If you’d like to feel extra cute this spring, have a look at the spring/ summer 2020 hair accessory trends. Putting makeup on and getting dressed are things we do all of the time, but hair accessories are a little bit more special, and they are also an easy way to change up your look from season to season.

Spring/ Summer 2020 Hair Accessory Trends

Compared to previous seasons, we must admit that the spring 2020 hair accessories are less ostentatious or plentiful than what we’re used to. Still, they were definitely thematic, and they offered some variety. Ribbons, scarves, and flowers ruled, but there was also no lack of gleaming jewels for fancy occasions.

On the more dramatic side of things, draped headpieces and big feathers will surely be the most memorable of the summer 2020 hair accessory trends. Have a look, and pick your fave!

#1. Flowers

Flowers for the spring 2020 hair accessory trends? Maybe not groundbreaking, but it is totally pretty! Once the season is in full bloom, it’ll be easy for anyone to pick a lovely flower from their garden and plop it in their hair.


We think the prettiest and likely also most fragrant floral hair accessories were the delicate springs of lavender pinned into messy, semi-braided hair at Alice + Olivia. The hairstylists at Prabal Gurung went all out, with massive bouquet constructions plopped atop the heads of quite a few of the models.

The flowers at Marni contributed to a truly unique hair look, since the models’ hair had been doused with some sort of white clay paint, so the different flowers added an organic touch. We also saw floral hair adornments at Ashish, Etam, and Dolce & Gabbana.

Spring/ Summer 2020 Hair Accessory Trends: Floral Hair Accessories

#2. Draped and Bejeweled Headpieces

All in all, the summer 2020 hair accessory trends haven’t been particularly over the top, but there are always a few designers who stand out with more ostentatious options.

Everyone was talking about the unique spring 2020 hair accessories at Affair, which were like hair jewelry, with bejeweled pieces sitting right over the center part.


We’ve already mentioned the ropes of pearls at Khaite, but the sparkly cascades over the head also came in the form of Swarovski crystals, specifically modeled after a piece worn by the Princess Stéphanie of Monaco in 1987.

The Moulin Rouge-inspired show put on by The Blonds included really stunning jeweled hair accessories that were draped over the part and then hung directly over the forehead.

Spring/ Summer 2020 Hair Accessory Trends: Draped & Bejeweled Hair Accessories

#3. Hair Scarves

Scarves were probably the most popular addition to the spring/ summer 2020 hair accessory trends, imbuing collections variably with retro vibes or hippie vibes, depending on the way they were styled. This is without us even getting into scarves used to totally cover the head, which we think goes under the spring 2020 hat trends.


Dolce & Gabbana always astounds us with the diverse and ostentatious selection of hair accessories on their runway, and this season was no different. Scarves as hair accessories added to the WWII-era beauty look, which featured victory rolls as well as a very ‘40s red lip with winged eyeliner. The colorful scarves were tied behind the voluminous rolls, giving a glamorous take on Rosie the Riveter.

At Jonathan Cohen, hair scarves were used to jazz up long, thick braids. The colorful, floral-printed scarves were actually woven into the braids, adding to their bulk.

Things were a little simpler at Rag & Bone, where scarves were tied over the base of low ponytails – a look anyone can easily recreate at home!

There were plenty more colorful hair scarves on the runways, including at the shows of Maki Oh, Kate Spade New York, and Maryam Nassir Zadeh.

Spring/ Summer 2020 Hair Accessory Trends: Hair Scarves

#4. Wrapped Cords

If you’re not into the glam or cutesy summer 2020 hair accessories, you might like the understated touch of a cord, which can be worn in a few different ways to make your spring 2020 hairstyle just a little more special.

First, the way this was done at Nina Ricci stood out to us as quite innovative but also coolly minimalistic. A thin, elastic cord was wrapped several times around the hair, to help pull it back but not fully into a ponytail. It was an unconventional way of styling hair, but we loved it.

At Mary Ling, white cord was tightly wrapped around the base of tight, high ponytails, for a raw yet severe touch. This kind of look was taken even further at Proenza Schouler, where brown leather cord was wrapped super tightly around folded-over ponytails, so it ended up looking like a little elongated bun.

Finally, for the most minimal of all options, a single, thin cord was wrapped around models’ heads like a regular headband, and tied off below a low-slung ponytail, for a simple and chic look at Jil Sander.

Spring/ Summer 2020 Hair Accessory Trends: Wrapped Cords

#5. Pearls

Whether decorating larger hair accessories or dotting the hair delicately all on their own, pearls were a lovely touch that we’re happy to list as the cutest of the spring/ summer 2020 hair accessory trends.

One of the most stunning uses of pearls that we saw was on the Andrew Gn runway, where they were pinned into cornrow braids, fishtail braids, and the bases of ballerina buns. For the Rodarte lookbook, pinned pearls dotted through the hair lent a very romantic touch to glamorous retro hairstyles.

There was something a bit wild about the pearl-studded headbands at Simone Rocha, most of which were also decorated with straw, though one memorable one was actually also embellished with metal spikes. Finally, at Khaite, models rocked glamorous headpieces made of ropes of pearl (amongst other jewels) that were draped over their heads.

Spring/ Summer 2020 Hair Accessory Trends: Pearl Hair Accessories
Spring/ Summer 2020 Hair Accessory Trends: Pearl Hair Accessories

#6. Headbands in All Shapes and Sizes

Most years we can pinpoint a specific headband style that totally rules the runways, but for the spring 2020 hair accessory trends, headbands came in a variety of shapes and sizes, with many actually used to reinforce other trends, like the pearly headbands at Simone Rocha or the feathered headbands at Giambattista Valli.

Models sported thin headbands on the No. 21 runway. The color of the headband was generally matched to each model’s hair color and was worn in such a way that it helped pull the hair back from the face.

At Ulla Johnson, we spotted a few headbands were studded with colorful, polished stones, which fit well with the boho-chic nature of the collection. Dolce & Gabbana offered the widest range of 2020 hair accessories, including thick but simple headbands, which were probably the least outrageous options on their runway.

Spring/ Summer 2020 Hair Accessory Trends: Headbands
Spring/ Summer 2020 Hair Accessory Trends: Headbands

#7. Feathers

With feathers having such a big showing on the runways, it only follows that they were a big spring/ summer 2020 hair accessory trend as well!

Pastel feathers exploded from the top of headbands on the Giambattista Valli runway, looking almost like plumes. The use of feathers at Dries Van Noten was a touch subtler, despite the bright colors. Neon colored feathers were attached to the fringe of quite a few of the models, so they helped frame their face and add color.

Spring/ Summer 2020 Hair Accessory Trends: Feather Hair Accessories

#8. Bows and Ribbons

Hair bows are girlish and youthful, so they’re one of those great summer 2020 hair accessory trends for days when you’re feeling playful.

At Annakiki, some of the models had black ribbons tied into large, opulent bows right atop of their head. Ribbons have been integral to the overall styling at Erdem for a few seasons in a row now, with small black ribbons used to tie off the long braids that fell down models’ backs.

Most playful of all were the ribbons at Sandy Liang, which were tied into the tiniest bows, covering nearly every clump of hair.

Spring/ Summer 2020 Hair Accessory Trends: Hair Bows & Ribbons

#9. Beaded Hair Accessories

If you take the chance to rock bohemian fashion as the weather gets warmer, then threading some beads through your hair will absolutely add to the flowy skirts and bangles. Beads were one of the more joyous spring/ summer 2020 hair accessories, especially threaded as they were through braids.

Models with long, lush braids and cornrows at Pyer Moss rocked all kinds of fancy beads, our favorite being golden, skull-shaped beads. There was also some beading at Kate Spade New York, in combination with dreadlocked updos.

Spring/ Summer 2020 Hair Accessory Trends: Beaded Hair Accessories

Photos via Livingly, Vogue