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Spring/Summer 2022 Hair Accessory Trends

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The spring/summer 2022 hair accessories weren’t plentiful, but they were punchy. Many designers pared their collections down significantly. In many instances, hair accessories didn’t make the cut. The hairstyles themselves skewed simple and loose, so it’s no surprise!

When it comes to trend reports, by now, you are most likely aware that we don’t just get excited about major trends here at Glowsly but also the minor ones that we can’t help but adore. This obsession on our end isn’t just that we want to know everything possible about the fashion for the upcoming season but also to stay perfectly on-trend. Then again, if you’re here, then that’s probably your goal as well… so we might as well get into it!

From barrettes to the odd throw-in of glitter, hair accessories have gotten a bit crazy this year. But that really can’t be surprising, considering that the majority of the fashion trends (with the exception of hair trends) have all been a bit extra this year. Because of this, the few spring 2022 hair accessories that we spotted really stood out, despite their simplicity.

Many of the looks were references to trends from the past, such as bows and headscarves, while other accessories aired on the futuristic side with glitter and the refreshing trend of flowers. Yet all will create a magnificent addition to any outfit.

#1. Metal Leaves

Who couldn’t help but adore this work of art? Metal might so often be considered heavy and, for that reason, be left out of hair trends, but this year, it seems that this fear has been left behind. This style was prominently featured at Fendi, with a pink and gold ombre leaf wrapped into the model’s hair. Francesca Liberatore fitted the style into Grecian mold with golden leaves woven into a half-up-half-down style. 

Spring/Summer 2022 Hair Accessory Trends: Metallic Leaves

#2. Tow to the bow

Was it only last season that Chanel wove oversized black velvet bows into the model’s hair? Perhaps, but the look of additional bows has already reached trend status. Classically feminine and almost girlish, the look appeared on multiple runways, from Giambattista Valli to Markarian. However, it was Saint Sintra who placed pink bows on either side of the model’s head – something that twee girls everywhere will appreciate as the revival of Tumblr culture is stated to have a reboot.

Spring/Summer 2022 Hair Accessory Trends: Hair Bows

#3. Clipped up and Everywhere to Go

While claw clips are no doubt going to stay on-trend this upcoming season with the continuing rise of ‘Pinterest Girl’ style, barrettes were the quintessential clips on the runways. At Alice + Olivia, hand-painted barrettes were strewn around the models’ messy hair, meanwhile, both Tom Ford and Simone Rocha continued the trend with embellished barrettes. So, if you ever (God forbid) have to return to a Zoom meeting, this accessory will allow you to stand out in the rows of square faces.

Spring/Summer 2022 Hair Accessory Trends: Hair Barrettes & Clips
Spring/Summer 2022 Hair Accessory Trends: Hair Barrettes & Clips

#4. À la Grace et Jackie

Hair scarves will forever be tied with both Grace Kelly and Jackie O, queens in their own right of this sophisticated hair trend. Of course, the style has graduated a bit since the classic ‘hiding in plain sight’ look was last done, but I have a feeling that both women would greatly appreciate the way that scarves were incorporated into the spring/summer 2022 runways. If you’re curious, then take a look at how Edward Crutchley wrapped the fabric around a high bun and how both Malan Breton and Saint Laurent used the scarf to create a turban-esque headband.

Spring/Summer 2022 Hair Accessory Trends: Hair Scarves

#5. The Inner Princess

Let’s face it, the past few years have been rough, and while the world perpetually talks about self-care and loving your inner self, it can be hard. This year, it seems that designers wanted to remind us that we are all royal in our own ways, even without the needed bloodlines to rule, and thus created this unique princess accessory trend. At Vivienne Westwood, the crown placed atop the model’s head was perhaps a bit different, considering it was created from drooping silver bells. However, Simone Rocha created the crown we can all drool over (down to every last pearl). I think the princess in all of us will appreciate these looks!

Spring/Summer 2022 Hair Accessory Trends: Crowns

#6. Headbands

Blair Waldorf may not have been resurrected in the Gossip Girl reboot, but her iconic hair accessory was at least brought back on the 2022 runways. While any Upper East Sider is aware that Blair didn’t care about the width of her headbands, designers this year did. Thus, this led to a decrease in the popular puffed headband look of last year in favor of the thinner bands seen at both Max Mara and Nolcha.

Spring/Summer 2022 Hair Accessory Trends: Headbands

#7. Flower Child

I don’t think that anyone is ever shocked by flowers for the spring. Nor after such a long hibernation can anyone’s jaw drop at the fact that flowers are taking over the spring runways. After all, they can be a sign of new beginnings. Perhaps because of this, many designers had their hairstylists use heavily saturated flowers tucked into the hair of the models. Both Naeem Khan and Yuhan Wang mastered this art perfectly in their collections with bright flowers creating an extra emphasis on the hair.

Spring/Summer 2022 Hair Accessory Trends: Flower Hair Accessories

Photos via Vogue, Livingly