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Spring Cleaning: 10 Easy Ways to Refresh Your Beauty Routine

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Finally, winter is out the door, and spring is on its way. We’re here for the gorgeous blooms, warmer weather, and all that spring has to offer. For most people, spring is the season of rebirth and new opportunities. Symbolically, many people clean out their closets and homes of unnecessary junk. 

Here at Glowsly, we think this also applies to your makeup and skincare routines — or beauty closet if you’re like me and have a massive, dedicated storage closet for your beauty goodies. The new season is the perfect time to reset your beauty habits or pick up new helpful ones for healthier skin, more luscious hair, and more effortless makeup routines. If you’re trying to figure out how to incorporate a spring beauty refresh, check out these helpful tips. 

1. Toss expired items

Just like the food in your fridge, beauty products have an expiration date. Old makeup and skincare run the risk of breeding bacteria or being less effective. Sometimes they have a hard stop date; other times it’s a general range. Most beauty products will show a jar icon with a number in it. 

That number refers to the total number of months you can use a product after opening it. Expiration dates vary by product, but you’re usually looking at anywhere from three months to a year or two, depending on whether it’s a liquid, cream, or powder and where it’s being used. For hygiene, if it’s been six months since you last touched a makeup or skincare product — and it’s open — you might want to consider tossing it. 

2. Wash your makeup brushes

Person holding makeup brushes fanned out

In a perfect world, we’d all be washing our makeup brushes after every use. In the real world, that’s probably not happening. 

But if you wear makeup regularly, the American Academy of Dermatology Association recommends washing your brushes once a week to get rid of dirt, grime, bacteria, and old makeup. If you don’t, you’re reintroducing all kinds of nasties back into your face and encouraging breakouts or skin sensitivities. 

3. Switch up your moisturizer

No matter your skin type, warmer weather usually means you don’t necessarily need to use the same moisturizer you used in the winter. Even if you have dry skin, it’s usually unnecessary and may clog your pores to use the heaviest moisturizer you can find once the mercury starts rising.  

4. Commit to a skincare routine

We’re not saying you need to adopt a 15-step skincare routine that would make the diehard K-beauty skincare influencers jealous. However, you should probably do something better than rub your face down with the same washcloth you use on your body. Commit to following at least a simplified skincare routine that includes twice-daily cleansing, toning, and moisturizing.

5. Say hello to exfoliation

Winter rages war on our skin. Low temperatures and frigid arctic blasts can encourage flaking, and even wind burn. Facial exfoliation can bring your skin back to being as soft as a baby’s you know what. 

Choose between mechanical (scrubs, brushes, cloths) or chemical (serums and gommage-style washes), but incorporate exfoliation in moderation. Start with once or twice a week, and increase frequency only if necessary. Don’t forget to exfoliate the rest of your body, too. 

6. Pamper those strands

Beauty isn’t just limited to your skin and makeup. Dry air coupled with indoor heaters can sap moisture from your hair to encourage breakage, dullness, and bad hair days. Take some time to pamper your strands with a hydrating hair mask. Low on funds? Grab some olive oil from your kitchen and use it as a treatment for dry strands before you hop in the shower to wash your hair. 

7. Embrace pastels and bright colors

Woman with brightly colored nails holding a brightly colored makeup palette

With warmer weather, spring ushers in pastel hues and vivid brights. If you’re tired of the rich yet darker jewel tones that tend to dominate winter fashion and beauty palettes, swap out darker hues for bright options. Embrace those eye-catching shades with your nail polish, blush, or graphic eyeliners. 

8. Remember that less is more

Spring gives you plenty of excuses to spend time outdoors. It’s also a great time to streamline your makeup routine to enjoy the blooms and al fresco dining rather than being stuck in your bathroom primping. 

Embrace that lowkey vibe by swapping out a full-coverage foundation for a simple tinted moisturizer that requires less strategic placement or blending. Likewise, skip the contour and instead swipe on a bit of cream blush to play up your cheeks with a wash of color. 

9. Give heat styling tools a break

This is good advice for any time of year, but your hair probably doesn’t need to be heat styled every day, especially as the warmer weather rolls in. Not only is this time-consuming, but you’re encouraging breakage, thinning, and heat damage — even if you use a good heat protectant. Learn how to style your hair with heatless methods, such as banding and braiding/twists for stretched styles or flexi rods and sock rollers for curled styles. 

10. Check your diet

An assortment of fruit in wooden boxes

Yup, this might seem like an odd one for a beauty refresh list. But you literally are what you eat. Key nutrients like omega-3 fatty acids, and vitamins C, D, and E are all critical in collagen production and boosting your skin’s moisture, elasticity, and suppleness. 

Can you supplement to bolster nutrient levels? Yes, you can. However, research consistently shows that supplements rarely achieve the same results in clinical trials compared to consuming foods rich in essential nutrients and vitamins

New season, new you

Spring is an exciting time. We know that summer is around the corner. Winter is a distant memory, and this season is full of possibilities and optimism. Just as spring is good for your mood, it’s a great time to review previous beauty habits and commit to doing better if necessary.

Remember, change doesn’t have to be complicated. Pick a few simple options from our suggestions and incorporate them so that they go from choices to habits to a newfound lifestyle.