The spring/ summer 2020 fashion trends are finally here, so get your wardrobe ready! Designers showcased their latest creations and inspiration at the major fashion weeks in New York, London, Milan, and Paris, and it was up to us to make the connections and spot the trends like we do every season.

Spring/ Summer 2020 Fashion Trends

The spring/ summer 2020 runway trends were a nice continuation from fall/ winter – new collections didn’t feel like big departures, but instead we saw designers continue to evolve their style and continue to draw inspiration from similar sources.

One of the most major inspiration was climate change, with big fashion houses and small labels alike putting in the work to reduce their carbon footprint and to upcycle materials. At the same time, this season didn’t feel as post-apocalyptic as the previous season, with designers switching their focus to more positive themes.

On the big and boisterous side of things, we loved the oversized ball gowns fitted with bustles that made skirts incredibly large, the return of flower summer dresses, and the preponderance of ruffles.


We also saw some trends that we think will go mainstream easily, including materials like lace and crochet, short shorts or loose trousers for keeping cool, and all of the spring 2020 fashion trends inspired by the ‘70s like the disco collars, flared trousers, and vests.

#1. Sustainability

There are now climate change protests and strikes on every continent, and one of the most controversial and talked-about public figures is Greta Thunberg, the 16-year-old Swedish girl bringing to light the fact that her entire generation will suffer because of the greed and short-sightedness of her elders.

In the US, politicians like Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and Ed Markey are leading the charge by calling for a Green New Deal, a legislative proposal that calls for radical changes, which has been supported by most Democratic presidential nominees.

At the same time, there has been a series of unprecedented environmental disasters caused by climate change, including hurricanes, droughts, and fires that have resulted in thousands of deaths. Needless to say, the climate is on everyone’s mind right now.


For the spring/ summer 2020 fashion trends, many designers made it a point to center environmentalism in their collections. First, we must give credit where it’s due to those designers who have been talking about the environment and making sustainable efforts for years now, like Vivienne Westwood and Stella McCartney.

We would also like to give credit to those designers who are newer to the industry and are making waves, like Marine Serre, whose upcycle collection presented a vision of a post-climate apocalypse world, and Natasha Zinko, whose collection was primarily crafted out of leftover fabric from previous seasons and from thrift store finds.

Gabriella Hearst laid claim to holding the first carbon-neutral fashion show, followed by Gucci claiming second place. A few other labels deserving of mention for upcycling and centering the earth include Marni, Collina Strada, Alexander McQueen, and Preen by Thornton Bregazzi.


Unfortunately, we can’t tell you that we know exactly who is earnest and who is greenwashing here, but overall we’re happy that the trend of sustainability continues – we’re just ready for it to become standard practice, like, yesterday.

Spring/ Summer 2020 Fashion Trends: Sustainability

#2. ‘70s Nostalgia

The It decade for the spring 2020 fashion trends is definitely the 1970s. Everywhere we looked we saw the elongated silhouettes and analog color stories that reflect an important decade of fun and revelry represented by the rise of disco as well as by massive social unrest and the continuation of the social justice movement.

There were a few ‘70s archetypes represented on the Marc Jacobs, from ‘70s surfer types in swooshy hair to glamorous disco queens and kings in long jackets or gold dresses and with high waisted silhouettes.

Victoria Beckham presented a restrained collection with a ‘70s touch in the tailoring, which included a lot of swishy dresses, turtleneck shirts, and very slightly flared trousers.


Lastly, Anthony Vaccarello brought a touch of ‘70s hippie-glam to the Saint Laurent runway, with models in turbans and boho-chic dresses.

Spring/ Summer 2020 Fashion Trends: 1970s Fashion

#3. No Borders

While sustainability is certainly a political issue, it wasn’t the only bit of political messaging that designers wanted to platform on their runways for the spring/ summer 2020 fashion trends, the second being a critique of borders.

Prabal Gurung took Donald Trump to task on his treatment of migrants by sending models out on the runway for the final walk with sashes asking a question that is on a lot of people’s minds these days, “who gets to be an American?”

Jonathan Cohen made a similar political statement that also allowed him to nod to his heritage. The garment that opened his show was a colorful dress modeled after the American flag, but hand-stitched by women from Mexico, a little remark on how it used to be impossible to tell there was a border between the countries.

Spring/ Summer 2020 Fashion Trends: No Borders

#4. Trip to the Safari

A multi-pocketed safari jacket is a very convenient jacket to own, especially if you get a cool spring in your corner of the world. These multi-pocketed jackets remind us of a colonialist history, so there is room to criticize them, but at the same time it’s so nice to have a women’s jacket where you can put all of your things.

For some sleek, we loved the dark safari jackets from Hermes, which were trimmed with leather for an elegant touch. The jackets at Gucci were a little similar, but in an earth tone palette that echoed ‘70s colors.

Safari jackets from Stella McCartney came in white or mint, and had a more relaxed silhouette that was belted in order to flatter.

Spring/ Summer 2020 Fashion Trends: Safari Jackets

#5. Pointed Disco Collar

An overarching seasonal trend like a decade will also manifest as a multitude of sub-trends, and for the spring/ summer 2020 runway trends, triangular, pointed collars on jackets were exactly that, since they were so reminiscent of the ‘70s disco scene.

We saw some of these triangular collars at Paco Rabanne, paired with wild disco outfits with all kinds of colorful garments. At Louis Vuitton, the disco collar was paired with ‘70s silhouettes, but the patterns and colors felt a little more dated and a little circus-y, even.

The disco collars at Fendi were added to lots of different types of coats and jackets, including cushioned short and long jackets, trench coats, and corduroy.

Spring/ Summer 2020 Fashion Trends: Pointed disco Collars

#6. Go with the Flow

Flowy dresses are always great as summer dresses, and they also fit in well with the ‘70s silhouettes we saw on the runways. The best way to describe this class of dresses is as with a long silhouette and a flowy but still streamlined skirt, with some draping effects that flatter curves.

It was pure hippie gorgeousness in soft, earthy pastels at Roland Mouret, where long, flowy dresses hung off of curves beautifully. The dress silhouettes at Valentino always catch our eye, and the draped dresses this year, which were just slightly pinched at the waist to flatter, were no different.

For a more casual twist, we loved the long, flowy sundresses at Collina Strada, which were covered with joyful prints and worn by a diverse collection of models.

Spring/ Summer 2020 Fashion Trends: Flowy Dresses

#7. Nouveau Fringe

We saw a lot of dresses with fringe bottoms in previous season, so for the spring 2020 fashion trends, it was nice to see fringe make a comeback as a trend, but in a different manner.

We were most impressed with Area, where it seemed as though every fringe-embellished garment was unique in its own way. We saw glimmering fringed belt-skirts, large fringe made of fabric exploding from beneath blazers, and even a totally fringed dress towards the closing of the show.

At Toga, we were amused by a fringe-lined cape that was paired, oddly enough, with trouser-esque shorts, a white tank top, and a matching hood that we think was a separate piece. There was also a bit of glamorous fringe at Oscar de la Renta, Burberry, and Christian Siriano.

Spring/ Summer 2020 Fashion Trends: Fringe

#8. Feathered Dresses

A dress covered in feathers is undeniably a luxury item since the fuzzy little things are not particularly easy or cheap to obtain. Despite that, it is one of the most playful embellishments a designer can add to a dress, and for some reason, it was extremely ubiquitous on the spring runways, becoming one of the key spring/ summer 2020 fashion trends for evening wear.

We saw feathered dresses in all kinds of colors engulf the bodies of models on the Sharon Wauchob runway, from bridal options in white to a marvelous long-sleeved creation in coral that we would love to take a nap in.

Feathered dresses at Richard Quinn were quite playful, with our favorite being a short and puffy feather dress worn with a pair of PVC leggings. Other designers to create feathered dresses included Burberry, Valentino, and many others.

Spring/ Summer 2020 Fashion Trends: Feathered Dresses

#9. Volumized Silhouettes

We love a waist-hugging frock most of the time, but we could also easily imagine breathing in with ease while wearing some of the more volumized silhouettes from the summer 2020 fashion trends. From puffy dresses to large constructions, there were plenty of volumized silhouettes that might not be flattering, but they sure do stand out.

At Rochas, we saw simple dresses that billowed around the body, without ever settling around the waist. They looked airy and light, which is perfect on a hot summer day. This kind of volume was also a theme at Roksanda, but with heavier fabrics that had a bit more presence.

The voluminous creations at Richard Malone were straight up architectural, with dresses made of a pleated fabric surrounding models’ bodies like tents thanks to some sort of internal boning. We’re not sure the inner part will make it into stores, but we were definitely intrigued.

We also saw some of these voluminous creations at Area, and Marques Almeida.

Spring/ Summer 2020 Fashion Trends: Volumized Silhouettes

#10. Bustles and Panniers

We can’t tell you exactly what kind of incredible inner constructions contributed to the bodacious volume of the more glamorous skirts on the runways, but we were certainly reminded of the bustles and panniers of the 17th-19th centuries. Models showcasing a particular brand of evening wear looked regal and glamorous, but also a little campy, making this one of those spring 2020 fashion trends that we can predict will be popular with the most eccentric of divas.

This year, Thom Browne had one of the most eccentric and exciting spring runways, which relied heavily on 18th century silhouettes with large skirts bolstered by robust inner structures.

The velvet dresses that closed the Balenciaga show also deserve a mention, with their large, circular skirts and otherwise very clean, monochromatic and unembellished design.

Spring/ Summer 2020 Fashion Trends: Bustles & Panniers

#11. Off the Shoulder

A bit of exposed shoulder has never hurt anyone! Dresses and blouses with exposed shoulders manage to be seductive yet romantic and classy, a normally hard-to-achieve combination, so we were thrilled to see this being one of the spring 2020 runway trends.

The truly unique Area collection included a few garments with off-the-shoulder designs, our favorite of which was a pale peach evening jumpsuit with extreme off-the-shoulder straps.

The A.W.A.K.E. MODE collection featured a few different takes on off-the-shoulder tops, including asymmetric ones and tight crop tops. At Staud, a few shoulder-exposing designs gave a romantic touch to what was a neon-heavy collection, with our favorite being a flowy spring dress.

Spring/ Summer 2020 Fashion Trends: Off-the-Shoulder

#12. Rain, Rain, You Can Stay!

Are you expecting a rainy spring season? If that’s the case, you will be happy to know that raincoats had a big showing in the spring/ summer 2020 fashion trends. These fashionable coats were made of rain-repellent fabrics that will keep you bone dry when monsoon (or just typical summer rain) hits.

At Marine Serre, the rain jackets (as well as wetsuits) had a political message about climate change and its impact on the weather. At Versace, neon colored raincoats were tightly secured arounds models’ waists to bring out a feminine silhouette, making them a very glamorous option.

The raincoats at Priscavera didn’t have a deep message, just a nice oversize fit and fun spring 2020 prints – we’re sure they’ll become cool girl favorites in any rainy city.

Spring/ Summer 2020 Fashion Trends: Raincoats

#13. Pleated Dresses and Skirts

The pleat craze continues! We saw a ton of pleats in autumn, and now it’s also part of the spring/ summer 2020 fashion trends, this time with regal pleated dresses being just as ubiquitous as the girlish pleated skirts from last season.

Our favorite pleated garment was a powerful pink dress by Pyer Moss, with a raised component over the shoulder, a long-sleeved design, and a magnificent pleated skirt that went down to the floor. We also loved a pale blue skirt and blouse combination at Lanvin, where both items were pleated!

As far as pleated skirts went, we saw many of them show up for a second season in a row on the Celine runway. Margaret Howell presented some schoolgirlish pleated skirts, as well.

Spring/ Summer 2020 Fashion Trends: Pleats

#14. Bridal

Demure wasn’t the main thought on people’s mind for the spring 2020 runway trends, but despite that, we did see some very compelling bridal wear make its way into the various collections.

Brandon Maxwell closed what was otherwise a very casual show with a gorgeous two-piece bridal outfit consisting of a voluminous high-waisted skirt and matching bralette top.

At Loewe, there was something ethereal and innocent about white dresses covered in sheer material with puffy sleeves, but we also loved the notion of a modern, minimalist bride in one of the show-closing garments.

Finally, we ought to mention the Valentino show, which opened with a set of 20 white dresses, some short and playful, but quite a few of them perfectly bridal with their ruffles and volume.

Spring/ Summer 2020 Fashion Trends: Bridal Fashion

#15. Bridal Suiting

We can’t say for sure that marriage equality is what designers had in mind when crafting so many gorgeous white suits for the spring 2020 fashion trends, but we’re sure that many unconventional brides will be thrilled to don any one of these marvelous outfits on their special day.

Jonathan Simkhai presented simple and elegant white suits with impeccable tailoring that we think will be a hit with a more restrained crowd. A more theatrical suit on the Tommy Hilfiger runway will appeal to the more extravagant.

We also appreciate the touch of black at the collar on suits from Tory Burch and Deveaux. Lastly, our personal favorite was a lacey white suit from Alexander McQueen that exuded romance.

Spring/ Summer 2020 Fashion Trends: Bridal Suiting

#16. Edgy Head-to-Toe Black

Many fashion industry types adopt an all-black uniform, so they will surely be pleased by the number of all-black options that designers presented in the spring 2020 fashion trends. We’re not talking about LBDs or black suits here, of course – we’re talking about edgy black garments with an alternative or high-fashion touch.

At Alexander McQueen, for example, this manifested as all-black leather garments, including romantic dresses, fierce suits, and some Matrix-worthy jackets. It was all about the black leather at Rokh as well.

Tons of outfits at The Row definitely had your stereotypical fashion editor or young architect in mind, with minimalist all-black combinations that looked effortless but also tailored and cool.

Spring/ Summer 2020 Fashion Trends: Edgy All-Over Black Outfits

#17. Puffy Sleeves

The Anne of Avonlea fantasy was read with some gorgeous puffy-sleeved dresses becoming part of the spring/ summer 2020 fashion trends.

Puffy-sleeved dresses were feminine and girlish that felt totally fitting for the Erdem runway, along with touches of ruffles and ribbons in a variety of shades.

The puffy sleeves at Christopher Kane actually felt more mature but with a hint of a nod to the ‘80s, since they were part of voluminous satin jackets worn with matching skirts. There were many other designers to feature puffy sleeves in their collections, including Valentino, and Balenciaga.

Spring/ Summer 2020 Fashion Trends: Puffy Sleeves

#18. Ruffles

There were decorative ruffles on many of the spring 2020 runways, adding a dramatic touch to evening wear and bulking up garments while also adding movement and flow. Large ruffles ruled, of course, but we also saw some smaller ones lining skirts.

Our favorite example of this trend comes from the Dries Van Noten collection, which was the result of a collaboration with Christian Lacroix. Dresses, skirts, and long jackets made of already super luxurious and hefty brocade were replete with asymmetrical ruffles, a design that was clearly classically inspired but with an ultra-modern twist.

There was something playful about the way ruffles decorated tan jackets at the Simone Rocha show, though they were also used copiously to decorate the bottoms of all kinds of pretty dresses. It was a bit surprising to see Victoria Beckham use larger ruffles in her collection to decorate simple dresses, but we appreciated the feminine touch.

Spring/ Summer 2020 Fashion Trends: Ruffles

#19. Fabric Explosions

Maybe these count as ruffles, but we feel like some of the more elaborate garments on the spring 2020 runways are better described as fabric explosions. These wild constructions were lush and dramatic, but we’re not sure how well they’ll fare off of the runways.

The newcomer king of fabric explosions is Tomo Koizumi, who uses polyester organza to make marvelously colorful creations that were decorated with bows this year.

Marc Jacobs (responsible for giving Koizumi his platform) also had fun with volume and fabric. A few massive dresses in his collection were made up of busy floral appliqués that swallowed models whole.

Molly Goddard presented some extra ruffle-y tulle dresses in super bright colors, and while some options were restrained, one yellow dress was extra voluminous. Other designers that deserve a mention for their explosive structural creations include Nina Ricci and Mary Katrantzou.

Spring/ Summer 2020 Fashion Trends: Fabric Explosion

#20. Sheer

A fashion month without a bit of sheer fabric showing skin would be more scandalous than the reverse. As with every year, designers found new ways to utilize see-through fabrics to show off their models’ assets.

We don’t always love the way designers (mostly male) often shoe-horn see-through garments onto their runways, but it happens year after year, with the spring 2020 fashion trends not offering us any relief. This doesn’t come from a prudish place, just the wish that designers would make things that real women would actually like to wear.

At Loewe, everything from bra tops to draped lace dresses showed off a ton of skin, with some designs being demure to give extreme contrast. The Nina Ricci collection was humorous, so we didn’t find the delicate off-the-shoulder see-through blouses to be provocative – just airy and alluring.

Sheer garments were worn by both men and women on the Christian Siriano runway, and even we were enchanted by the sheer black dresses that showed up towards the end of the show.

At Dolce & Gabbana, see-through lace gave a femme-fatale punch to a very jungle-inspired collection, with black undergarments made more alluring as they were viewed from under the sheer black material.

Spring/ Summer 2020 Fashion Trends: Sheer Clothing

#21. Sensual Lace

Lace on its own was another one of the big spring/ summer 2020 fashion trends. We could likely write a whole article profiling all of the different lace garments that showed up on the runway, but instead, we’ll just focus on our favorites.

Full-length lace dresses at Dior felt delicate and demure, despite being mostly see-through as a result. Paired with straw accessories, the overall look was beautifully rustic.

At Koché, lace detailing gave a really delicate touch to a variety of more streamlined tunic dresses in white and dark blue. The most unique use of lace that we saw was at Junya Watanabe, where a long, lacey dress was worn under a cut-up tan jacket.

Spring/ Summer 2020 Fashion Trends: Lace

#22. Cutouts

One element that carried over to the summer 2020 fashion trends from Miami Swim Week was different kinds of cutouts turning already sexy garments into something just a touch more revealing.

Let’s start with Off-White, who always present exciting street wear. Their take on cutouts included side cutouts on short dresses, as well as some unique cutouts on shirts, like one right over the belly and another under the collar bone.

Negative space was a massive part of the concept of the Balenciaga runway, in the form of black and white garments with cutouts that played into mind-bending patterns. It was all about sex appeal with the cutouts in the Guy Laroche collection, with retro-inspired dresses made a touch more alluring with cutouts at the side or just over the cleavage.

Spring/ Summer 2020 Fashion Trends: Cutouts

#23. Big Shoulders

Shoulders have always been a representation of power and attitude, with large, square shoulders being the most present and powerful of all. For the spring/ summer 2020 fashion trends, designers kept the shoulders as large and powerful as can be, with structured jackets.

This was most apparent at the Balenciaga show, which opened with powerful unisex jackets, which were followed up with more feminine ‘80s-style dresses and long jackets that also had extra-sharp shoulders.

At Sportmax, we appreciated a unique combination of structured leather shoulder armor worn over soft and slightly oversized blouses or dresses. Rick Ownes, as always, took things a step further with sci-fi-inspired protruding shoulder designs that gave us some serious futuristic alien vibes.

Spring/ Summer 2020 Fashion Trends: Big shoulders

#24. Short Shorts

Last season was all about the bermuda shorts, but for the summer 2020 fashion trends, we’re returning to sexy, barely-there short shorts. Choose a pair in black and rock them with heels for a new iteration on club-wear.

One of the more unique iterations was the high-waisted short shorts made of leather at Salvatore Ferragamo that we think might be favorites for more daring fashionistas.

Tweed short shorts were one of the ways in which newcomer to the house Virginie Viard played with the staple Chanel fabric, though there were also a few simple and sexy tight black shorts on display.

At Saint Laurent, clubby shorts were paired with sleek smoking jackets, an almost androgynous combination that made the shorts feel all the sexier. Other runways to give us some fine shorts included Isabel Marant, Alexander Wang, Brandon Maxwell, and Hermès.

Spring/ Summer 2020 Fashion Trends: Short Shorts

#25. Bermuda Business Shorts

While short shorts ruled for casual and party wear, bermuda shorts did end up having a respectable showing in the form of business shorts – we’d love to see if any real business women end up adopting this particular summer 2020 fashion trend.

At Givenchy, the blazer and bermuda short suit combinations were a little oversized and worn sans blouse, because, you know… fashion. The look was similar at Tod’s, although with the added styling suggestion of pairing work pants-style bermudas with a leather jacket instead.

Lastly, at Altuzarra, a blue suit with bermuda shorts was combined with knee-high boots, in a refusal to show any leg.

Spring/ Summer 2020 Fashion Trends: Bermuda Shorts

#26. Subtle Flared Trousers

Another element of the ‘70s that had a big showing as one of the spring 2020 runway trends was flared trousers and jeans. They usually came high-waisted, and were often paired with some truly colorful layered combinations, in a style clearly inspired by the disco era. However, the flares were mostly subtle and flattering, so we are sure many will adopt them.

The flared jeans at Louis Vuitton Had a dramatically elongating effect, both because they were so high waisted and also because the flair started on right below the knees with the hem just under the ankles, which led to a streamlined effect.

At Celine, flared jeans and trousers were extremely wearable, and even included options you can wear to the office! They reminded us of the jeans that were mainstream in the mid-2000s before skinnies exploded on the scene, including a faded wash in the center to make the legs look slimmer.

Spring/ Summer 2020 Fashion Trends: Flared Pants

#27. Baggy Pants

To clarify, we’re talking about pants in the North American sense here, there is no resurgence of granny panties happening! No, the summer 2020 fashion trends are all about those swishy, baggy trousers that will make you feel you’re lounging even when you’re out and about.

You’ll definitely feel warm and comfy while wearing these, so we’re thrilled so many designers made office-appropriate versions of them, like a red, buttoned pair from Monse or a high-waisted oyster gray option from Tory Burch.

Michael Kors blinged up some loose trousers with gold thread, making them an excellent choice for cocktail parties. Zimmermann and Chromat presented colorful printed options that we think would draw a lot of attention as part of your street wear.

Spring/ Summer 2020 Fashion Trends: Baggy Pants

#28. Undone

Designers gave us some behind the scenes glimpses into their production with the very garments they designed. The undone look is one of those spring 2020 fashion trends that are carrying over from autumn, but we’re happy to see the new takes on it.

Dilara Findikoglu is a newer London-based designer, so making undone creations feels risky, but it also feels very fitting for the London fashion scene. The unfinished feel came from unhemmed edges and patchworky constructions, as well as from garments that looked a bit like patterns that hadn’t been totally sewn together.

There was also an undone feeling in the Yohji Yamamoto collection, which included a lot of visible thread, as though the designs were sewn inside-out. We also enjoyed the undone and patchworky vibes at the shows of Matty Bovan, and Sacai.

Spring/ Summer 2020 Fashion Trends: Undone Constructions

#29. Dominatrix Vibes

The sex was served hot on the runways this season, with dominatrix-worthy garments dangerously appealing. Black leather, corsets, and an aura of power were just a few of the elements that made dominatrix motifs one of the most seductive spring/ summer 2020 fashion trends.

The dominatrix vibes at Gucci were, well, not subtle, but they were more like nods. Models carried leather whips and wore long leather gloves or thigh-high boots in conjunction with all kinds of colorful outfits.

The Mugler show was all dark and sexy, with Bella Hadid opening in a net corset and cropped blazer. Many of the models that followed channeled the same energy with corsets, lots of black, and sheer dark tights.

Spring/ Summer 2020 Fashion Trends: Dominatrix Fashion

#30. Corsetry

The spring 2020 runway trends included a lot of corsets, channeling a variety of inspirations and motifs, many of which went beyond the dominatrix Mugler creations.

At Brock Collection, for example, the inspiration was the late 19th century (Charles Dickens’ Great Expectations, to be specific), so the corsets that didn’t pinch the waist were covered in beautiful prints to match the skirts paired with them. Dion Lee made corsets a street style garment, opting for straight lines and modern design elements, and pairing them with trousers and tank tops.

Spring/ Summer 2020 Fashion Trends: Corsetry

#31. Side Slits

Long skirts and dresses with high side slits were a seductive marker for decades, and they’ve had a comeback for the spring/ summer 2020 fashion trends. You will find plenty of options that will allow you to show off a bit of leg once these collections are available on the market.

On both the Prabal Gurung and Jason Wu runways, white skirts with side slits were worn in combination with more casual outfits. For something a little more glamorous, you might find yourself liking a peach wrap skirt presented at Dion Lee, or a deep green skirt worn with a matching tube top bra at Brandon Maxwell.

Spring/ Summer 2020 Fashion Trends: Side Slits

#32. Body-Hugging Leather

We don’t think of leather as a summertime material, but we gotta admit that for some climates, it might be a good spring wardrobe fit. This is why we didn’t mind that all-over leather was one of the spring 2020 fashion trends.

Leather trench coats were the most common category of body-hugging leather that we saw, including tan ones at Lacoste, and colorful ones at Coach 1941. We’ve also seen leather separates worn together, like a dark blue skirt and jacket combo at Khaite, and teal leather blouse and trousers at Sally LaPointe.

Others to feature all-leather outfits included Rochas, Marni, and even Prada.

Spring/ Summer 2020 Fashion Trends: All-Over Leather

#33. Bras, Bralettes, and Bikini Tops

This is one of those revealing trends that have been a long time coming since crop tops have been a streetwear staple for a few seasons now. The way assets were highlighted and midriffs were displayed as part of the summer 2020 fashion trends gave us a ton of sexy bra options, as well as different ways to style them as outerwear.

At Dolce & Gabbana, animal print bra tops would have been a little ridiculous, if not for the way they were style with all-khaki outfits and retro spring 2020 hairstyles, or with high-waisted shorts and skirts.

The bralettes at Loewe had the kind of sex appeal we’re getting used to in the final half of the 2010s – they didn’t add any artificial heft to the figure, but were alluring because of their transparency.

Other runways that showcased exciting bra designs included Givenchy, and Lanvin.

Spring/ Summer 2020 Fashion Trends: Bras, Bralettes & Bikini Tops

#34. Crochet

We don’t think there’s a better way to keep cool in the summer than by wearing a fabric that lets in some breeze. Crochet had a makeover as part of the summer 2020 fashion trends, channeling powerful and natural femininity rather than memories of your grandmother’s handicrafts.

At Jil Sander, this was represented by a regal dress made of delicate crochet, but embellished with a cape-like cascade of fringe that covered the shoulders and arms.

The crochet garments at Marni had a hippie charm, since they were primarily comprised of long dresses made out of crochet with wide holes and topped with large floral patches.

Lastly, there was a rustic charm to the colorful crochet dresses at Kate Spade New York, which were worn by models looking as though they were en route the farmer’s market.

Spring/ Summer 2020 Fashion Trends: Crochet

#35. Vests

Vests as part of women’s wear are a unique addition to the summer 2020 runway trends. Originally meant to be part of a three-piece suit, there is something very wild yet fashionable about plopping one over a blouse.

The vests at Saint Laurent were part of a styling choice clearly inspired by the early ‘70s, with models wearing flowy dresses topped with black velvet vests and paired with knee-high boots. We saw some similarly styled vests at Givenchy, worn over flowy white blouses and even paired with flared jeans, also with a callback to the ‘70s.

Spring/ Summer 2020 Fashion Trends: Vests

#36. A Lady’s Three-Piece Suit

We loved the way vests dominated casual wear, but they also looked great as part of a full three-piece suit ensemble.

The three-piece suits at Burberry were ready for the office, with tailored options in tan or gray that could be worn with a matching blouse or even without. At Louis Vuitton, the three-piece suits came in wild colors, proudly representing the ‘70s motif.

For a sexy touch, models at Emporio Armani wore sequined three-piece suits intended for the evening, with the vests showing a lot of skin. We saw a few outrageous takes on the three-piece suit as well from Comme des Garcons.

Spring/ Summer 2020 Fashion Trends: Three-Piece Suits

#37. Low-Slung Waistline

Don’t worry, high waisted jeans are not going anywhere (not if we can help it), but it’s time to admit that low waists might also be having a comeback as part of the spring/ summer 2020 fashion trends.

We saw loose, low-slung trousers at Roland Mouret, and Jacquemus that we think will become a staple for many office workers. At Alyx, snakeskin-embossed trousers in black had all of the sex appeal, despite also having a looser fit.

Spring/ Summer 2020 Fashion Trends: Low Waistline

#38. Sprakly Sequins

Life would be so boring without sequins, and every season proves this right. The spring/ summer 2020 fashion trends couldn’t go without a touch of sparkle for the days when you want to look special and spellcast everyone around you.

We saw special occasion-ready sequins in different shades of rainbow at Marc Jacobs, Bottega Veneta, Fendi, Roland Mouret, and Emporio Armani to name a few, where we spotted both dresses and stylish two pieces all drenched in sparkly sequins.

Some other designers decided to use just touches of sequins to give that festive vibe to their designs, which was case in point at Alberta Ferretti, where rows of colorful sequins decorated maxi dresses and voluminous crop tops.

Spring/ Summer 2020 Fashion Trends: Sequins

#39. Biker Shorts

In the era where leading a healthy lifestyle and working out is prioritized so much, our day-to-day dressing is often influenced by activewear. We especially love the versatility of bike shorts, which still continue to be one of the coolest spring/ summer 2020 fashion trends, whether you love to add sporty touches to your looks or are just inspired by Princess Diana.

Bike shorts looked sparkly at Roberta Einer, where those were beautifully matched with elongated printed shirts. At Jamie Wei Huang, biker shorts were slightly camouflaged by the sheer pleated long skirt worn over them.

While Toga presented quite dressy, office-ready bike shorts, we saw more athleisure versions of the trend at Natasha Zinko, and Paul Costelloe.

Spring/ Summer 2020 Fashion Trends: Biker Shorts

#40. Two-Tone Designs

Color blocking looked so creative on the spring 2020 runways, where multi-colored halves of outfits kind of recalled the colorful ‘60s. This is a nice way of wearing more than one of your favorite spring 2020 color trends in a single look and showing off your own color theory.

We loved the two-tone maxi dress with spaghetti straps spotted at Roland Mouret, while Ports 1961 still praised the love affair between pink and red by incorporating both colors in a single demure look.

On the other hand, Marta Jakubowski went further and used different shades of purple to create a multi-colored trench coat topping a pair of black tailored shorts.

Spring/ Summer 2020 Fashion Trends: Two-Tone Clothing

#41. Holographic Materials

Unicorn souls, rejoice, since the new spring/ summer 2020 fashion trends were replete with holographic designs encapsulating all the rainbow shades, ready to blind everyone around. Holographic materials give a certain futuristic, sci-fi effect even to the simplest mini dress, and we are happy to have various designs featuring this mind-bending trend.

Christian Cowan went over the top combining silver sequins with holographic materials for an out-of-this-world one-shoulder mini dress we are already raving about. Christian Siriano used holographics for a structured trench coat that looked like made of foil.

Christopher John Rogers used the material for an extravagant shirt with an oversized bow sweeping the floor.

Spring/ Summer 2020 Fashion Trends: Holographic Materials

#42. The Return of the ‘80s

It’s clear that 2020 is the year of bringing the ‘70s back, but for the fans of powerful club looks, we still have touches of the ‘80s still going strong. From big shoulders to metallic mini dresses, the ‘80s looked more than club-worthy on the runways.

Jeremy Scott’s collection was full of ‘80s touches, but we especially loved the metallic pink mini dress with an oversized ruffled collar. Area’s interpretation of the ‘80s was demurer, showcasing a little black dress with bubble hems finished off with layers of gold jewelry.

The ‘80s were also expressed brightly in the new collections of Christian Siriano, Oscar de la Renta, Laquan Smith, and many others.

Spring/ Summer 2020 Fashion Trends: 1980s Fashion

#43. Cute Bubble Hems

If you are looking for a new trend to buy into, look no further. The spring 2020 fashion trends bring back the flirty bubble hem, used for both dresses and skirts.

Bubble hems recalled the ‘80s at Area, while Tory Burch used them for an office-ready printed skirt. Staud combined bubble hems with oversized, fluffy structures for a tea-length skirt, and we also liked the bubble-hem skirt at Vaquera.

Spring/ Summer 2020 Fashion Trends: Bubble Hems

#44. Elongated Denim Skirts

Of course, no seasonal trends can go without denim, and this year’s denim hit is the longer, tea-length denim skirt. This is the one denim item you can easily take from day to night, from streets to office, depending on how you decide to style it.

Stella McCartney’s version of the midi denim skirt was chic and mature, coming with a front slit and looking so feminine in combination with the white sheer lace top that was layered with an oversized gray blazer.

Givenchy went even longer with the denim skirt, matching it with a romantic beige shirt that created a fantastic office look. Alexander McQueen, on the other hand, tried to cater to the millennial’s need, creating a raw-hem asymmetrical long denim skirt layered with a white cropped T-shirt and a slip top.

Spring/ Summer 2020 Fashion Trends: Long Denim Skirts

Photos via Vogue