2020 hair color trends, and it caught our eye because it can only be achieved with a healthy dose of bleach. Plenty of models sported platinum hair. One of them was Maike Inga, who sported an icy pixie cut as she opened the Chanel show. You can also take inspiration from Iman Kaumann, who rocked her long, platinum tresses on the runways of Dries Van Noten, and Charlotte Knowles.

Spring/ Summer 2020 Hair Color Trends: Bleached Blonde Hair

#3. Red Hair

If you feel extra spicy when the warm seasons come around, you’ll like that red is one of the spring 2020 hair colors. At Ashish, Sam McKnight used paint to color all models’ hair red, really making us think that this is the color to try this summer! Of course, there were also many stunning redhead models, with one of the top ones being Kiki Willems, who walked for Givenchy, and Prada.

Spring/ Summer 2020 Hair Color Trends: Red Hair

#4. Honey Blonde

Honey blonde is the ‘it’ shade of blonde for the spring/ summer 2020 hair colors. This comforting blonde hair shade is not too light, and it has a bit of reddish quality to it that makes it rich and warm. The Etro runway was a great home for a variety of honey blondes, a hair color that fit seamlessly with the boho-chic collection presented.

Spring/ Summer 2020 Hair Color Trends: Honey Blonde Hair

#5. Neon Hair

Raver neon is the wildest of the spring/ summer 2020 hair color trends, and we’re excited to see how it’ll translate to the streets. If you’ve been thinking of taking the plunge and trying some fashion hair colors, we’re on your side! Neon red, in particular, was a striking color on Yuan Bing Bing, who walked the runway for Roland Mouret, Ermanno Scervino, and House of Holland.

For something more subdued, the models walking the Dries Van Noten runway had their fringes embellished with neon-colored hair extensions made of what we’re pretty sure were feathers.

Spring/ Summer 2020 Hair Color Trends: Neon Hair

#6. Ash Brown

Sometimes letting the hair fly under the radar while the clothes get all of the attention is exactly what casting directors had in mind, which is probably why ash brown hair is one of the big spring 2020 hair colors. Ash brown is a flattering but inconspicuous hair color that we spotted on every single runway.

One of the most popular new models, Brooke Robinson, who walked for Miu Miu and Proenza Schouler, has a shock of curls that stand out despite the subtle color. We saw other models at Prada, Balmain, Burberry, and nearly every other runway rock this subdued hair color.

Spring/ Summer 2020 Hair Color Trends: Ash Brown Hair

Photos via Vogue, Livingly